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Stratis Imperia, A MMO WWII Game

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  • Stratis Imperia, A MMO WWII Game

    I copied this form another forum, but seems like a game worth looking:

    Stratis Imperia

    This (created by reportedly WWII game fanatics) is a real time browser based MMO game (Beta version) providing an operational level military, economic and diplomatic recreation of the Second World War. Players may find the English version website at

    Players start by both choosing a nation to join from a range spanning the Earth, and then a province within that nation to control. Next, the player builds up the economic base of that province, creating and upgrading factories, power plants, along with various other resource extraction facilities and manufacturing buildings. With this economic powerhouse of a province, the player proceeds to create the military units (creator controlled) desired (Air, Land, and Sea) by that player to support the goals of either world domination or the defense of liberty (through superior firepower of course).

    Players do not operate in a social vacuum though, they may use in game tools to coordinate their individual effort with the other player controlled provinces within their nation. They can trade resources and finished products, allowing for the production efficiency of product specialization.

    Together, the players use additional in game tools to elect national administrators (monthly service terms), and together decide on both the military goals for their country as well as the plans to implement them.

    If war is the path chosen, then the players coordinate their various individually controlled military forces to see the conflict to a successful conclusion.

    Additional features:
    The action takes place on a global map containing over 20 million hexes
    Over eleven thousand provinces in 75 historical period countries
    Hundreds of technological and equipment inventions
    Over 35 types of land, sea and air units from the Second World War period
    Fifteen technological levels for every unit type
    Twenty-five types of buildings
    Five types of province infrastructure (roads, rail, and so forth)
    Eighteen different raw materials used in powering the economy
    Seven types of diplomatic relations
    Realistic combat engine
    Thousands of military units led by hundreds of player leaders
    Discover the reality of country management during the Second World War.
    Cooperate with hundreds of players on-line and change the fate of the world.

    The game is free. No special coins, premium accounts, or banners.

    Game Requirements:
    1. Web browser (no need to download anything locally)
    2. Flash Player plug-in (min. 10.3)
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    Totally agree with you, an excellent game. Whats more it is totally free and no premium catches as per normal MMO games.
    Normally I stay away from MMO games (for many reasons), but this one intrigued me and I decided to take the gamble. I am exceptionally pleased I did, it has a huge economic base and the possibility for massive numbers of players; each of whom take a province wiuthin a country. Currently the year is 1934.

    It really depends on the nature of the player where they set up, if you like it hot naturally Europe is the place to be (Currently Germany, Greece and Poland are having their spat); other players may prefer to set up away from the hot zones and build.

    I must congratulate the designers of this game, to provide a game with so much detail (the code and programming must have been mind boggling) and yet keep it free.
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