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  • Rojik
    We will accept the piracy in the Black Sea contract. Also we let it be known be known that we are looking for 50 green light spearmen to join us for adventure and profit (25 to recruit, 25 to kit out out of 90 carried over). My men are spending their recent payments quite lavishly while the winter so impressing 50 young lads shouldn’t be hard.

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  • Pruitt
    Put me down as interested in the Sardinian Contract as well. Iberians have served with Carthage before. I will consider going in with a partner, but need to see how the contract will be split. My Light and Medium Troops would do well in the Hills of Sardinia. Being close to Spain would allow me to hire Iberian Replacements.

    The Kyrene job also looks good.

    Last edited by Pruitt; 06 May 20, 18:22.

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  • TacCovert4
    Aegeus eyes the carthaginian contract with much interest. He seeks to know who else might bid to join his now very heavy battle line troops in subduing the sardinian people......

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  • Delenda estRoma

    1. Cossean Depredations- Deep in the mountains of Persia and Media a pastoral group of tribesmen guard the passes and roads, charging tolls or even going so far as to waylay travelers that go upon the road. Peucestas and Peitho, satraps of Persia and Media respectively, have been busy with the partition and other matters after Alexander’s death and the nobles of the region have seen fit to raise a sum of money to solve the problem themselves. The Cosseans have no permanent abodes and live fully upon their flocks and what they can take from unwary travelers on the road. Only the great Alexander was able to chastise them and force them to in turn pay tribute, but now they have again started to set upon merchants after news of his death.

    Location- Mountains of Persia and Media

    Reward- 300 talents

    2. Piracy in the Black Sea- The Greek merchants of the city state of Sinope in Pontus have grown tired of pirate attacks on their shipping within the Black Sea and seek mercenary help to find the pirate dens and destroy them for good. The citizens of Sinope are a proud breed, they and their fellow Greek colonies in Sinope have avoided passing under the control of Alexander the Great’s empire and have succeeded in maintaining their independence against every threat. They think that perhaps the barbarians in Colchis have seen the wealth of their neighbors and sent pirates to steal it for themselves.

    Location- Pontus

    Reward- 400 talents

    3. Thracian Devastation- The Macedonian satrap of Thrace, Lysimachus, is under attack by numerous different Thracian tribes and the relative lack of soldiers in his province due to his aid to Antipater has forced him to hire mercenaries to check their depredations. Lysimachus seeks veteran mercenaries familiar with wooded areas to protect his borders and perhaps even take the fight to several hostile Thracian tribes that are on his borders.

    Location- Thrace

    Reward- 300 talents

    4. The Lamian War- The climactic end to the Lamian War looks to be drawing nigh. All the players in this conflict look to bolster their forced with mercenaries to gain an edge in the fighting in the days to come.


    Krateros- 400 talents

    Leonnatus- 400 talents

    Antipater- 250 talents

    Leosthenes- 300 talents

    Location- Lamia

    5. Maritime Protection- The merchants of Kyrene are the main distributors of the invaluable silphium, but many recent shipments to Greece have gone missing and the city of Kyrene does not have the men or ships to spare to escort these ships on their own. The merchants of Kyrene have decided to hire guards for their ships, hoping that veteran mercenaries will be able to hold off pirates and allow their cargos to reach Greece unharmed.

    Reward- 450 talents

    Location- Kyrene

    6. The Samnite War- With the defeat of the twin Roman legions, the Samnites realize that Roman revenge will be swift and fierce. A call for mercenaries goes out to bolster a Samnite army being raised this year to blunt the Roman counterattack.

    Reward- 300 talents

    Location- Samnium

    7. Native Rebellions- The natives of Sardinia, ever restless under the yoke of Carthaginian rule, have revolted again from their Punic masters. With no real army of their own to speak of, Carthage is seeking experienced mercenaries to help them retake their colony with the assistance of their navy, and they offer to pay handsomely for it.

    Reward- 600 talents

    Location- Sardinia

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  • Pruitt
    Name- Pruitt

    Race- Iberian

    25 Veteran Light Iberian Cavalry

    40 Green Ligurian Light Cavalry

    65 Veteran Balearic Slingers

    83 Veteran Light Iberian Infantry

    182 Veteran Scutari [/QUOTE]

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