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    Originally posted by Senorankka View Post
    I will volunteer for scouting duty, we are skirmishers after all. My men are experienced and are itching for action they know they can handle.

    Also I would like to recruits 10 more men to boost my numbers to 102 without losing my experience.
    On the second, Done.

    On the first, Scouting has already been completed. The results of it have already been given to Sennef so he can do some initial planning (he has some RL issues going on). I plan to post up the Thread for Episode 3 within the next 24 hours or so, with the map, scouting report, and general situation and objectives.
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      With reinforcements, the Green Jackets are now 322-strong.

      Divided in three 105-strong companies, the new recruits were blended as much as possible with the veterans, keeping the battalion's level of experience.

      Recruits were easily identifiable in the ranks. While the veterans still wore a green jackets, green pants and green felt hats, some of them stained with blood but worn with pride, the recruits received a green jacket and continued to wear their own trousers and their own hat - Many of the recruits a bit uneasy wearing a green jacket, some stained with sweat and blood, that was formally worn by a casualty...In the ranks, each recruit was flanked by two veterans.

      Each company include a captain, a 1st Lt and a 2nd Lt. Everyone in the company were carrying a rifle. The officers, in addition to sword and revolver, also opted to carry a rifle.

      Having learn from their experience with hand-to-hand fighting, veterans - soon copied by the recruits - scoured the battlefield for "prizes" and now each carried at least one knife or an artisan made hatchet, the Bowies knife being most popular.

      Maj Bird, Capt Frumm (the new XO) and now-Lt Dyers (the new Battalion Adjutant) were the only officers on horseback and not carrying a rifle. The Sergeant-Major stayed on foot carrying rifle and a revolver (a prize he took away from a dead Yankee officer.) A young Cpl Ross, a former veterinary aid, completed the Battalion HQ and acted as messenger and medic, depending on the need at the time.

      A Quartermaster sergeant with a storeman, an old but solid-looking soldier, completed the battalion. They would be found driving the battalion supply wagon. Two civilian cooks could also be found in the back of the supply wagon, with their large cooking pots secured to the outside of the wagon.

      The 3rd cook left in the morning with the wounded returning to their home county.


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        Since I know there have been some questions about how this works, and a few of you have gotten the mechanic explanation, or at least part of it, I figured I'd give the in-game explanation.

        Veterancy is defined along two parallel lines, Efficiency and Morale. I'm going do describe each level for Line Infantry, and you can draw parallels for Cavalry, Skirmishers, and Artillery respectively.

        Recruit/Green: Efficiency is low, these men wouldn't meet pre-war standards for regular army line troops. While they might load and fire three rounds in a minute on a good range day, they're averaging 1.5 at best in combat. Their skills with bayonet consist of holding it in the right direction and moving forward. Morale is also low, these men have little stamina built up and after combat or even running or a long march they won't stand in the line very long before the idea of getting out of the line of fire and resting seriously appeals to them.

        Regular: Efficiency meets the pre-war standards. They'll load and fire a bit better than 2 rounds a minute when engaged in a full-blown firefight and know the basics of bayonet fencing. They can march without wrecking their morale, and can even run into position given that it's not a terribly long dash.

        Veteran: These men have seen battle, there's no other way to get them to this point. They're a reliable force in a firefight and will load and fire three rounds a minute like clockwork. They will stand a bayonet charge and can deliver one with noticeable elan. They'll march all day and fight at the end of it, given that they don't have to run a whole lot, and they'll take morale shocks like being flanked without disintegrating.

        Crack: Think Jackson's Foot Cavalry. They've seen battle, and met the enemy up close. Many of the men have some scars from their experiences. They not only will fire at or slightly above 3 rounds a minute, they'll also aim much better while doing it, and in the pre-war Army could have given bayonet fencing demonstrations to crowds. In the morale department they'll accept any morale shock once, and can quick-march all day and then fight a battle at the end of it.

        Legendary: Long-serving troops with lots of combat experience, they've seen the elephant.....and thought it to be "jolly good sport". In efficiency they'll load and fire four rounds per minute like clockwork and have a synergy between the files to not only aim but make more shots count period. These guys are better with a knife than two recruits with bayonets and their elan shows it. In morale they can do the equivalent of running a couple of miles, firing for ten minutes, and then a two hundred yard charge, or see off twice their number in cavalry like it's another day at the office. The one downside is that while they'll practically die in place rather than be seen retreating, they are cocky enough to engage without orders if it will enhance their glorious reputations.
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