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Firefly Chapter 1- Xaing Zhau and Beyond

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  • Phaing darts in, crouched low so that , as she said, they could actually shoot over her head if they had to.
    (Don't try this at home, kids)
    She won't stop until there is something coming at her or she hits her first turn in the hallway.
    In the first case, festch up alongside the wall and open fire on the Reavers. Second case, take up a watch position on the angle the people behind her can't see and wait for them to catch up... repeats as necessary.

    Since Phaing saw where the survivors are, she is headed that way.


    • Ogilvy was frustrated beyond belief- in a veritable life and death situation their leader had issued no instructions other than "do it." even worse, it appeared he was going to leave the ship unguarded.

      "Rolf, wait on a second: what are we actually doing? Just charging in and firing blind doesn't sit particularly well with me, and I have no intention of being anyones reaver fodder. So untill you actually outline some tactics or something, consider me ship guard, coz im not going out there without a plan."
      Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.
      ~Noam Chomsky


      • Well, ain't that a hell of a thing?
        Hopefully, someone will come to back Phaing up, time is waisting.

        (how can we get fancy without a floor-plan?)


        • "Just recover the hostages and kill the Reavers without bleeding death," suggested Harvard from the safety of the gun turret.


          • Heres A Plan of the ship, we are currently in the lower deck,with the Reavers having docked on the smaller upper docking thing.

            Rolf rounded on Ogilvy.

            "Reavers are not complete idiots, they will kill, rape and eat those two upstairs before coming to us, you Alliance boys watch too many movies, Reavers kill the weak and unarmed first."

            He brought up a plan of the Ospery class.

            "Phiang, your pretty little behind had probably seen more action than every weapon I've ever owned, what do you think we should do, it seems the reav...."


            "ers... have got a battering ram. I don't think they know we are here yet."
            Task Force Regenbogen- Support and Paras


            • Ogilvy ignored the snide aside, and heaved a great sigh- which had the effect of having Rolf near foaming at the mouth.

              "Thank you Captain Obvious- nice to know in your Alzheimer induced delirium, you can still speak. but again, whats the plan- as you said, Reavers ain't mindless, which means that when they do know were here , if we are uncoordinated we dont stand a chance, and they will more than likely make a move for the ship. so, again, WHAT IS THE PLAN!!!"
              Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.
              ~Noam Chomsky


              • My suggestion is:
                If the only thing you want to do is save them then toss a couple of frag grenades down the passageway. Follow up as soon as they go off by killing anything left standing. Get them and you into the shuttle. Get away from the ship and we’ll blow it to little teeny bits and pick you up.
                At least that’s how I would do it.
                Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedy. -- Ernest Benn


                • Ok. How?
                  Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.
                  ~Noam Chomsky


                  • The quietest and fastest one climbs the stars and throws the grenades. Their going off is the signal for the rest to charge the passageway spraying anything still alive (and anything that looks dead). Get the survivors out and head to the shuttle. When you are away we take care of the ship.
                    Shouldn't take more then 3 of you. Two to attack and one to watch their backs.
                    Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedy. -- Ernest Benn


                    • "Able" looks at Ogilvy and says: "You're right. Why don't you guard the ship." He then takes off down the hallway after Phaing, moving with surprising speed and grace despite his size, his footfalls barely making a sound as he catches up to and passes Phaing, entering the cargo hold and scanning the open area for targets.

                      With no immediately visible threats, he trusts that the others can at least secure the bottom floor of a rather open cargo hold, and he starts up the stairs, taking them two at a time while remaining as silent as the grave.
                      Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                      • "So shall I guard this airlock hatch in order to assure that any enemies cannot board our ship while the rest of our crew executes its precision assault?"

                        Chin mused that he was perhaps premature in his assertion that military tactics were so straightforward.
                        "I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them."
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                        Co-author of the Second Amendment
                        during Virginia’s Convention to Ratify the Constitution, 1788


                        • Rolf sighs and turns to ogilvy. "fine, your on guard duty, just don't do anything stupid."

                          Ogilvy walked the length of the corridor, grinding his teeth as he went. He turned and lay prone, in time to Rolf striding through the airlock. Ogilvy aimed down the sights at the back of Rolf's head, then ranged down to the back of Rolf's calf- still grinding his teeth. Chin closed the airlock and walked past Ogilvy and sat cross-legged just around the corner- Staff laid in front of him. Ogilvy asked him if he wanted his pistol. Chin said nothing. "I'm sure a fiddly sort of mechanic such as yourself would like to look at it... its had a few modifications- I tuned it myself!" chin still remained silent. Ogilvy turned around to hand him the pistol, but saw chin had his eyes closed and was humming softly... at the exact same frequency as the audible engine hum. Ogilvy laid the pistol in front of the staff, just incase.
                          Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.
                          ~Noam Chomsky


                          • Phaing would be cursing with extra emphasis if she knew anyone was thinking of tossing around Grenades inside an enclosed ship. Even if a porthole wasn't blown out, every eardrum on both ships would be shattered.

                            (thanks for the floor-plan, Dashy! That's a good one)

                            Phaing slips past Able at the top of the stairs and puts her back to the corner of the wall {to the right of the stair entry to the main deck). From there she can see down the starboard hallway and a bot around the corner of the stairs.
                            Her face is a shull-like grin with teeth showing and eyes wide, but she still has enough sense left to give Able a nod towards the stateroom, the place where the survivors must be.


                            • "Seem like pretty reasonable sounding folk to me" Caleb said " If they're pirates at least they're polite pirates.

                              Caleb keys the ships comm back into life again.

                              "My friend and here are more grateful than I can possibly express, thank you."

                              He turns to Tamie

                              " Well dooah there has held up so far, I don't think we have anything to worry about"

                              As he finished the pounding stops

                              "See they're all heading to play with our new friends, nothing to..."

                              THUD. The sharp sound was far louder than any Caleb had heard from the other side of that door yet.

                              "Unless of course, youah wonderful luck holds and they've cobbled up a battering ram sport" said Caleb with a sideways glance at Tamie.

                              "Luck that bad is a medical condition surely."


                              • Weeeell

                                "I was just BORN Lucky - I guess".
                                "Hmmmm - not sure if I beleive in Luck - what happens just does - and this sh* t just got wurst, as it was just BOUND to".

                                "How long can this door hold now - with a battering ram against it ?"
                                "I would call on the Kraken for help, But I tihnk he must be busy elsewhere - he sure has forgotten me for many a sorry day".

                                "Okay - Cobber, is there anything we can do to slow them down - or not, I guess not".

                                Tamie went back to his own thoughts - 'From one damn hell-hole to another - even the Darkmen would have killed me qwik - these Reavers will make it much wurst than that'. 'And I don't even have my guns - to make it easier'. 'I was in the wrong place when they boarded us'

                                "IF - I do mean IF we get Rescued ( what a joke )". "Do ya reckon there is ANY chance to get any of our stuff on the way". "I really could do with my little Jemmy and the big Meat Axe, from my Kit - I really feel naked without them, ya know".

                                Thinking - 'Double dammit - I wish I had not stashed my Kit'. 'The body armour, the recoil shield for the Meat Axe - and ammo for the Jemmy and Meat Axe were all in my Kit as well'.

                                { His 'Jemmy' is a smallish belt-holster Pistol, 6mm short-range. The 'Meat Axe' is a heavy shell-firing automatic, 1 metre long - which fits in a special holster on the back - for over-the-shoulder drawing. The 'Meat Axe' has to be fired two-handed - as it uses 15mm shells from a twelve round under-barrel magazine. }
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