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What happened to War at Sea?

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  • What happened to War at Sea?

    You know, for the longest time, all I heard anyone talk about was Axis & Allies War at Sea. Now, crickets. Anyone now if the game is still hot, or is it pushing daisies.

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    Well, they're releasing the "Surface Action" set on October 25th, so people must still be interested. WOTC is a very profit motivated company.

    I actually use the minis for Victory at Sea from Mongoose.


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      WaS is still profitable for WotC. They are still supporting and producing minis for the game, unlike AAM which is unsupported and its next set on hold until 2012.
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        Originally posted by Whiterook View Post
        Now, crickets.
        Great line!


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          I chatting with some folks from WotC a while back.

          The problem with War at Sea wasn't that it was unpopular, it was that there were only X many historical ships made. There comes a point when they will have built every ship made in WWII and every ship that was on the design blocks.

          Then there's just plain fantasy.

          I don't know what's in this latest expansion but they're probably starting to run a bit low on historical ships - unless they decide to recreate Dunkirk or something...
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