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Rainbow Brigade, Ep. 5, Maryland my Maryland

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  • Update Warning.

    Update will be on Tuesday. Due to picking up a new trainee I can't guarantee a time, so it could be in the early afternoon before I go to work.
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    • I continue my counterbattery fire while keeping a wary eye on the approaching Yankees to my front.


      • "Well, there is not too much the Green Jackets can do but trade shots with the two Yankee regiments in front of them from the protected position of the sunken road," thinks their CO. Not much maneuvering here!

        Still on top of the ammo box to give him a bit more height for situation awareness, Bird spots some cavalry movement to his right. He has the sergeant-major and two men bring the half full water barrels set on his right flank. Empty ammo boxes on thrown further right in no deliberate pattern. Not much protection, but somewhat of an obstacle that may slow down any enemy cavalry coming up the road just enough for his unit to find time to face the new threat.

        With the XO, they determines how the Green Jackets will form a rectangular "square" formation in the sunken road if enemy cavalry shows up in their rear. Troops will be reminded to shoot the horses, not the cavalryman...Once violently unhorsed, the calvaryman will be an easy prey for his infantry.

        He then sends a couple of 2lt, each with two other men to the units on his flanks to find out what is going on and report their findings once they have info. To the three GJ going to find the Badgers, Bird tell them to be particularly careful of the enemy cavalry and take measures not to be misidentified as enemy sharpshooters - At which point the young officers tell his two soldier to follow his example and take off their jackets, revealing their dirty undershirts, before they are off to complete their mission.

        "Where is the Rainbow Reserve?", thinks Bird. "If you are going to use your immediate reserve, you need to create a new one," he further thinks.


        • Originally posted by Capt AFB View Post
          He then sends a couple of 2lt, each with two other men to the units on his flanks to find out what is going on and report their findings once they have info.
          Finch informs them that while the situation to his front and left is stable, the bombardment from artillery at close range, coupled with the threat of cavalry to the rear makes the situation critical even this early in the day.

          He then orders his third rank to cover the SW of his position, with fixed bayonets against a possible charge.

          "Inform your commander that if you're forced to give up the right, falling back on my position is certainly an option - but that would give the enemy artillery even better target to shoot at."
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          • We HAVE to hold. If we run, we die out in the open.
            What I have to do is get the men back on the guns, load Grape, and get ready to fire a volley when the enemy is practically on top of us.

            And what is this stuff about pistols? we have rifles too, good ones!


            • We HAVE to hold. If we run, we die out in the open.
              If you run for the hill probably yes, if you "fold back" along the sunken road on my position we can form a fairly solid "square" there, with the sunken road in front.

              Holding your position is preferable though.

              Just offering options to the colonel there...
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              • September 17th, 0900hrs

                North to South

                The Blues and Saddle Blazers, locked in their respective melees, continue to battle it out at close quarters. Even with the Tigers help, the Blues have finally had enough. Having taken quite heavy casualties over the course of the morning, even Captain Freeman's example simply isn't enough and the Blues break for the rear. The Tigers, however, continue to hold and manage to keep the attention of the Yankees for now.

                Meanwhile, Bates Irregulars take the moment's respite to reload their carbines and start firing at the other Yankee regiment once again from the cover of the road. Pruitt extricates his Tar Heels a distance in the only direction he can, giving them opportunity to reload their pistols and carbines properly, though there's little time to rest and the Yankee shows no interest in pursuit of a small knot of cavalry at the moment. The Saddle Blazers, however, did not get orders to disengage, and continue to go hammer and tongs with the infantry, eventually just melting away as a few here and there break off and form up near the Tar Heels and the rest simply disappear into the chaos in the lines.

                Freeman manages to gain control of his men, but they have run some distance before he can do so. And Leroy and Bates both brace for another strong attack, as the last regiment they can see to their front makes to drive home a charge, with the other Yankees already starting to lap around Leroy's flank in the sunken road.

                Finch's men fire some against the 24th NY, but shells exploding in the trees keep most of them to ground and aside from some slight adjustments to his position he is not effective with the artillery close aboard and firing right onto him. Richter's men, firing pistols and carbines and finally getting two of the guns reloaded and firing, manage to push the 24th back but not break it. Though conversely the 22nd moves up and once again there's a solid line firing on the gunners in the sunken road. Richter can tell that half of his command is dead or wounded, the other half equal parts stubborn and angry. While Finch is unable to help by fire, he is continuously drawing the ineffective fire of the Yankee battery on his rude work, and for now that's keeping yet more casualties down. Mounted parties are seen closing up behind the regiments, urging them forward.

                Bird continues his double duel with crack regiments of the Iron Brigade. Maintaining his steady rate of fire, he manages to keep them at a standstill while taking barely noticeable casualties for now. Equally, the Badgers continue to punish the Sharpshooters at range while their positions keep most of them out of the line of fire. Exhaustion is beginning to creep in after a whole morning of fighting, and the close press is making it difficult for all Rainbow units to get additional ammunition run down to them.

                Up on Nicodemus Hill, Gardner's Battery is running into one bad break after another today, as a shell explodes right out of the barrel, due to a faulty fuse or an extremely hot gun. The gun isn't damaged, but two of the gunners go down with injuries from shrapnel. He continues to score hits on his counterpart on the hill, though with all the carnage wrought it's getting harder and harder to tell if individual shots are effective. Gardner continues to eye the cavalry below him with some measure of concern.

                Captain Dashwood's arriving troopers immediately accelerate, rushing down the hill straight at the nearest Union cavalry. Not quite as disciplined as Life Guards, they don't go knee to knee at the trot, but the mob manages to sort itself into a mostly straight line as they draw their sabers and crash into the Federal cavalry at a gallop. The result is immediately spectacular, horses rearing and the Yankees breaking for the rear. The divided cavalry companies, however, work to the Yankee's advantage, and the other company opens up with a ferocious carbine fire at range, leaving a number of empty saddles among the impetuous troopers.

                From the woods to the South of the line comes another formation of men in green jackets, running towards the Badgers. Major Holden steels himself for a reinforced Sharpshooter regiment to sharpen the engagement against his exhausted Badgers. Then he notices some curious headwear, and it strikes him. Only the Grenadier Guards wear such decidely odd helmets, but they were sent away months ago to train recruits and set up forts throughout the South. Certainly Colonel Fawcett wouldn't have gone AWOL to rejoin Rainbow? And yet here they are, rushing across the field giving the triple cheer, as they come to the halt and go to a knee, ripping out volley fire at long range against the now surprised Sharpshooters.....the fire on two sides pushing them back as they try to reform to fight both units.

                Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                • Finch as best he can under fire tries to organize his unit, by adressing some nearby officers..

                  "Here's how we do it - stop the sporadic firing all together, have all men you can reach load their weapons and fix bayonets, lay low with loaded gun and wait for the signal."

                  "Hopefully this will lead the enemy to think we have been fully supressed."

                  "In front of us is the 22nd, they will fire along with the Napoleons - at a time of their choosing they will cease fire and the infantry will close in, at that time we rise and fire a full volley at point blank range."

                  "The signal will be myself and the men in my immediate vicinity opening fire - at that moment ranks 1 and 2 follow suit."

                  "Line 3 remains in reserve with loaded guns and fixed bayonets to cover our rear."

                  "Clear ?"
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                  • "To the Hon. H. E. Fawcett, Colonel, North Carolina Grenadier Guards
                    From Z. B. Vance, Governor North Carolina


                    For the fourth time; no.

                    Your command is required at the southern fortifications and can in no wise be spared to rejoin General Sennef's Brigade at this time. This is..."

                    Harry Fawcett felt like he had been wading through hip-deep mud for months since being detached from Rainbow Brigade, and no matter what the War Department decided to do to him for this he revelled at finally feeling alive again, marching to rejoin his comrades, to the sound of the guns. He had left a written explanation at their winter quarters and though he had left false clues to draw the provost's men away he had been clear that full responsibility for his men's actions lay with him. In truth he had offered them the chance to stay behind with no blame or shame upon them, but they were just as determined to carry the war to the north as he was.

                    It was time.

                    Advancing three platoons in a line two men deep, the lead rank dropped to one knee and fired on the Sharpshooters at maximum range then immediately reloaded their needle rifles. The second rank passed through the fore, striding three quick steps then dropping to one knee to fire on their surprised foes. Then it was the first rank's turn, passing in turn through the second as they reloaded in turn.

                    Firing twelve half-volleys a minute, the green-jacketed Grenadier Guards advanced behind a hail of fire, closing on the Sharpshooters and the New York regiments beyond. With a keen eye and his usual high confidence, Fawcett led his crack company from the front, intent on rolling up the flank of the whole Federal assault on the embattled brigade.
                    Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


                    • Freeman gathers what remains of his command and organises the unit into a line.
                      "Reload your guns and make sure you all got ammo. This aint over yet!
                      The unit will form into a line, and advance within distance to fire at the yankee flank should Bates and Tigers disengage. We will keep low and rest a bit if possible.

                      Wisdom is personal


                      • As the men shouted to Holden, pointing to the unidentified troops forming up to southeast, he sighed and steeled himself to face what he surely thought was the wrath of freshly reinforced Sharpshooter regiment advancing to roll up the Rainbow's right flank. Holden shouted the order to ready men to stand their ground to absorb the assault even as they still exchanged the rifle fire with Yankee sharpshooters.

                        But wait a minute!

                        As these unidentified troops marched toward their position, Holden now saw clearly that these are Grenadier Guards! Colonel Fawcett with his flamboyant hat leading his men from the front as usual was in his stride yelling to take the fight to Yankee sharpshooters. Major Holden is absolutely now overjoyed that Colonel Fawcett has returned at last!

                        "It's our boys!" Holden shouted to his men, "By God's grace, they are our long lost brothers, the Grenadier Guards!" He gathered his officers and commanded them to exhort his men to continue sniping at enemy and be of good courage as Grenadier Guards are prepared to take the fight directly to them. He will make rounds down the line, exhorting individual soldier to keep up the fight.

                        Holden shouted, "Now, let's take the fight to these Yankee boys! Let loose everything you got!"

                        Holden orders few runners to be sent up along the line to his left, informing every commander that our long lost comrades, Grenadier Guards, have at last returned. Runners are instructed to urge every commander to keep fighting on and don't give up. It is perhaps with hope in NCGG that we can finally begin the process of turning Yankee's left flank and end the battle in our favor.
                        Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

                        "Aim small, miss small."


                        • Major Pruitt is looking at the Yankees in front of him. "I wonder what they will do if we hit them in flank/rear where they are overlapping the Tiger's line? When we finish reloading, I think we will go find out how they like getting hit from behind..."

                          Major Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
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                          Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

                          by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


                          • Dashwood bellows at his standard bearer;

                            "Reform! Reform and charge the unbroken cavalry firing on us!"

                            Dashwood knows that after this charge he will have to bring his men back to rest their mounts and reload their shotguns.
                            Task Force Regenbogen- Support and Paras


                            • Seeing the Blues fall back and the threat of being flanked, Maj Leroy orders Captain Mouton of C Company on the left to pivot left with haste. He oversees the manuever personally and makes sure that C Company resembles a line and has men detached from B Company as needed. He makes sure Cpt Mouton has his officer and NCO casualties noted and filled in with spot promotions. Rotating responsibility at the lowest level from the Tigers' formation so that leadership experience can be gained has always been one of Maj Leroy's training priorities, seeing many battles fall apart when the chain of command disintegrates. He knows how dire his situation and can only pray that his men's spirit holds out.

                              His wounds showing but not stopping him, he continues to jump in the lines and shout profanities at the Yankees and his men while swinging saber and shooting pistol. With every shot and wound dealt he becomes more maniacal, laughing through his exertion and pain and fighting on pure adrenaline, the same level he felt after his first battle and every battle thereafter. Some may call him crazy, but to hell with them! He has always been looking for fights all his life and relishes in the feeling of it, in the high of combat and that mixed scent of human blood and gunpowder! With this crazed fervor he fights on, not caring whether his men see it or not as he can only hope they don't abandon him now... or ever, for there is no closer bond forged than through the crucible of combat. He is closer to his men than his family and he makes sure they know this, remembering every name, face, and stories. "Come on you pusses, who in tarnation taught you how to fight, your cherry sister? Are you gonna let these sodomite lickspittle teachers and farmers best you? I had your adventuress mother fight harder than you last night!"
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                              • Update will be Friday morning.
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