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    Secondearth : Faction Wars is proud to introduce a new game mechanic coming very soon. We will be offering arena fighters into the action. You will be able to hire and train a fighter from 4 different disciplines. You will then be able to fight them in the arena against rare and dangerous monsters, or against other players. Will your fighter bring fame or shame to your empire? Only your dedication in their training will decide.

    We are also starting a newsletter where we will be giving away free in-game items for subscribing. This month the newsletter contains a code for a free sapphire!

    We would love for you to come check out the beta.. and if you have played before but haven't been online in a while.. we invite you to come back, claim your free gift, and see all the new features!


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      A new feature has just been added to the game. You may now recruit special generals to lead your forces. They are paid by the week and will give big bonuses to your offense / defense.

      We have also put up a survey to help us improve the game. You will recieve free sapphires for taking about 5 minutes to give us your opinion.

      If you haven't played, now is the time. If you played before, please come back and join us, things have been getting exciting.


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        For the next week, we will be running a special event. It is very easy to win at this event, all you need to do is be online. A moderator will log into the game randomly once a day between 8AM and 11PM Eastern Daylight Time. When the moderator logs in, we will randomly draw a winner from all the people currently logged into the game. We will be giving away memberships, sapphire packs, and other fun gifts. Please make sure you are on the game as much as possible for the next week so you do not miss any of these free goods! Thank you all for your support.


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          A HUGE new feature has just been added to the game. We now have a visual battle system. You can now see your troops and your opponents troops face off on the field of battle. Fully animated battles will now play out to allow you to see the action right before your eyes. You will see the attack and defense of the battle, as well as seeing the casualties caused by the battle in real time. Come check it out!


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            We have added some great new features to the beta of this game. A bunch of changes have been made to the Visual Battle System to make the game more exciting and to display better visuals during the battle. We have also added new generals that you my use to lead your forces to victory, giving them extra attack and defense. Come join the beta.



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              From now until the end of October we are running our spooky halloween event. Not only has the site been redone to reflect the mood of the season, but there are great prizes too. Until the end of the event, you have a chance of winning a Jack-o-Lantern with every battle victory. There are many rare prizes found inside these Jack-o-Lanterns, if you are really lucky you might even end up with the exclusive "Black Cat" Halloween background. Come on over and join the fright.


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                Happy Thanksgiving to all of your from your friends at SecondEarth Faction Wars. We hope that you and yours are having a great holiday season with friends and family. To encourage your friends and family to game with you, we have increased the referral reward. Now, fore every person you refer (using your referral code on the base page) you will receive a free SAPPHIRE. Yup.. a SAPPHIRE.

                We would also like to introduce our new Pets System. You may now train and grow different types of pet that will aid you in battle. You may also show off your pet to be the envy of your friends and foes alike. Your pet now shows up under your user profile. When someone goes to attack / message you, they can see how cool your pet is.

                We would also like to invite you to check out our new RSS feed. You may find a link to the feed at the bottom of the page just below the Facebook and Xfire buttons. We will be announcing new features / Events via this RSS feed. We will also be giving away gift codes in the feed from time to time, so sign up now to make sure you do not miss anything important.


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                  New pet system in place!!! We have added a special new feature, pets! You may now catch, hatch and train pets that will assist you on the battlefield. For the next 2 weeks we are running a special event to go along with the introduction of pets. You may win a free "pet gift box" every time you win a battle. Inside of it could be any type of pet related item, including egg hatchers and rare pets. Come and try your hand at training a new friend!



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                    Happy March everyone! With a new month comes a HUGE new feature to the game. We have added RESEARCH (you can find it under the "civic -> research" menu. You may go under the "civic -> upgrades" menu to purchase a Research Facility. From here, go to your research page and choose a project to research. You will accumulate research points toward whatever project you choose every 5 minutes based on the level of your Research Facility. You can research many different types of technologies, all will give you a huge advantage either on or off the field of battle. Some of the research technologies are: Smelting, Sawblades, Red and Silver Hellpig genetics and Circuit Miniaturization.

                    Thank you so much for your support of Secondearth: Faction Wars!


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                      It has been a while since we have made any major updates but now the time has come. We have fixed many bugs, added new pets, added new agriculture opportunities and expanded the research. We have also added a new and simple chat system to the game.

                      We also now have opportunities to earn sapphires and other in-game rewards by voting for us on many top sites.. just go to the "user -> PP" page to vote and earn your rewards.



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                        We have just added another major feature to the game, something everyone loves, ACHIEVEMENTS. We also have an event going right now where you can suggest your own achievements and if we use it, we will give you 3 SAPPHIRES for free. Come on over and check out the new features.


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