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Limited non-Nuclear EU War 2011.

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    Originally posted by david&joushua View Post
    American Pres. Obama was forced to step down after a muslim extremist took a pot shot and managed to seriously wound the president. Although in stable condition it seems that the attack shook the former C-in-C badly. It was formally anounced that Joe Biden has stepped up into the White House. However congress has devolved into a frenzy of anti-democrat activity and Biden's place as president is not secure by a long shot. Biden has retracted his predecesor's demands agianst Canada and other common wealth nations but seems badly confused and has refused to say excactly what he intends to do about the situation in Europe. Biden himself was unaviable for comment having withdrawn to his vacation home in Vermont.

    The Walloons and Flemish in Belgium have come together in an unusual show of solidarity. (also I forgot to mention it Nick but France has presented a good will offering of 250 million francs in thanks for the support vested in your participation in the alliance)

    All over western Europe and Britian massive nationalistic demonstrations have taken place in favor of not necesarily war but very much in support of their current leaders.

    In Denmark David Haazen continues to gain in popularity. In a intelligence leak an interesting piece of information has become aviable to the international community: Denmark has been in communication with Sweden drawing up deals on armament plans and other unspecified matters. Also a rumor has been circulating that Denmark may possess weapons of mass destruction. There is little evidence to support these claims. David Haazen did not comment on either matter. Sweden also did not make a comment on their supposed communication with Denmark.

    (by the way guys great imagination in those posts.)
    Thanks France, but Francs? How many Francs to the dollar/euro? 1 Franc = 100 dollars?
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      David Haazen

      Your actions, and that of your nation, are becoming Militant to a fault. England and Her Allies will no longer stand by Idle while your nation gathers arms as a gardener weeds.

      Britain, and the Might of the Commonwealth, Demand that Re Armament stop, and that all plans for, and currently existing WMD's be handed over to England as soon as transport can be Arranged.

      If these demands are not met within Twenty Four hours the furies of Peace will descend upon your nation to enforce this Ultimatum.

      Prime Minister Dashwood

      Public Announcement

      Any Nation that Interferes with the execution of military actions of any branch of the Royal armed Forces will be considered hostile, and Treated so.
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        Nick its actually 250 million in dollars my bad.

        David Haazen in a public news cast when asked about WMDs laughed, "We dont have any" he said. He invited Britian to send a specialist team to look into the matter. However he demanded that this team have at maximum only a small security detail and be escorted closely by Danish military authorities. He apologized for the mix up. However he said that he had no intention of halting his re-armament. To do so he said "Would indanger my homeland to a debase attack at a moment when we can little hope for economic support. No I will not halt the rearmament. In absolute truth I cannot do so without the rest of my hair turning white in agonization over a possible attack. But in all seriousness I apeal to my brother conservative accross the lake, please have understanding. My country is inferior in size to all the major land powers. What would you do in this situation? I will not sit back and watch as Europe tears itself to shreads. I also refuse to sit back and watch as this nation is defanged while it faces a security threat like no other that it has faced since 1940." He also expressed interest in meeting in person with Prime Minister Dashwood to discuss the current situation.
        Proud Christian.

        And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgement.
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          David Haazen.

          Long has Denmark Known that England would protect her from every, and any, threat, and yet you continue with this re-armament and in doing so Threaten those around you. And Yet, Knowing that England will ever be your shield you still arm yourself with the sword.

          The Ultimatum Stands.
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            Night of the 22nd, February 2011

            It was late when Prime Minister Distaff stepped through the door way to the cabinet chamber and took his place at the head of the cabinet table.

            The other Ministers, who had been milling around the room, took their seats.

            “I trust we’ve all read Prime Minister Dashwood’s Ultimatum, and see the Norwegian response?” he asked simply. Heads nodded, and he smiled without humour.

            “Good, then let’s be about it.” He said, opening the folder in front of him.
            “Fred” he said, turning his eyes to his foreign minister “What do you think of this Ultimatum?”
            Fred Ralston shrugged “ I think he’s running his mouth sir, and if I may say, I don’t much like being included by him without our consent.”
            Distaff nodded “Yes, well, we’ll get to that. Norway at least seemed to take it in stride, what about their partners, France and Belgium?”

            The Foreign Minister tugged on his lower lip for a moment and then “Belgium I don’t think will do anything for the moment. That country is starting to resemble a fortress, and I don’t think their government wants anything to boil over before actually is a fortress. “
            He went back to tugging his lip. “France though, I would expect them to come down on Norway’s side If England Presses…”

            The door burst open, and a haggard looking foreign office aid rush through, and placed a sheet in front of Distaff.
            “Dashwood’s just issued a reply to Norway.”

            Distaff nodded to the aide and the man withdrew quickly, closing the door behind him.
            Distaff looked up from the short line of script on the sheet, and back up at The Foreign Minister.
            “I think it’s safe to say, they’ve pressed the issue Fred” he said, handing the paper down the table.

            “Ah I see” Fred replied looking at the short note “well then there are two ways this can go I think. First If England actually does have some incontrovertible proof that they are declining to share with the rest of us then I don’t see France siding with Norway. Germany already thinks they’re a threat, If it comes out they’re supporting a Government that is trying to, or has gained Nuclear capability, then I can’t see the Germans holding back.”

            “And if it’s not true, If Norway has no WMDs?”

            “Then France is in a rather interesting position. They can’t directly support Norway without shipping troops through either the North sea, or overland, and neither route is going to be open to them…” he trailed off, And Distaff nodded. At that point France would have to make quite an interesting decision indeed.

            “Right, Fed you’d best get a reply off to Dashwood’s office, before he out and out declares war in the name of the commonwealth. I want the following made clear: First, Canada does not appreciate being included in an Ultimatum issued by England without first being consulted. Second the Canadian ships currently being dispatched to join the armaments blockade are under strict orders not to engage in any hostilities with Norway, until and unless that shows beyond reasonable doubt that Norway has obtained WMDs is forwarded to this office. Third that I humbly advise him to move most carefully in this, we don’t want to provide the spark that sets off the powder.”
            Distaff waited until his Foreign Minister stopped writing “ Got all that?”
            “Yes sir” he replied.

            “Good, send that off as soon as you can construct a suitably clear, concise, polite message with those elements.” “said Distaff “motioning to Fred to leave.

            As the Foreign Minister rushed out the door, notebook in hand, Distaff turned to his Minister of Defense.

            “Peter, what can you tell me about our Atlantic fleet’s readiness?”
            “The chief of Defense forces informs me that their preparations are complete, and that they can move as soon as ordered too.”

            “Good, have cut them their orders to go to the English Channel, we’ll be patrolling there I think. Probably better to have Canadian flagged ships patrolling of France then British flagged ships, A bit less provocative. Be sure to inform Admiral Gardam of our orders where Norway is concerned. “

            The Defense Minister nodded. “ They’ll be under way in less than 4 hours.”

            “Good.When you’re done that” continued the Prime minister “ Begin mobilizing our pacific fleet, and give them the heads up that we are considering transferring some or all of their units into the Atlantic.”
            Again the Defense Minister nodded.

            “Very well then, if there is nothing else, I think we could all use some sleep.”

            A woman near the far end of the table raised her hand.

            "Yes Eloise?" asked the Prime Minister, looking down the table at His Minister of Industry.

            "Have the Americans replied to our note sir? she asked simply.

            "In a word, No" replied distaff " I'm not surprised their entire Congress has gone to hell in a hand basket. I've got the Ambassador to send off notes to the Governors of the border states, and California, inquiring about trade relations if Canada were to side with England in a conflict. None have replied yet as far as I know."

            Eloise nodded "That was all Prime minister"

            Distaff nodded "Very well then, Good night Ladies and Gentlemen."


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              Originally posted by Dashy View Post
              David Haazen.

              Long has Denmark Known that England would protect her from every, and any, threat, and yet you continue with this re-armament and in doing so Threaten those around you. And Yet, Knowing that England will ever be your shield you still arm yourself with the sword.

              The Ultimatum Stands.
              In a televised address sent out on all European news channels David Haazen, dressed in a simple military uniform devoid of all insignia, answered the British ultimatum.

              Prime Minister Dashwood.

              In different circumstances I firmly believe that our countries could have been friends. However in this real world I realize that my nation has disturbed the order of the world. Untill the time when peace yet agian rains and countries no longer plot eachother's ruin I will see my chosen course of action to its end. My country stands with me in this. I and my country remain humbly your servants.
              Haazen paused. He then raised his head and said in a loud voice "In the ears of all Europe let the cry ring......Denmark stands."
              Haazen then walked off the podium to thunderous applause. As the camera panned over the crowd many faces showed anxiety with a few tears but with the great courage of those who intend to fight.

              what the crud do I do with agent X?!?! Sell him to China?

              Later that day David Haazen issued an appeal for support from his allies and an official call to arms. Intelligence agencys all over the world revealed that Denmark was largely mobilized already. Denmark also launched a major crack down on any enemy agents in their country. Intelligence out of the nation is now etremely limited.

              In another appeal this time to Germany.

              President Oglivy

              I have heard rumors that you intend to support prime minister Dashwood in the coming conflict. If this is so please hear out the plea of a man leading a country to its doom. I beg you to hold your army off untill it can be proven that my nation has WMDs. I have no bargining power save my own voice. In any circumstances my country and myself will stand agianst the coming storm and I will do what I feel I must. But please, think carfully.

              Almost as soon as the words were out of his mouth military jets screamed over head adding weight however small to his words.

              In other news: America is falling apart. In an unprecedented turn of events since the American Civil War some of the states have made a decision apart from the government. Oregon, North Dakota and Wisconsin have practically made non-aggression pacts with local Canadian governors. (if such a thing exsists) California seems disinclined to do anything w/o the governments approval and non-mentioned states have refused to answer.
              (hey Distaff you got your names mixed up. Its Denmark not Norway. Also dont steal the story. I like the role playing and I have no problem with that but I think your fleets are coming ready a little fast. Also while I'm at this be aware that the Pacific fleet will take a long while to transfer to the Atlantic if you chose to move it there.)

              Belgium continues to dig in. Progress on the defences is advancing rapidly.

              Germany's rearmament program has proceeded as planned and seems to be moving smoothly. However the amount of work still needing completion is massive and will not be completed in the next few weeks.

              Canada's rearmament has proceeded well but will not be ready for some time.

              if there's any more info you guys want feel free to ask.
              Proud Christian.

              And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgement.
              Philippians 1:9


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                Alberich Ogilvy Stepped up to the podium. The party symbol: a Black and white Triangle within a Black and white triangle was superimposed upon the Flag of Germany- these flags were draped from every building, adorned every surface and festooned every wall. a light breeze ruffled them against a cloudless blue sky.

                "My Fellow Germans,

                throughout history, our past- for better or worse, has been intertwined with the fate of humanity. Previously, when this great nation tried to forge its path through the history books we were punished as racists, warmongers and satanists.

                but that is the past.

                Today: Again our country stands at the precipice- our economy is strong, our resolve as a people stronger still. our country IS STRONG!"

                the crowd roared moved by nationalistic pride at Ogilvy's simple, yet profound words.

                "We stand on the brink looking down into oblivion- in it we see the liars: the political misfits that pepper Europe. We see Those who step to the fore to threaten us and our allies- and who when faced with the prospect of war, tremble with cowardice!"

                another roar pierced the silence- swiftly quelled by Ogilvy.

                "I appeal to the men of this nation! Fellow Germans! the time has come for us to Purge the world of this Blight! We shall not sit Idly by while the scourge of the earth insight discord and war:The time has come for us to rise up! *cheers* the time has come for us to unite europe for the sake of peace- be that through peaceful mediums... OR CONQUEST!!!

                Dogs of France and all your allied slime, you tyrants who think themselves tall and mighty behind threats and missiles- It is time you understood the lengths to which we and OUR allies will go to, to ensure peace! It is time for you to know German steel again!

                I implore you, People of Germany, stand by the noble intentions of your country: do not allow the world to slip into the chaos our enemies so desire- Stand by your country, in a war- for peace!"

                the vast crowd moved as one, spoke as one, acted as one- moved by patriotism they seethed as their leader left the podium eager to restore balance to Europe.
                Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.
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                  A message to EU diplomats:

                  cease your stockpiling of WMD's and lay down your arms- war comes to those who incite it. our quelling of your anarchist uprisings shall be swift and decisive. Let it be known that Germany and Her Allies will stop at nothing to ensure unity and peace.


                  Alberich S. Ogilvy.
                  Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.
                  ~Noam Chomsky


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                    Close relation, mayhap?
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                      Nien! i mean... no...... thats not what i was going all...... pffft that would just be insensitive. gosh.
                      Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.
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                        Feb. 28th 2011........WAR.

                        On this date the great Baltic War began.

                        Denmark declared war on Britian and Germany. 3 1/2 hours later Sweden announced a secret alliance with Denmark and alos declared war on Britian and her allies.

                        In Britian: Nearly 98 military jets marked with the flag of Sweden attacked Britian's military shipping that was gathering for an assualt on Denmark. Britian's airforce responded perfectly but quickly found that missiles launched from Denmark had targeted several radar installations badly delaying Britians advanced notification of the attack. The Swedish aircraft are entirely made up of the JAS 39 Grippen outfitted for anti-air and anti-shipping. Danish cruise missiles targeted the AWACS air controlling aircraft (Sentry AEW1) almost as soon as it became visible to them. As the British pilots moved into to strike at the Swedes they began to lose long range radar and battle coordination. Although outnumbered by the mulitiple aircraft in use by the RAF the Grippens began to take a toll. Because the advanced warning radar on the British coast was hit as hard as it was the Swedish aircraft was able to launch a spread of missiles at military shipping. Although very few ships were critically damaged the landing schedule was setback. Soon after the destruction of the AWACS controller aircraft several British aircraft took hits and their pilots were forced to eject. The Swedes were better trained for close in dogfighting w/o an AWACS aircraft and began to smash the U.K. pilots some of whom were operating Russian aircraft that they had only been in for a couple of months. Althought the Eruofighters were slightly superior to the older Swedish planes the squadron commanders ordered a fighting withdrawl to avoid continued casualties. Short on fuel after an hour of dogfighting the Swedish aircraft withdrew as well having suffered minimal casualties.

                        Most aircraft losses should be replaced with in two weeks however the radar stations will most likely take nearly a month to get fully operational agian. Luckly there was only one pilot killed after his parachute failed to open and his ejected seat and himself crashed into the british countryside.
                        The losses to the shipping are not serious with only one ship close to sinking. However the time table will have to be adjusted to give time for repairs if you want to got in with the full spread of units.

                        More later but I gotta get back to real life.
                        Proud Christian.

                        And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgement.
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                          Urgent message:

                          Paris, France - Feb. 28, 2011

                          We, the peaceful people of France, officially declare our neutrality in this newly begun Baltic War. We wish no hostilities with any country. Any attack on French soil, citizens, military assests, and/or infrastructure will be seen in the eyes of the UN, NATO, and the world as being an aggressive act against a declared neutral country.


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                            still Feb.28.

                            Other News: France has declared itself neutral in the growing conflict and continues to rearm at a rapid pace.

                            Canada has as of yet not placed its allegiance with anyone. The Canadian rearmament has proceeded well and the Canadian navies have been put on alert and are ready to move.

                            Belgium continues to dig in. Its defences are nearing completion and its stockpile of weapons grows larger every day.

                            United Netherlands again declared its neutrality.

                            the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has officialy begun a recess for the duration of the conflict.

                            The UN without American leadership and multiple countries involved in the conflict seems hesitant to do anything worthwhile.

                            America continues to remain shaky in all public matters. Trade relations between Canada and America remain in place. America has suffered an economic crash (agian) and now more then ever is unable to take part in most attempts to end the war in Europe. In an emergency session congress elected a provisional president in the form of John Howard (fictional) a strong Republican leader. He immediately began patching relations with Canada assuring them that he had no intention of seeing them as any thing other then a soverign nation. As to the general war in Europe he said that America would not provide any form of military support through trade to the combatant nations and praised France for its stoic neutrality. He intends to meet with Prime Minister Dashwood to arrange an end to the war. He has expressed interest in meeting with Prime Minister Haazen as well.

                            Germany has been moving large numbers of soldiers, Armored vehicles, and supplies towards the Danish/German border in preperation for what appears to be a massive assualt. Germany's president was roundly critisized by John Howard for his fire brand speeches bordering on "war mongering and propaganda."

                            Sweden has begun airlifting combat troops to Denmark in anticipation of the massive attack to be made by Germany.

                            A Brigade combat team from Australia has arrived in the U.K. The motorised corps from NZ is not far behind it.

                            Denmark has also begun moving troops towards their border with Germany.

                            An intelligence leak has revealed that Finland and Norway both might join the growing Baltic League. (Sweden and Denmark)

                            Did I miss anything?
                            Proud Christian.

                            And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgement.
                            Philippians 1:9


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                              This is Humiliating.

                              The Greatest Airforce and Navy in Europe, and second most powerful in the NATO alliance, defeated by Sweden?

                              Prime Minister Dashwood sighed heavily, the comanders upon the Ocean and Albion were complete idiots, even though both ships had top of the line radar and combined arms facilities, neither had deigned to use them while the RAF was fighting the Grippens.

                              the staff of both ships had been sacked and had been given a rigged court court-martial.

                              And then there were the Type 45's. Fitted with the latest technology, capable of detecting ballistic missiles had failed not only to pick up the non stealthed Grippens, but the missiles launched by Denmark.

                              He had those fellows taken away and shot.
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                                yeah... wtf?
                                Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.
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