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    Right, since I'm wearing my parochial hat I'm commanding a battlegroup of NZ 2nd armoured. I'll assume I can equip an assaulting company with Kangaroo carriers (cut-down Shermans).

    I have: 2xSherman MkIII; 2x Firefly; 2xDingo scout (cut-down Stuarts if it's muddy); a Churchill Crocodile and a Wasp (Universal Carrier with flame-thrower). This assumes the ford has been confirmed by recon as cross-able by a Sherman. It is also assumed that the river is not particularly wide, and there is a way to ensure my flamers can target the opposite bank (even if we must construct some kind of temporary ramp to increase their elevation).

    Attack is scheduled to start two hours before dawn. Mortar and MG platoons are deployed in defence of the bridges while their vehicles are taken to the northern-most bridge and instructed to drive around in the dark and make a racket. No arty-prep of any kind. I use the company at the ford for the assault, and another who will hold the bridgehead when it is gained. A platoon is kept at each bridge at all times to keep an eye on developments on the other side.

    The assault begins with flamethrowers battering the hell out of the opposite bank and Shermans using direct-fire (we have earlier sent a couple of our best Maori scouts across the river in the dark to identify enemy positions and strength). Infantry follows in a company-sized assault and secures the bridgehead, at their word the Shermans cross, and together they are able to ensure the crossing of the other AFVs (if it was in doubt - if the conditions are bad or the river a bit hairy I would take a bulldozer instead of the Wasp). The Dingo scouts are sent to cover the flank facing the south and west of the objective, and wait until the enemy armour-reserve is spotted (they and the Fireflys are working very closely).

    An infantry company flanks the positions on the bridge directly to their north and attacks the rear, MkIIIs following in order to use HE on any MGs or guns, Crocodile is used liberally to suppress the bunkers and sow panic. Fireflys will not show themselves until armour is located. Now we can use artillery when the need is pressing, probably against any forces from the north which look to be redeploying to meet the threat from the south - dawn is breaking. A company is kept at the bridgehead and is reinforced by forces from the the other side as we eliminate threats - eventually we have two companies to the south of the objective, the rest get drawn-on as my assaulting company takes losses.

    My hope is that we have stirred the nest enough for the Panzers to move against us at the (southernmost) bridge from the west - if so, my recon 'makes' them pretty quickly, MkIIIs turn east to meet them and Fireflys are deployed from the south - hopefully making short work of the feeble IVs with flanking shots.

    When the Panzers are dealt-with the reserve force to the south should have a clear run to the objective, they are accompanied by the Wasp and a MkIII for support while the others keep moving north taking bridges. Legendary Kiwi armour/infantry co-ordination carries the day


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      Personally I would keep it simple. Use artillery and smoke to pound the 40 ton load bridge. Then attack with inf coy and armoured inf coy, supported by both the mg and mortar pltns, plus 2 Churchill MkIII AVRE's with bulldozer blades and add applique armour at c39 tons each. After securing site, fall on enemy town with 6 Comets, 2 inf coy and both support pltns .

      More to follow if anyone interested ?
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        I won't take part in this game, but i probably will take part in the next one, awesome idea nick!
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