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Warfare 1917, 1944

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  • Warfare 1917, 1944

    An easy sit down strategy game. One is set in WWI the other in WWII

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    Um...yes...and your point is?

    Naw I know what you mean-they're a strategy game that doesn't involve tons of time. It's not like a Total War game or something similar.

    I've beat Warfare 1917 a fair number of times on each side, and a few times on 1944...I like the deployment zones in 1944, but sometimes they come back and bite you. Still, it's nice, when you play right, to be able to flank them.

    Being able to upgrade tanks helps too in '44, as well as having different fire support than just artillery (airplane), although it can be annoying when you want support but don't have an open spot of cover in your rear to keep an officer.
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