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Firefly Chapter 1- Xaing Zhau and Beyond

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    Rolf looked at his scanner, then Held up his personal communicator.

    "Right you lot, Shadow is in sight, I don't want none of you fine fellows to suddenly chicken out now, Salvimor, get up here and land this tin can. The location is on the scanner screen."

    There was a deep pain in Rolf's eyes as he looked down on this barren rock, it was once a fine place to live, but none could live there now-days.

    He also heaved a sigh of relief, two days through Reaver space and no sign of Reavers.
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      Originally posted by Cyberknight View Post
      Chin had not realized how much he had taken the orderly schedule of the monastery for granted. Brothers and sisters and the occasional companion all blended into the serenity of the order as did Chin.

      After a few days of being disturbed by the pilot Slavimor's loud, late night music, Brother Chin mentioned it to him.

      "Friend pilot. I have observed that my meditiations have become less effective when other sounds intrude upon my calm. I require your assistance, if you please. On the other hand I have noticed that music is inspiring to the peace of others. I have taken the liberty of fabricating a wireless earphone module for your entertainment box. It actually has more entertainment options and better fidelity than the speaker of the system. your assistance would be greatly appreciated. If these are not satisfactory I will try at designing better ones."
      Thank you Chin, I apologize if my music as disturbed you. I regret that I didn't think about how my actions would affect others. I have been thinking about mentioning to everyone that we need to think of others now that we are a crew. Thank you for showing that I need to do so also.
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        Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.
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          Phaing wated about ten seconds for confirmation that she'd pegged her target... and then had a second look for herself.
          An unusually tight-lipped lot, but what else should be expected?

          Might even be better this way, fewer questions and all.
          Still, it was funny how the usual give & take became conspicuous in it's absence.
          She keys the mike to the general channel; "Guns here, everything is running hot, smooth and normal." ... and then looks the mike she just spoke into with an almost nauseous expression, and slams it back into place.
          "Da-shiang bao-tza shr duh lah doo-tze!"
          The fit only lasted a moment... nobody here seemed to give much of a damn what she said. After Chin let that "fellow yellow" remark just pass, maybe she could get away with the way her mouth worked here.
          For longer than usual, maybe.

          Spaceships have sensors that give a 360-degree scan of the Black, picking out things that can't be seen by the Human eye even with fancy optics. Peering through a gun sight is normally, therefore, a waste of time.
          Ah, but with the planet in sight, things change.
          Phaing looks at the planet's face and horizon, dialing through different magnifications. Dead planet? Not completely, none of them really were. Not when there were so many people in the verse who had to nowhere to go.
          This place, for instance, sure looked like nowhere to her...


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            OOC: ^what language is that? it sure managed to stump google translate!
            Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.
            ~Noam Chomsky


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              Originally posted by Comrade|Ogilvy View Post
              OOC: ^what language is that? it sure managed to stump google translate!
              ((Chinese- "The explosive diarrhea of an Elephant!"

              It's how they cuss in that 'verse.))


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                Gabriel Hit Atmo*, though the entry couplings were a little rusty, a bit of grease and spit managed to keep the old bird together. Rolf Stood in the Cockpit, looking out the glass toward the Planet below, this part of which was shrouded by cloud. Phiang, Ogilvy and Chin joined him, Harvard stayed below, unable to leave his latest project.

                They broke through cloud cover, and both Chin and Ogivly let out gasps of shock, both had been sheltered in part from the Horrors of the Unification War.

                The Surface of the planet was beyond destroyed, massive ripples of uplifted earth clashed with the edges of kilometre wide nuclear craters. Mountains stood where lakes had kept vigil, and Rivers had long since left this wasteland, to be replaced by radioactive swamps.

                Some, Daring and suicidal, Smugglers had hidden caches on this planet, but even they spent as little time as possible on this planet, which had lived up to its namesake, it truly was a Shadow.

                Slavimor corrected his descent and landed about a kilometer from the Bunker. Rolf turned around, the hint of a tear in an eye "Right crew, time to start earning that pay of yours, Phiang and Chin, you can come with me to get the goods, if theres trobule a-hiding in that bunker, I want people who fight close close, hear? The rest of you can stay and protect the ship, And If you so much as think of taking off without me** you can kiss your pretty lives goodbye.


                *First die roll of the game, Tsar got three times the required roll. Good work

                **I'm looking at you Ogilvy.
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                  Phaing hands her snub-nosed, very light SMG off to Slavitmor, the Pilot. "This is the safety here, and the bullets come out of this end here going really fast. I'll be wanting that back... once you tell me what my housekeeping chores ought to be." along with 2 extra clips. Then she goes and straps on her Machine Gun... and that's kinda literal.
                  Being small can also be a handicap, just one more to be overcome.

                  Wearing a LBE (a Y-harness and pistol belt) she attaches the MG at the right hip with bungee cord and a clip through the belt. Basically and improvised waldo. Phaing can use one hand, or both if she lets the gun dangle barrel-down. It's one easy move to un-hook it, but re-attaching is a bit more involved.
                  There were 3 x 30-round mags for this when she boarded... who knows what's left, eh?
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                    Harvard picked himself up from the floor - it wasn't too rough a landing, all things considered. Pity about the car going out the airlock - he could have monkeyed up a decent puddle-jumper out of it. Still, he had the engine and control set stowed in one of the cases in the hold. If he could scrounge a halfway decent hull...

                    Harvard waited for Brother Chin to complete an exercise rotation and face him, "Okay, grab your whisk. time to check on this bucket of bolts and see what's broken. And before you ask, something is always broken after a landing. And while we're at it let's pray they find a medic on this bombsite."


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                      Rolf then turned to Ogilvy, who had been hiding for the past few hours "you th ..." Rolf stopped dead.

                      the left half of his face had been burned horrifcally, Rolf could tell the wounds were not permanet, but they looked nasty. He could see Phaing smiling that wry smile of hers behind him.

                      Rolf just turned back around, some matters needed a captains attentions, He didn't think this was one of them.

                      "Right, Shore party, on board the shuttle! Ship-stayers, stay sharp!"
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                        Phaing sees the burns, and the smile is fleeting.
                        "Give it back, all of it, right now." she hisses at Ogii under her breath so that others can't hear. "Lives depend on us being able to shoot the bad guys down, yes? Just give it back, boy, and the talking part of this comes later."

                        And waits for his answer before moving any farther.


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                          OOC, Just to clarify, Ogilvy wasn't the one who wanted to raid Phaings Ammo, it was just like all your other little misdeeds. It fits in with his character, which he will hopefully elaborate on soon.
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                            Ogilvy took a small handfull of pistol bullets from his coat pocket, and handed them to Phaing, looking at his feet as he did so. each bullet had a small X lovingly carved on the business end- hollow points were strictly regulated, and hard to come by, so the art of Dum-Dum carving was quite a skill to know.

                            "Sorry Fang- I wanted to know how it was done without blowing off your fingers. And I-"

                            "Next time You ask, foolish boy."


                            "Go HWONG-TONG: I teach you Later, Back on ship."

                            "Thanks Fang."

                            ogilvy finally looked up from his feet, but Phaing had already turned around.
                            Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.
                            ~Noam Chomsky


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                              Ogilvy grabbed his rifle, and his pistols. he was half way to the exit when his tummy gave him the rumblings- he never ate before landing out of habbit, but it would seem they had an excellent pilot. he dropped his gear and went to prepare his late lunch.

                              surprise- oily opened packet. Ogilvy doubted the monk would do that sort of thing, and the only other grease guy was Harvard.

                              Ogilvy stalked down to the engine block, to see Harvard fiddling with a handgun in his quarters next door. ogilvy had tried to mention it sideways and polite like, but now, with the captain away, was the time to take a leaf out of Phaings book.

                              Ogilvy threw his rations at harvard- flavor powder flew everywhere, while the more solid foodstuffs bounced off harvards chin- he dropped his gun in surprise.

                              "Listen up, grease monkey- i'm not some shlub you can **** around- I pull my weight equally like everyone else in this hull and I expect equal treatment. Now I said to you and chin the other night not to open the packets, but today the packets are still being opened- it wasn't chin, so your it."

                              "Holy Sh*t man, calm down-"

                              "S T F U!" Ogilvy threw his glass of water at Harvard- turning the flavor powder into a smelly clinging paste all over his shirt, walls and bed. "If you don't stop messing with the packets i'm gonna see to it you eat yours only after its been blenderized, and through a straw exclusively. Shiny? Good."

                              with that Ogilvy stalked down the coridoor, without waiting for a retort.

                              "you better clean my room, Boy!"

                              Ogilvy, for the first time in a long, loooooog while, maintained a dignified silence.
                              Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.
                              ~Noam Chomsky


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                                Slav hears yelling down ship and gets up to check it out.
                                On the lower level he sees Ogilvy walking away from a screaming Harvard.

                                “Okay you two what's going on?” They both start talking (loudly) at the same time.
                                “Stop, in here both of you” he said indicating the cargo bay.

                                "Alright Ogilvy you first".
                                Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedy. -- Ernest Benn


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