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Rainbow Brigade, Ep. 5, Maryland my Maryland

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    Colonel Bates gives a peek with his small telescope over the side of the road bank they are occupying. He counts four different units of Union cavalry milling about and he sends his runners to inform General Sennef and Major Leroy of these units. Having done that Bates turns towards his Captain.

    "I want this road blocked. If the Yankees get into here, they can charge directly into our side. Send a foraging party into the woods Major Finch is occupying and try to acquire wood for abattis. Meanwhile rest of us are going to dig in here proper with all loose dirt being used in the roadblock. I don't want any fire to our left flank."
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      I plan to update on Friday, possibly Saturday if we're waiting on orders to come in. I know with the site going down for maintenance and all it puts a serious kink in everything. However, the battle of Antietam could run easily into 40-50 updates if I'm not careful, so I want to keep on schedule as much as possible.
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        The Badgers will lay low using the sunken road as cover and observe the field for any enemy troop movements. Major Holden suspects there won't be much action in their sector for a while, so he's using the lull to exhort his men and discuss with his officers about the preparations to be made if they are ordered to move out. Holden will inspect the entire line.
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          Major Pruitt sends a message to the Colonel: "I have two units of Cavalry to my North. I need for the Orleans Greys to be ready to reinforce me. I will send my horseholders back with the horses To where General Sennef is

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            Given our limited numbers, Finch battalion is now deployed in three simple lines (more a large company than a battalion).

            Officers who previously commanded subunits will pick up a rifle and join the line, while keeping their rank.

            We deploy *behind* the sunken road, using the trees as cover, and the road as obstacle.

            Use cut down trees and/or earth to heighten our side of the road - so that the enemy can't easily get out of it, while we are able to fire down into it.

            Picket goes in the building across the road, patrol seems of limited use here, so just keep them in.
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              I will be scarce for a while here, this new look is blinding me.

              Glad that he is not in a more dangerous spot like the woods, Richter sets his guns up in echelon so that alll 6 guns can fire at the 2nd USSS and maybe the enemy Arty, and so that 3 guns can fire to either flank.
              In fact, I'd like to start lobbing exploding shells into that forest where the enemy Cav is lurking right now.
              May as well call it ranging shots, and see what we can provoke.


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                My battery, with the additional ordinance rifles, loads bolts for an initial salvo to find the range. I have the crews prepare percussion shells. Using my personal rangefinder (the civil war kind), I estimate the range to the enemy batteries at 3,000 yards. I think to myself, Well, at least we have the elevation on our side, that means those Yankee guns will putting a lot of overs and unders on us, while all we need do is find the range to put hot iron all over their position.

                We hold fire for the time being. I also send a runner to our General with a written message and quick sketch of the enemy's positions as I observe them.


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                  The Orleans is given orders to march to the designated position, and to take cover from yankee reconnaissance.
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                    The GJ keep their routine in their current position, careful that their activities cannot be seen by the Yanks spying on their sunken road location.

                    The work party of 30 men with a 1st Lt in command continues helping Finch and Richter to strengthen their positions.


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                      Update Warning: Due to the (American) holiday approaching, along with the switchover to the new site, I'm going to withhold the update until Sunday evening to make sure everyone's had time to post.
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                        When it comes to digging in, I am not sure what to do here.
                        Sure, I am out front and will be hit before Gardener's guns are, that is all for the better if he can use the delay to smack the enemy batteries before they get him.

                        But the thing is, I can't tell if this is the crucial place, or where the best place to hit back will be as the battle develops. I will probably need to shift around... and I don't want anything to slow that down. So, I am thinking that parking the guns all dispersed in the open behind the sunken road is the best way to go. Only going to unpack 5-10 rounds per gun too.

                        But if that looks wrong to the rest of you, let me know.


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                          Ok, so that bit's actually a little important there Exo. Will you be digging out (not much digging) fire points for your guns on the road....or will you park them in the open behind the road?
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                            Originally posted by TacCovert4 View Post
                            Ok, so that bit's actually a little important there Exo. Will you be digging out (not much digging) fire points for your guns on the road....or will you park them in the open behind the road?
                            That is excactly my problem, I ain't sure what to do there and was looking for a little conventional wisdom of the day.
                            My copy of Hardee's isn't helping, either. Guess I should have got the larger edition.

                            Okay.... the clock is ticking and its is almost update time....

                            I'll go into the road and do some digging. Reason; if I hang back, the only viable target is 2nd USSS. If I move up, the north is still partly obscured by that building, but maybe I can blast it down later on.
                            In fact, splintering it with a few rounds should be a priority if I don't have other targets next turn.

                            Good enough?


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                              Originally posted by The Exorcist View Post
                              That is excactly my problem, I ain't sure what to do there and was looking for a little conventional wisdom of the day
                              Make sure your gunners can seek the protection of an infantry unit quickly in case of cavalry attack, guns are easier to replace than experienced gunners, and not all cavalry units can quickly destroy or drag away captured guns while under fire ?

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                                September 17th, 0630hrs

                                Rainbow remains in its positions, some units digging in or moving branches from the sparse grove to build abatis. The officers observe regiments far to the East, moving towards Jackson's positions. They also observe formations to their own front, shaking themselves out. Watching through binoculars, you are able to tell that it appears to be elements of the 'Eastern Iron Brigade', but whether this is all their strength or just a part you have no way of knowing. The cavalry, for the moment, seem to be utterly content with watching you from just outside range. Though the green-jacketed yanks show no compunction with closing somewhat, then stopping at around five to six hundred yards. Their shots go whizzing past the ears and over the heads of Richter's battery, but it's likely that they'll soon find the range.

                                The batteries on the hill also eventually start firing at Gardner, who with his battery set up and loaded are standing by. Most of the rounds miss, but a 20lb shell makes a direct hit on one of Major Gardner's beloved Blakely Rifles, dismounting it and putting two of its crew on the ground with splinters. Gardner watches the Yankee commander staring back through his binos and he watches the guns reloading.


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