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Rainbow Brigade, Ep. 5, Maryland my Maryland

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    "Right men, here we go again..."

    "Whatever work is still to be done, do it in cover, and keep your heads down.."

    Finch inspects his post, replacing men here or there and ordering them out of sight.
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      Maybe it was a good move, maybe no. We'll see... but we would have taken some hits if we stayed out in the open.

      Okay, that big Cavalry unit in front of us is just asking for it, so we are going to give it to them. With 70 men to serve 6 guns we will be able to keep up a hell of a rate of fire and the range is about 500-600 yards.
      That is just right for Shells, and if they turn towards us we can switch to Grape.
      (is the range close enough for us to do that now? I don't think that short-barrel Howitzers can throw it that far)

      And I am not that worried about Infantry support. If it comes down to it, I can have half the men take up their new Sharps rifles while the rest keep working the guns. And at that point, there won't be any reason not to use canister.


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        As soon any enemy unit is within the Badgers' rifle range, they will open fire on that unit. They should target any and all officers first. Major Holden will make personal notes of his observations on the battlefield. Otherwise, the Badgers should lay low and wait until an enemy unit is within its rifle range.
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          With the canon shots flowing over Rainbow, the GJ work party with Finch and Richter slips into the sunken road and, keeping low, hurries back to the GJ position.

          The GJ supply wagon and the GJ Adjutant have already moved to the Rainbow supply train to find a bit more security.

          Except for the GJ CO, XO and two sentries keeping watch over the apparent new battlefield, all the GJ troops are now sitting, checking their weapons and preparing for the next orders. They haven't received the order to put their green jackets or caps yet. Occasionally, the sound of enemy cannonballs could be heard flying over the rainbow position.

          Standing on an ammo box to have a better look at the field, Major Tony Bird tries to determine the enemy action. He sees the enemy sharpshooters wearing their green uniform and smiles to himself. Well, green seems to be a color favored by both armies, he tells himself.

          Having done the battle analysis with his senior staff earlier, he uses this moment to review the points with his XO, himself standing on another ammo box about 20 feet away. Both trying to take advantage of the extra height but still trying to conceal themselves from unwanted attention from the enemy.

          "OK, Matt" yells Bird to his XO, knowing of the added value of his action will provide situation awareness of all GJ in earshot "What is Rainbows vital ground?"

          "Nicodemus Hill behind us,", responds Cpt Matt Frumm. He adds,"If we need to withdraw and reorganize, that is where we go."

          "Very good Matt," replies Bird,"but that should not be happening as long as we can hold this sunken road."

          "Now, Matt, what is the important ground?" continues the GJ COs.

          "Obviously both hills - the one to the North with Yankee cavalry and the one North East with the enemy guns," says a smiling XO, knowing that his CO wanted more than the obvious answer.

          "Hey, Matt, what is the answer I am also looking for?" smiling back, with a fake scowl face, continues Maj Bird. The troops watching the exchange adding a few chuckles in the background

          "Sir, the answer you are waiting for is the small forest up there", answers the XO, "because who controls the forest, controls the sunken road!"

          Maj Bird agrees, "Yes! Finch and the rest of Rainbow are likely going to end up fighting for that patch of land during this battle - Easy target for the enemy artillery to aim for, easy visible objective for the enemy infantry to march toward. Finch and Richter are going to earn their keeps today."

          "And the Yank cavalry on the hill?" asks Cpt Frumm, already knowing the answer, but hoping to hear something else from his CO. A low murmur of concern could be heard from the troops in the background, knowing that they may not like the answer.

          "Well, what I bet is the Yank plan is a basic one-two punch. Their cavalry occupies the hills on our left flank, keeping our Sickle element in check. Once their infantry and artillery start pounding at our Vulcan element, the Yank cavalry will wait that our Sickle has no other choice to come to our help so we can hold the forest and then the Yanks cavalry will fall on our backs," explains Maj Bird, knowing that his frank assessment will not be welcome by his troops.

          Turning around to face his troops and lowering his head against the wall, he could see them all looking at him. "Hey, we have Pruitt's cavalry and the Tigers watching Rainbow's left flank. It's not like they are going to leave the Yank cavalry coming waltzing into our back. If we hold our ground here, we are helping Finch and Richter hold the forest, which in turn will help General Sennef deal with any threat to our left flank. Holden is on our right flank, and we know we can count on his ragtag bunch of crack shots to help us. And looking at where we are now, the Green Jackets have a pretty solid position, and the Yanks are going to have a rude surprise when they come knocking this way." explains Bird - The troops were smiling again, a few trying to yell their support or stand up, only to be pulled back down and reminded that they were hiding from the enemy for now.

          The sergeant-major approaches the CO, "Sir, jackets and caps back on?".

          "Yes, Sergeant-Major. But everyone remains low and does not expose themselves to the enemy. Not yet. Company commanders, officers and NCOs can have a look each their turn over the wall, but do not expose your green cap or uniform....One or two at a time only, NOT all in the same time!" ends Maj Bird, walking off the ammo box. The XO looking at the field one last time before stepping off his ammo box and joining his CO.
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            The battery returns fire. The first salvo is bolts. We switch to percussion shell with the second salvo. Given our higher elevation, we should have the advantage of dropping our rounds onto the Yankees while they have to make sure every shot is carefully aimed or they go over, or under and root in like gophers.


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              There wasn't much Bates could do in this situation other than preparing his positions. But if the yanks come any closer, Bates Irregulars are ready to fire.
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                Originally posted by Capt AFB View Post
                Easy target for the enemy artillery to aim for, easy visible objective for the enemy infantry to march toward. Finch and Richter are going to earn their keeps today."
                Eh, well we did our best,

                my men and at least one other unit have been cutting those trees from the start - but likely not enough for them to not be used as a marker by the enemy.

                I was pleased to see Tac pick up on such detail in his update though..
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                  Freeman and his unit is stuck at the slopes. Judging the situation he orders the unit to march double quick to the spot halfway between Finch and Sennef himself(behind the forest between Sennef and Finch).
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                    I have not forgotten, so don't panic.

                    I've been waist deep in my kitchen floor this weekend fixing water damage and spending 2 months pay to do it. Not really conducive to an update. If I can get the yard cleaned up in record time today I'll have the update in this afternoon.
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                      Originally posted by TacCovert4 View Post
                      I have not forgotten, so don't panic.

                      I've been waist deep in my kitchen floor this weekend fixing water damage and spending 2 months pay to do it. Not really conducive to an update. If I can get the yard cleaned up in record time today I'll have the update in this afternoon.
                      No prob. RL over everything in here. Thanks for the update. Hope you fixed the water damage.


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                        September 17th, 0700hrs

                        Gardner's guns open up, his 5 remaining pieces plus the three attached. Gardner frowns as his own bolts go wide and the attached guns shells explode harmlessly short. As his men reload quickly, the Yankee guns reply, and lady luck has clearly chosen a side of this exchange for now. Another 20lb shell finds its mark and dismounts one of Gardner's Parrotts, downing 5 men in the gun crew. The other guns fired but their shots were scattered, perhaps there is only one battery of rifled guns on that hill for now?

                        The Blues clear off the hill and head down towards where Major Freeman hopes he can get into a fight rather than stand in a bombardment. Undeterred by the rotten luck, Gardner orders his men to load and fire shell as fast as they can, crack gunner versus crack gunner.... The result is markedly different, with shells falling all around the heavy guns and shredding through their crews, Gardner sees one gun fall over onto its axle as the smoke clears and only one gun fires.....still striking into the battery area but only one man goes down this time and no guns are damaged. His own men scramble to clear debris and get the wounded and dying out of the line of fire, and through his binoculars he sees the Yankee gunners at the heavy battery doing the same, two guns appear to be up, but there's a lot of movement rather than the easily observed drill of loading the great guns.

                        Down on the front the lack of results and the hidden Rainbow men in the sunken road goads the 2nd US Sharpshooters forward to get into better range. Major Holden, laying flat against the grass, watches the Yankee brigade in the distance head for the woods where Jackson's Corps stands to receive them around Dunker Church and curses that they never strayed within range of his long rifles. Richter's guns bark, scattering shell among the Yankee Green Jackets, but do no appreciable damage to the scattered men who only appear in small knots and then disappear into any fold, stump, hole, or tall grass that they can.

                        Birds Green Jackets pull their own coats back on, as Finch's men crouch low behind their rude barricade in the wood just behind the sunken road, not quite enough time to build a fort like the orchard had become during the battle at Germantown a lifetime ago. Sharps Rifles bark to their front and this time reap a harvest amongst the gunners serving their pieces, firing from just outside range where Bird or Finch could help reply.

                        However, some of Major Leroy's men think they can reach that far, and Captain von Trapp tells Major Leroy that the Dreyse can take the enemy, even at the 400 or so yards distance they appear to be. And moving up to take Richter's battery under fire has finally brought the Yankee's best skirmishers into range of Rainbow's arguable best skirmishers.....Badgers are practically gleeful as they take aim at their natural quarry and open up for the first time in months at long range. Whitworth takes on Sharps en masse, and as the first smoke plumes waft away in the morning breeze there is movement as the Sharpshooters react to this new threat that evidently wounded them.

                        Major Pruitt and his Tar Heels continue to sit astride their mounts, eyeing their counterparts in blue, but nothing shifts to their front, both sides apparently content to be occupying the other's attentions. Major Bates stands ready to either front, but again, nothing's moving in his direction. He is able to start reading the standards on the regiments moving up towards Rainbow and his heart flutters's the 1st Brigade of 1st Corps, the Iron Brigade of the East.


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                          Major Pruitt orders his men to dismount. Horseholders will take the mount back a bit. "I want sharpshooters to take those Yankee Cavalry units under fire. If you see an officer, sing out and aim for them!"

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                            I thought that the diamond meant Cavalry ....

                            Okay, the freaking Black Hats are getting lined up, and what a Gawd Almighty threat THOSE guys are!
                            "Okay men, forget the skirmishers, get sighted in on those Wisconsin basterds. It will be do or die time when they come at us. Get ready for the fight of our lives."

                            Richter looks back, seriously considering letting his his battery fall back to cover a backwards leap-frog.... but no. If we give iany ground at al, Jackson is in trouble.

                            "Make some loop-holes in the bank, anyone that wants to try his hand at sharp=shooting can give it a try until I call for rapid-fire."


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                              "Hold your fire, and keep your heads down men, to early for us..."

                              OOC: For those here like me who had never heard of the Iron Brigade, they are apparently famous for their hats


                              Among other things :


                              "[I]t was a stand-up combat, dogged and unflinching… There were no wounds from spent balls, the confronting lines looked into each other's faces at deadly ranges, less than one hundred yards apart, and they stood as immovable as the painted heroes in a battle-piece,” he wrote. “There was cover of woods not very far in the rear of the lines on both sides, and brave men—with the instinct of self-preservation which is exhibited in the veteran soldier, who seizes every advantage of ground or obstacle—might have been justified in slowly seeking this shelter from the iron hail that smote them, but out in the sunlight, in the dying daylight, and under the stars, they stood, and although they could not advance, they would not retire. There was some discipline in this, but there was much more of true valor.”
                              Major Rufus Dawes of the 6th Wisconsin wrote of the battle in his memoir: “Our one night's experience at Gainesville had eradicated our yearning for a fight. In our future history we will also be found ready but never again anxious."
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                                "Iron Brigade! The Yanks are deploying their Iron Brigade against us," thinks Maj Bird, a big smile on his face. Lowering himself back down in the sunken road after his latest peek, with his back against the wall, his troops look at him quizzically, some seeing his smile as a good augur.

                                With the shelling and shooting the troops have shown a few normal signs of anxiety, as they are not permitted to stand up and must stay hidden until ordered into action. Every time an officer takes a peek, they all look at him for more information.

                                "Well, we of Rainbow Brigade, must feel very privileged," starts the GJ CO to any troops in earshot, " the Yanks are throwing at us their best elements. First, their green-jacket sharpshooters. Followed by the Wisconsin Iron Brigade coming right at us. They are about to get a rude awakening, when they meet Rainbow's Green Jackets and our sister units."

                                "Company Commanders, get your troops in position in two ranks, next to the wall. NO ONE gets up, officer including, until I give the signal and then be ready for a command to fire. You fire ONLY on MY command," direct Maj Bird.

                                Keeping low while looking over the edge of the wall, without wearing their green caps, both the CO and XO are the only ones observing the enemy movement on the battlefield. They now wait for the Iron Brigade to move towards them before Maj Bird will get his battalion to break cover and give a piece of hell to the Yanks.
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