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Rainbow Brigade, Episode 6: A Bridge on the River Patapsco

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    Alerted by the crash of fire to his front, Fawcett directs his Reserves into open formation to spread across his estimation of the enemy's frontage and crouch low in the mists. With Hauptmann Augustus taking responsibility for the south side of the Pike, he intends to fire on the enemy as soon as he appears in our effective range, then give ground towards the ridgeline we crossed earlier in our advance. One staff officer is sent riding back towards Leroy's estimated position advising him of the Federal strength to our fore and directing him to prepare positions on the ridge in the 2nd Phaseline in their sector as quickly as he may. The Reserves will screen to his front and then fall back through his position to return to the reserve.

    This staff officer will then head further back until he locates Gardner (last sighted at Elysville based on Major Pruitt's reports) and ask him to advance at his best sped to support Leroy.

    Fawcett will send a runner to find Major Pruitt's Squadron command, asking him to screen the Reserve Regiment's flanks and probe for weaknesses in the enemy line (that is, places where the enemy isn't - not places where we can charge into their guns). Once Dashwood re-unites with Squadron command, the Major has until 0600 to release the JDL to return to their parent formation with an update on our operations. He is free to use them to best effect before this time, although he is reminded that they will likely see further action on another battlefield today and asked not to spend them too liberally.
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      Hearing the sounds of skirmishes to the north and now concentrated volleys to the south, Leroy knows the main battle has begun. He knows now that if Rainbow is to win, the southern sector must hold whatever Union units who are on the Pike. He begins to doubt where he should place his battery, having little knowledge of artillery or how to best deploy them. For now, Leroy's main goal is to get to the ridge and take note of the situation, as we could be the fallback position if we can't get to Fawcett and Pruitt in time and it looks like we won't, so he knows we need to at least get to the ridge and establish a fighting line before deciding to hold or advance, as well as figure out if our battery is best served on the northern hill or southern hill.

      Lt. Col Leroy, 2nd RR
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        Hearing some sounds, but unable to identify which side it belonged to, despite this, Major Holden makes a quick decision, the Badgers will continue its advance toward the ridge line. But Holden will send a runner or two to Major Bird in an effort to pin down exactly what the sound is and to coordinate the movement of both units. Holden realizes coordinating on move is a mighty task, but somehow it has to be done due to feeling naked out in open without cover whatsoever.

        Be on alert for any enemy movement.
        Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

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          Sorry, had a very busy couple of nights. I'll update this when I wake up this afternoon.
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            Without cavalry or dedicated artillery units to support the advance of 1st RR, Lt.Col Bird is hoping that speed of maneuver will help overcome any enemy unit in front of his position.

            The Green Jackets are deployed in line, pushing forward along the Elysville Road and pushing any cavalry in front of them.

            Although Maj Freeman and the Blues, with their 2 pieces of artillery are quite enthusiasm to take position on one of the flank, LtCol Bird direct Freeman to keep in column formation on the road and travel behind the GJ. This way, they can act as a reserve and be best position to deploy and counter any enemy move against the GJ flanks...Time will come soon enough for the Blues to see action.

            Lt.Col Bird sends Cpt Dyers to Maj Holden to bring his Badgers closer to the GJ's right flank so that they can provide a better concentration of force and have the GJ better protect the Badgers against any enemy cavalry attack.

            The 1st RR scheme of maneuver will be as follows:

            Phase I:

            GJ with Badgers on its right flank will push forward along Elysville Road to the woods north of "Mount Canton", with the Blues acting as Reserve

            Phase II:

            If no enemy resistance is met at the woods, the Badgers will push forward to clear and secure the cornfield NE of "Mount Canton" with the GJ following behind ready to support the Badgers, if required.

            The Blues will deploy in line facing South in the woods, ready to move to attack the enemy position on top of "Mount Canton."

            Phase III:

            The Blues, will move, in line, South on "Mount Canton" and engage any enemy position with its firepower.

            The GJ will be on the Blues left flank, in line, moving South and keeping pace with the Blues as they move forward.

            The Badger will move South keeping behind to protect the rear and left flank of 1st RR, and act as a reserve.

            Lt.Col Bird hope that some Rainbow cavalry will come aid his scheme of maneuver, but is ready to carry on without help, if required.


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              Major Holden will follow Lt. Colonel Bird's orders.
              Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

              "Aim small, miss small."


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                September 27th, 0500hrs

                North to South:

                Lt.Col. Bird organizes his Green Jackets and the Badgers into a line, pushing down the Elysville road in the fog as they look for "Mount Catons" as their commander calls it. Freeman shakes his Blues into line, headed for the right flank of the Green Jackets, and in the fog misses the runner with the revised plan from Bird. Advancing down the road, the Green Jackets are suddenly surprised by the appearance of mounted cavalry in the fog. Reacting with the discipline belying their experience, the line halts, and a single crashing volley is fired all along the battalion's line. The exploratory fire has the desired effect and as they march through their own smoke they see nothing but can hear hoofbeats pounding up the road towards Baltimore.

                Captain Dashwood, having no frame of reference in the infernal mist, rides South to find the road, the source of the gunfire, or hopefully his own forces. Reaching the Baltimore Pike, he links up with Major Pruitt, who is covering the right flank of the Jaegers as Rainbow's General and the reserves make the initial push. The Jeff Davis Legion, in the absence of orders, stays put in the fog, waiting for developments or orders.

                Leroy pushes his 2nd Regiment, driving blindly towards the ridge he knows is there. Ascending it, he can hear the sounds of battle to his front, but the distance is too great in the darkness to see anything happening. He continues to head beyond the ridge, receiving word from a passing runner that General Fawcett is requesting Gardner's Battery and Leroy's Regiment move up in support.

                Meanwhile, crouching astride the pike, General Fawcett's adrenaline rests on a knife edge. Listening intently, he believes he hears a lot of marching moving towards his Left, North towards the ridge or maybe the open field in front of it. Waiting, with his cavalry moving around his still men, he finally spies movement in the fog, blue coats marching forward in line. Holding until he's nearly certain they can see his own men, Fawcett bellows "Fire" and breechloaders bark in succession. Grenadiers and Jaegers, resting with a second round already in their hand, get off two quick shots before bounding back a score of yards into the mists, throwing themselves flat to hear the whistling of musketry overhead.

                Despite the thick mist, the sky is brightening, heralding approaching twilight and dawn. Rainbow has secured the bridges for now, but it appears that a large Union Force was already on the move, possibly with intentions of reaching the Army in the field and supporting the Army of the Potomac? And some might have had hope of liberating or at least threatening Baltimore City herself, are those hopes alive, or on hold?

                Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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                  The Blues, having finally received the orders, moves to engage the enemy and occupy the woods with the goal of facing south in order to take the top of the hill. Of course, should our friendly units not advance then our main goal is to simply engage the enemy and push him back as fast as possible.
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                    The troops of 1st RR move in line towards the woods as quickly as they can.

                    Reaching the woods, units of 1st RR moves to Phase II of the plan (See post #80)

                    During the move, Cpt Dyers captures a solitary horse that belonged to the Yankee cavalry that fled away, the blood on its saddle indicating that its owner would not need to mount it anymore. With the field promotion of Cpl Cross of GJ's C Coy to 2Lt, Lt.Col. Bird now has two mounted Liaison Officer to pass on orders and instructions.

                    Lt.Col. Bird immediately sends 2Lt Cross to the South to report 1st RR situation to Rainbow's Commander and to request for some Rainbow cavalry to come help support 1st RR advance.


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                      Is anyone else still active?
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                        I am active.

                        Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

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                          I'm active.
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                            I think we lost Snowgerry (Finch) and Senoranka (Bates). They haven't posted yet during this episode.

                            TAG seems to have gone AWOL too.

                            Frtigern, Dashy and I seem to come in once in a while to post their action before leaving for a while (Mea Culpa: RL has been keeping me busy. This week will not be an exception.)


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                              Should we restructure the command then? Which units need orders?
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                                Much and well-deserved Kudos goes to Tac in getting Rainbow through 5 chapters/episodes/games - and starting a 6th one - in this sim.

                                Unless K, Leg, Ftri and TAG come chiming in, I would say that this game is pretty much "dead in the water."

                                As I was awaiting to pretty much leave the ACG forum after the ending of this battle sim - I don't like the new format and some of the nonsense exchanges in other threads, which takes away from good military history debates - I am pretty much done here.

                                Best of luck to all the real Armchair Generals who decide to continue posting in this ACG forum. Time for me to move on to other life priorities.


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