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Firefly Chapter 1- Xaing Zhau and Beyond

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  • At any other time, that might have been a good idea.
    However... with other ships in sight, Phaing would not have left her chair... or loose any time hauling Ogii out and sitting right back down.

    Phaing will swing the turret around to use the sights to have a look at the ships, cranking the magnification high enough to look for weapons or people on the hulls. The Reaver ship gets special attention.
    "Let's not get within harpoon range, okay?"
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    • "Brother Rogov Sanchez Chin, sheh-sheh, bolsh'oe spasibo and hot , man, I love you. With this lot we might even be able to repair the ship. Repair the captain, another matter."

      Harvard dragged Brother Chin to the worst affected system that was possible to repair while underway. "Now, my lad, we work our magic."

      "Is there anything special I should do, Mr Harvard?," Asked the monk.

      "yep. Pray that our glorious crew don't break anything. If they can't manage that (grunt, get in there you little ) pray they don't break anything critical."


      • Oh Hell - I Reckon it cud be Worse

        Tamie eyed Caleb - he had also seen the other Ship out of the cabin window. Well - either it is help - or more damn Reavers - the Kraken help the lot of us. Mebbee - just mebbee the door will hold until them other people get to us - or mebbe the Reavers will find them easier meat.
        Third option - we cud have two gangs of them beating at the damn door.

        "No objections from me cobber - it cud be wurst, but it cud also be a lot better. Givin 'em a try is shiny with me". "Hmmm - Thanks Caleb".
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        • Able tells Ogilvy that he'll have his chance to prove himself soon, but right now Phaing has spent the most time with the guns and should be the one to use them. Plus, there might be some boarding actions afoot, and Ogilvy will be needed.

          "Ogilvy, you need to go arm yourself with something better than that pistol. If you really don't have any better weapons, come see me and I'll find you something."

          Able then leaves the turret area and dashes back to his storage case. Entering in the code and swiping his key-card, he prepares himself for combat. Out of one side comes a semi-flexible vest of a dull bluish-metallic synthetic, which snaps into place with small fitted latches on the sides. A bandolier loops overtop, and locks into the vest at shoulder and hip. 4 Magazines for his automatic and 3 rifle magazines slip into loops on the bandolier and are locked into place with toggles. Able reaches in and pulls out his Alliance SpecOps Carbine, giving it a quick once-over to make sure it works. From another side-sleeve on the case comes an ankle holster, which he fastens overtop his boot and takes the revolver from the small of his back and places it there.

          Finally, Able pulls out his favorite weapon and locks it to the bandolier. Thus Armed, Able locks his case and begins to move forward to the hatch area of the ship.
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          • Phaing grinds her teeth. Missing out on the boarding action makes sitting in this little booth makes her hate the advantage these guns might give them... and being cooped up in this little booth is even worse. This console should be on the bridge.

            "Good luck!" she calls after them.
            Still scanning the scene with the gunsight, she looks into portholes and sees someone looking back at her.

            "Hey Boos?" she calls out to Rolf. "I think I see a survivor. 3rd window back from the little wing-let there. Not much to look at, but unless Reavers are shaving we have somebody to rescue."
            ... hmm... better look somewhere else. The only way to point the sight was to point the whole turret. Looking down the twin 20-pounders might make the people she's looking at just a bit nervous...


            • Ogilvy Gave able a non committal grunt as a reply, followed by "my rifles fine, although I wouldn't say no to a SMG if you have one."

              Able nodded, and strode off purposefully. Ogilvy's eyes followed him with a look of intense dislike. Phaing must have noticed as she started to snigger quietly to herself. "Better get Going Ogii"

              Ogilvy walked out, careful to avoid Rolf's gaze as he went.
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              • Phiang won't be giving up her SMG, not when she's alone in a small room.

                "Maybe Able has a rifle he'll let you borrow. Kinda doubt a little burp-gun will put one of them Reavers anyhow, ya know?"


                • Rolf received the trapped man's message. He thought back to his old crew.

                  never again.

                  He looked at the scanners, the Reaver lifeforms were all on the Civ ship, none remained in their own ship. Finally, some good news.

                  He turned to slavimor. "I'm taking control" he accessed the ships net and transferred primary control to his seat. He then extended the "Probiscus" of the Mosquito, a 40ft corridor originally used for rescue missions. "Ogilvy, Phiang and Able, to the Primary Docking bay if you please, Could Harvard please man the Guns?" He was going to need every militant man he could muster. He turned back to Slavimor "If this goes dirty, Don't take off with the ship, you'll kill yourself, use the escape Shuttle, it has the Range to make it to Xiang Zhau, tell him where we were, and he can pick up the goods himself. Gabriel's solid as a rock, she won't move less I tell her too. You can take the larger share of the bounty, you've earned it."

                  He Joined the Mercs at the airlock, Phiang looked like a barbarian of days gone past, the Chinese pirates that terrorist the seas of earth that was in the gunpowder age.

                  Able was standing looking like a trooper of the Hell Diver mercenaries, he was loaded down with ammunition and more blades than a dealer on whitefall.

                  Ogilvy looked like Ogivly, lanky with a rifle to match.

                  "Well you certainly look the part" he ripped his le-mat out from its holster somewhat too theatrically. (the Jarl would be laughing on the ground at this time) "Lets go end these brain eating sonsa bitches."
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                  • Harvard swore vigourously under his breath, tossed his favourite wrench to Chin, "Look after her, Brother Chin, I'm counting on you. And if you can fix the ship, so much the better."

                    He jogged to gun turret, slipped into the seat. Just like coming home. Some things you never forget. "In place, boss. Chrome Dome's fixing what he can while you lot get us more repairs. Hope the survivor is a medic." (failing that, a pleasure girl Harbinkuo) He eyed the Reaver ship, assessing its strengths and weaknesses. He locked the turret gun on their exhaust venturi. A couple of slugs in that and the main drive would be venting onto the hull. Not the sort of thing you want in deep space - explosive decompression is usually terminal.


                    • " I don't believe it" said Caleb watch as the ship turned about again and came coasting in towards them "I do not believe it!" he repeated with mounting enthusiasm.

                      "See sport" he said clapping Tamie while keeping his eyes on the ship approaching "I told it's alway better to be lucky than go.." he trailed off as the incoming ship rotated slightly, and the turret atop it swung to look directly at him, or at least it felt like it was looking directly at him. He stayed frozen for endless seconds, until the turret swung away.

                      "..od, Better to be lucky than good" he finished taking his hand of Tamie's shoulder.

                      As he watched an umbilical started to slowly extend from the ship, whoever was on board it was coming over for a look.

                      "They didn't eveah answeah us, you think that a good thing or a bad thing?" he asked Tamie.


                      • Phaing leaps from the booth and gives Harvard a look in passing... one that lets him know she is aware of the danger of a de-compression as well... and who to blame.

                        She gets her Iskallion HMG-29 on and takes the stairs in two bounds, hitting the cargo bay at a dead run.
                        "Can I go first?" she asks, with a straight face. "You big fellas can shoot over me, okay?"

                        Phaing crouches at the airlock door, ready to go as soon as it opens. The more dangerous and outlandish the Captains orders, the more eager she is to go ahead with them.


                        • Ogilvy Looked at Rolf for the first time since their discussion a few hours previously. "I have an Idea."

                          Rolf sighed. "Well based on past occurrences, forgive me if I aint too enthusiastic, but what the heck, spill it."

                          Ogilvy turned to Fang "you got any more of those flares, or you use them all on traps?" Fang smiled widely "I may have a couple, Why?"

                          "Ok, we dock with the non reaver ship, and retreat down the passage way. Way I figure it, they have to come into the passage at a right angle, meaning they cant effectively cover their entrance. So we make a big noise, Fang chucks down a couple of flares, the reavers come runnin like moths to a flame. Ill be prone at the end of the corridor (when checking an entrance, people tend to check down last) and pick em off as they come. If there gets too many or I get hit, Fang jumps round with her bloody Gatling Gun there, supresses them, and covers you two if it comes to a charge.

                          Way I see it, worst case scenario is they don't buy it, and were back to square one. I Think anythings better than scurrying round a strange, reaver infested hull, personally."

                          Able's expression was hard to read. Fang shrugged and Able sighed and spoke up

                          "What makes you so sure you'll pop them before they get you? How do you we ain't just inviting them onto the ship?"

                          "They'll know we docked anyway; we may as well use the defensive advantage. And you Didn't throw the coin: If you had, you wouldn't doubt me."

                          Fang nodded. "Ogii's pretty fast Cap'n"

                          Able remained silent, and Rolf grunted: he seemed to be considering it.
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                          • ((WOW.... 3 posts in less than a minute! Hail Hail, the gangs all here. ))


                            • ((for a brief moment in tome, anyhow))

                              "Just one problem, Ogii - your plan reckons on them coming to us, and I doubt we have time, and that survivor I saw through that window ain't got much time at all. They could be chewing on him as we speak.
                              Boss? Your call..."


                              • Slav sends to the other ship.
                                "Alright guys, I hope you are in a nice airtight compartment. We're sending over some help and they may be a little trigger happy. Keep your heads down and stay quiet until they get there".
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