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Hidden stroke II Ressource War 2016 Release

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  • Hidden stroke II Ressource War 2016 Release

    Hi all,

    We are a comunity of players playing the game Hidden Stroke II.

    The scene takes place on WW II conflict.

    The game is old but as it's fallen in freeware players mod it to buit a better game.

    We are playing games everyday, we start at 21h15 (GMT +1).

    You find us on teamspeak :

    Images :




    Link to free download :!LF9XxbqY!vmgmPlYYl...hY73CNmX8HH514

    Finaly; thanks to Armchair General, your work is great.

    Hope to see you soon.
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    As the image links dont work fine i post them :

    Battle preparation HQ (12 players) :

    2 german troops attacking a zep (holding zep give reinforcement) :

    There is macro management (tactical moves) as u can see in the mimap on the lower left corner.

    The fights need micro management.

    After the game end, u can see the leader board :


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      Where do zeppelins enter into a WWII sim?
      Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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