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Rainbow Brigade, Ep. 5, Maryland my Maryland

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  • Done. All changes detailed have been made. Just waiting on the distribution of the other reinforcements to be confirmed for specific units.

    Also, remember to give your desired course of action 1,2,3, or 4. I'm anticipating working on the map in the next week or so and getting Episode 6 under way within the next 2-3 weeks tops.
    Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


    • OOC: A couple of admin notes regarding the rules and such, K's covered most of it.

      1) A Player's unit is a single entity on the map. While I will account for formations and keep in mind such things as 'posting pickets' or 'flank guards' or 'pushing forward scouts', it doesn't show on the map and doesn't have a great effect.

      2) I'm allowing this experiment into putting artillery directly into infantry and cavalry units. I'm allowing it under the understanding that they are an integral part of the unit and not a 'supporting arm', hence they don't violate the edict about uniformly equipped units.

      3) Unless specifically ordered not to, I'll account for integral artillery firing at will any time a unit is stationary and an enemy unit is in range.

      4) The integral artillery is to be considered a direct action asset, and will move with the unit when in motion. Primarily, the allowance is for the asset to be there to augment firepower in a direct-fire role (IE case and canister). The Players will order their guns into action, though their efficiency is reduced compared to dedicated artillery.

      5) A player with integral guns can keep his guns with him, or abandon them at will. If abandoned the player will have to move back to the guns, or remain stationary and order them brought back to him and get them back to him before giving them any new orders. Reiterating point 4, the guns can't be left 'en battery' at a point under an NPC, they're a direct player asset with the unit, or they're left or sent rearward. This is consistent with the way that I force Gardner to maintain a cohesive battery rather than split his force physically on the field.

      Example: Guns will fire a volley of Canister, and then Battalion will bayonet charge. (Guns will be considered to be abandoned once the unit is engaged in an order that proscribes moving with the guns).

      6) Gunners are considered to be armed in the same fashion as every other soldier in the unit, maintaining uniformity. When the guns are abandoned, consider the unit to have that number of men in total, men aren't left behind with the guns (and guns sent to the rear aren't considered to be sent with escort).

      I hope this clears up the whole thing about integral "Infantry Guns" or "Galloper Guns". I just wanted to avoid confusion, while allowing experimentation with different unit layouts and tactical benefits/detriments of a unique distribution of artillery. Quick note, howitzers have an 800yd range, and Napoleons a 1200yd range in this role (lessened range accounting for gunners not as well-versed in such matters vice dedicated artillerists).
      Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


      • On one hand, Major Holden is excited to play with his new toys. On other hand, Holden is mildly concerned that having guns will hamper his unit's mobility in laying down long range fire on enemy units, and truthfully Holden is not familiar with the nuances of artillery fire support other than the fact they're....big guns and it's best not to stand in the path of the shells fired from the cannons. Nevertheless, Holden is willing to try out with this...experimentation.
        Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

        "Aim small, miss small."


        • OOC: Tac, Can we get what level of experience has been achieve by each Rainbow unit?


          • Originally posted by Capt AFB View Post
            OOC: Tac, Can we get what level of experience has been achieve by each Rainbow unit?
            No Problem:

            Gardner: Legendary
            Pruitt: Crack
            Dashy: Regular
            Bird: Legendary
            Finch: Legendary
            Bates: Legendary
            Leroy: Legendary
            Holden: Legendary
            Blues: Veteran
            NCGG: Legendary
            Jaegers: Regular
            Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


            • As to our next move, Freeman ponders, we should not be expecting any sympathy from the locals. Whilst Baltimore might have been previously sympathetic to our cause it seems that the city has been largely pacified by Yankee forces. Still, it is our best bet to end this war. Do we have any information available of what we might be facing there?
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              • Bird's COA preference would be to return to Virginia (logistics will be easier, we fight better on 'our' land, and perhaps more reinforcement will come to Rainbow.). But if the consensus is to bring the fight to the enemy, Baltimore is a good target and its occupation becomes a hard threat to Washington DC.

                As for Rainbow reorg, 1st Rainbow Regiment (1 RR) has received 30 new reinforcements, in addition to 2 howitzer and 12 gunners. They are divided up as follows:

                The 12 best shooters of the lot went to the Badgers, bringing their effective total to 141.

                The two howitzers, 12 gunners and 18 other reinforcements went to the Orleans Blues, bringing their effective strength to 140.

                The Green Jackets has received no reinforcements, and remain at the effective strength of 300.


                • Alright, current polling appears to be thus:

                  4 for Baltimore (counting tentatives)
                  1 for Washington
                  1 for Withdrawal
                  Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                  • I don't mind a roadtrip to Baltimore. Just do not get surprized if Federal Troops try to cut us off. If cut off, do we try for Philadelphia? Can we go through Annapolis to get there?

                    Major Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
                    Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

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                    by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


                    • I'll leave until Friday for deciding direction. Then I plan to spend a week working on the map, while you all finish anything else you all need to do.
                      Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                      • Major Holden rises from his chair and cleared his throat. He slowly looked around the room, taking a moment to glance at each battle hardened veteran officer. Holden nodded at everyone in the room and finally spoke up after a few moments of silence.

                        Sirs all, I bow before your superior expertise in the matters of war for I am but a simple major commanding the best sharpshooters in the world, if I may boldly say so. Thus, I beg you all to indulge me for few moments as your humble servant offers few words of caution on the excitement to direct the wrath of our army at Baltimore.

                        Though I am but a simple man, it has been my observation that despite trouncing of Union armies at our hand, Lincoln is not so inclined to give up easily for our sake. He firmly believes our fight is rebellion and without any just cause whatsoever. Therefore, even if our army somehow manages to march across the breadth of Maryland, defeating Union army that still stubbornly clings to the vain hope of scoring a decisive victory over us, and Baltimore is liberated from the hands of corrupt politicians like Lincoln is, I doubt Lincoln will then be finally persuaded to surrender on our terms.

                        By liberating Baltimore, we become fixated to its location. We will be beholden to Baltimore's fate for good or bad. Even with Baltimore in our hands, Lincoln is not completely cut off. He can always relocate to another city with all trappings of federal government intact. Unionist congressional members will truly want to travel with him, as falling in our hands will wound their pride. He can continue wage war on us, Union's almost limitless resources in manpower will not suddenly diminish should Baltimore fall, nor do I think Union's excitement for battle will wane at last. As for us, we cannot move far away from Baltimore, there is not enough manpower and even time to train fresh recruits that may be drawn from the city itself, and what about supplies? I do think Lincoln will order all food supplies to be carried off to friendlier territories or else he will desire to burn them to prevent us from obtaining them.

                        I shall follow whatever your wishes are, because as I said above, I am not a master of tactics and strategy. I can only go with experience I have obtained by sweat and blood in the course of this cursed war. My experience tells me even though we are the most victorious army in the world, victory is something we have to hold onto, or else like a wild horse, she will run away from us. I think it is prudent that we fight every battle defensively rather than offensively as I feel we will take less casualties and make Union work for every inch they advance upon us.

                        After his speech, Holden sat down with his legs crossed like a fine gentleman he is and looked up awaiting for some pearls of insight from the military experts in the room, especially of Fawcett.
                        Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

                        "Aim small, miss small."


                        • I see the logic of withdrawing as we can be connected to our supply lines but that only seems to prolong the war. Baltimore sounds like a ripe choice but like Pruit and Holden warn, maybe Rainbow's downfall if we end up getting cut off and how reliable is their support there? Do we have concrete numbers of men, material, and supplies? I'm leaning towards Washington, a symbol of Federal power so close to Confederate territory. Even if we cannot hold it, the morale effect of losing the seat of their power could cast despair over the whole Union. Both are risky due to the Yanks' better logistics near Washington.

                          Are the two extra guns for 2nd Rainbow still available? I have proposed a tentative plan for now. Is Sen still active? If I don't hear from either of them before the next mission I plan on making Bates' Irregulars a regimental battery of a fashion, concentrating our firepower. As for the 30 reinforcements I want to evenly distribute them between Finchs' and the Tigers to bring both battalions to the same number. Finch will get 10 men and the Tigers will get 20 men. Bringing the number of Finchs' Battaltion up to 241 and the Tigers up to 240.
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                          • OOC: Just to note what you do and don't know.

                            Washington DC is ringed with fortifications that have been started since pretty much 1st Manassas and are constantly being improved. You don't know how many troops would be there, but you know they would have their own forces separate from the AotP.

                            Baltimore has had to be pacified due to riots, you got word of that. So you know that there are some Federal troops garrisoning the place, but they're more an occupation force than manning outlying defenses. Also there is the Navy Yard there, so it's likely that Marines and Sailors are there as well.

                            As far as the Rail Net goes, most of it goes to Baltimore and then down to DC. So Baltimore is the spinal cord if DC is the brain.

                            But yes, your ways home are limited if for some reason you were to decide to just sit in Baltimore.
                            Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                            • OOC: My fear is we cannot take DC and will get stuck in front of it, withering on the vine with the A ot P behind us.

                              We'll end up forced to attack in one direction or the other, and then get struck in the rear by the Army or the Washington reserves.

                              Given how nervous Lincoln has been about a confederate army being too close to DC, I predict him to pull out all the stops if we're nearing Baltimore. I'm not especially interested in storming or occupying the place, but if we can march in and drive out the occupation force - and then simply leave and/or rip up the railroads heading south to DC I think we can reliably call it a black eye for the Republican administration.

                              If the enemy comes for us, we can drub him on our chosen ground. If he doesn't, we can march on up the east coast until he does, or civilian support for the war drops through the floor.
                              Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


                              • Just arrived from the Prussian heartland of Brandenburg, er...North Carolina, Hauptmann er...Captain, Augustus looked around the camp. “Also, das ist Regenbogen-Brigade.” He quickly reminded himself to use English when speaking to his fellow officers in his new unit.

                                When first briefed on this mission by Prime Minister Bismarck himself, Augustus could hardly believe his ears. A veteran of the recent fighting in Schleswig-Holstein, the prospect of leaving his homeland to fight in someone else’s war was not immediately attractive. Of course, Augustus had come around to the idea when informed that his main role would be to test and develop new light infantry tactics suited to “modern warfare,” whatever that meant. The deal was sealed when Bismarck acquiesced to his demand that he be given an experienced core of men around which to form this volunteer company.

                                Even so, standing in the camp in Maryland that evening, it was still a bit hard to believe. When he heard there was a question put to Rainbow’s commanders about whether to push forward or retreat his answer was swift: “My men and I did not match all the way from...North turn back now. On to Baltimore!”
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