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  • Free Wargame,turn-based,hex-based.'hexwarrior

    Hi I would like to give my game a shamefull plug, and give a link to the full game here. . its a tactical wargame ,the game is a turn-based hex-based easy to learn game. There is OP-FIRE when you move, Walls, Line OF sight blockers, Terrain effects modifiers, hextiles,terrain tiles,full map option,movement costs,Victory flags, leaders,and other things like range individual to each unit, you can set many settings for each unit such as how many times it can attack or move in a turn.

    there is a text window that informs you of everything that happens . the game is for most windows systems and MacOSX both included in the zip

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      I downloaded it. Every time I opened it the game could not be closed except (with difficulty) by going through the computer's Program Manager and manually (and repeatedly) ordering it to cease running.
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        it wont close while its the computers turn, escape in your turn will work, sorry


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          updated a few A.I. things, This is the final compile, there may be more modules added but this is the final program update

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            now at web grognards


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