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WWIIOnline has a F2P element

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  • WWIIOnline has a F2P element

    Those who wish to try WWIIOnline without paying for a 1 month subscription, can do so as a rifleman. Additionally each campaign CRS (the game developers) designate other equipment as being available to the F2P crowd.

    Rifleman are quite effective at range (not so much for CQB stuff), can capture, and defend from capture. Additionally riflemen can build PPOS, destroy enemy Forward Bases, and set up ambushes along likely avenues of approaches.

    Obviously to experience the entire game, a subscription is the way to go, but my advice would be to try out the game for a couple of months from an F2P perspective, to get used to the game mechanics, and overcome the learning curve a bit, before jumping into tanks, fighter planes, bombers, ATGs, AA guns, SMGs, Snipers, Sappers, Ship Captains, or whatever else you decide to concentrate on.

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