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Rainbow Brigade Ep. 2, March 1862

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  • Major Pruitt orders his men to mount up. "We are going to take a ride to the Northern edge of the woods. Dismounts will spread out and prepare to receive Yankees in the woods. Once we slow them down we will remount and ride back to the breastworks South of Finch. There we will prepare to receive an assault. The men will reload any chambers fired off in the action when we reach the breastworks.

    Major Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
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    • Dee orders his men to behave as planned, engaging at range, using cover and concealment, with the horses to carry them further back to remain beyond return fire.

      He glances towards the swamp and then counts the men he can see, trying to remember if his scouts had returned from their patrol as the battle commenced.


      • Maj Bird is peeved. Some of his troops have been taking potshots at the Yanks, which is not how they trained for this battle... His Sergeant Major is already on the case of the defaulters. He can see the embarrassed faces on his three young company commanders looking back at him from their position... Even the ever-happy Capt Frumm has a frown on his face, while his First Sergeant hits the back of the head of a shooter...

        Oh!Well! These are recruits at their first battle...At least, they are showing a desire to fight...

        Maj Bird got word that Holden is now pulling back, as is Dee, shooting his rounds on horseback before pulling back. Bates is somewhere behind to his right, his troops catching their breath as they prepare to fire at the enemy moving into the forest.

        Maj Bird is waiting for the enemy to be 200 yards away - looks like its going to be the 25 MA - to fire a volley, and then quickly and covertly as possible to retire to their second position 500 yards away, a bit past the halfway point through the forest.

        Capt Walsh, his second in command, with a 2Lt from each of his three companies, are already at the new line to quickly guide the troops into position. The troops have already practice this a few times, but in the heat of battles - as demonstrated by the potshots - things get a bit confused.

        The smoke produced by the volley is going to help cover their move. To add to the deception and slow down any forward movement by the enemy, each of three companies 1Lt are going to yell orders to give the illusion that the Green Jackets are reloading and fixing bayonets...and do so until all three companies have left the area.

        The three companies will each move individually to their new position. As they move back, each company's rear party will pull abatis and other obstacles into their respective withdrawing path.

        The area between the Green Jackets initial position and second position in the woods are full of obstacles abatis, trip wires, entanglements, pikes, hidden holes with pikes, etc...It will not be a walk in the park for any pursuing enemy...

        Bird hopes that the obstacles will not only slow the enemy but present him disorganized gaggles of enemy troops that will be shot to pieces by the Green Jackets.

        Once the Yanks reorganize themselves, Bird will order his Green Jackets to its last position at the end of the woods, with hopefully a repeat performance of the enemy stumbling across his laid obstacles. He gets word that Pruitt and his famed cavalrymen will be there to protect his left flank and aid his withdrawal to the main defence line, when time comes. That news puts a smile to his face.


        • I and my lieutenants walk between the guns encouraging the crews to keep up their fire on the ships. As I can see smoke is now becoming an issue in sighting them, I tell the gun captains to fire on what they can make out clearly as targets amid the smoke.
          I worry less that we're firing all on the same ship than that the shots are driven home rather than miss their target because of blindly firing.


          • Captain Bates strolls around the winded troops of his and checks them quickly. As he walks around he surveys the battlefield with his small telescope and gives the orders to his Lieutenants. Bates Irregulars are going to move to the line with Dee's Hussars and start producing aimed fire at the 24th Massachusetts.

            "Take cover and give them aimed fire! Shoot their Officers!"
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            Rear Admiral Sander Van der Zee, Commander of Dutch Far East Theatre
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            • (Maj Bird looks left and optical illusion seemed to have creep up out of nowhere...Somehow the troops of the other part of Rainbow brigade started looking like Roman ones in the old days of the Britannia...! "OK" he thinks, taking a drink from his water bottle "Let's finish this fight first, before running around with a bunch of Roman eagles!")


              • OOC: Hahaha. Don't worry AFB, Eagles Deux will take some development before they're ready to fly. It's targeted to launch either after the conclusion of this episode or at least after we're hotly engaged.

                Fawcett's restrained handling so far reflects his trust in his officers and his command style, no lack of interest in the engagement.
                Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


                • Update Warning......

                  Deadline for Orders or changes to orders is 2100hrs on Friday 11/3.

                  Current Orders as stands:

                  Finch: Hold

                  NCGG: Hold

                  Brittanics: Take position in the works (Central ones) and engage targets of opportunity after that if time allows.

                  Leroy/Militia: Take positions as outlined in front of Fort Thompson

                  Gardner: Continue firing at targets as a the moment concentrating on Southfield until a better target presents or Southfield withdraws/sinks

                  Dee: Maintain scout/skirmish cover along the Swamp, withdraw from the woods as the Yankees begin to close....pushing back on defensive works.

                  Holden: Withdraw to Western edge of woods. Take shots at enemy targets *officers* from this position if they are available. Withdraw in open order to position behind Finch and request further orders from Fawcett.

                  Bates: Form up on Dee's general position and engage the Yankees by fire, withdrawing as necessary to keep range open. Targeting officers if possible.

                  Pruitt: Ride to edge of the wood, take Yankees under fire if they draw within range, cover withdrawal of infantry from wood and prevent them from being cut off.

                  Bird: Fire mass volley then withdraw to second abatis line 500yds inside wood. Fire volleys from there and then withdraw as enemy advances.

                  Saddle Blazers: Hold position and maintain readiness
                  Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                  • OOC: I have already gotten my role in the Eagles reDeux, and it's not one complex enough to stop the current update pace. Within reason I intend on finishing this campaign. There will at least be an episode 3 (what it is depends on the result of this battle) and I'm working on possibilities for episodes 4 and 5, maybe in a new theater than Eastern NC.
                    Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                    • March 18th, 0720hrs

                      New Bern Map

                      With Finch and the Grenadiers snug in their respective positions, Colonel Fawcett looks on as the 'general's battle' of New Bern devolves into the 'soldier's battle' of the wood.

                      Tremayne and his gunners get their howitzers back to their defensive position. Leroy also manages to withdraw his men to their first defensive line, maintaining something akin to good order. They can see two regiments continuing to march in their wake, keeping an orderly line as they deliberately advance.....that's their 20 minutes of this battle.


                      In the wood, the action is hot and heavy. Holden's Badgers stay true to their name and badger the enemy constantly, their fire making it dangerous to be an officer on the front line or on horseback. Yet they come on.

                      To the South, Dee and Bates both fire on the enemy, causing some casualties, but with the numerical disparity they're just not slowing him down appreciably. It's at this time that the Union commander seems to be no longer willing to be led by the nose. The regiments stop, fix bayonets, and then advance at the double-quick, closing on the treeline. Bates and Dee both continue to take potshots and then make to withdraw before they're in the line of fire, Dee's Hussars having horses mean that they get back to their own first line of fortifications in quick order, while Bates' men trudge across the damp ground towards the main defensive line farther to the rear.

                      When the Federals get close to the trees, Bird makes his move "FIRE", and 480 Swiss Rifles go off in a rolling volley, leaving a dense cloud of smoke and causing fewer casualties than might have been expected. The Federals return fire, sending a number of green jackets into the earth despite the cover of the trees. Then the Federals run into the forest, and right into the scattered brush and brambles of abatis that had been in place, slowing their advance. Cries of fix bayonets and charge and other conflicting orders are shouted as the Green Jackets duck behind the trees to get to their second line.

                      Holden's men continue to fire, at nearly point-blank range for their rifles now, and kill a number of men but they're forced to withdraw by the closing regiment as well. The Massachusetts troops keep pushing through the woods as fast as they can, pressed on by their surviving officers to quickly come to grips with this foe that's been tormenting them for the past hour. They can't come to grips with them, but they do get some hits with their Springfields. The Badgers and Green Jackets bite back, but in the grove the combination of a slight morning mist and smoke makes finding a fleeting target very difficult.

                      After firing their second volley, both Holden and Bird use the concealment to leave the forest and head back to the main line, finding that Pruitt's Tar Heels have ridden up to the edge of the wood and are in a long-range carbine duel with the 10th Connecticut, trading shots at extreme ranges and without effect. With their flank covered, the two units get out of the woods and on their way to solid fortifications for the real battle to come. From astride his horse, Pruitt can see columns of men marching onto the field.....more regiments for the Federal Army......

                      ======Fort Thompson======

                      Gardner's Battery continues to pound the Southfield, getting pathetic return fire from the beleagured steamship. It is obvious that she is starting to take a list, and she turns away to make an escape downriver. Valley City's volley on the fort does a significant amount of damage to the Columbiad's embrasure, and comes within a hair of dismounting the gun within, but somehow avoids causing casualties or directly damaging the gun for now. The next ship in line, larger and possibly the Philadelphia, fires a gun at the fort as well....and more booming down river heralds yet another ship in the column bringing guns to bear on Fort Thompson. The glacis of the fort is starting to show some wear, but as of yet the embrasures and magazines are mostly safe. Down below the fort walls, the Tigers and militia huddle in their trenches, safe from the bombardment but with a mild concern that the Yankee sailors might turn their attentions to them instead of the big guns. More volleys are traded, and Valley City catches a hit from the big 68lb shell, apparently rupturing steam lines and causing her to lose way, while bolts from the smaller guns tear up her superstructure. Return fire from three ships mauls the face of the fort, and the gunners within start to get concerned about the exposure of their position if their timbered walls are stripped away.....

                      Things are starting to get heated on all fronts, but it seems that this battle will be in jerks and starts, and it could be another wait before things reach a frenzied pace.......
                      Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                      • Yet again Bates Irregulars fired their shots at advancing men, but without noticeable effect. As men fell dead one by one the regiment just continued their advance.

                        Again Bates had to wave his officers around and get the company back in action. Ordering the men to take position with Dee's Hussars, they would shoot concentrated fire instead of fire at will. Moving back if needed to withdraw.
                        From Devastation - Knights Twilight Warhammer 40,000 Quest
                        Rear Admiral Sander Van der Zee, Commander of Dutch Far East Theatre
                        "There is never enough firepower!"


                        • Fawcett sits his horse, not exactly sanguine about the loss of life among his Rainbow comrades but accepting it as the cost of doing business.

                          By and large all is proceeding according to plan and so he sends out a pair of adjutants from among the Saddle Blazers to help guide the withdrawing formations to their places in the line without doubling up.

                          The real fight is soon to begin.
                          Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


                          • I order the two Blakely crews, along with the 68 pdr., to switch to percussion (impact fuze) shell while encouraging all the gun crews to keep up their fire.
                            I know the Blakely crews know how to properly work the fuzes and make sure they'll go off, while the Parrott crews are less familiar with this so they're better off staying with shot.
                            After all, if the round doesn't go off, it's no less effective than shot, and if it does, it's going to add to the damage.


                            • Cpt Leroy checks his men along the fort, including the militia keeping in mind the incoming sounds of shells. The Tigers are calm and anxious, and the militiamen are nervous, but hiding it badly with a scared excitement about seeing some action but not so much that they feel despair. That was nothing for what is to come, and with the numbers badly against us I expect a brutal bloody fight for this fort and only him and the Tiger's can inspire some sense of order with these militiamen. He asks who the hunters are in the militia and orders them to shadow his best marksmen. They will be alternating with them so they can get some practice and maybe surprise us. He hopes that when they go back to their militia they will be inspired by seeing the Tiger's in action and instilling that with them. Being so outnumbered, we will use our cover to send as many aimed bullets as soon as they get within range at the enemy with priority to rank.
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                              • As the smoke bellows out of the woods, with men helping wounded comrades limping toward the fortified line, while others continuing to fire on the enemy, never before has Holden been so proud of his men undergoing the baptism of fire, which for many was the first real intense action. Holden was grateful for the cover provided by Dee and Pruitt's cavalry units, and appreciated the hard work put forth by Bird and Bates alike. No one broke too early for the safety of fortifications, which was a good thing in Holden's mind as his eyes looked on the men retreating past him across the open space in good order.

                                Player's Orders:

                                1.) Continue the retreat toward the fortified line, pick up the pace and regroup at the line, take inventory of the loss and make battlefield promotions if some officers didn't make it.

                                2.) Send a runner to Colonel Fawcett, to ask him where to direct Holden's command behind the line. Holden presumes Fawcett will want Holden's men to be given the best spots along the line to provide long range fire support.
                                Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

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