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Rainbow Brigade Ep. 3, April 1862

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  • TacCovert4

    As this is the first field battle in which this will matter:

    Occasionally, if your unit has been engaged for a bit, you might see it noted in your resolution that you're running low on ammunition. The three criteria for getting 'resupplied' are as follows:

    1) Not be in close combat.
    2) Not be cut off from the rear, in this case from the road at your entry-edge of the map.
    3) Simply make a request in your orders.....Sennef doesn't have to order it, the supply sergeants with the Brigade wagon train are capable of fulfilling this.


    Bird: Due to your choice to have weapons with lighter-weight ammo, you have 50% more ammunition immediately on hand. You also chose to have a wagon specific to your Battalion, so you won't be running low on ammo for quite some time.

    Gardner: Your battery has 2 wagons directly attached to it, so you don't have to concern yourself for quite some time.

    Note: The curse of having a wagon directly attached to you is that it can't keep up with cavalry (so cavalry can't have one attached unless they want to choose to move that SLOW).....and if you're ROUTED the wagon is automatically considered to be lost.

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  • Capt AFB
    Last preparations are made. The Green Jackets sergeant-major sets the battalion in company columns. Company officers waiting for the sergeant-major and company NCOs to complete the line up before taking their position with their respective companies.

    Major Bird and Cpt Frumm, XO, were on horseback chatting. They were moving slowly to the front of the column where Holden's company was gathering for the move, to discuss any last minute details with Maj Holden.

    Lt Dyers, left a few minutes ago, to join Finch's battalion and Hammer 1 as what could be called the GJ's Liaison Officer.

    The GJ Quartermaster and his wagon have left to join Rainbow Brigade supply train in the rear.

    Behind the GJ columns, Dee's Hussars were forming up. Many still mounted on their horse, but getting ready to dismount and walk along the GJ column during the move through the thick forest.

    Business-like, the GJ mood was good, with a bit of exchanges of banter, mostly directed to the new recruits going into their first fight.

    The Green Jackets were ready.
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  • TacCovert4

    About 13-ish hours before I start the update. The Union is ready, or at least they think they are.....are you?

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  • Colonel Sennef
    Originally posted by Capt AFB View Post
    Finch has a good question. Does the general prefer, during the SE move,:

    Hammer 1 column is followed by Hammer 2 column, so that Hammer 1 move North starts before Hammer 2 - Therefore, a staggered move North but it allows Hammer 2 to be redirected, if necessary.


    Hammer 2 column is followed by Hammer 1, so the move North by both Hammers are done simultaneously.
    Originally posted by Cheetah772 View Post
    Exactly. Hence my earlier question to Colonel Sennef on where our units are in the marching order. Just as in real life, knowing where units are in marching order will play some influence in formulating a tactical plan.

    I would prefer the Hammer 1 to go first, because that provides some cover for Hammer 2's flanks. Hammer 1 has the most direct route to Carolina City, though it takes through the forest. Hammer 2 has the lengthiest route, having to go around the forest to get through the open space before Carolina City. That exposes our flanks to potential enemy attacks.

    Whatever it is, we'll have to march in good order quickly to our objectives. No dithering in the open space before the forest.
    Correct analysis and good questions gentlemen.
    This plan is based on improvisation,
    so I prefer a staggered, flexible move.

    If the enemy is not where I expect him to be we will have to adjust accordingly.

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  • Frtigern
    Maj Leroy calls his XO Cpt Beaumont. "We are the reserve. Make sure all men are fully equipped and ready at a moment's notice."
    Cpt Beaumont, "Roger, should we have them do anything?"
    "Nope, just make sure they rotate out meals and rest. Weapons should be clean already," Leroy replies, "The new guys integrated yet?"
    "Roger," as Beaumont remembers the first encounter that started with the smallest Tiger, who also happens to be the bravest, who approached the Alpha in the new group. Needless to say, the new guys got a taste of some of that southern Tiger ferocity and after many bruises and cuts, they laughed it off, accepting the new guys into the club. Some of the old guys don't attach easily and keep their distance, but they train them just the same so they don't them all killed.

    At every available moment they are tested, both the new guys from the previous battle and these new guys. They rehearse together on how to reform in different formations by voice or bugle. Once they get that down, they are assigned their 4 man teams when they are in loose formation. Tiger's practice how to shape the line by breaking it into three sections. Its still one line but each flank can pivot forward or backwards independently while maintaining the integrity of the line. New guys start in the middle, most experienced on flanks. Physical stamina is emphasized as Tiger's don't walk when advancing unless they have to. All movements are at a trot or a sprint depending on the situation. If permitting, all of us run once a day and if we can't leave an area they do shuttle runs until exhaustion. We start off the new guys light, no gear or weapons and gradually increase load to where they can run with all gear (we don't want injuries now). We also improve speed by having sprint races at the end of every run. Fastest runners are excused from details for that day but they also identify who will be messengers when needed.

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