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  • Originally posted by Destroyer25 View Post
    FYI the attack on the radio station was staged. A feeble attempt by the SS and Abwehr to justify the attack Poland.
    full mobilization... and 37 hours later, Polish soldiers attempted to destroy the Gleiwitz radio station. Outraged, the Fuehrer ordered a full

    NB: Yes, I know the 'history' above is slightly biased - doing my best to present it as seen by the characters at the various points.
    Oh believe me, I know - and no doubt that will come out over time. I judged that even the grapevine would take a little longer to work though, and that part would definitely not be announced domestically either.
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    • Hans voulunteered to be part of the Condor Legion during 1937, leaving his son with his wife Helga. He acted as a minor tactical advisor on the co-operation between aircraft and Panzers. He was an advocate of using Stukas to disrupt enemy formations, but was one of the few who vehemently opposed the bombing of Guernica.

      However he struck an instant rapport with Von Richtoften, even though their veiws clashed, it was a good talking point for them.

      Upon his return to Germany, Hans had a chance to talk with Heinz Guderian on his experiences during the war. Hans got the impression that Heinz left impressed.

      Now Hans is preparing for what the Fhurer calls a short easy war, Hans hopes this is so, he doesn't want to miss out on Christmas with his son.
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      • It had been a wild ride for Reinhard Sturm. Perhaps it was because he had never fully been returned to the active list despite being on active duty since being recalled. Very few reserve offiziers on the promotions list. Tonight found Sturm in the temporary officers mess sitting away from Die jungen Löwen roaring for a fight. He had his bottle opened and was drinking from it.

        Young fools; if they had seen what I saw in the war they wouldn't be so eager for a fight. The Poles won't back down. England? France? Who knows, but the Poles will fight. Sturm thought to himself.

        Sturm thought back to the four years since he was reactivated. He was transferred to the infanterie. Guess which politically unpopular officer was elected to march in front of the French guns? The Spanish Civil War saw 'volunteers' sent by Germany to fight. Sturm was sent to train the Spanish since he had assault training from the Great War. Sturm also felt that if 'Von Sturm' as the whispered behind his back didn't come back the political leadership would happy to give his wife and family a pension and send flowers to the funeral. But Sturm did not give them the opportunity. Soon he was transferred back to the Aufklarungs Kompanie.

        He lead the way into Austria. Would the Austrians shoot at the parading Wehrmacht troops? Nope they were greeted as heroes. The next parade was in the Sudetenland. Now back in the mess where Sturm called home he pondered several conversations he had recently.

        A general had called him into his office.

        "Well Sturm; have you enjoyed your round the world tour?"

        "Herr General; I am a soldat. I go where I am told. I fight who I am told to fight. My likes or dislikes is immaterial. I've gained useful experience. That is good enough."

        The General had laughed, closed and folder and handed him his orders to report back. Sturm then went on to recall a conversation he had following the war games.

        "Herr Oberleutnant; I am the local Gauleiter and I wish to talk to your men."

        "About what, Herr Gauleiter?" Sturm has asked with curiosity.

        "Why to extort them to work hard for land, volk and Fuhrer of course!"

        "Nein; Herr Gauleiter. My men have work to do."

        "You're, you're refusing ME?!?!?"

        "Jawohl; Herr Gauleiter."

        The unit had moved off on the motorcycles leading the Golden Pheasant purple with rage.

        "Stupid bloody arse; the Army needs no political indoctrination." Feldwebel Bar had said. Somebody had spoken to the brown rabble and Bar to went to Spain. Unlike Sturm the Feldwebel came home in a box.

        Sturm raised his glass for the fallen comrades and toasted them silently. he emptied the glass of the cherry Schnaps and pondered pouring another.
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        • OOB 5.Pz.Rgt. "Wunsdorf" - Fall Weiss

          Pz.Rgt.5. Oberst K. Heinzel "Wunsdorf"
          1 x klPzBefWg 5 x PzKpfw II, 5 x PzKpfw I

          1. Panzer Abteilung - Oberstleutnant M. Ackerman (NPC)
          1 x klPzBefWg 4 x PzKpfw II, 6 PzKpfw I
          1 (la) K - 1 x klPzBefWg, 7 x PzKpfw I
          1 (la) K 1Z - 3 x PzKpfw III
          1 (la) K 2Z - 4 x PzKpfw IV
          2 (l) K - 1 x klPzBefWg, 1 x PzKpfwII, 2 x PzKpfwI
          2 (l) K 1Z - 3 x PzKpfw II, 2 x PzKpfw I
          2 (l) K 2Z - 3 x PzKpfw II, 2 x PzKpfw I
          2 (l) K 3Z - 3 x PzKpfw II, 2 x PzKpfw I
          2 (l) K 4Z - 5 x PzKpfw II
          3 (l) K - 2 x PzKpfwII, 2 x PzKpfwI
          3 (l) K 1Z - 3 x PzKpfw II, 2 x PzKpfw I
          3 (l) K 2Z - 3 x PzKpfw II, 2 x PzKpfw I
          3 (l) K 3Z - 3 x PzKpfw II, 2 x PzKpfw I
          3 (l) K 4Z - 5 x PzKpfw II

          2. Panzer Abteilung - Oberstleutnant Johann von Ravenstein (HistoryGirl)
          1 x klPzBefWg 4 x PzKpfw II, 6 PzKpfw I

          1. (l.a) Kompanie - Hauptmann Hans Müller (Destroyer25)
          1 x klPzBefWg, 7 x PzKpfw I

          1. Zuge -
          3 x PzKpfw II

          2. Zuge -
          5 x PzKpfw IV

          2. (l) Kompanie -Hauptmann Hans Ludwig (Dashy)
          1 x klPzBefWg, 1 x PzKpfw II, 2 x PzKpfwI

          1. Zuge -
          3 x PzKpfw II, 2 x PzKpfw I

          2. Zuge -
          3 x PzKpfw II, 2 x PzKpfw I

          3. Zuge -
          3 x PzKpfw II, 2 x PzKpfw I

          4. Zuge -
          5 x PzKpfw II

          3. (l) Kompanie -
          1 x klPzBefWg, 1 x PzKpfw II, 2 x PzKpfwI

          1. Zuge -
          3 x PzKpfw II, 2 x PzKpfw I

          2. Zuge -
          3 x PzKpfw II, 2 x PzKpfw I

          3. Zuge -
          3 x PzKpfw II, 2 x PzKpfw I

          4. Zuge -
          5 x PzKpfw II

          5. Wartungskompanie (Mot) - Hauptmann Kurt Mann (Capt. AFB)
          2 x Vorwärtsreparaturgruppen (Mot)
          1 x Mobile Repair Base (Mot) <- Can't find the German, pls PM me if you know

          5. Aufklaerungskompanie - Hauptmann Reinhardt Sturm (RichardS)
          1. Panzerspähwagenzuge - 4 x SdKfz 221, 8 men
          2. Panzerspähwagenzuge - 3 x SdKfz 231, 12 men
          3. Krzn. Zuge - 6 x Zundapp KKS500, 6 x BMW R12, 3 x (L)MG34, 30 men
          4. Krzn. Zuge - 6 x Zundapp KKS500, 6 x BMW R12, 3 x (L)MG34, 30 men
          5. Krzn. Zuge - 6 x Zundapp KKS500, 6 x BMW R12, 3 x (L)MG34, 30 men

          Also in 3 Panzer-Division "Berlin"...

          Pz.Rgt.6 "Neuruppin"

          3. Scheutzen Bde (Mot) "Eberswalde"

          89. Pionier Abteilung

          75. Artillerie Regt
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          • Do we need to take on new commands? I noticed nobodies names are listed for the Panzer units. I'll take 1. Kompanie again if that's ok.
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            • Hans looked at the new OOB, things had changed, he saw that his command(expanded from the training) now contained four Zuge. Hans wondered, what will our campaing be?
              Task Force Regenbogen- Support and Paras


              • 2.Pz.Ab. Dramatis Personae (unassigned)

                Hauptmann Hans Müller (Destroyer25)

                Known as an aggressive commander, commended for his excellent service, and placed on the promotion-list if he continues to excel in his commander's reports.

                Oberleutnant Julius Schmidt (Torien)

                Known as a quiet and dutiful officer, showing occasional flashes of brilliant leadership when the chips are down - OKW will continue to watch with interest his actions in this campaign.

                Oberleutnant Erwin Heinz (TacCovert4)

                After his dogged defense of Genshagen, this officer was unable to avoid further promotion and advancement.

                Hauptmann Hans Ludwig (Dashy)

                Returning from his role as tactical liaison to the Condor Legion in Spain, this officer is both one of the senior officers in the Abteilung and yet one of the officers to most recently rejoin it. XIX Korps commander has mentioned his name in dispatches to 5. Pz.Reg. commander.

                Oberleutnant Fredrick Vosburgh (SoccerDJ)

                While this officer's aggression and stubborn pursuit of orders are becoming well-known, the high levels of casualties in 5.Pz.Rgt. training exercises are also marked. It is hoped that this trend will not continue onto the battlefield.

                Oberleutnant Kerbe Von Nudel (Nick the Noodle)

                This officer had only limited chance to prove himself in past tactical exercises, but after his role in the flanking maneuver at Genshagen is expected to do well.

                Leutnant Robert Fritz (Cheetah772)

                After being promoted at extremely short notice to Zuge command, this officer rose to the occasion and conducted his command in a respectable manner. Obst. Heinzel has mentioned his name in dispatches.

                Hauptmann Helmut Gaussen (Arthwys)

                After observing the performance of the new Panzers in the 1935 training exercise, Haupt. Gaussen requested and was given a transfer to the Panzer arm. While his experience with Kompanie command is respectable, his experience with Panzers remains minimal.

                Leutnant Alberich Saxwell (Comrade Ogilvy)

                Much like his Hauptmann, Oberleutnant Saxwell was impressed by the possibilities raised by the new Panzers and has repeatedly requested transfer - finally accepting a drop in grade as the price he had to pay to become a member of 5.Pz.Rgt. "Wunsdorf".

                With the newly expanded Abteilung force-organisation, where would you like to place your characters? It's more or less up to you - although the Oberstleutnant's opinion and seniority (eg. Dashy and Destroyer both requested and received their previous commands as they already held them) will definitely be taken into account.
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                • Hauptmann Hans Müller walks up to Oberstleutnant Johann von Ravenstein and does a traditional military salute. "Major, I want Oberleutnant Heinz and Oberleutnant Schmidt in my Kompanie, which Zuge they want is their choice, but I will not go to war without these fine men as my subordinates."
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                  • Strategic Map - Fall Weiss, 0001 1st September 1939

                    At 0001 on the 1st of September, the final go-order was given. Fall Weiss would commence at 0445, aiming to decisively defeat the Polish armed forces as swiftly as possible - this would surely overawe the British and French into agreeing with Hitler's expansionist policies. The Fuhrer's dream of Grossdeutschland would be realized, and the last of the humiliating Verseilles terms would be reversed.

                    As part of 3rd Panzer Division "Berlin", 5.Pz.Rgt. was assigned to Guderian's XIX Korps of 4th Army in Prussia - presently the Regiment was lagered just west of Schlochau, but under General Guderian's plan the Panzer formation would lead the drive east - first to Chojnice, then to seize the Vistula crossing at Chelmno - 6.Pz.Rgt. "Neuruppin" striking further NE at Graudenz. With the rest of 4th Army rolling along behind them, the whole Polish Corridor would be severed - trapping as many Polish formations as possible in the pocket there.

                    XIX Korps would then drive down the main road to join in the attack on Warsaw, meeting the Soviet forces driving in from the east there and sealing Poland's fate - and the ascendancy of Greater Germany, once and for all.
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                    • Hauptmann Sturm had his Aufklarungs Kompanie as close to the start line as he could. Binoculars with non-reflective tinting scanned the territory in front of the division. At least the Kompanie commander and Zuge commanders had radios now. His HQ element had a large radio added to the SDKZ32 that allowed contact with Regimental and Division headquarters. Hauptmann Sturm grinned remembering the promotion ceremony.

                      He was quietly called into the division commander's office. The general grinned then threw him the shoulderboards for a Hauptmann.

                      "Seems like somebody wants your family to have a higher pension; Sturm." The general growled with humor.

                      "The farther I get away from Berlin the better the brown rabble like it Herr General. Perhaps if I got far enough away they will make me a General perhaps; Herr General?"
                      Sturm had replied.

                      The General had laughed and told him to get out of his office before he reconsidered giving him the Aufklarungs Kompanie.
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                      • 1.1 0400, 1 September 1939 (Polish Corridor)

                        Tactical Map (largish):

                        0400, 2/5 Pz.Rgt. laager NW of Schlochau:

                        With less than an hour before jump-off, Oberst Kurt Heinzel had the senior officers of 2. Abteilung close around him as he went through the final briefing. Obstlt. Von Ravenstein was sitting close to the table with Hptm. Muller on one side, Hptm. Ludwig on the other - the other three Hauptmanne sat around the map, leaving the Oberst's aide the only man in the room below that rank.

                        "Well here we are gentlemen - a long way from those days at Zossen, nein?" With a chuckle, Heinzel nodded to his aide who drew back the cover from the map with a dramatic flourish. The officers all leaned in with interest - while they all knew where they were, this was the first time some of them had seen the latest recon reports from the Luftwaffe.

                        "The latest reconnaissance from our friends in the sky indicates that the Poles have shifted their deployment - possibly hoping to catch us off-guard. Their infantry at Gledowo appears to have moved north, bringing their defense at Rychnowy up to Brigade strength. As you may know, in our sector we appear to be facing General Wacław Przyjałkowski and the 15th Infantry Division - their headquarters remain in Chojnice along with a strong infantry reserve, but we believe the bulk of his forces are in our sector. There have been some sightings of elements of the 15th northwards in Neuruppin's sector, but nothing over Kompanie strength." He leaned forward in his seat, indicating the area around L15.

                        "Further reports indicate that there is infantry in around Abteilung-strength around the Zamarte crossroads, while there have been unconfirmed sightings at both Debnica and Wierzchowo-Dworzec. Perhaps most interesting is the report we received of enemy tanks in Mosiny. Further flights over the area haven't sighted them, so the Luftwaffe are inclined to discount this report... but it isn't something we can afford to ignore."

                        The older man looks weary from the many nights of planning - and re-planning - this operation, but the cool eyes he regards his officers with do not waver for a second. "The Division is advancing on a two-regiment front through the Chojnice area, then pushing on southwards to seize a crossing over the Vistula. What does that mean for the Fifth? I am keeping Ackerman and 1.Abteilung in reserve, and assigning the vanguard to Oberstleutnant Von Ravenstein - congratulations on your promotion by the way.

                        "2. Abteilung is directed to secure the road/rail hub at Chojnice, and to drive south-east to seize a crossing over the Vistula in the Chelmno area. If you get badly bogged down, I will turn the advance over to 1. Abteilung - we must not lose the initiative!" He pauses, then smiles crookedly.

                        "Now I'm sure at the moment you're all thinking the old Oberst has lost his marbles - Er hat ein Vogel, nicht war? Don't fret, you won't be expected to take the whole division on yourselves. Hauptmann Sturm will be advancing with you with 2 Zuge - I will hold the rest in reserve and commit them either to your advance or Ackerman's should it prove needed. You also have A - a standard motorized rifle Kompanie - and B Kompanies from 5.Scheutzen-Regiment "Eberswalde" in your command area. The latter is their heavy infantry Kompanie, so expect a Light Mortar Zuge as well as anti-tank and flak guns that could prove useful if the armor in Mosiny shows up after all. Major Wegner is directed to support your advance in any way necessary - but is also required to hold Schlochau until II Korps elements arrive in the early afternoon in case of counter-attack."

                        Nodding to Hptm. Mann, the grizzled Oberst smiles. "You will also have the services of the good Hauptmann here and his Wartungskompanie to keep your tanks up to scratch - be advised that replacements are unlikely to be arriving in any hurry, but he should at least be able to fix any breakdowns before they halt your whole advance. 75. Artillerie Regt. should be available across the day for fire missions, although they will also be on call to other elements in this area. Lastly while the Luftwaffe will primarily be working to destroy the Polish Air Forces, bombing raids may become available across the day. One Stuka bombing mission is in fact available between 0500 and 0600, so factor that into your planning gentlemen. We ought to have better communication today thankfully, as all our vehicles are now fitted with radio - although our command vehicles are still the only ones with transmitters reaching more than 1km."

                        Finally the briefing comes to an end, and the Oberst leans back in his seat.

                        "Any questions, gentlemen? I am due at 1. Abteilung's laager shortly, and will have to leave in three minutes to leave you to your planning."
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                        • Oberst Heinzel, You said that the enemy at Rychnowy is in Regimental strength, but the map indicates Brigade.

                          As for my 1st impressions regarding the mission. I think we should definitely avoid confrontation with the enemy where he is strongest. Blitzkrieg calls for bypassing strong resistance. Thus I suggest we attack the enemy at Zamarte (L15) and that we garrison men at Gledowo (E7), the elevated terrain at (H10), and perhaps send a small infantry detachment to the woods at (G15).

                          I think it is likely that the Polskis will move off the roads, this may be their country but even with a map, driving across endless flat plain is a good way to get lost. So I think we should occupy positions along routes that they are likely to traverse. Thus disrupting lateral communication and their ability to reinforce threatened sectors.

                          Air support should strike the garrison at Zamarte right before our Panzers strike, and they should also target the enemy HQ.

                          Our Recce forces should precede our main effort, but should also help screen our north flank while we move south east, they'll also need to make sure the enemy forces in Debnica and Mosiny don't flank us.

                          While the Blitzkrieg does call for us to disregard our flanks. I don't think this is the wisest choice.
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                          • Sturm rubbed his chin. 2 Zuge and his Command rad would go. The rest would be in reserve. The Horch and truck would remain with the reserve.

                            "Five armored cars will be all the recon element we have at first Hauptmann Müller. The heavy forests and the brigade at B8 is an ideal killing ground for the Poles. I suggest that we pass through E4 down to Gledowo than turn NE to race to Chojnice. Take out the head and the rest of the defense for this sector will crumble. What is the bridge at Schlochau like Herr Oberst?" Sturm directed the last question to the Colonel in Charge.

                            When the Colonel gave his reply. Sturm reinforced his opinion about bypassing B8 and Rychnowy.

                            "When taking my officers and ncos for jogs, bird watching and nature hikes; I couldn't see into Rychnowy, but I could hear trees being felled in the distance. " Sturm said with a grin. He held up the pair of binoculars he habitually wore all the time. "Fine instruments for bird watching these are."

                            Sturm then pointed to the flat ground between Gledowo and Chojnice.

                            "The Poles will not have built field fortifications on the plain. Not even the Luftwaffe could have missed that." Sturm smile had something feral about it. "For the Luftwaffe bombing mission I have to suggestions. 1) Bomb Rychnowy. Make it appear our thrust will be there, 2) Bomb Chojnice; through the Polish defenses into chaos if the HQ is destroyed." He paused.

                            "That is all I have."
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                            • This is a quick out of character post...

                              Just which variant of PzKpfw II are we talking about here? I did my homework, so I'm hoping I got it correct, it's PzKpfw II Ausf. c? According to my research, it was produced between 1937 and 1940.

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                              • Ok, my concept of operations for the Northern portion. Cross and go through Gledowo. Push directly east from there, peeling off a Zuge to cut the road roughly at B11. They prevent the regiment from retreating. Foot infantry should maintain a presence and a slow advance B4,5,6 to put pressure on the regiment to fall back into the open. They should not assault the town, it can be dealt with later. The remainder should continue to push East, we want B and E 21. We do not want to assault the city, so we need to outflank it and precipitate their retreat.

                                I will comment on the southern portion at a later time.
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