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Firefly Chapter 1- Xaing Zhau and Beyond

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    Brother Chin had accepted the existence of the Reavers as another chaotic spin of the universal wheel which just happened to land on his home of 20 years. That the Alliance could be so meddlesome as to create these monsters and so calous as to remain silent saddened but did not surprise him.

    Chin had no responses from the Cortex solicitations for crew members on the various ships in port. He determined today to speak to any ship captain he could get an interview with. He practiced his speech one more time before approaching the ship master who had regailed the bar previously with his war story.

    "Sir, I am man of peace, not war. I fix things, any things and I fix them well. I am not quilified on the drives of starships but any electrical wiring system, data card or mechanical gear, soldered or welded part would be like an old friend. And I have read the manuals of a half dozen starship drive systems including your own. I can learn this, I know.

    I cook, I am strong, I bargain and scrounge better than anyone I ever met, and can drive animal or motorized vehicles, and though I am currently only qualified to apprentice under a real ship's engineer, I promise my complete loyalty within the limits of my order's code. Naturally I cannot accept a full crewman's share at this time.

    I refuse to kill my fellow human, even those under the influence of this Alliance "pax" but will allow no man to harm myself, my compatriots or those around me without just reason. my hands, feet and staff have been stout enough to prove me.

    You should sign me on for my intuition tells me that you need me."

    Having decided that he would not make it any clearer, Chin Sanchez Rogov proceeded to approach this Captain Rolph gentleman as he had nothing left to lose.
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      A good crew so far, Rolf though to himself, A pilot who say's he's half shiny, A monk who seems to be decent with tools, Some slightly crazy looking merc (good for intimidation) and a burly man who seemed only interested in listing his weapons and name.

      Three more hours, Should be long enough to get one or two more crew.

      There has to be a doc of some sort on this vacuum scrap heap.
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        Harvard packed his few belongings into the small locker in his new quarters aboard The Gabriel. Typical - the grease monkey always got stuck with the room closest to the engines. Like, they're the bit that gives trouble? He'd given the ship a quick once over, but the Reavers hadn't done much damage. Well, nothing beyond cosmetic - glass to replace on the dials, bent levers, graffiti in the head.

        He wondered if there was a medic aboard. The Gabriel had the look of a ship that had had a hard life, and the the last crew certainly had a hard end. A quack aboard would sure ease his worries if they had to earn money the hard way.


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          Rolf looked left, the right. Not a quack in sight.

          He sighed, a Doctor would have been nice, but they are a luxury these days. Losers can't be choosers.

          He thumbed the P.A. system "All into the Living room, time for a little family chat."

          by the time he got into the Living room (Ironic, the Jarl and Mikia had died in here) the new crew had assembled. Ogilvy, the mysterious young man, lounged against the far wall, polishing his fancy looking sniper. The monk sat on a divan (Chu's) meditating. The grease-monkey was muttering to himself, and tinkering with (The Jarl's) coffee machine. The (ever so slightly) Psychotic looking girl was rummaging through the ration boxes while the pilot was staring blankly into ... vodka?

          "Right crew, Listen up, time for some ground rules." There was a general shifting and opening of eyes, followed by and awkward clatter as Ogilvy dropped his gun, much to everyone's amusement.

          "First Rule, Don't cross Rolf, Cross me and you're all dead, I don't have time for traitors, My life signs are tuned into the air-locks and bulkheads, I die, you all do. It may sound unfair, but trusts a luxury out here in the black."

          "Second Rule, Don't cross your team, you so much as steal an apple from anyone else, getting flushed out the airlock is the least of your problems."

          "Third Rule, Wash your socks."

          There was a general chorus of agreement, though Ogilvy seemed a little miffed about the first rule.

          "So, Whats the job 'Boss'" The girl said cheekily, with an almost scary tone.

          "Were going to Shadow to pick up some goods for Liang Chung, but we have to take a shortcut."

          "Shortcut? through where?" the grease-monkey called, before going back to his tinkering.

          "Reaver Space."

          The monk looked up from his meditation and smiled, before bowing his head once more. Most of the crew looked shocked, some even scared. Though the pilot just stared despondently into his drink.

          "We have to cut right across Reaver space, Luckily the Gabriel is outfitted for this sort of stuff, we are all but Immune to EMP and if they try entering through the docking port, we got a long hallway in which to fend them off. Sometimes they play unfair and try and get in through the hull, Its a bit harder then. We've also got some proper armament, the Odins on top can take smaller ships, and scare bigger ones something good, and thanks to our good friend Liang, we got Loki's"

          "Loki's?" asked Ogilvy

          The pilot looked up from his drink and spoke up "Unification war Tech, the Alliance used heat-seekers, Hel Missiles, at the start, but Independent pilots soon found a way around it, they would pull a 180 and fly under the Alliance ships and cut their engines, Alliance guys needed authorization to cut engines and the Heat-seekers would kill 'em, ever time. So the design bureau came up with the Loki's, smaller warhead, but they use visual tracking, they never miss." There seemed to be a distant pain in his eyes as he went back to his drink.

          "Thanks Slavomir, the Loki's should take care of any massive ships, we can target the engines and kill 'em dead in the water."

          "As for quarters, Chin and Harvey, you're in the Engine quarters, Phiang and Ogilvy, you're in the Front Quarters, near the entrance in case we get boarded by surprise, Slavomir, you're across from me near the cockpit, any questions?"
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            Just one, when do we leave and when do we have to be back?
            Oh I guess thatís two.
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              "We leave in an hour, there's a tanker having trouble at docking port 2 and we have to wait for it to be cleared before we can leave and we have to be back in four days, minimum, think you can fly that fast flyboy?"
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                Originally posted by Dashy View Post
                "We leave in an hour, there's a tanker having trouble at docking port 2 and we have to wait for it to be cleared before we can leave and we have to be back in four days, minimum, think you can fly that fast flyboy?"
                Well itís 2 Ĺ days there so we should make it depending on how well you took care of your ship and how long it takes to load the cargo. 4 maybe 5 days. Sure.
                Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedy. -- Ernest Benn


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                  Ogilvy sidled over to Captain Rolf.

                  "Hey, Rolf?"

                  "Yeah, you got some problems with my rules don't ya."

                  "Well, kinda. That lifesigns airlock thing is a Bit unfair... I mean a man of your age, well, you could have heart problems.... or go senile and **** on the generator or something. Know what I mean?"

                  a wry smile found its way onto Rolf's face in spit of the Boy's Insolence. "You watch yourself Boyo, that smart mouth ain't gonna help none when it comes to Reavers."

                  Ogilvy had meant to ask what made Rolf so insecure as to feel that sort of precaution was necessary, but something held him back- but Ogilvy had a knack of finding things out that didn't concern him.
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                    "wuh tzai chien shr ee-ding ruh dao shuh-muh run luh bah "

                    Phaing mutters and, and when the Captain mentions sharing quarters, she tosses a pair of vacuum-packed doughnuts up in the air, and catches them on the way down with the tips of her matching daggers.

                    "Excuse me... if I may ask a few questions, hm?"
                    And without waiting for a nod, she continues, in a soft, swift voice-
                    "Firstly, Boss; 100 was a nice sign-on bonus, but ain't it a bit light for a run through a place like that? Maybe we should talk bonus for getting back in time."
                    "An' Secondly, what's this guff about a dead-switch? The 'lectronics on a boat like this ain't reliable enough for gadgetry like that, 'specialy if your prone to bad dreams... could flush yer ownself right out in your sleep, now couldn't you?"
                    So... why're you trying to scare everyone off this boat but the most crazy, dumb or most desperate? I ask for clam, please. Seems like you must have had a bad, bad betrayal in the recent past, and I guess we have to be sympathetic and all that, but we're all new here.
                    How's about we all forget the past and start with clean slates, K?
                    I'll be havin' a look at the guns, if'n you want a further discussion with me on this, shiny?"

                    She won't leave the room until she gets the nod.

                    ((the above Chinese means ~ I surely annoyed someone or other in a past life, didn't I . . . ))
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                      Harvard asked the obvious question, "If we have to be back in four days minimum, then what is the maximum time we have, cap'n?"


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                        After the meeting breaks up Slav goes to the Captain.
                        Uh Captain, there are three ways to get past Revers, fight, run, and trick.
                        Now those popguns and missiles will take out a few ships but if we run into a swarm of them they will beat us.
                        Iíve always found that if you run from a Rever they chase you so even if we can stay ahead of them weíll just be leading them to Shadow. I donít see Shadow being too happy about that.
                        This leaves the third option. Can those shiny new missiles retract into the hull? The guns can be made to look like they were knocked out but no one is going to believe a disabled ship would have missiles on it.
                        Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedy. -- Ernest Benn


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                          The captain looked back at Slav in disbelief.

                          "I thought you had the look of a core boy, Last battle during the Unificaton war, Shadow got bombed into oblivion, Along with most of my family. And yes, the Missiles do Retract, otherwise we would have to do some quick explaining to any Alliance patrol we may come across round Shadow.

                          We'll figure out the reavers when we meet 'em"
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                            ((Just to clarify-
                            What Phaing just said was not in confidence, or even that quietly, but right in front of the rest of the crew. I'll PM my asides to the related party.
                            That's just her relentless talent for tactlessness in action. ))


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                              As Slav left Rolf turned back to Phaing and the rest of the crew.

                              "I assume that most of you have seen Reaver ships? Hulks hunting through space, looking for new prey. Reavers have no original thought, they cannot create, they can only do what they do best. Cannibalise.

                              I have been with this ship for six years now, the thought of it in Reaver hands makes me sick to my core.

                              I can assure you that the electronics for the fail-safe are beyond secure. As for pay, You will receive it upon return to Xing Zhau. After all, Reavers do not keep company with vendors, so I think you will not find a place to spend an advance, were I to give it.

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                                "Shiny as SHT Cap'n but It'l do."

                                Ogilvy rounded on the the Chinese bint grinding her teeth beside him, he opened his moth for his instant repartee' but her apperance hit him like a brick wall first- she was scary.

                                "Hey, er, Lady. If it did come to going twin share, you can count on me not being too impressed about it." I'd rather bunk with a Reaver, Ogilvy thought to himself. "But I do believe we are across the hall from one another. and I'd appreciated a little civility from who I can only assume is to be my partner for the mission in terms of gunwork. Shiny?"

                                Ogilvy received a grunt in return before the lady slouched off. Some people, Ogilvy thought.

                                Some people.
                                Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.
                                ~Noam Chomsky


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