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WWIII in May 1946 Using Time of Wrath

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  • WWIII in May 1946 Using Time of Wrath

    I've hit a few snags in trying to adapt an alternate history "what if" using the strategic level computer game Time of Wrath. I have very limited experience in programing and can't even deal with very well with their easy to modify game.

    From what I've been able to do so far it is very easy to modify but I have hit some stumbling blocks.

    If anyone is interested in helping me with this project let me know. I'll post a few screen shots from what I've done so far.

    Yes these are all the same game. The different grahics mods are fantastic.

    I've been able to pretty accurately depict the starting frontline and forces involved based on The Joint Chiefs of Staff war plans. I have been able to play the scenario through August of 1946 with what I think is pretty good historical accuracy but for some reason the game has frozen on me.

    I could use some help if anyone is interested.

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