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Rainbow Brigade, Episode 4, August 1862

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  • Rainbow Brigade, Episode 4, August 1862

    (Since the refit is literally one PM from completion, I'll get this started)

    After months of resting, refitting, and training, Rainbow finally recieves orders. Rainbow has been relieved by NC Militia regiments who can cover the coast, and hopefully siege the lodgement on Roanoke Island in time.

    The telegram comes in for the General in mid-August:

    Attention to Orders, Headquarters, Army of Northern Virginia

    Rainbow is to immediately entrain and depart for Manassas Junction for assignment with the Army of Northern Virginia.

    Upon Arrival Rainbow Brigade should report without delay to Major General JEB Stuart and perform duties as tasked.

    Union Forces are preparing for a major offensive operation and all available veteran units are to transit post-haste in their current state and without delay.

    Signed with regards,

    R.E Lee
    Commanding General
    Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene

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    Stonewall Jackson does not want us?

    Major Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
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      All will be made clear in time
      Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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        August 30th

        Rainbow's move to Virginia was exceptionally boring, with a small hiccup of a bad bearing that costs them a day. Arriving at Manassas late on the 30th, the officers go to the headquarters while NCOs supervise the disembarkation.

        On the way, Rainbow learns that Jackson and Longstreet's Corps have just defeated the Army of Virginia under John Pope in a brutal two day engagement. Arriving at ANV headquarters, they are informed by an adjutant that General Stuart is not in and isn't expected to be in until the morning at the earliest. He is out with a troop of cavalry, somewhere North of the Manassas battlefield. General Lee, however, is in his quarters.

        Does Rainbow wait until the morning and try to find General Stuart, or report to General Lee instead?
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          Reporting in is reporting in. If we ca't get Stuart, Lee will do.

          Major Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
          Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

          Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

          by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


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            Our orders were to report to Stuart at Manassas. We're at Manassas. We've reported to the senior staff at that location. Lee is senior to Stuart. Our commander should report to him and allow Lee to make a decision on our disposition.


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              Allthough Sennef hasn't met JEB Stuart yet, he has heard a couple of things about the cavalier attitude of general Stuart.
              Considering that Stuart may on may not be back in the morning earliist while his orders stipulated to report asap, general Sennef choses to report for duty to general Lee instead.


              You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


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                August 30th, nigh midnight

                General Sennef leaves the Rainbow staff waiting and goes in to report to General Lee. He reports the arrival of Rainbow at Manasass, and the numbers he brings to a somewhat haggard General.

                Brigade stores Unattached to units
                12 Wagons (24 men)

                Legendary Stars: 3

                Gardnerís Battery (Maj. Gardner)(TAG)
                2 x 3.5in Blakely Rifles
                4 x 10lb Parrott Rifles
                1 Wagon
                52 Men (grey-blue uniforms w/ red facings)
                Smoothbore Musket/Bayonet

                Richterís Battery (Capt. Richter)(Exorcist)(Soldier Bonus)
                6 x 12lb Howitzers
                78 men (Dark Grey Shell Jackets/Trousers)
                1853 Enfield/Bayonet, Single-shot pistol

                Tar Heel Troop (Maj. Pruitt)(Pruitt)
                127 Cavalry (Grey Jackets, Jeancloth trousers, assorted covers)
                3 x 1860 Colt Army
                Enfield Short Rifle

                Sennefís Saddle Blazers (Brig. Gen. Sennef)(Sennef)
                120 Cavalry (blue/grey uniforms, Crimson Cavalry Hats some with ostrich plumes)
                Tranter Revolver
                Sharps Carbine

                Birdís Green Jackets (Maj. Bird)(Capt AFB)(Businessman Bonus)
                412 Infantry (Green Sack Coats and Trousers)
                Jaegergewehr 1856/59 / Bayonet (+50% ammo)
                Bowie Knives/Hatchets
                Wagon of Supplies and Ammunition in personal stores (+50% ammo when stationary for 1hr)

                Finchís Battalion (Maj. Finch)(Snowy)
                434 Infantry (Variety of Homespuns, good boots)
                1853 Enfields/Bayonets
                Shovel or Axe per man

                Batesí Company (Bvt. Col. Bates)(Sen)(Businessman Bonus)
                160 Infantry (Green Sack Coats, Butternut Trousers)
                Calisher & Terry Carbines
                Single-shot Pistol

                Tiger Rifles (Maj. Leroy)(Fritgern)(Soldier Bonus)
                255 Infantry (Blue/White Striped Pantaloons, Red Shirts/Blue-Red Jackets), Straw Hats & Fezzes)
                1841 Dreyse Rifle (Adds Capt. Von Trapp)

                Georgia Badgers Militia (Maj. Holden)(Cheetah)(Businessman Bonus)
                150 Infantry (Solid Green Sack Coat and Trousers, Brown leathers, brogans and Slouch Hat)
                Whitworth Rifles w/Globe sights (1200yd range)
                Kerr Revolvers
                1796 Heavy Cavalry Sword (carried on baldric)

                General Lee rises from his desk and buttons on his coat before walking with the General outside into the muggy August air to speak to all of the officers.

                "Gentlemen, it is unfortunate that you could not have arrived here yesterday. I am certain that such numbers of fine blooded troops would have been a boon to our assault upon Pope's Army. General Stuart is off scouting to the North. Now we sit at a dilemma. General Pope's battered Army is at Centreville but he is not quickly withdrawing. If we can get around him the West and to Germantown, we may catch part of his army and prevent their retreat towards Washington.

                Lincoln knows that we cannot sit here on the defensive indefinitely. No gentlemen, he knows that we must attack and force a resolution to the war or gain recognition from European powers as a viable state. It is my intentions to very shortly go on the offensive, and our chances of success are much greater if the Army of Virginia and the Army of the Potomac are not allowed to combine their strengths.

                General, you may depart when you feel it proper, but do not unduly delay. Scout Germantown and determine if it can be taken and held, and do what you can to prevent Pope from retreating through the junction. You will likely meet General Stuart on the road, he was going the same way. I will send Jackson's Corps as soon as they are able to move. With God's help we can take a step towards ending this carnage."


                It is midnight, the men and horses are tired from days on the train. You can leave in the morning when the men have rested and you can see the roads, or you can leave immediately. No guide is available at the moment, you'll have to suffice with maps.
                Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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                  General Sennef comes to a quivering salute when general Lee departs.

                  He feels that eight hours is no unduly delay and that the rest will do Rainbow a lot of good.
                  Besides, departure by daybreak will prevent Rainbow from getting lost at the very beginning.

                  He turns to his officers:
                  "Gentlemen, Rainbow will be ready to march out tomorrow 8 AM".

                  You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


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                    The new 1st Louisiana Special Battalion

                    Maj. Leroy oversees the arrival of new men and the turning in of all their Enfields and issuing of the Dreyse rifles. Even for him, these rifles are a new thing. He can already see the potential they bring as well as the effect upon the enemy. At least doubled fire rate, and he thinks he can train his Tigers to improve. He picks Capt. Von Trapp's mind on their function and use. He is especially interested in how they can be used in unconventional means where muzzleloaders make it near impossible to be loaded prone. His men have already learned how to do that but these rifles will make that significantly easier! Nevertheless, he is worried that with the more pieces and parts of the rifle makes it easier to fail. He makes sure to emphasize this to the NCOs once they fully understand how it works and how to clean it. He informs his officers that he will personally inspect rifles at random for cleanliness and function at any time, especially the newest members of the Tigers. He expects everyone to at least know how to fire the weapon before we take off, with more instruction while moving and at rests until we reach the next battlefield.

                    He informs Cpt Von Trapp, his supply, and Rainbow's supply that he immediately requests any and all extra consumable parts and special tools to be urgently sent for these rifles to make sure that if any do break down, we can repair them expediently. He also wants to make sure his men have double the ammo (premade cartridges preferably) they usually carry.

                    When available he wants to make sure all his men get some range time with these rifles so they know how they shoot it before being thrown into combat.

                    Lastly, he has his men gather what red, white, blue and yellow cloth around, some thread and needles and some men sew up battalion colors. Two opinions for the flag were made and a vote was held. One was for the Republic of Louisiana with the letters 1st Louisiana Tigers written on the third white stripe from top, while the other was this absurd and mockingly hilarious flat, which was all white with the words "Gentle as a..." with a picture of a cute little lamb right in the middle. Everyone had quite a chuckle with that. Cooler heads prevailed and 60% of the vote carried the more traditional flag of our home.

                    1st Louisiana Special Troops "Tigers" colors

                    Maj. Leroy
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                      My battery has a blacksmith and forge wagon attached to perform repairs on the guns (SOP for artillery and something I mentioned very early on) so we could make parts on a small scale if necessary. But, my artificers can't let the guns fall into disrepair either...


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                        Major Pruitt order some drills. There is Formation Drills, Dismount and Target Practice on horseback. The new guys need to know what we are doing.

                        Major Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
                        Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

                        Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

                        by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


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                          With reinforcements, the Green Jackets are now 412-strong.

                          Divided in three 135-strong companies, the new recruits were blended as much as possible with the veterans, keeping the battalion's level of experience as a crack unit.

                          Recruits were easily identifiable in the ranks. Not all of them had green jackets. To ensure rank discipline, each recruit was flanked by two veterans.

                          Each company include a captain, a 1st Lt and two 2nd Lt. Everyone in the company were carrying a rifle. The officers, in addition to sword and revolver, also opted to carry a rifle.

                          Maj Bird, Capt Frumm (XO) and Lt Dyers (Adjutant) were the only officers on horseback and not carrying a rifle. The Sergeant-Major stayed on foot carrying rifle and a revolver. Cpl Ross, a former veterinary aid, completed the Battalion HQ and acted as messenger and medic, depending on the need at the time.

                          A Quartermaster sergeant with a storeman, an old but solid-looking soldier, completed the battalion. They would be found driving the battalion supply wagon. Three civilian cooks (one recruited in CC) could also be found in the back of the supply wagon, with their large cooking pots secured to the outside of the wagon.


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                            As they left Carolina City, Maj Bird notices about 200 new recruits that were left behind instead of filling the ranks of Rainbow units.

                            "Unbelievable!" he thinks, "We are going into another fight, and another 300-to-400 strong unit with Rainbow could make a difference on the battlefield, but some unit commanders rather think that the experience of their troops would make that difference, rather than numbers...What borderline arrogant attitude!...I hope they are right!"


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                              The loss of Dee's Hussars and K's crack NCGG troops will hurt us, no question about it.

                              Unless we get a new player, this is what we get for now.

                              However, I have utmost confidence in our boys, we've been victorious in every battle so far. By grace of God, we will truly manage somehow and still emerge victorious once again.

                              Major Holden
                              Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

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