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Firefly Chapter 2- On Hunting Rats

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  • Dashy
    So, to confirm ...

    Harvard and Able are parts shopping at one of many parts dealerships

    Tamie and Phiang are weapons shopping at "Colonial Outfitters" before checking into "Laymans Electronics" for Commo Gear

    Chin is hurrying back to Rolf with a job opportunity

    Tsar is hunting for a good looking mule.

    Eight odd Hours and the afore mentioned actions will be carried out.

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  • The Exorcist
    "Able forget about that big MG I snagged. It's lighter than it looks, but yeah... it's no sniper gun. I would like to see if I can get some of those ceramic knives, maybe like what I had before-"
    And Phaing describes these;

    Phaing decides to take a radical step and goes unarmed, for now.

    "Just thought'a something, maybe too late... personal commo gear. It would be kinda silly to show up with a hot Mule if somebody else in our gang had already got there with a better one."
    (we really need that, or some cells at the very least)

    Clothes first, she goes for practical stuff first and foremost, and some Gorram underwear would be nice! A long coat would be good too, something to hide an SMG under, fur lining preferred. Black or gray in color, some color not associated with the Alliance OR the Indies.
    And.... in the unlikely event that this crew gets to do something in the near future that does not revolve around violence and destruction, a less "Merc-looking" outfit- depending on how much credit Tamie is willing to extend;

    ((yeah, I'm afraid that's about the level of enthusiasm Phaing would have when it comes to actually wearing it... but so it goes. Dash-seems to fit the FF routine, let me know if that's too Goth for your game ))

    This seems to be what we need... but Ogilvy is the most likely one to be using something of this sort... need input here-

    Hot Damn.... ain't that sweet?
    Yeah yeah, I know.
    But I can dream, can't I?
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  • Cyberknight
    Even if half the crew is happy eating old captured Browncoat rations with a hunting knife, Chin thinks this is a great opportunty to scrounge something along the lines of real food.

    "Our junk may just be another man's treasure."

    Of course information is another vital resource and more than once back at the monastery the merchant woman sellng the parts or the spices was as useful as were the old book pages the stuff was wrapped in.

    "Hmm, here is an advert for work. Perhaps I can take something useful back to the captain. I wonder what kind of name Badger is..."

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  • Tsar
    I'll go see what I can find as far as a mule is concerned says Slav.

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  • Karakris
    "Hmmmm" says Tamie "Well that sorta spells it out".
    "Guns, the man says". "So - Guns it is".

    "By the way - I am not sure if you can get another like my Meat Axe, enyway". "Besides - you have to be used to a thing like that, in order to make best use of it".

    "So - if any of yous wants to stock up with Armament - that's the way me and the Lady Fang here are going first".
    "Then, clothes an' some groceries".

    "The Mule - well that is more down to luck - that an' our skills n' experience I'd say". "Best be when we're getting ready to leave".

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