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  • My latest Pre-orders

    Same as Duncan mentioned on a thread of his, I don't have a lot of money to burn but I had to order these pre-orders from Lock 'N Load Games...on their P-500 program:

    Desert Heat is a followup game to their Nations at War series, White Star Rising (which LOVE!!!). It takes the battle, as the name implies, to the desert!

    And not long after that, I also put an expansion on P-500....Operation Cobra....

    ....which concentrates on the breakout from Normandy and among other things, the Canadians! That's what sold me on buying dad was in the Candadian Army in WWII, and went ashore in the same battles....Awesome!

    "The Golden Rule of War, Speed - Simplicity - Boldness" -- General George S. Patton, Jr

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    more preorders.

    LOL. I just pre ordered H&P, Into the Breach (a World at War title) and America Conquered another WaW title.
    Meanwhile I ordered a a few GMT titles (Alexander Deluxe reprint) and anxiously await a 2yr waiting period for Korea from MMP...sigh.
    I like the Guffless order system from LnL - you know if it will make it to production fast. see their page or web site for details - its like


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