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Rainbow Brigade, Episode 6: A Bridge on the River Patapsco

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    Originally posted by Capt AFB View Post
    PM sent to Col Fawcett with proposed plan
    Many thanks for your proposals, Mr Bird.


    Fawcett requests the loan of the Jefferson Davis Legion to assist Rainbow in developing their crossing of the Patapsco.

    They will be attached to Major Pruitt's Cavalry Squadron initially.

    Fawcett expects to release the Legion to return to Hampton by 7 am.


    Rainbow Brigade advances towards the operational area late on the previous day, making cold camp approx 1000 yards north of the Baltimore Pike and two miles west of the mapped area.

    A rotating watch will be maintained, and the brigade will stand to ready for action (quietly, no bugles) at 0300 hrs.

    Action Plan (Phase 1)

    Main Column (order of march RR1, Cavalry, RR2, Artillery) moves north to the B&O Railroad then douses as many lights as their commanders feel are practicable and moves east towards Elyville.

    Second Column (Reserve Battalion) moves south to the Baltimore Pike then douses as many lights as practicable and moves east to Elliot Mills.

    On arrival RR1 will sweep the town for any garrison forces west of the bridge, attempting to eliminate them using cold steel rather than fire. Once the town is clear, they advance to the hill to their east and relieve the cavalry there.

    Cavalry will pass through the town during RR1's engagement and cross the Elyville bridges, sweeping away any garrison on the other end of the bridge. Cavalry will then detach one company to probe and occupy the northern hill by the Phase 2 line while the rest sweeps south to take the known Federal garrison E of the Elliot Mills bridge from behind. Once relieved, the third element of the cavalry rejoins the lead two.

    Reserve Battalion will sweep Elliot Mills (by cold steel ideally) on arrival, dealing with any garrison forces west of the bridge and then advancing across the bridge to support the Cavalry in clearing the garrison position there.

    Once across the Patapsco, RR2 moves SE to occupy the ridge on the Baltimore Pike from the west. At their discretion they can intervene in any ongoing action between the Federal garrison, Cavalry and Reserve Battalion.

    Artillery crosses the Elyville Bridges and then backs one of the RRs, setting up on a hill to operate against the Federal garrison on the Phase 3 ridge or closer targets of opportunity as the battlefield lightens.

    This should bring the Brigade to the Phase 2 line, ready to advance to the ridge at the Phase 3 line.

    All commanders are requested to report any enemy sighted as they reach their positions along the Phase 2 line. Fawcett expects to release the Jeff Davis Legion before continuing the advance east.

    Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


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      All right gentlemen. I will hear any individual unit orders that are in place for units getting onto the map, in case any of you would like to 'steal a march' on the game clock. Otherwise, I will start the first turn with the units entering the map border on Tuesday, with the first active turn on next Friday.
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        From Lt.Col Bird to 1st Rainbow Regiment by runner: New orders to follow soon. Badgers make sure your swords are sharpen.


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          Major Pruitt's Squadron will approach the buildings on our side of the Elysville Road Bridges. We will close up on their action. Once the Infantry crosses we will send the Tarheels and the Jeff Davis units to the wooded hill just off the road. There they will turn South and head for the rear of the other bridge. Dashy's Cavalry will stay by the wooded hill until relieved.

          Major Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
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            Update Warning:

            Initial Update will be Tuesday (<=24 hours). This update will generally consist of putting your various units on the map border in line with the plan as laid out by Khryses.

            If a player gives orders in advance of this I will allow them to 'steal a march' on the scheduled main update on or about Friday (weather depending). This will involve that unit getting an extra bonus to gaining surprise on any enemy units.

            Otherwise, first proper update will be Friday, weather depending (hurricane incoming).
            Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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              Lt.Col Birds gives his orders to 1RR.

              PHASE I - Capture the Village and cross the Bridges

              1. Maj Holden and his Badgers will invest in the small town (three buildings) West of the Elysville Br, using the element of surprise and their swords to eliminate any enemy threat. Revolvers are only to be used ONLY as a last resort. Enemy prisoners are preferred to dead ones, as they can provide us information, but do not hesitate to kill them if they represent a threat to the element of surprise. Care is to be taken not to harm any civilians.

              Prisoners are to be gathered in one building with an appropriate number of guards.

              Once the town is secure, the Badgers will follow the Green Jackets across the Elysville Rd South bridge.

              2. Newly promoted Maj Frumm will take the Green Jackets North of the village, facing it and ready to intervene and overwhelm an enemy, if the Badgers find themself facing a stronger enemy than expected.

              Once the town is secure, the GJ will cross the Elysville Rd South bridge.

              3. Maj Freeman and his Orleans Blues will act as regimental reserve and set itself in column North of the GJ.

              Once the town is secure, the Blues will cross the Elysville Rd North bridge.

              PHASE II - Securing the North Hill.

              Once across the bridge, the Badgers will take the lead of 1 RR and move to North Hill in skirmishing formation.

              GJ will follow the Badgers in column formation. The Blues will close the march, also in column formation.

              Speed will be essential to get to the hill and relieve Dash's cavalry

              "Maj Holden, Maj Frumm, Maj Freeman...Any Questions?" ask the CO of 1 RR.

              Lt.Col Bird sends Capt Dyers to the Cavalry unit under command of Pruitt to make sure that he understand that the cavalry crosses the bridge before 1 RR, which will be busy securing the town. Lt.Col. Bird also request that the Cavalry keeps two small parties behind to ensure that the bridges are not set up with explosives and then to guard these important crossing sites.


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                Major Pruitt will task two small parties from the Jeff Davis Legion to stay at the bridges and guard them. Copy that the Infantry moves across the bridges first. Carbines will be unloaded and not be loaded until we cross the bridges. Revolvers will have the hammer on an empty chamber. Spare Revolvers will be fully loaded.

                Major Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
                Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

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                  Major Holden will follow the orders laid out mentioned above.
                  Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

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                    Dashwood will defer to Pruitt's orders and wait as reinforcements/wait for relief on the wooded hill.
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                      Prebattle Discussion

                      On the night before battle, Fawcett takes the time to visit each unit's campsite and ensures they know their place in the plan.

                      He spends a short spell with Major Pruitt, asking him to ensure that as soon as the 1st Rainbow Regiment engages the town the Squadron drives through the middle of it with Dashwood's sabres to the fore (as the best melee-equipped formation of the three) and seizes the bridges, driving on to the hill without giving any enemy a chance to gather on the east end of the bridges.

                      He asks RR2 to outline their planning after they cross the bridges.

                      Reserve Battalion

                      Once astride the Baltimore Pike, Fawcett forms the NCGG in advance of the Jaeger volunteers and proceeds eastwards with lights out at their best speed and without making unnecessary noise.

                      When they come in sight of the lights of Elliot Mills, the Jaeger Volunteers are instructed to form in line of battle by platoons (closely associated groups rather than one mass that can stick on buildings) and to sweep the town and drive on to the Federal positions east of it when they hear gunfire or receive word from Fawcett.

                      Fawcett then leads the Grenadiers forward as quietly as he may with bayonets fixed, sticking to the shadows on the south side of the pike and then driving across the bridge in a rush. If they can get there without a shot fired or the game given away, they assault the known Federal position with surprise behind a volley of granaten.

                      If there is organised fire in good volume, they take cover and return fire until the Jaegers come up or the Squadron takes the enemy in the rear.
                      Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


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                        September 27th, 0300hrs:

                        After reviewing the plan, some of the units, including ironically the General himself, decide to leap ahead of the established timeline. As Lt. Col Leroy gets his 2nd regiment stood up for the march, he finds that the 1st Regiment and the Cavalry have both already set out, and that General Fawcett with the reserve regiment is out of sight already. Major Gardner is unconcerned, and has his own large battery prepared to move out as scheduled, knowing that it will be a few hours yet before his guns can be put to their proper use.

                        Moving quickly down the Pike, the Grenadier Guards fix bayonets but leave their rifles unloaded, the same with the Jaegers. Reaching the hamlet of Ellicot's Mills, General Fawcett draws his sword and motions his men forward, sweeping through the hamlet with cold steel for the bridge, noting an unusual number of mounts tied up outside houses with no lamps burning. Reaching the Bridge, the Guards startle a party of dismounted cavalry picketing the road. Two men leap to horses and gallop across the bridge shouting, but the rest throw down their guns at the sight of a full company of bayonets rushing their position out of the darkness. Lamps light in the hamlet, and bleary-eyed troopers open windows and doors to find the Jaegers actively assailing them. A shot or two rings out but most of the troopers either surrender or are bayoneted in the doors of their own houses.

                        Rushing across the bridge, Fawcett knows that the enemy is stirring. His men all load their Dreyse rifles as they cross the structure, prepared for a firefight to take a well-defended work. Now advancing at nearly a run, Fawcett ascends the low wall to come face-to-face with a nightcap wearing officer, and promptly shoots him in said face. Pandemonium ensues as his men then let out a howl throw themselves up the rude work, some hurling lit grenades in before them. The fighting is savage, Yankees barely out of bed encountering cold and merciless guardsmen. A few men go down as shots ring out from sentries and others, but within moments it's over, scattered men in their underclothes or trousers fleeing into the darkness.

                        Meanwhile, to the North:

                        Reaching Elysville, 1st Regiment sets about it's mission. Drawing their sabers, the Badgers lead the regiment into the town with cold steel and unloaded rifles. They encounter a sleepy cavalry picket, but take them by elan and saber before any can escape, suffering only one man wounded in the doing. With that, the western approaches to the bridges appear secure. And that is where there is confusion, as Major Pruitt reins in, waiting for the infantry to clear the bridges, while Lt. Col. Bird, Holden, Freeman, and the rest stand by for the cavalry to clear the bridges and ride beyond.

                        While Bird explains to Pruitt that the plan was for the cavalry to advance, and Pruitt explains to Bird that he heard the infantry were supposed to clear the bridges for him, both men hear the muffled thumps of small explosions to the southeast. Now fully alerted, the units stacking up in Elysville show a lot of anxiety about getting this attack off quickly, rather than being trapped on the wrong side of the river and having to fight across the twin covered bridges. 2nd regiment also hoves into view a mere fifty yards behind on the road, ready to continue across as well.


                        (OOC Note: There are so many units in close proximity in Elysville that I have not put name labels on them yet, though most of you will be able to figure out where you are. I can't label them all in that close, it will get ridiculous).
                        Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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                          Orderlies, pass the word! Dashy's men in front as they have sabers! Tell the men they can load their carbines after we pass over the bridges! Forward at the walk, now Trot. Leave us go amongst them!

                          Major Pruitt,
                          Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

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                            Reserve Battalion

                            Trusting to the experienced commanders to his north, Fawcett sends a man back to bring up the Jaeger Volunteers, their prisoners and any arms taken.

                            The Grenadier Guard will build the encamped Yankees' fires into a substantial bonfire and move into the darkness east of the seized position and take up convex open formation facing east and prone on the ground (both flanks pulled slightly back).

                            Fawcett will walk the length of the line to arrange it and let his men rest there until the cavalry, JV or 2RR reaches him.

                            The intent is to remove their silhouette and be effectively invisible against the blazing fire, while providing a landmark for friendly forces looking to link up with them.


                            When the JV come up, they release a detachment to hold the prisoners at the camp and the Reserve Battalion forms straddling the Pike; each company in a loose formation with each man aware of his neighbours and the flankers closest to the Pike able to see and follow the road east.

                            NCGG forms to the north of the pike, JV to the south and the company leaders will lead from the northern flank of each element.

                            Once formed, the battalion (weapons loaded and bayonets fixed) will sweep eastwards towards the Phase 2 ridgeline on the Pike until they find it. Once there, each company will climb to the highest point of each rise and fortify fighting positions facing east and north east - preparing fallback positions behind the lip in case of bombardment.

                            A loose screen of 10% of the company as skirmishers should be pushed out ahead of the developing positions, and a three man picket to the rear to help guide in friendly forces and avoid a grey on grey.
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                              Confused about the lack of communication, Lt Col Leroy sends a message saying he thought the original intent was that 2nd RR was supposed to take southern bridge and advance along the southern route. How do I come to find I'm stacked behind everyone else in the north? My recommendation was that some cavalry would've neutralized the union battery overlooking the southern sector before we crossed it. No matter, we can still cross the northern bridge and march to along river to Baltimore Pike. My fear is that if our forces are too concentrated to the north we won't have the numbers to assault any union regiments defending the south or repel union regiments counter-attacking from the south and find our right flank being threatened.
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                                OOC: The first update was a chance to officially 'steal a march' on the episode rather than just have your unit appear on the map. That being said, I always try to do as little creative interpretation of non-specific orders as possible. Now that everyone is on the map, we're good to go for a proper update. Frt, you can certainly get to the southern bridge rather easily if you need to.....just order your regiment to march there. Of course there are two bridges up there as well.
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