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Rainbow Brigade, Ep. 5, Maryland my Maryland

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  • Word spreads among the GJ that Fawcett's Grenadier Guards and a new Confederate cavalry unit are attacking the Yanks left flank - the GJ morale soars up a few notches, raising their shooting tempo against the enemy in front of them.

    One after another,company commanders, leaving the firing line, carefully deposit their rifle and pull out their swords and revolvers, expecting an order to charge once the Grenadier Guards engages the depleted enemy at their front. Anticipating the order, first sergeants and a few soldiers start pushing ammo boxes, empty and full, against the sunken road wall to help the GJ climb over it as they would form up quickly on top and charge the enemy.

    Lt-Col Anthony Bird, still trying to get use to his new rank, does not discourage the move of his companies' command team - it shows an offensive spirit, not to be discouraged - but has not decided if the GJ would climb over the wall to bring the fight to the enemy yet, waiting to see the results of the Grenadier Guards and cavalry attacks before ordering any attack or offensive move.

    In the meanwhile, he sends his 2Lt and two soldiers back to Maj Holden position with the following direction:

    "Maj Holden, your Badgers have done a wonderful job forcefully explaining to the Yanks that green uniforms should only be worn by Confederate Rainbow units and there is no place for Yank green jackets on the battlefield.

    If you so estimate that the NCGG and our new cavalry brothers actions have effectively eliminated the Yank threat to Rainbows right flank, and your unit is out of targets, could you bring your Badgers down the sunken road at the level of Finch troops and help them by adding your accurate fire into the Yanks to their front. But only if you feel that our flank is sufficiently secured and that the new Cavalry unit can be counted on to act as our flank guard."

    Bird hopes that the dashing cavalry commander sees the necessity of protecting our right flank snd Gardner's batteries after two successful cavalry charges. Although having fast moving cavalry helping the NCGG movement against the Yanks flank would be a tempting move, having a mobile flank guard and adding firepower in front of Finch would be best course of action to eliminate the Iron Brigade with the GJ moving into position to help the NCGG attack, if necessary


    • Reminder, update in about 12-ish hours.
      Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


      • The battery will switch fire to the approaching cavalry with percussion shell, and canister if they close with us. If the shell and our cavalry look like that has the situation in hand I switch back to counterbattery fire. Otherwise, the Union troops approaching us get the full wrath of our guns.


        • We can hold in place even with all the cassualties.
          The only question is, how long will we have to?


          • Major Pruitt orders his men to go into formation. Get down and check your saddle girths and make sure your pistols are reloaded! As soon as we are ready, we will hit that open Flank in front of us. Use your Carbines first and then pull your pistols! Don't get in a hurry and overwork your horse! We will take our time and kill them all! Sergeant Major, ask those other Cavalrymen to fall in the rear of our wedge."

            Major Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
            Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

            Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

            by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


            • Sept 17th, 0920hrs.....

              North to South:

              Captain Freeman is able to get his Blues reformed and back on the march towards the guns, though he notes that his casualties have been quite high since the start of combat in the morning. Meanwhile in the sunken road, the charnel house continues its regularly scheduled melee, with the Tigers finding themselves pressed harder and harder by the Yankees, to the point that men are complaining that their bayonets are breaking or their cutlasses are stuck, the Tiger Rifles standing like a Rock in the middle of the sea of blue. Bates' Irregulars are not doing as well, being skirmishers first and foremost stuck yet again in a close fight. More men fall as the battle quickly devolves yet again to rifle butts and knives. Things finally make a turn when the Tar Heels slam into the back of the haplessly unexpecting yankees, revealing that at least some of them have little experience with cavalry outside of pickets and scouts. Firing carbines and pistols, Pruitt and his men lose yet more of their number, but the damage is done. The Yankees stream away towards the hilltop and to the North.

              In the middle of the field, Finch's men get on their bellies as the artillery continues to crash overhead, splinters raining down on the men. The 22nd NY and 24th NY continue to fire, but given the respite, the surviving men of Richter's Battery continue to bring their guns back into action. While the fire of the howitzers isn't sufficient to set them to flight, it's obvious that the fight has gone out of the New Yorkers.

              The Green Jackets continue to bang away, holding their own in the uneven duel. Despite that they continue to take some casualties in the ranks. The men prepare to charge out of their cover, expecting that the Grenadier Guards will soon press the Yankees hard on the flank.

              Fawcett's Guards continue to advance against the Sharpshooters, firing by platoon as they come. The surprise of their presence now gone, their effectiveness is somewhat slackened as they are but 150 big riflemen moving in the open. However, the distraction continues to give Holden's Badgers openings, and their fire is devastating, picking off officers that are now forced to move in the open, and causing mass confusion in the dwindling ranks of the Sharpshooters. While they're too experienced to simply break and run, the much diminished Yankee Green Jackets do make for the hill as well. Moving up, the Badgers and Guards open up on the now flanked 84th, and while they don't break, it forces the rapidly mauled regiment to turn, caught on the hinge....

              Back near Nicodemus Hill, Gardner has his men fire percussion shell at the Cavalry on Dashwood's flank. The quickly loaded and aimed volley is somewhat effective on the halted horsemen. The quickly reorganized charge of heavy cavalry is also somewhat effective, much of the impetus and discipline lost after the first wild charge down the hill. In close, the mettle of the men starts to show, with shotguns sawn off nearly to pistols and sabers doing good work. Equally the Northern cavalry is shown to be little more than scouts and support troops, and after a few minutes of combat they prove ill suited for the Federals disengage and make for the safety of their lines, leaving Dashwood to reorganize his own men.

              Much of Rainbow is exhausted from the morning's fighting, but it seems that things are starting to break, and possibly with one last full measure something could be made of this hellacious battle which they can hear raging on further East?

              Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


              • If nothing changes, Finch will wait for one more salvo of the Napoleons, then order his men up for a full volley at the 22nd.
                Lambert of Montaigu - Crusader.

                Bolgios - Mercenary Game.


                • Advancing in the thick of the Grenadier Guards, Harry Fawcett is smiling hugely at the impact his beautiful brave boys are having on the Yankee flank. Backed by the Badgers' precision sharpshooting, the 84th was streaming blue and red in equal measure and the cavalry melee had swiftly exposed a glorious opportunity to his keen - if ambitious - eye.

                  In his military experience he had fallen out of the habit of riding a horse anywhere near the field of battle - his lieutenants would need the mounts far more than he, and he fell back behind the line of prone riflemen firing into the New York from 600 yards to convey a pair of messages to their chosen couriers.
                  To Major Holden,

                  Compliments of General Jackson and what is the situation here? Jackson's closest brigades are hotly engaged at Dunker Church and he wonders if Rainbow is available to move to threaten his opponents' flank. We seem to be in close fighting ourselves, but I have no information as to the course of the action before our arrival.

                  What is the condition of your company? I am moving to relieve the remainder of the brigade, and invite your support in whatever measure it is available.

                  I have the honour to be your obedient servant,

                  Colonel Fawcett.

                  To the second courier, another brief message:

                  To Captain Dashwood,

                  I am delighted to see the zeal and summary vigour with which your men have dispatched their rivals in the Yankee horse, and trust that they remain in condition and eagerness to serve still more justice upon our hapless foes. From my view of the field both Federal flanks are crumbling and the moment is here to be seized.

                  I am leading my men around the enemy's left flank and into his rear with a view to not simply breaking but destroying the four regiments that continue to press the brigade's centre. I urge you to sweep around my right and take the rearmost regiment [24th New York] in the rear, slamming shut the jaws of our trap if the Rainbow elements in the north show the slightest initiative.

                  Pocket the bastards, Captain. Carpe diem!

                  I have the honour to be your obedient servant,

                  Colonel Fawcett

                  Thrusting the rightmost platoon forwards, Fawcett leads the Grenadier Guards in Platoon Echelon Left around the leftmost flank of the 84th New York and into their rear, maintaining a distance of 500-600 yards at all times and pausing regularly to direct an ongoing hail of fire into the formations they were in the process of surrounding. No one had ever accused the Federal infantryman of lacking courage, and he suspected it wouldn't be quite so easy to force them to surrender en masse; catching them in a withering crossfire with no avenue of escape would be an important first step in this.

                  "Guardsmen, with me!"
                  Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


                  • Dashwood watches as the Union cavalry flees, and leads three cheers among his troops. He signals to his standard bearer and relays the following orders;

                    "We will reform, reload and get into position behind the enemy line. While getting into position we will assume a spread formation to dampen the impact of any shot thrown our way, we will also move at reduced speed to give our mounts some respite. Once in position we will observe the combat as best we can, if it seems the enemy is engaged and distracted we will form up and charge into the 24th with the intent to shatter them, however if it seems the enemy is disposed to repel us and notes our movement, we shall maintain our rough spread and charge for the enemy guns atop that hill."
                    Task Force Regenbogen- Support and Paras


                    • Major Holden is pleased with how things are progressing in the battle. The Badgers working hard to deny the Federals the chance of tasting the victory in rolling up the Rainbow's right flank, mowing down Yankee officers now that they were forced to move out in open as NCGG pressed hard upon Yankees' left flank. Satisfied with the work, Holden took a moment to order a couple of runners to stand by to receive his dispatches after he read the message from Colonel Fawcett and listening to the runner sent from Major Bird's Green Jackets.

                      To Colonel Fawcett,

                      Situation on our right flank is stabilized thanks to your sudden appearance. No idea what goes on at the other end of the Rainbow's line to the north. Green Jackets facing two good sized Yankee regiments, 30th & 84th NY.

                      As for the Badgers, we are exhausted from fighting all morning, but we are in good spirits now that you are here and Dashwood's Cavalry is behind our lines. We are determined to advance and press upon 84th NY. Need to roll up Yankee's left flank to relieve the pressure on Green Jackets.

                      I am happy to support your advance. We've done our sniping for day, it's time to take the fight to them!

                      God be with you, and sir, it is I who am your humble servant.

                      Gracefully yours,
                      Major Holden of the Badgers

                      Dispatching a message to Major Bird.

                      To Major Bird of Green Jackets,

                      Now that the situation on our right flank is stabilized, I'm determined to advance upon the troubled 84th NY. NCGG will sweep around the Yankee's left flank and get into their rear, with Dashwood's cavalry chasing after Yankee cavalry. Though I have no idea what Dashwood plans to do next as our communication is sketchy at best. Hopefully Dashwood will assist NCGG in sweeping around enemy's flank, though I cannot be sure of this.

                      Feel free to get up and advance toward your opponents. Rest assured, we WILL prevail here today!

                      Yours truly,
                      Major Holden, the Badgers

                      The Badgers will emerge from the sunken road and advance toward 84th NY, taking potshots at them as they march. Sporadic skirmishing & sniping at its finest. Wait for NCGG to complete its sweep, then loose a deadly volley of accurate rifle fire. Once 84th NY is engaged by other units, then.....

                      CHARGE at them! Have all men use pistols first and sabers second. Let loose a Rebel Yell!

                      Major Holden will lead from the front, with his pistol drawn out and saber in the other hand.

                      By God's grace, we will take the field TODAY and NOW.

                      Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

                      "Aim small, miss small."


                      • The Tarheels reform and start looking for another target. There is a battery of 12 pound Napoleons that look unprotected.

                        "I want three orderlies to me! One will take a message to the Blues. 'Gentlemen if you will advance and cover my rear, I will take out these pesky cannon.'

                        To the Tigers, 'Gentlemen, I am going to advance and take those guns. Would you please advance and take out those stragglers to your front?'

                        To Bates, will you advance with me and take the guns? Then you can fall on the 22nd New York's rear. We will support your advance on the 22nd'

                        Cousin Leroy, I am giving you a dozen nails. When we take those guns, I want you to stay behind and spike the guns. You only have to insert the nail in the touch hole and then tap it down with the butt of your pistol'

                        Give these orderlies a chance to deliver the messages and then we go!"

                        Major Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
                        Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

                        Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

                        by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


                        • Looks like we have a nice pincer-attack developing here.
                          I was right to stay put. I wish I could concentrate on the 30 NY, but if I try anything fancy one of the other two NY Regt's could move in and that would be it.

                          Guess we'll just have to wait for the Cavalry, and keep banging away with what we have left.

                          Tear 'em up, Gents!


                          • Wow, half the brigade has responded already. Tenative update on Tuesday, I'll do it sooner if full participation happens early.
                            Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                            • Having helped eliminate the cavalry threat, I switch the battery back to counterbattery fire on the Union position on the far hill again. More shot and shell for them to keep the disruption up.


                              • Maj Leroy takes Maj Pruitt's nails and gives a nod acknowledging his request and what he intends. He lines up his Tigers, who have taken a brief rest after watching the Yanks retreat, redistributing men, ammo, rations, and water. "Are you sure you don't want the Tigers to turn those guns around and hear them roar against their masters? Just a thought since we are staying behind, and if we find ourselves having to leave those guns we can still spike them."

                                In any case, he orders his Captains to advance their companies quick time, close order to clear the way of Yankee infantry. Advance in line for a clear shot, fire a volley, and if no response, continue to advance while reloading, fire another volley until we are 50 yards and then charge or stop if they run away. Then we maintain our position until Bates and Pruitt capture the guns, then move on the guns once taken. If incoming artillery fire, double time and open ranks.

                                Maj Leroy
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