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  • Battlemaster

    Without question, the best free-to-play browser game I've ever played. To give a rough outline of the game, you play as a family of characters in a fictional medieval world that's divided into several large islands. Every island is split into numerous regions that are ruled by different realms.

    The realms then battle for control over the islands, although play generally reflects real world politics, so alliances will form and particular realms will have certain strategic aims they want to fulfil (e.g. taking a specific city or amount of land), and there will be gameplay cycles of war and peace.

    The strategy gameplay is entirely team based and requires teamwork and tactical co-ordination between the players in a specific realm - lone wolves won't win battles (although there is the infiltrator character class who can work solo as an assassin and specialist in the 'dirty tricks' aspects of warfare). Each realm forms its players into armies, and some players take on the roles of generals or marshals who plan out the campaigns and normally issue orders. You can play as various different classes of character - warrior (with sub-classes of Hero and Cavalier), infiltrator, diplomat/ambassador, courtier, or priest. There's also an adventurer class that's almost like a unique game on its own, and plays differently to the 'main' game that's played as characters who are members of the nobility.

    Battlemaster is turned-based, with two turns a day. So the playing speed is fairly low-stress and open to people who are busy in the real world. There's also a roleplaying element, but that's either as light or as heavy as you want to make it. It's mostly text-based and has a retro feel, although it does have some nice playing maps. Don't let the retro visuals put you off until you give the game a fair trial period to see if it grips you (say a couple of weeks playing time - remember that it's an intentionally slow-paced game).

    For anyone who wants to play, I'd strongly recommend doing the Tutorial before plunging into the game itself. It's a fairly slow burning game that you get the hang of the more you play, and the vast majority of players will be more than happy to help new players. Don't be put off if you don't like the first realm you select to play in. There are a huge number of different realms, and all of them give different playing experiences.

    I'm currently playing in Westmoor and Perleone on the East Continent; Kindara on the Far East Island; and Suville on Atamara; and I'd be happy to give pointers to any new players who appear. At the time of this posting, Kindara is in a pretty enjoyable war involving an alliance of so-called Free Realms on one side, with an Evil Empire on the other side.

    Best of all, it's 100% free to play forever and there are no microtransactions or any other pay-to-win features.

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    Have to say battlemaster is a great game. I played around 2005, joined in the realm of avamar on one of the islands under awen or awen loren. I was there at the last battle when sirion and their alliance of two other realms took our last city. We were always vastly outnumbered, even with our few allies who helped. Glad i participated in the last battle.

    At the time battlemaster was the most amazing wargame i have ever played, the social element was there, it was lightweight in time and all of the mechanics were top notch. I loved it, but never returned and my characters were deleted.


    Though the best mmo wargame i have ever played is still "medievalgenerals" dot com, site no longer up as the server was closed. I actually became king of a realm in that game after the last king died, i inherited the throne as i was the next player in line. I didnt play with many people in my kingdom as most of my realms players left after the previous king died, but a few new players came after.

    Never had so much fun in a wargame yet the time requirement was enormous since i was mostly playing alone and having to defend my realm from other players / realms. I won some great battles, soo much fun. Mechhanics were the best ever and just gelled together. Loved how you could send your armies on expeditions almost anywere on the map (cities were dotted throughout the map players could build them if there was free space) if you had supplies, there were land generals and sea ships for transport and war. exploring was so much fun, you could only see so many squares around your selected general, you of course could have many generals each with troops you choose from your factions set troops, i loved using the dragons. Battles were text based affairs that lasted under an hour. movement was rts real time across the vast map takking some minutes+ to move from tile to tile..

    here are some of the sites still up about medievalgenerals, to give you an idea.


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