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Rainbow Brigade Ep. 3, April 1862

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  • To Dee, I shout "Capture those Yankee's colors!"


    • OOC: Where hell are K and Dee in real life? It's been months since their last personal orders.

      I'm starting to think it's something other than computer issues wrecking their secret double lives in ACG forums.
      Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

      "Aim small, miss small."


      • OOC: No clue. I've sent PMs to both. If I don't get a response then unfortunately the Hussars and Grenadier Guards will be sent on other assignments at the conclusion of this battle.

        I've detailed my intentions to Sennef in that event, so Rainbow can compensate for the loss of over 200 crack troops with top-notch weapons before moving on to the next and larger battle....Spoiler Alert: Chantilly.....
        Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


        • I'll happily adopt the Grenadier Guards until K. returns, they seem to complement my own troops well, and since they can operate independently they offer some tactical flexibility I wouldn't normally have...

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          • I know you would, but that would be getting outside of the established rules a bit far. Hopefully one or both will return. If they don't I've worked up some things with Sennef that will hopefully smooth over their departure and keep things going in the direction that I'd like them to.....IOW the direction of the next engagement which is already 60% planned.
            Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


            • I do like the "operational" aspect of this game, whereby one battle follows from the first, and losses and experience are tracked.

              So whatever is needed to keep that system running smoothly, is fine by me.

              Limiting the number units to track is of course an obvious one
              Lambert of Montaigu - Crusader.

              Bolgios - Mercenary Game.


              • Glad you enjoy it. And yes, the smaller number makes resolution a bit simpler. Otoh if anyone wants to recruit an additional player I'll be more than happy to oblige.
                Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                • As long as tonight isn't crazy I intend to update.
                  Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                  • April 5th, 1000hrs

                    North to South

                    As Pruitt's Troopers wheel about and check their weapons momentarily, NCOs shoving a number of green troopers on their first battle into place, Bates and the 25 Mass stand locked in engagement, trading shot for shot as the standing formation of bluecoats fire on the kneeling skirmishers. The speed of loading keeps the engagement in Bates favor for now, though men continue to fall from the sheer weight of volleys from the larger force.

                    Continuing the exchange Bates men notably take out several obvious officers trying to lead the formation in a general advance, temporarily styming the Federal regiment. At the same time the bugle is sounding the charge of the Tar Heels into the trees, firing their carbines and pistols. The charge breaks down as they come across the railroad tracks, and the flanking companies of the 25th loose a volley that empties a number of saddles at the lead of the wedge, and Major Pruitt himself is wounded in the arm as he fires his revolver. Bates men take advantage of the confusion to take well aimed shots that lay more Federals out, but in the hectic close engagement the infantry definitely has the edge on the cavalry and the Tar Heels take heavy losses before the 25th has had enough and withdraws, companies breaking up as they fall back and the Tar Heels in no position to pursue.

                    Meanwhile, Richter's guns and the Tigers keep up a desultory fire on the 23rd, holding them at bay but not forcing them to fall back any further.

                    Gardner's guns fire on the dispersed mob that was the 27th, adding to the chaos if not causing as many casualties as they had done to the previously ordered ranks. Dee's Hussars mount up under the trusty Adjutant and burst out of the trees, aiming to get to the mounted Brigade command party that is busy trying to reorganize the scattering men. Closing with pistols and sabers, they crash into the disordered mass, but their low numbers bog down quickly. The Brigade command party easily evades them, leaving the Hussars snarled in the middle of panicked infantry, hacking this way and that with their sabers as they fight to extricate themselves, men being bayoneted out of the saddle by frightened footsloggers just trying to get away. Gardner's fire on the 10th Connecticut is far more effective, and the already small regiment breaks up as it runs to put the railroad station betwixt them and the great guns.

                    Finches Battalion makes a swap with the Grenadier Guards in the face of the 9th New Jersey, taking up position in and between the houses as they face down a comparable or greater regiment than their own. The Grenadiers retire through the lines and reform behind, taking the time to change needles and do whatever else is required before the next assault is called. The veteran Finches have the better of the exchange, but it is still an exchange, and there will be some good boots available to new recruits come tomorrow as the street fight grows in engaging from opposing windows and even inside the same houses as ranges close to less than fifty yards.

                    Major Bird sweeps the warehouse with his men, finding it clear but hearing the sounds of a swelling firefight in the town proper. At the double quick Major Holden leads his Badgers to the warehouse and finds it a low structure without many high windows but with a reasonably solid roof which his men attain with some difficulty and begin to look for targets.

                    Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                    • Finch will be with his men in the frontline, pistol and axe in hand.

                      He will reposition individuals, hand out ammo, order a short withdrawal or advance here or there, fire a few shots and given half a chance bash an enemy skull in with his axe to set an example.

                      "Hold steady men, ...Bird is going around their right flank, it's a matter of minutes."

                      The object of all this is psychological more than strictly tactical, create the impression that everything is under control, since my actual control over this street fight would be all in all limited.
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                      Lambert of Montaigu - Crusader.

                      Bolgios - Mercenary Game.


                      • Anticipated Update to be Friday if I can get orders in in time. I like to be able to give Snowy his update before his weekend.
                        Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                        • The Legion will reorganize and treat the wounded. Carbines and Pistols will be policed up and horses seen to. Wounded Yankees will be treated and seen to. Yankee weapons will be picked up. The Regimental Surgeon will be assisted. Care will be taken that any probes by the 25th MA will be met. Any coffee and cheese taken from Yankee casualties will be given to the wounded.

                          "Orderly, tell the Colonel of our casualties and that the Major is wounded and bandaged, with his arm in a sling. We possess our part of the field and are watching for any probes. We await his orders."

                          Major Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
                          Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

                          Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

                          by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


                          • OOC: Tac, how far can my men see into the town proper? Do my men have a good view of the town proper into which they can snipe from the warehouse's roof?

                            Major Holden's Orders (subject to change):

                            1.) Major Holden will climb atop the roof and take a view of the surroundings. He should take note of the surroundings to the east, where there's a possibility of fresh Union reinforcements coming down or Union forces retreating from the engagements in the west taking the road that runs through the town proper.

                            2.) The Badgers will be stationed in a way they're able to move off the roof at a moment's notice and do so in an orderly fashion.

                            3.) Major Holden will order his men to open fire on the closest Yankee unit. If the enemy Brigade Command is sighted and the Badgers is able to take a shot, then take it. Officers first!

                            4.) As soon Green Jackets begin to move out and advance toward either the town proper itself or the large building to the northeast of our current position, the Badgers is to provide covering fire.
                            Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

                            "Aim small, miss small."


                            • With no viable target in sight now, I have the battery check fire. "Let's give our guns a good sponging and cleaning and let them cool down a bit men!" We give the guns a quick cleaning and ready them for further action.

                              I can't fire on the 27th without taking like casualties among Dee's cavalrymen, and the 10th is all but out of sight now.


                              • General Sennef sees the overall plan is holding well though in the North checked by the setback against the cavalry and in the South by the cautious advance of Hammer 2.


                                1. Situation: See map attached!

                                Enemy to our north (2 regs: 23 and 25 MA) and east (3 regs). The morale of three of these (27 MA, 10 CT) seems to as low as rout.
                                No more enemy reinforcements are expected.

                                Own troops: Rainbow brigade with cavalry, infantry and artillery units.

                                2. Mission: hold at Anvil and execute Hammer 1 and 2.

                                3. Execution:
                                Commanders Intent:
                                Husband forces at Anvil, keep 23 and 25 MA in the forest north of the RR.
                                Dynamics at Hammer 1 and 2, rolling up enemy from the south


                                ANVIL: Husband forces!
                                Pruitt's Tar Heels: Disengage from 25MA and fall back on the farm to your SW. Reform and prepare for new action.
                                Bates Irregulars: Sent out skirmishers to cover Pruitt's retreat and keep pressure on25MA. Husband your forces.

                                Captain RichterReform. Have all guns manned and wounded transported out. Replenish stocks. Continue to keep 23MA discouraged to come out of the grove and cross the RR.
                                Major Leroy's Tigers to hold off 23MA.

                                Dee disengage from 27MAand withdraw to grove, put yourself under command of Sennef's Saddle Blazers.
                                Gardner's Battery,Replenish stocks once Dee has returned to own lines open fire on enemy command group and retreating 27 MA
                                Sennef's Saddle Blazers at horses in reserve role. Put Dee's cavalry under command.

                                HAMMER 1:
                                Finch's Battalion: proceed into CC till enemy contact with 9NJ but do not press. Let Hammer 2 do the magic.
                                NCGG: proceed into CC till enemy contact with 9NJ south of Finch's line. Asssist Holden Badgers with your grenades breaking in and turning the "Jersey Muskrats" flanks.

                                HAMMER 2: Aggressive Action!
                                Holden's Badgers Move into CC and aggressive action against southern flank of 9NJ. GG will assist with grenades rolling up 9NJ flank
                                Bird's Green Jackets Drop caution and attack rear of 9NJ.

                                4. Logistics For ANVIL units that hold, this is a good moment to replenish your stocks. Supply wagons and Aid station at western exit of the grove.

                                5. C&C: General Sennef South of G Btty.
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