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  • I looked, but Im not sure how to read the right side of that screen, how can I tell who is fatigued?


    • The numbers read: attack/move/fatigue.
      The Purist

      Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the assault of thoughts on the unthinking - John Maynard Keynes.


      • Strategic Warfare

        The U-boats held the allies to normal reinforcements but two UBOAT were sunk (ASW tech is improving). Soon it will be necessary to increase Uboat production to 3 per month in order to have some effect in 1943.

        Allied heavy bombers made their first raid against Essen this month. No hits reported. The strategic air war has begun.

        Air point strength -

        German-Italian: 9 Ger in the west; 10 Ger in the east; 47 ger, 9 Ital in the south

        Allied: 14CW/2US west; 27CW/16US South

        Russian: 8 Rus in the east

        Total -

        66 Ger + 9 Ital = 75 AP
        41 CW + 18 US + 8 Rus = 67 AP

        The allies and Russians have rough parity and are now receiving more air points than Germany can produce so the numbers will begin shifting more to their side. There is also the question about opposing the bombers. At present there is no FlaK and no APs diverted to "interceptor" roles.
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        The Purist

        Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the assault of thoughts on the unthinking - John Maynard Keynes.


        • Axis strength in France

          German divisions:

          5 x 1-5-1 Static
          10 x 6-5 Infantry
          1 x 2-10 Motor KG
          4 x 10-8 Pz
          2 x 8-8 Pz Gr

          Note: 2 x 6-5, 2 x 10-8 and 1 x 8-8 were transferred from northern Italy and southern France.

          Italian divisions:

          5 x 1-4 Infantry
          12 x 2-4 Infantry

          Total: 39 divisions
          The Purist

          Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the assault of thoughts on the unthinking - John Maynard Keynes.


          • Update 11/42

            Strategic War and Production:

            UBOATS - Normal; lost 1 Uboat

            AIR - Another raid into the Ruhr but no hits scored.


            11/42 - 1 UBOAT, 7 AP, 1 x 13-8 SS Pz, 2 MRP, 6 IRP, 1 x 2-5 para reg't, 4 x 1-5 Cadre, 1 x 6-5 (1 more used for 11-8 cadre).

            Expected in 12/42 - 2 UBOAT, 10 AP, 1 x 13-8 SS Pz, 2 MRP, 6 IRP, 6 x 1-5 Cadre, 2 x 6-5 Infantry, 1 x 1-5-1 Static.

            Tactical Air Situation (mud = 2/3 availability; 1/2 in Russia):

            49 Ger and 9 Italian now face 34 CW, 16 US and 8 RU. Breaking down the strength by deployment the situation looks a little less optimistic.

            In Russia 10 (5) Ger APs are facing 6 (3) RU - Russian did not oppose.
            In the west 7 APs have just arrived and are transferring to the south.
            In the south 32 (22) Ger and 2 Ital are in Air Superiority with 5 Ital in Air-Sea Interdiction (2 of 9 Italian APs are grounded due to weather).

            The Allies have 34 (23) APs that fought in Air Superiority plus 2 RU. I the west (probably transferring to the south) are 11 CW and 8 US APS.

            Air casualties for I/11/42 amounted to 4 Ger and 1 Ital vs 3 Allied/RU (type unknown).

            Expected balance in the air for II/11/42 will be 45 Ger, 8 Ital, vs 55 CW/US/RU. Note that 5 Ital APs will be used for Air- Sea Interdiction so the actual odds will be 45 Ger, 3 Ital, versus 55 CW/US RU.

            The balance in the air has shifted in favour of the Allies but the LW/RA should be able to continue to block amphibious attacks for a few more weeks before yielding the engagement and withdrawing to rebuild. Recommend transferring all 10 APs from Russia to extend the battle a few extra weeks.

            The Ground War

            OoB -

            German: 1 x 3-3 cav, 104 x 6-5 Infantry, 20 x 1-5-1 Static, 5 x 6-10 Motor, 1 x 7-10 Motor, 12 x 8-8 Mech, 24 x 10-8 Pz, 7 x 13-8 SS Pz, 3 x 6-1-5 Artillery, 12 MSU, 7 RRU (plus 2 x 7-10 in Germany for rebuilding).

            Italian: 1 x 4-6, 28 x 2-4 Infantry, 18 x 1-4 garrison, 2 x 2-10 Motor, 3 x 1-10 Motor Bde

            Romanian: 6 x 2-4

            Hungarian: 10 x 2-4 Infantry, 2 x 13 Cav Bdes.

            Bulgarian: 10 x 2-4, 2 x 1-10 Motor Bde, 2 x 1-3 Cav

            On the ground the situation in northern Italy is improved. The one new German infantry divisions will move to the Genoa area while the 6th SS Pz Division "Nord" will move to the Piombino region (Map 1). In the south the defences are still thin but 10 Italian divisions will be transferred from Yugoslavia to Sicily (4 x 1-4), Naples Salerno (2 x 1-4, 2 x 2-4) and Rome (2 x 2-4) (Map 2).

            <<Map 1 - Northern Italy>>

            <<Map 2 - Southern Italy>>

            In Turkey (Maps 3 and 4) it can be seen how close Army Group B came to reaching the Tarsus mountains and access to Syria. Unfortunately the Red Army was already there dug in with AT brigades. Without their presence the allies would not have stopped the drive. Army group A was delayed by a "to the last man defence" in the west along the river sytem near Afyon and was able to turn west towards Izmir but the Turks have deployed a force there to block further advance.

            <<Map 3 - Western Turkey>>

            <<Map 4 - Central Turkey>>

            In Russia the Red Army bridgehead near Riga has been pushed in but not eliminated and the front should settle now that the divisions can rest (Map 5). In the Ukraine (Map 6) the Pz and Pz Gr divisions were able to push east abit further but the attack was halted when the Russians attacked near Odessa. Seven of the nine Pz Gr divisions are now in the line to strengthen it but 4 SS Pz and 2 other army Pz Gr divisions have been pulled into reserve. The Russian penetration near Odessa will be stalled by the mud and forces will be redeployed to attack the salient once the ground hardens (probably with the six reserve mech divisions).

            <<Map 5 - AG Centre and North>>

            <<Map 6 - AG South>>

            A separate post and 7th map will be done for the situation in Yugoslavia.
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            The Purist

            Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the assault of thoughts on the unthinking - John Maynard Keynes.


            • 11/42 - Update (cont'd)

              In Yugoslavia the north has been completely cleared of both partisan cadres and partisan units. In the south the partisans have withdrawn into the mountains and forests of Albania and Bosnia. As Map 7 shows, there is only a thin cordon of troops around the area controlled by the insurgents. Now that the north is clear the four German 6-5 and single 3-3 cav are available to come south again. If a couple German MSUs are sent to Yugoslavia the supplies could be pushed forwards further to tighten the cordon.

              <<Map 7 - Guerilla War>>

              Down in Greece ar 9 German 6-5 and 2 1-5-1 holding the frontline and east coast of Greece, 6 Bulgarian Infantry divisions are defending Thesalonike and its approaches. Firther east in Greek Thrace are four more Bulgarian 2-4 and a single German 6-5. In Turkish Thrace are 3 x 6-5 and 4 x 1-5-1.
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              The Purist

              Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the assault of thoughts on the unthinking - John Maynard Keynes.


              • Looks great, thanks for posting all that, but I still need to have a look at the swamp. Having a blind spot the size of New Jersy in the middle of my map is... unsettling.


                • Exo's Quest

                  Into the Dead Marshes

                  Ok, Exo, here is a screenie of the swamps. As you can see, the swamps forests and rivers make passage very, very slow if not almost impossible. During the summer a couple if divisions were pushed about 2/3 of way in but bumped into cavalry and infantry. With no supplies they were withdrawn to the north.

                  <<The Dead Marshes>>

                  Note the Red Army Rifle, Guards and Mech corps west of Kiev. For reasons of their own the Russians have tipped their hand about a week too early. They look set to drive west instead of south behind AG South's salient but anything is possible.
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                  The Purist

                  Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the assault of thoughts on the unthinking - John Maynard Keynes.


                  • If they drive West and create depth, they could look at a larger encirclement. All depends on how much they've got behind that initial force.
                    Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                    • Update 12/42

                      Strategic Warfare -

                      UBOATs - Normal results; lost 2; gained 2

                      Bombers - no hits reported

                      Tactical Air War -

                      Ger - 34 AP (10 west, 24 south), Ital - 5 AP south
                      CW - 36 AP (11 west, 25 south), US - 19 (8 west, 11 south)
                      Rus - 6 AP east.

                      The allies have taken a firm control of the air war and the LW and RA have withdrawn for the present. The LW has also withdrawn from the east. All APs will be concentrated in the south and OKW to advise on future deployment (tac air and interceptors vs bombers).

                      Ground War

                      In northern Italy and southern France the coastal defences have been reinforced about as much as they can be (map 1). A new 6-5 and 1-5-1 will be sent via rail to Rome which will allow two Italian 2-4 divisions to reinforce Naples and Salerno (Map). Two Pz and one Pz Gr division are en route via rail to the Rome area as well. The transfer of troops from Yugoslavia has improved the defensive stance of Sicily.

                      <<Northern Italy and Southern France>>

                      <<Southern Italy and Sicily>>

                      In Turkey the thinning of the line continues and the retreat from the east has begun (Map 3). 12/42 will see the units in western Turkey pull back in concert and the centre will step back last. In the Ukraine the Red Army attack north of Odessa is grinding away but has not progressed far (Map 4). Additional Pz Gr units have arrived to block the axis of advance and a pair of Pz divisions from Turkey will be arriving via rail up near the heavier attack west of Kiev. A Pz Gr divisions from the centre of the line will pull back to help them out. It is still recommended that the salient pull back but that bridgeheads over the Pivdenny Buh be maintained for use in the spring.

                      Up in Belorussia (map 5) two more pz corps have arrived from Turkey and they will be used by AG Centre to back up the forces east of Minsk. Two Pz Gr divisions from the Ulkraine will also move north.

                      <<Turkey 12/42>>

                      <<The Ukraine 12/42>>

                      <<Belorussia and the Baltic States 12/42>>

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                      The Purist

                      Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the assault of thoughts on the unthinking - John Maynard Keynes.


                      • Allied Landings in Italy and Sicily

                        Allied troops have landed in Sicily and in the Naples area. Their choice of landings in Italy has isolated Sicily from reinforcement and naval movement is out of the question. APs and para's are being transferred back from Russia and the west. Allied APs are interdicting the rail lines so rail movement is slowed. German and Italian units are moving south from Rome to cordon off the Naples area. About four infantry divisions will be diverted from Turkey. Additional German and Italian troops in northern Italy will shuffle south

                        The month is almost up so the full update will wait until then. It is unlikely due to the winter weather in Italy that sufficient strength can be brought to bear against the Naples area to breakthrough to Sicily. Some thought should be given to where the main line of defence in Italy should be drawn. If Italy surrenders it will expose the southern flank of Europe.

                        Good news is that 8 new divisions will arrive in 13/42 (one week) and these can all be sent to Italy to create a new army. APs will be in place at the beginning of 13/42 to challenge the allies in the air but they do have a marked superiority and the LW/RA will probably only be able to fight for 2 or 3 weeks.
                        The Purist

                        Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the assault of thoughts on the unthinking - John Maynard Keynes.


                        • Why write off Italy w/o a fight?
                          Allied assaults never fail, but that does not mean we can't counter-attack, and we can get Paras in there. Someday, SOMEthing is bound to work in our favor, and smashing through Naples should be tried instead of just giving up again.

                          Can we have a map?


                          • Maps will be up this evening or tomorrow morning.

                            The Italian divisions opposing the landings died where there stood but the odds were against them. A 2 strength Italian unit defending against 4 x 8 strength Allied divisions can only hope to take an allied divisions with them (they did). Even with with 1/2 attack for executing an amphib the odds are still 8:1 with a +1 for air support and +1 for naval gunfire,... even a German 1-5-1 or 6-5 would have trouble holding.

                            As was discovered historically, fighting in Italy is a slow and painful process (much like Turkey). The weather is almost constant rain so that means fighting in mud (1/2 attack), there are also numerous rivers (1/2 attack again). The allies won't be going far with overland attacks,... not during winter. Now its the allies turn to try and grind through rough terrain.

                            But more on this later.
                            The Purist

                            Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the assault of thoughts on the unthinking - John Maynard Keynes.


                            • Update 13/42

                              Strategic Warfare

                              Current allied Amphib capability - 3 divisions

                              U-Boat War - normal; no losses. UBoat strength now 25

                              Allied bombing - more attacks on the Ruhr and Brussels - no hots

                              Tactical Air War

                              German/Italian APs - 32/1 South, 12/0 West

                              CW/US - 36/19 South, 11/8 west

                              Russsian - 8 east

                              Totals - 44 Ger, 1 Ital, 47 CW, 27 US, 8 Rus

                              New Production

                              2 U-Boat, 12 AP, 1 ATP, 1 SS Pz, 1 Para reg't, 1 Mtn div, 5 Inf div, 1 7-10 Motor div, 4 x 1-5 cadre, 2 MRP, 6 IRP

                              Italian Front

                              The allies landed in Sicily and Italy in early 12/42 but the weather has prevented them getting far (Map 1). The divisions near Rome have moved south and onlt one German static and one Italian infantry divisions remain near the capital. A Pz corps from Turkey was diverted to Italy and is taking position along the eastern side of the beachheads. 1 SS Pz, 4 Infantry and 1 Mountain divisions from new production are earmarked to move to central Italy. Sicily is isolated from reinforcement at this time.

                              Nine Italian divisions in France will be transferred back to Italy (without risking partisan activity). In northern Italy (map 2) there are a number of German divisions but if these are transferred south it will uncover the coastal flank to further amphibious assault. The Italian divisions moving from France could replace the German divisions but the Italians are not well suited to fighting on their own.

                              OKW to decide.


                              The redeployment from Turkey is moving along and all Pz units have arrived in Russia Italy or France (map 3). The infantry can now start pulling back with more speed and create the Instanbul defence line. Spare divisions will be split between Italy and Russia.

                              Eastern Front

                              In the north the SS and army pz units were committed to the front line to sow the Red Army attacks (Map 4). This worked out well and combined with mixed rain and snow weather the Red Army did not get very far before the assault was halted. More infantry is required to flesh out the line. The black crosses note the extent to which supplies can currently reach into the swamps. The cavalry are moving to extend the screen.

                              Down in the Ukraine the SS attack was delayed by the same rainy weather and the mud prevented the attack from continuing (map 5). However, the delay has allowed the arrival of six army pz divisions and the three artillery divisions to arrive near the front to aid in the attack south. The Red Army has ceased attacking near Odessa and has noticeably thinned the forward edges of the salient.

                              Up near Kiev the Russian attacks did wreck three Hungarian and two German divisions but the arrival of panzers from Turkey and the poor weather has slowed the drive. Nevertheless, there is the strong belief that the main Red Army attack will come in the forests west of Kiev with a strike westward or to the south behind the main strength of AG South. At present all available Romanian divisions in Poland are moving to Bessarbia to help strengthen the shoulders of the southern part of the front. It is recommended that one recently arrived pz corps from Turkey also divert north strengthen the shoulder of the salient west of Kiev. There are also five 6-10 motor divisions in Hungary (OKWs reserve) that are available to be transferred to AG South.

                              OKW to decide

                              <<Map 1 - South Italy>>

                              <<Map 2 - Northern Italy>>

                              <<Map 3 - Turkey>>

                              <<Map 4 - Baltic States and Belorussia>>

                              <<Map 5 - The Ukraine>>

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                              Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the assault of thoughts on the unthinking - John Maynard Keynes.


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