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Masters of Orion 2.

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  • Masters of Orion 2.

    Heya, I found this old blast from the past for free...

    Just be sure that you patch it to 1.31 and your good to go...
    Credo quia absurdum.

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    I tried it once or twice...17?-years ago. I liked a number of the new features like design your own race, building a space-fighter-carriar ship...But didn't play for more than a few days and have been playing Master of Orion I for a couple of decades! Still!

    I think I was too impatient and pissed that I had to wait to build a space-station and then I could begin to build larger ships. Didn't like the interface near as much as the movable-bar-allocation of resources that made the original so simple.

    Maybe if I knew some cheats for my first few games I could give it a try again. One day.


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