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Firefly Chapter 1- Xaing Zhau and Beyond

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    Rolf picked up his communicator when they were in the black "Right crew, time for a Family chat."

    when everyone was gathered in the eating area, Rolf pulled out a strange boxy object. No one recongised it, apart form the newcomer, who said "Those objects are highly Illegal you know captain, should you get caught with one of those your life is forfeit" and got an angry scowl in return.

    "What is it cap?" the ever inquisitive Harvard asked.

    "Its a Direct cortex feed source-box, with attachments. Your ID cards please crew". Direct Cortex Feed Source boxes used Alliance networks to gain information, however anything more than a run of the mill ID scan would alert the nearest Alliance patrol ship. Not Good.

    He put in Chin and Harvards first, they seemed most harmless, and his assumption proved correct, Harvards record was spotless, while Chin's was just as clean.

    He put in Ogilvys and was surprised, the boy was a wanted criminal, murder apparently. Slavimors had no recent offences, but carried a "Black Mark" for some major crime carried out a few years back.

    He had saved Phiang and the New guy for last, Phiangs carried a list of minor offences pages long, Ables however, was a complete blank. Birthdate and Name,that was all.

    "Harvard, Able and Chin, please leave." once the selected three had taken their leave, he turned to the remaining crew.

    "Explain. Now."
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      I assume that you are referring to the notice on my record.
      I was trained as a pilot by the alliance. At the first chance I walked away from them and joined up with the independents. The Alliance likely didn’t take to kindly to that. I know they certainly did their best to leave me for dead after they caught the ship I was flying. Evidently they didn’t know everything that I did to them or I wouldn’t have been given any chance to survive.
      Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedy. -- Ernest Benn


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        "If you don't like greasy food, Able, better get your complaint in now," said Harvard as they left the Captain and the rest of the crew.

        Able just stared at him. Harvard shrugged, "Anyhoo, I've got bits of this ship to caress back into shape, so find a bunkroom to stow your stuff. I'm sure you'll want to explore all the amenities and raid the minibar. I'm not sure what the in-flight entertainment is, but I'm sure it will feature a gunfight with cannibals."

        Harvard walked off, picked up his favourite monkey wrench, (funny, he thought he'd lost it) and proceeded to the access hatch for the head's plumbing. There was no way he was going to be on another ship with a busted head for more than 30 seconds. Once was enough. He wondered if Rolf and the Alliance knew how easy it was to clean up ID data.


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          "Interesting how you waited until we were in space."

          Phaing looks him up and down, decides now might not be the best time to ask him to put his own ident-card in there.
          "It's not my card." she gives him one of those infuriating little shrugs before continuing. "If you want mine, you'll have to ask the slavers who bagged me back when I was twelve and put me in Santo. Ah... I see you've heard what kinda place that is." Her lips curl in a smirk of sorts, as if to enjoy his discomfort, but it's not real. Her eyes are dead, like a Doll's eyes, no emotion at all.

          "Forgot to look for my ID when I killed my owner ten years ago and went on the run. What you got there belonged to a girl who was killed about that time and was doctored up by the Merc unit I joined up with when nobody else would."
          She looks at him, with an expression that says *Now that you know that, what difference does anything else make?*

          "Look, I'm tired of going from one gig to another. Rig my room so that it can't be busted into, and disconnect that emergency-blow you got rigged to your ticker, and I'll be loyal and do my best to keep us flying. What else can you want from me?"


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            "Slavimor, you can leave, you're all shiny".

            Ogilvy sat, waiting for Phaing to be resolved before his turn came up.

            "Missy, what I don't never like is gorram wanted crims or untrustworthy types on my boat. you seem to be handy with guns, thats fine by me, but it also begs the question where you learned such fine skills." the last part of that sentence Rolf uttered with sarcastic venom. He motioned at the lapels of Phiangs coat "1st Whitefall Grenadiers? I've got an interesting story about one of them. James Kobrosky, joined my old Independent crew on the Mjölnir. Heard of the Raid on Londinium?" Phaing shook her head blankly, "Three ships, Mjölnir Included, attempted to blow up the entire Alliance parliament in session. Would have worked too, if it wasn't for James, turns out he was a mole. We got jumped by three cruisers and an entrie fleet of destroyers and corvettes, us in converted cargo ships, it was kinda flattering really. Gungnir got blown up, went down with all hands, bastards even shot the escape pods, Aesir got the same treatment."

            Rolf looked down, both Ogilvy and Phiang could see the storm of emotion sweeping across his face.

            "The the Alliance let James have his way with us. He liked me and the Jarl, so he let us live, but he forced us to watch what he did to the others. That was punishment enough. Then he took the Mjölnir for himself while me and the Jarl got locked up."

            He then looked at Phiang

            "James was a helluva lot more likeable than you, so why should I trust you? theres a whole-lot to be gained in this verse through treachery, and being truthful don't help much nowdays."
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              Phaing lets him say his peace, and then repeats back to him-

              Originally posted by Dashy View Post
              "James was a helluva lot more likeable than you, so why should I trust you? theres a whole-lot to be gained in this verse through treachery, and being truthful don't help much nowdays."
              "There seems to be a very basic contradiction in there... somewhere or other... hm."
              She gives him a moment to mull that one over.

              "Look, I've tried being all cunning and deceptive before, it don't work for me, not sure why... quit smiling like that, Ogi! Too.... what's the word, detached? Whatever, but if you knew me at all, you wouldn't be asking me such things. I ain't trying to be likeable because I ain't looking for anything special. This is this. It ain't nothing else,,, this is this.

              If you still doubt me by the time we get where we are going, then let me off and we'll call it good.
              And, the Whitefall people you mentioned, they kicked me out after I called down the thunder on some ambulances. Turned out I was right, the Alliance was running Bombs to the front in those phony meat-wagons, the secondaries proved that, but that didn't matter to those wang bao dahn.
              I hop your not as uptight as those guys was."
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                Apart from one wry smile at Phaing, Ogilvy stared at his shoes exclusively, half listening to the others explanation of petty wrongdoing.

                Ogilvy was off the deep end now: there were many criminals in the 'verse, but few, very few were actually wanted for it, and fewer still remained so for as long as Ogilvy had.

                The others were dismissed by Rolf, who simply stared at Ogilvy.

                after a few minutes, Rolf broke the silence: "Well, What do you have to say for yourself, because by the looks of this bounty on your head, Murder and Theft don't tell the half of it."

                "for a man who advertises the fact he doesn't ask questions, you sure ask a few questions."

                "So you gonna tell me what the Hells going on?"


                "Then would you at least give me a reason why I shouldn't haul your ass to to the alliance and collect that rather nice lookin' bounty then?"

                "whatever you got In the Hold seems like the start of a damn fine reason Cap'n"

                Rolf smiled in spite of himself. "Fair enough; I ain't gonna dob you in- but Unless you start talking, you can consider your contract terminated, and you can **** right off soon as we're back on Xaing. Sit well with you?"

                Ogilvy continued to contemplate his shoes, as Rolf sat down opposite him.

                "My parents were alliance bigwigs- Dad was some sort of Treasurer or Banker: he handled alot of alliance money, mostly dirty from what I figure. anyway, when I was old enough to understand it I got right out: ran away from home when I was 13- stowed away on a freighter outward bound and through sheer luck made it out.

                problem was, I was just a lost kid. But my luck held, and My Uncle found me. Uncle Ozzy was a freedom fighter- somewhat like yourself but a bit more... shall we say active, in the sense he actually fought. For 2 years we blew around, robbing small alliance governances here and there, throwing together the odd rebellion on a few disgruntled spaceports- we survived on his reputation; we helped people and they sheltered us, gave us food, shelter and fuel.

                I learn't the tricks of the trade and we had a grand time; us and a fluctuating crew. anyway, after two years we stop in this village on some crappy rural moon. Oz knew some guys there who owed him a favor. It was there I met Rebecca- met her in a tavern. we talked, we drank, we laughed. she told me about her dad- a real scumbag: a Lawman. he was beating her, taking out on her the fact he couldn't control the anti alliance tenancies of the village. I walked her home. she opens the door and is greeted with a fist to the face: just like that. She's out cold and this guys ranting and raving about her being a ***** and some kinda misappropriation on my part, and he pulled a gun. I shot him before he blinked.

                and there she was, pretty as anything, knocked cold on the ground, covered in his blood. I convinced Oz to take her in, coz she'd get landed with the blame elsewise."

                "Thats great Ogilvy, now why don't you skip to the part where your record gets a notation of Murder, Theft and a 6 figure credit bounty."

                A lump caught in Ogilvy's throat.

                "She'd been with us a year, and we were gonna marry- Me and Rebecca. I was 16. anyway, Oz decides its time we spoke to Dad. I thought it was about me: letting him know I wasn't dead and he'd soon have a daughter in law and all that. I was suspicious when we met up on a station in the outer rings- I'd expected to go home.

                Place was called Korvak Wyhatts, and I waited in the ship while Oz went to meet him. He took the rest of the crew with him, so Me and Bec just waited. all of a sudden we're taking off- I was furious, as a part of me hoped he'd seen the error of his ways or whatever. anyway, I whent up about an hour later to see Oz, and ask what'd happend..."

                Ogilvy stopped at this point and began to cough. Rolf noticed tears fall onto the carpet- Ogilvy still hadn't looked up.

                "and they were together... the two of them, right there on the bridge console. I dunno how long it had been going on for, but I had not Idea. so I took my gun and emptied a clip into that son of a bitch. I reloaded and did it again. I felt nothing until I looked at her- Naked except for his blood, pretty as the day I saved her."

                Ogilvy looked up for the first time. He saw Rolf had looked away. Ogilvy wiped his eyes and managed to look at his captain square.

                "The rest of the crew heard the shots and came running. I took his SMG and plugged the all as they came round the corner, all the while she screamed and begged me not to kill her.

                Then it was the two of us. alone on the ship. she was crying, asking me to forgive her, but I couldn't- But I couldn't kill her neither. I walked over to the console to check where we were headed- coordinates were to shadow.

                I walked away- she had no idea how to fly and no chance of altering course. I was gonna hop in the pod, and hoof it back to Korvak, but when I walked past Oz's room something made me go in. siting on the bunk was one briefcase, dad's initials on the front and blood on the handle. putting 2 and 2 together I opened it, to find some kinda computer thing. after a couple of minutes I had used it to misappropriate more than one billion alliance credits. I hopped the shuttle, and didn't look back.

                I dunno what happened, but the ship didn't get more than 2 days out before the alliance pulled it up. records put me as the only one on board who wasn't accounted for. And so thats the story of my record. Satisfied?"

                Rolf said something but Ogilvy didn't listen- He had never addressed his past until now, and the weight of it crushed him. He didn't know what happened to rebecca, and didn't want to know. Ogilvy resumed staring at his shoes.


                sorry about the corn factor: its 2am here and I have limited time.
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                  Chin Sanchez Rogov seeks the comfort of his machinery and relays as he reflects the nature of his crewmates. he reviewed and traced the pattern of the drive in a mental "kata" not unlike the repeated exercises that made his martial maneuvers so instinctive.

                  His first thought was that he had fallen in with criminals and may be on the wrong ship but he quickly dismissed that thought as useless self pity.

                  If there is a reason to be here he must discover it. If he is to be the sole voice of morality in a universe without it, so be it. No murder and no piracy. His first loyalty must be to a higher calling. A moderate view would recognize that the Alliance was right that humanity should work together and the Brownshirts were right that individuals should be free to make their own destiny.

                  Serving individuals were the best way to serve humanity. His Lo Mein was was well regarded back in the monastery so perhaps he could cook something for the crew. He wondered if there was actual food in the galley.
                  "I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them."
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                    As Chin walks to the galley he overhears something "............ride.........cess." Then some quick tapping and the sound of someone logging off of a computer. He turns the corner just in time to see Able stuffing something back into his pack.

                    "What do you have there?"

                    "Nothing much, just stowing some of my gear. Wouldn't want to be walking around the ship with any of these" He shows what appears to be the handle of something and a pair of rather nasty fragmentation grenades, then closes his pack and locks it.

                    "Glad to see you're not as standoffish as everyone thinks" Chin says, seeing Able out of his long coat and hooded cloak, rolled up on his pack. Instead, Able is wearing a rust-colored shirt and dark blue pants tucked into dark brown tactical boots. He is also wearing a dull grey automatic holstered on a brown gunbelt, with a long knife on the opposite side. Nothing more than an ice cold expression is needed to morph the ensemble from a mere rancher to something feral and deadly.

                    "I don't mean to be overtly offensive. I just cannot afford the luxury of complacency. To much has happened, and much more may happen if I am not eternally vigilant."

                    With that, Able walks away, still leaving few answers.
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                    • Routine is often good. It brings peace and serenity. There has always something natural as the rising and setting of the sun about daily routine.

                      Then the alarms sounded from the monastery complex a mile and a half away. Smoke began to worm its way into the sky from the main cluster of buildings. Chin knew that he had to inch his way through the rills, irrigation ditches and trees at the edge of the wheat fields if he was to remain unseen. The Ravers were gone in less than an hour. They seemed more keen on killing and taking people than they were in taking goods. By the time the sheriff and the Alliance security arrived, Chin had already pikled up the bodies of his brethren for cremation.

                      There would be no next time. Chin Sanchex Rogov would know every wire and cable, strut and LED readout on this ship. He would do more than repair. Chin was going to protect his ship and shipmates from what happened to his last home. If Able had planted a bug or booby trap, Chin was going to know it, come Hell or high water.
                      "I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them."
                      George Mason
                      Co-author of the Second Amendment
                      during Virginia’s Convention to Ratify the Constitution, 1788


                      • Rolf Stared at Ogilvy blankly.

                        "You do realise, you .. you ...Chai Neow, that credits are Traceable! You've probably left a paper trail a mile wide! Get back to your quarters before I Skin you!" Both Phiang and Ogilvy seemed taken aback by this sudden outburst "Please, both of you just leave now, I'll decide what to do with you later."

                        Of all the things Rolf needed, a wanted criminal aboard his boat was not one of them.
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                        • "Captain! I need every hand to the Gunnery room that can lift a 20-pound shell, NOW!"

                          That just went over the Comms, to the whole ships.

                          When they start to arrive-
                          "This lock must be older than this ship, look how it just gave way! Frelling piece of ..."
                          Phaing is already in there, cussin' and hufffing, struggling like mad to heave the shells back where they belong... shins and knuckles probably bruised and bloody already.
                          "You know what this means, don't you?"
                          and once the alarms start to go off;
                          "Yup, told ya so."


                          • "Cap'n, this is Harvard in the engine room. We ain't leaving this rock for at least 5 hours. The Pulse drive needs some serious work or we'll be stranded in Reaver space."

                            "What?" Rolf's reply was a bellow tinged with desperation. "Just get those engines working as quick as you can. We're on a deadline!"

                            "Working as we're speaking." Harvard had found enough spares to fix most of the problems, but the backclutch needed a cludge job. (Typical tincan owner, never enough spent on maintenance, he thought. Still, under-promise, over-deliver and they might even give you a payment.) He raided the car remnants, found something about the right size and made it fit (trade secret). Only two and three-quarter hours had passed, along with five progress enquiries from Rolf.

                            "Ready for take off, but take it easy to begin with - there's a non-standard part in the drive system." It would hold long enough to get back to the star-port, but after that...


                            • Note To Brodders

                              We are currently in space.
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                              • Originally posted by Dashy View Post
                                Note To Brodders

                                We are currently in space.
                                Yup, thought so.
                                That ought to make things interesting back there ...


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