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  • Punitive Expedition (Marais de Yaghmura) - Galadhrim

    Freanorís elves leapt into action with every bit of the quick reflexes they were known for. With the lead scouts away to the west, both reduced bodies of archers ran northwards to take the broad looming shape of the Orc main body under fire. Their marksmanship was largely ineffective in the darkness at long range, but here and there their shafts found their mark and the greenskin advance was slowed on the right.

    The main body of glaiveselves and the shock swordsmen charged in the opposite direction - by the Captainís desperate plan they would need to defeat and drive off the orcs south of the quickly and decisively despite being outnumbered, then come around to face the main body their long-ranged brethren were trying to slow with a steady stream of arrows whispering into the dark. The Glaives and the Great Axes collided at a steady jog, orc fury matched by elven speed in ten minutes of savage carnage that saw limbs and bodyparts go flying from the vicious scrum at its core. The elves secured the first initiative, and although the battle teetered they soon began to advance again and drove the shattered orcs away with fully three quarters their number laying strewn across the muddy earth.

    To the west the elven longswordsmen had a harder job, normally they would expect to shock an enemy already committed against the glaives or unsettled by the longbows - instead they were pitching headlong into a band of axemen over twice their number and bellowing guttural warcries as they charged towards them. Clad in scale mail and wielding their long elven blades one-handed, they hurled their throwing knives on the approach to secure a temporary advantage they clung to throughout the savage fighting. If the orcs could get the upper hand, the elves would be surrounded and borne to the groundÖ but instead over eight minutes they turned the orcish fury and drove them back in retreat for the loss of nine dead and a dozen seriously injured elves.

    To the north the elven archers were now in retreat, firing arrows as quickly as they could notch new shafts to their bow. In the darkness even their keen eyes struggled to draw an accurate target, and though they managed to slow the enemy in places their threat was more psychological except at dangerously close range. The archers were falling back towards the safety they hoped their melee cousins could provide.

    It seemed Captain Freanorís plan was working, if not quite as decisively as he might hope.

    Where is Freanor? Where is Calael? Any change to existing orders? Note that your arrows are beginning to run low.
    Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


    • Winter Reconciliation (pt 1 of 2 of Winter)

      Company Name:
      Standing Forces:

      Current Treasury at beginning of Winter (after salaries paid, if any):

      Wintering at:
      Wounded at end of CS:


      Balancing our books and confirming where you would like to be - the fun part (recruitment, equipment, random events and recovery) will follow. This should not involve combat - but I have faith!
      Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


      • Company Name: The Black Company

        Race: Dark Elf

        Standing Forces:

        88 Scouts (Seasoned)

        204 Nightblades (Seasoned)

        Current Treasury at beginning of Winter (after salaries paid, if any):


        Soldier Base Pay- 1,460 crowns

        Soldier Loot Share-1,422 crowns

        Current Company Treasury-11,070 crowns

        Wintering at: Cheth Layar (Sahril region)

        Wounded at end of CS:

        31 Scouts

        34 Nightblades
        First Counsul Maleketh of Jonov


        • Company name: OrdŲg-Kalapaks


          Current forces:
          200 Pikemen
          100 Longbowmen
          80 Axemen

          Company treasury: Starting = 7930
          ---------------------------Received = 3500
          ---------------------------------Total = 11340
          -----------------------Paid salaries = -2640
          -----------------------------Balance = 8790

          Wintering at: Casula


          • The Horde has 935 Cr in the Treasure Chest. We were paid half of 3500 Cr which comes to 1750 Cr. After a gift of 5 Cr to each Trooper we are at 2135 Cr in the box. We are wintering in Zuto.

            Captain Pruitt
            Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

            Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

            by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


            • Border Disputes - The Great Paw, Golden Band

              The mighty Bjorn bellowed insults from behind the right flank of the mercenary army, insulting the Baronís character, manhood, prowess and parentage, which led to bellowed insults from both armies (although the Baron seemed largely unaffected by this, possibly being too far away to clearly hear the specifics directed his way.

              On the other flank Lady Epicharissa opened the engagement with a volley from her Green Band on that flank, the silver rain pelting the mixed formation of villagers opposite them and leaving only eight fortunate survivors. After a stunned moment, these took to their heels before whatever benign djinni that protected them could drift on. The archers nocked their bows and readied themselves for the Steel Company who in turn seemed unmoved by the plight of the local would-be warriors.

              The Green Band at the Bearkin end of the line replied with an extreme-range volley at the halberdiers, and the trained guardsmen begin to march forwards, pulling the line of spear militia with them in a general advance. Local archers scrambled over the fence and started jogging down the far side of the road. The Baronís Household disdained the Bearkinís remarks, wheeling right and accelerating to a canter towards the gap left by the levied villagers.

              The mercenary heavy cavalry also swung right in an arc to the north, curving around towards the Golden Bandís left. Lady Epicharissaís Green Band fired rapidly at them as they swung wide, but only scattered shafts struck home to skip off plate armour and scale barding. The Baronís Household swung around the rear of the spear militia and accelerated into a charge.

              On the other flank, the green band fired into the Halberds with increasing accuracy as they closed, but the trained guardsmen only drew in their formation as they advanced across their fallen.

              The Baronís Household bore down on the Green Band, but the mercenaries held to their discipline and fired two massed volleys into the teeth of the oncoming knights. More than twenty of the lead knights went down, their horses forming a bulwark of flesh and pain that broke the weight of the charge. Broken by the unexpected casualties and with two arrows buried deep in the baron, the Household began to rush their leader towards their camp and its healer. Behind the archers, Lady Epicharissaís Golden Band wheeled left and the lead two ranks set their glaives to repel the mercenary horse. Steel Company bore in, then - seeing the set polearms waiting for them - veered left and into the left flank of the Green Band archers. Lances levelled, they rode down 54 of the archers as the rest turned to flee. Steel Company was slowed amid the fallen, and the vengeful Golden Band forced their way through the routing archers to fell three of the riders and take two more injured captive before the remainder can escape, regrouping at a safe distance from the mercenary line.

              At the other end of the line, the Green Band fires into the Halberdier advance with increasing effect and simply takes the scattered fire from the Baronís levy archers over the fence. When the Halberds waver under devastating close-range fire, Bjorn roars the charge and the Great Paw forces their way through the archers, casting their axes and slamming into the halberdier line before it can reform. The battered and diminished guardsmen retreat, while the bears follow a short distance behind.

              With the immediate threat resolved, the Green Band fires into the levy archers once, then again and sends the survivors fleeing through the swaying grain.

              The Silver Band and the spear militia had hastened towards one other then locked in a grinding fight, the first cast of javelins taking a heavy toll on the militiaís shields. The balance of the fight tipped slightly against the locals, as did the casualties, but all three banners were still locked in place when both Baronial wings gave way

              Abandoning their pursuit of the halberds, the Great Paw swung north and cast their second axe volley into the flank of the spears, charging in their wake and breaking the spear formation convincingly. The last spear band began to retreat, finding themselves isolated on the field. The Silver Band and Great Paw began to pursue the retreating army, but paused to reform when the Steel Company approached from the north. The heavy cavalry seemed content to leave their threat implied rather than seeking additional battle on their own, and with careful maneuvering screened the Baronial retreat.

              Contract Success: Baron Luca of Almarye dies of his wounds. His heirís regent cedes Upper Tafl and organises the evacuation of the village. 4000cr in old coin paid to Golden Band / Great Paw per agreed division.


              Great Paw: 1k 2w Medium, 1w Heavy, 1k Silverback

              Golden Band: 49k 21w Green, 6k 8w Silver, 4k 2w Golden

              Battlefield Salvage - 2 captured Steel Company (dismounted), 33 sets Green equipment, 3 sets Silver equipment, 2 sets Golden equipment, 280cr of Bear equipment, 6000cr in Baronial weaponry and equipment.

              Options: How are you dividing pay and Salvage takings? Set out your plans for where to Winter.
              Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


              • Punitive Expedition (Marais de Yaghmura) - Galadhrim

                With the southern wing of the orc ambush defeated, the glaives and swordsmen gather on Captain Freanorís chosen ground in the south west as the longbow elves retreat behind a dizzying hail of the last arrows in their quivers. The Orc banners on the left shudder under the close-range fire, and though the spear orcs on the left almost catch up to the archers the other two slow and take heavier losses. On the right the archers focus mostly on the orcs with spears, and successfully break them with close-ranged fire while the orcs with pick and shield are mostly slowed.

                Out of arrows, the erstwhile archers dive between the elven melee line and shoulder their bows, drawing the hunting knives they hoped they wouldnít need. When the vengeful orcs finally hit the elven line, they were piecemeal - the spears hitting the dwindling swordsmen who - despite being hugely outnumbered - cut into and repel them in short order. The surviving swords-elves move up to where the Glaives and a mixture of orc picks and axes were battling furiously to a standstill, then wheel to face a third banner of orcs bearing picks as they loped up to the battle. The tiny band of elves in scale armour - only ten remaining under arms - meet the 87 pick-orcsí charge but are overwhelmed by the combination of shields bashing and picks punching through their metal armour. Five elves fall in the initial rush - Calael among them - and the remainder take to their heels.

                Encouraged by this first victory, one band of retreating spear orcs rallies and begins to return to the fighting - and one band of elven archers flee into the marshes. The other band throws themselves desperately on the victorious pick orcs before they could take the glaives in the flanks, knowing that if the polearmed elves fell then that would be the end for the Galadhrim. The orcs were briefly shocked by their desperate rush, but soon hacked down the lightly armoured archers and set the rest to flight.

                The glaives continued in their furious defense, unable to drive the orcs away but refusing to run as they covered the flight of their companions and drew back into a tight ring against the side of the black mucky pool. The last that any of the Galadhrim saw of the glaivesmen or brave Captain Freanor was their tall silver blades swirling and cutting and slicing in the centre of a sea of shadowy green.


                Contract Success: 2000cr paid to Galadhrim for the burnt villages. Wagons lost, no battlefield loot or ears taken survive for rescue.

                Casualties: 52 Elven Archers and 2 Elven Swordsmen survive to signal the Church supply ships; they are attacked by Orcs before they can be picked up, and only 33 Elven Archers survive to be rescued. Captain Freanor falls with his glaives, a hero.

                Battlefield Salvage - None.

                Options: Ouch. Either generate a new company to start in 2CS, or if you do want to try to restore the battered Galadhrim to glory (the survivors are definitely more experienced), then decide where you would like to winter and consider subcontracting next year until you can recover more. With Freanor fallen, either way you will need a new character to continue.
                Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


                • Winter Reconciliation (pt 1 of 2 of Winter)

                  Company Name: Great Paw
                  Race: Bearkin (for now)
                  Standing Forces: 4 Silverback, 25 Heavy, 47 Medium

                  Current Treasury at beginning of Winter (after salaries paid, if any): 15990cr

                  Wintering at: Border of Bear and Wolf Territory
                  Wounded at end of CS: 12 medium, 1 Heavy

                  Bjorn can't help but smile, his claws had struck deep. But he also solemnly took in the losses, mostly among the brave souls of the Green Band. He knew that he needed his own skilled archers, something that Bearkin just didn't take to. So he would have to seek recruits from a fellow Animalkin clan that was renowned for theirs. Bjorn opted to let Lady Epicharissa ransom the Steel Company worthies, rather than try to lay claim on any of that money, and instead took his portion of the pay and the loot, taking the equipment of his fallen as well as half of the loot of the Baron's forces.

                  Dividing up the pay, the Great Paw walked away with 1320 crowns, leaving the other two thirds to the Lady and her stalwart Golden Band. Half went into the company coffers, the other half divided amongst those engaged to net each bear 10 crowns. He sent 100 crowns back to Ciprie for the bears there to winter and take care of the ten wounded from the bandit fight and the four left there to help watch over the town, instructions to build a positive relationship with the people and feel out the town elders about a Bearkin village being formed in the forest nearby.

                  Taking his dead and wounded, he conferred with the Lady Epicharissa and agreed that his bears in Ciprie should travel with her in the spring and that the rest of the Great Paw would join them and both companies would make all effort to continue to work in concert as it had been profitable and honorable.

                  The ox carts and Great Paw then marched before the snows to the border of Bearkin and Wolfkin country, to winter amongst the Bearkin villages there and to recruit amongst their brethren showing the pay lavished on them and telling of battles fought and glories won while showing off their high-quality accoutrements that are hard for any bear of less than extraordinary means to afford. His men settled for the cold months around roaring fires with red meat, Bjorn takes two of his most valiant Swordsmen with him and sets off into Wolfkin Country to speak with the the Pack Alphas there. He will tell them tales around the fire of the great battles fought and won, the destruction of two forces of uppity humans, and the loot taken and divided. Bjorn speaks to the Pack Leaders and to those men grown who will hear him, asking for Wolfkin to join their Bearkin Brothers in the Great Paw as Yeoman Rangers as is their custom.

                  Bjorn makes his offer, acknowledging the role of the Pack Alphas, telling them that Wolfkin will get their own paw within the Great Paw, and the exact same treatment as his bears. He reminds them that his Bears took home 26 crowns apiece for the season, a handsome sum, and that after two years service in the Great Paw any man is entitled to his accoutrements as his own. Bjorn details his plans for a Wolfkin Paw, that they will be equipped with Longsword and Composite Bow, Padded Leathers covered with a Scale Vest and good Helm and all of the highest available quality. Bjorn treats with them, bringing a stag with him for to roast, and says that should the Wolfkin recruit into his endeavor then Bjorn will swear against any contract invading Wolfkin Lands and will thoughfully consider any contract offered by the Wolfkin.
                  Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                  • Company Name: Golden Band
                    Race: Human
                    Standing Forces: 141 "Green Band", 138 "Silver Band", 46 "Golden Band"

                    Current Treasury at beginning of Winter (after salaries paid, if any): 10'386cr

                    Wintering at: Ciprie
                    Wounded at end of CS: 54
                    Task Force Regenbogen- Support and Paras


                    • Punitive Expedition (Marais de Yaghmura) - Galadhrim

                      Owing to some vagueness on my part when it comes to deadlines - and the fact that this is still the 1CS - Iím allowing a retcon of the last update here. Call it a horrifying vision of the extremely possible.

                      Freanor shook his head as the vision cleared; heíd seen what looked like the companyís final and desperate stand, shattered groups of frightened elves fleeing into the hostile swamp as a dwindling band of heroes stood shoulder to shoulder within a constricting noose of raging orcs. Clearly a vision from the Danlethon, or at least whichever of the Three watched over brave elven warriors in dangerous places. Calling the retreat, he drove his glaives out and down the clear ground to the south west. The pick orcs that the swordselves had driven off were beginning to rally, but were broken by a surge of elven steel.

                      As Freanor led the van south and west into the swamps, the longbow elves retreated behind a dizzying hail of the last arrows in their quivers. The Orc banners on the left shuddered under the close-range fire, and though the spear orcs on the left almost caught up to the archers the other two slowed and took heavier losses. On the right the archers focused mostly on the orcs with spears, and successfully broke them with close-ranged fire while the orcs with pick and shield were mostly slowed.

                      Out of arrows, the erstwhile archers dove between the elven melee line and shouldered their bows, drawing the hunting knives they hoped they wouldnít need. The rear-guard would fall to the thirty effective shock elves that remained, using their superior mobility and undoubted prowess to do what numbers couldnít. The spear orcs rushed forwards before the company could break clear, and Calaelís longswords charged them in turn. Wielding their swords in both hands, the brave few tore into the spear-toting orcs and felled a full twenty of them for a mere handful of their own. The orcs fell back at the ferocity, and the elves were swiftly away.

                      It was another two hours before the orc pursuit managed to catch up with the Galadhrim on their road to the sea; axe-orcs emerging from the mire as the column was delayed finding safe footing in reeking waist-deep waters. Only a handful fell on each side this time, but again Calaelís brave warriors were able to buy the rest time to break contact. When they finally reached the coast, Freanor fired an old hanging tree and formed his men into a semi-circle with their backs to the water.

                      In the end the Church supply ships hove into view just as the orcs emerged to challenge them. Over a hundred gathered on the slopes below the orcsí coastal village, with more emerging from the swamp every few minutes. The first to venture towards the mercenaries were greeted by a renewed volley from the archers whoíd shared in the scoutsí last remaining shafts, and retreated until they could get the numbers to overrun the glaives and swords that awaited them in good order on the sands.

                      The supply ships didnít give them that time; their light craft pulled the remaining mercenaries off the beach to bellows of victory from the shore.

                      Contract Success: 2000cr in tithe money paid to Galadhrim for the burnt villages. Wagons lost, no battlefield loot or ears taken survive for rescue.


                      Freanorís Glaives: 24k 21w, 55 effectives

                      Calaelís Swords: 13k 16w, 11 effectives

                      Galadhrim Archers: 4k 1w, 115 effectives

                      Battlefield Salvage - None.

                      Options: Much better! Iíll reach out to iron out any confusion Iím aware of moving forward, and will give an update warning when it comes close. Where do you plan to winter?
                      Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


                      • Winter Reconciliation:

                        Thanks for your swift input guys!

                        We're almost ready for Winter Events and Recruitment, and we know where most of you are now:

                        Yellow Company: Pending Senorankka
                        Great Paw: Confirmed
                        Golden Band: Confirmed
                        Jolly Berserkers: Pending Cheetah772
                        Black Company: Confirmed
                        Galadhrim: Pending Frtigern
                        The Horde: Confirmed
                        Ordog Kalapaks: Confirmed
                        Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


                        • Company Name: Jolly Berserkers

                          Race: Orcs

                          Standing Forces: 80 (10 dead, now at 70)

                          Current Treasury at beginning of Winter (after salaries paid, if any): 4,860 + 5200 (contract after deductions) + 265 (battlefield loot) = 10,925 cr; 10,925 cr - 1,200 (salaries - bonus + seasonal payment, 15 cr each Orc) = 9,725 cr

                          Wintering at: the Bayous in Kofyrie

                          Wounded at end of CS: 20 (once all are healed, that will bring up to 70 healthy Orcs)
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                          Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

                          "Aim small, miss small."


                          • Khryses

                            Am I allowed to carry the dead Orcs' battle kits? Since I am still in the control of battlefield, so it should stand that I am allowed to collect all battle kits (armor & weapons) so that I can save on paying new equipment.

                            As to where I want to winter, I'm thinking of going all way back to my home region, so tell me how long it would take to march all way there? A month? Or more? Let me know soon. Thanks!
                            Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

                            "Aim small, miss small."


                            • Looking at your terms, only a third of battlefield loot goes to the company treasury. Generally speaking if any battlefield loot goes to the treasury I give you the resale value rather than the specific kit, but I'm reconsidering this rule moving into 2CS - you and other commanders can worry about ensuring your men feel they're getting their fair share.

                              Assume your men have replaced their own damaged kit with kit in better condition from the fallen; for the remainder, approximately 70% of the fallen orcs' kit is suitable for re-use.

                              You and yours can get back to the Bayous in Kofyrie in a month and a half, before the worst of the winter sinks in. Your home region is usually good for a manpower boost and other potential rewards (although it risks giving you delayed access to the hottest contracts for next season).
                              Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


                              • I am looking for 5 more Light Cavalry at 366 Cr apiece.

                                Captain Pruitt
                                Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

                                Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

                                by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"