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Firefly Chapter 1- Xaing Zhau and Beyond

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  • Caleb listened to the shouts and gunfire from the other side of the now badly buckled door. He couldn't tell if it was going well or badly out there, revers tend to yell and scream either way.

    He brought up the point of the thin sword, but it was nothing resembling steady.

    "Tamie, sport?" he said in a shaky voice " I have a somewhat embarrassin' confession to make. I've never actually, you know, with real weapons and all that"

    The door finally comes off it's hinges and Caleb freezes up completely. It's a damn good thing that it's Rolf standing in the door, not a reaver.

    ""I'm not a doc" he answers, voice slowly returning to normal " but I am a medic, I can help if someone is injured" he finished, loudly enough to be heard outside the cabin.


    • "Good enough for me" Rolf Grunted. he found a stretcher in the sight destroyed Infirmary, grabbing as much medical supply as he could.

      Then, with the help of Able he carried Phaing to Gabriel's Infirmary.

      Caleb Started work efficently, he seemed to be more proficient than he said earlier, while that other chaps skills were as of yet untested.

      He grabbed his intercom uplink

      "Right, Harvard, you have half an hour to get whatever scrap there is left on that boat then get back, else you want to have a little holiday."

      Time was a-wasting, and Rolf wanted his pay.
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      • In a strange display, Able stands by Phaing the whole time that Caleb is trying to work, finally resulting in Caleb having to shoo him out of the infirmary. That seems to bring Able back to his senses, and he takes off into the other ship to see what he can help move before the disembarkation.......or was he really hoping that there'd be some more Reavers about?
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        • Caleb finished the last bandage on Phaing and stepped back to check his work. He'd had to trim away some hair on the back side of her head to properly bandage the wound there, probably from when he head hit the deck, and the wound from the rever's club had bled something fierce for a while, but appeared alright now.

          He checked the soft neck brace to insure it was fitted correctly, he would have like to fit a hard one, but it simply wasn't available, still it was much better than nothing.

          He'd also bandaged a small cut on one of her hands, from when her weapon had malfunctioned, and given her something to make sure that when she woke up she wouldn't be able to move for a few moments, so he could explain the possibility of spinal injury to her.

          All this completed, he simply waits and monitors her condition.
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          • "Half an hour?" Hardly enough time to see if anything was worth salvaging, let alone get it from ship to ship. Harvard grabbed his tool belt, Chin, his favourite wrench back off Chin, and whoever else sounded like they knew anything about ships. "Right, me hearties, we're on a shopping expedition, but we've only got 25 minutes. Unbolt as much as you can of the good stuff and get it aboard The Gabriel as quickly as you can. We can sort the shyte from the shine there. Emphasis is on bridge and engines. I'll take the engines as they can get hot and I'll learnt how to handle the хуи (Russian dirty word). If in doubt, grab it!"

            With that, Harvard rushed off to check the state of the engines, hoping they were better than The Gabriel's.


            • Hmmmm - Weell

              Tamie replies "Sorry about that, cobber - but it looks like you were gonna be rather busy".
              "Okay - yes, I have been in a few scrapes before - got knocked around a few times". "Well, sometimes you have to shoot - or let yurself get shot".
              "Hate doin' it though - but ya gotta look after yurself, and yur buddies ( never had a lot of them ) - and I am not gonna stand by and watch the 'little people' or those weaker, being carved up by gangers or nasty b*ggers". Yes - I have USED my Jemmy AND the Meat Axe a few times - the Meat Axe only twice, you don't need to use that one very often".

              "Replying to your question Capting ( I assume that's who you are ), I am not a Medic, never was". "But sometimes you have to do some patching - first aid and all that". "Had to patch meself up a few times, after some nasty run-ins". "There's some medic stuff in me big Kit Bag".
              "Twenty or so minits gives me enuff time to get me Kit Bag, with the Jemmy ( a 6mm Pistol ) - and to carry the Meat Axe and its holster". " 'Case yur wundering - the Meat Axe is a big 15mm automatic cannon, for firing double-handed".
              "That one comes with a back holster, and a body plate to be used to resist recoil - 'though I don't always use it, cuz I got used to the recoil form double-handed operatin' ".
              "There's also a set of light body armour stashed with my Kit - only one though, fits me although I am no weight-lifter type". "No more than you guys are - so anyone can borrow it, iffen ya need to".

              To no one in particular "Not sure I would know what to grab in the way of hardware, from this banged-up ship".
              He goes to collect his Kit, ( and all his gear ) - which is a fairly bulky load, all told.

              {{ This has gotta be the longest set of 'speeches' I ever made - must have been a reaction to the situation - normally I would be a lot less outspoken }}
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              • Ogilvy stashed his rifle and arrived just in time to follow the others into the ship to collect salvage... the mess was astounding. Ogilvy had never seen a Reaver before, let alone their handiwork. His head swam as he surveys what had once been a living room of sorts- that was now awash with blood and adorned with assorted gore, with the bodys of the Reavers and their unfortunate victims twisted in grotesque ways... before Ogilvy knew it he was on his knees; retching onto the cold metal floor...
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                • Madness Roll.

                  Ogilvy has a mildly mad reaction, non violent but seriously disturbing.
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                  • Chin heard coughing and retching from back down the hallway- it would seem someone had had the misfortune to look properly at the living room, rather than simply walk through... Chin remembered the numbness he had employed as he had buried his friends and kinsman when the reavers had attacked his people: it was this unfeeling calm he mustered as he strode down the gangway toward the living room, to comfort whoever was there.

                    ...Ogilvy's eyes blurred as vomit mixed with blood. He was unaware of anything; including his own actions as chin stood in the doorway. Visions of his Uncle and Rebecca twisted together and flashed across his mind's eye. Ogilvy strode across the room, half sobbing, half screaming as he drew his python and pumped all six bullets into the mask of the reaver who had been molesting the wound of a passenger. Ogilvy saw none of what he was doing- only Rebecca, grinning insanely in a pool of blood.

                    Ogilvy felt a hand on his shoulder, and turned to be greeted by his uncles leer... an insane laugh rang in his ears as he crumpled and knew no more.

                    ... Chin Watched from the doorway as Ogilvy crumpled and curled on the ground, in convulsions of insane misery. as he watched Ogilvy stood, muttering, crying and yelling as he staggered around the room, clumsily drawing his pistol and proceeding to demolish the skin sheathed face of a reaver. Chin, knowing better than most the power of a human mind in distress knew he must end this. Chin strode over to Ogilvy, and grabbed his shoulder: Not roughly, but firmly, hoping that contact would make him snap out of it. In return he received a sucker punch to the face. Chins hands moved faster than what could be consciously controlled: a palm thrust doubled Ogilvy's lanky frame, and a (somewhat stereotypical) chop to the neck dispatched him- rendering Ogilvy unconscious before he even had time to feel pain, or realize he was winded from the palm strike.

                    > Dashy told me to have chin stop me BTW. so there you go.
                    Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.
                    ~Noam Chomsky


                    • Chin expressed relief as Ogilvy's pulse and heart rate began to normalize. A quick check of his patient's pupils indicated that something was still rattling the brainpan, but so long as he could not harm himself, that was a good start.

                      Chin Sanchez Rogov could not get the images of the Miranda wave out of his head nor the similarity to those Reavers eyes as at the end and Ogilvy's for that brief instant. Not good.

                      Chin then searched for other wounds on Ogilvy and then the rest of the crew.

                      The hybrid camomille tea from the monastery in his bag might help relax Ogilvy and God knew that Chin could use some.
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                      • Able walks right by the gory sight. He looks over at Ogilvy mewling on the floor with Chin seemingly assisting him.....and continues to walk on, intent in his mission to salvage whatever can be found. As he walks away, Chin hears him mutter something.....few words are heard but "human weakness" as Able shakes his head.
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                        • Check

                          What is it with Phaing and ones?

                          More Plot points gone, though caleb tries Phiangs condition seems to be worsening.

                          Rolf Approaches the bridge.

                          "Full Burn."

                          they need to get to Xiang Zhau, and fast.
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                          • Right captain.

                            Whoever is on guns get ready for some shooting on the move, we are so outta here.
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                            • The Odins, Manned by Rolf Himself, Smash the Osprey and attached Reaver.

                              As the Debris fell behind Rolf pondered his crew.

                              Slavimor, Chin and Harvard were excellent, they all seemed interested in the ships and crews general well being. Rolf, though slow to trust, would trust each of these men with his life already.

                              Able ... Well there was something .. wrong about him, the Way he wielded his sword, the way he walked and spoke, all screamed of mechanical precision and aching grace. The man was inhuman.

                              He was as of yet undecided on Phiang, at first she seemed intent on bringing him down, and then tried to comfort him just as fast. Flighty, yet well meaning.

                              Ogilvy ... well Ogilvy was a problem, he had already tried to undermine his command, and seemed intent on becoming alpha male, once that had been taken care of (and his seeming maness) Rolf was sure he would fit right in.

                              The two new guys were too new for him tojudge, but they both seemed a good sort.

                              If you can't pick and choose, go with what you got. This crew was all he had.

                              Rolf Reached up and fiddled with a small mechanism attached to his ear, ad then smiled.

                              Good times were coming, the sun just had to come out before they rolled.
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                              • "Will you wait till the engineer gets back on board!" Harvard wondered if Rolf had early onset Alzheimer's as he lugged the last of his goodies back up the airlock. Half a drive control system, navigation spares and a complete new turret race. And a chair that didn't wobble - that was going straight in his quarters (finders keepers and all). And no gore or guts on any of it. And a list of the crew to pass over to Xaing Zhau.

                                "Hey, Cap'n. Should we mark this spot? I think there's still a fair amount of salvage in those ships." Harvard felt The Gabriel shudder as something was fired. "Don't tell me you did what I think you did."

                                Some people had no idea how to accumulate loot.
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