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Rainbow Brigade Ep. 2, March 1862

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    Well, considering that all of your formations are considered anything but militia, I doubt there's any real confusion. I've been slowly modifying names on units to whatever is typically used and so on. Generally speaking, at least locally, your units are considered to be a bit of a celebrity item....though I doubt the Coast Division has heard of you outside of some references from General Miles very poor review board, which emphasized his incompetence and drunkeness as blame for the disaster at Union Mills instead of saying that the Confederates deployed a far better brigade.

    Conversely, the 'militia' on the map are equipped with smoothbores, some of them are probably muskets you captured and sold to the state, and wearing whatever clothing they have on hand.
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      Holden is certainly aware of which formation is his, I agree.

      Looking across the map Fawcett (and I) have every confidence in our commanders' ability to conduct a fighting retreat back to our intended positions. If Bird and Holden want to make more of a fight of it I'm not going to gainsay my local tactical commanders insofar as their intent doesn't interfere with the overall objectives.

      After his efforts at seasoning the Tarheels through this past winter and his sterling efforts in fixing and finding the Coast Division, Fawcett trusts that Major Pruitt will do the utmost to ensure his formation is ready for use as a tactical reserve or (ideally) to pursue and run Burnside's boys into oblivion after the infantry and arty turn and break them.
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        Major Pruitt stands ready to go forward to pursue a beaten foe, or to also beat feet back to New Bern to defeat a landing. Colonel Sennef's Troops are welcome to come along!

        "Orderly, I want the men to strip off the saddles and rub down their mounts. Then they will feed them a ration of grain. Check the horses for loose shoes. When this is done they can draw bacon and crackers and boil some coffee. Looks like we did not dress up for nothing!"

        Major Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
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          Cpt Leroy asks what type of boats may be coming up river and whether they will sail within rifle range of the fort. I want to know if my marksmen will have anything to shoot at if those ships someone knock out our guns or just ignore them all together. Of course our focus is on enemy infantry but if they decide not to follow us along the river bank.
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            Originally posted by TacCovert4 View Post
            Map According to plan/orders

            Orders Deadline is Tuesday, 1800est.

            If you don't like where you're positioned for the start of the battle, change your orders before Tuesday.


            Expect Shooting to start with the next update. Gardner can see mast tops coming up the river.
            I'm OK with my position, but I fear I may not be around to issue commands when they may be needed most.

            I'll be on tomorrow, but then most likely gone 'till next Monday.

            Though my troops will no doubt fire and attempt to hold their ground, if anything extraordinary is expected of them, higher echelon may have to assume command.

            (If it helps to make a believable narrative, have Finch take a minor wound to explain his absence until I return.)

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              I say chaps, what are the chances of detachments of the foe penetrating the rough ground to our south and emerging to do mischief in our rear? (blue arrows)
              Do we have a few chaps down there to give early warning of their approach?
              Even small enemy "harassing detachments" would disrupt our attempts to fall back to our fortified line in an orderly fashion, and I'm especially concerned in case they specifically target my horses (how very unsporting!) which would mean I'd have no way of withdrawing my 4 guns.
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                Spike, I think that the exits to the swamp are something that Dee is going to keep an eye on. At least according to the primary plan as it was laid out, Dee's only on the 'front line' for the moment as a part of the plan to force the Federals to fully deploy and get some quick casualties before withdrawing to the works. Dee does have 2 series of works he can operate in and around there.....

                Also OOC:

                Any changes to Orders shall be made by 1700EST on Tuesday (Tomorrow).

                Current orders:

                Bates: Engage in a couple of skirmishing volleys, then withdraw by way of the woods down to Dee and operate in that area as skirmishers.

                Dee: Engage in a couple of volleys then withdraw to the works and secure the right flank.

                Bird: Engage the enemy from cover in the woods and fall back as needed.

                Holden: Engage the enemy from cover in the woods, primarily targeting officers, and withdraw as needed.

                Britannic Battery: Engage the enemy from the forward position until they reach rifle range, then withdraw to the works in the center and begin firing again.

                Leroy/Militia (attached): Engage the enemy at extreme range with a couple of volleys then withdraw to the works before taking significant casualties.

                Finch: Hold Position

                Grenadiers: Dig entrenchment and hold Left Flank against enemy movements

                Pruitt: Rest and prepare

                Sennef: Rest and prepare

                Gardner: Engage first ship in column as soon as it comes within range.

                I think this covers the gist of the orders for everyone for this phase.

                Quick note on phases: length will depend on the enemy action, since you are on defense. If Burnside is moving slowly, it'll be an hour. If the action is growing heated, it'll shift to 20m turns.
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                  Thank God the bored part is almost over. Let the real fun begin!
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                    Dee's Hussars should perform recon on the swamp and its surrounds, speak to the locals and find out whether anyone knows a path through the swamp. If so, they should be invited back to Rainbow's deployment area to indicate where the path comes out. They will not be detained (although they are asked to keep this information to themselves), but Dee can then anchor his position around this outlet. Otherwise Dee should remain a mobile reserve and flank guard on our right until opportunities develop.
                    Indeed, the orders are dispatched, the Hussars to move out and act as the eyes and ears on the right, a half-dozen moving in pairs to act as scouts in case there is a flanking maneuver - though remaining close enough to return to battle at the sound of engagement (riding to the sound of the guns, as it were).

                    Dee himself keeps a few of his most capable riders near himself (six in total) near the rightmost exit, in case he needs to dispatch them quickly, though as he crushes another insect against his neck he is somewhat irked at his proud Hussars having to go trodding through the muck.

                    The rest of his men are split up to watch the few more solid exits from the swamp (a dozen to each), using the local fauna and wood and works to serve as cover if necessary. As much pride as he has in his Hussar's fine look, Dee isn't a conservative military man and has no issue having his men use their accurate rifles from behind cover.

                    It's just more efficient, really, and as a business man, he sees many things in a cost/benefit frame of mind. Every man saved by crouching behind a stump is one less rifle and uniform that needs to be purchased.

                    So of the 54 men:

                    6 scouting in swamp in pairs
                    12 x 3 guarding the exits to the swamp, dismounted and with some effort to make cover for themselves if necessary
                    12 serving as HQ, messengers and reserve, near rightmost path

                    In combat, they will put their rifles to good work, using the works and any cover to their fullest.
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                      I intend to hold fire until the ship(s) approach to under a mile (less than 2,000 yards). That way the field guns can effectively engage them along with the Columbiad. I will also open fire if the ship(s) begin to fire on our line forward.
                      We will be using shot and bolts for the time being. I want to smash up the ship(s) some and dismount the guns on them if possible.


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                        Originally posted by Frtigern View Post
                        Cpt Leroy asks what type of boats may be coming up river and whether they will sail within rifle range of the fort. I want to know if my marksmen will have anything to shoot at if those ships someone knock out our guns or just ignore them all together. Of course our focus is on enemy infantry but if they decide not to follow us along the river bank.
                        The blighters seem to have an assortment of vessels and I'm not sure what armament they carry; but those with paddle wheels look rather vulnerable because a cannonball through a paddle wheel would render them dead in the water..
                        (PS- Our beloved Gamesmaster told me a while ago that it's ok for me to post pics so here are some, they're quite large so I'm using a 'Spoiler' tag that an AG mod once told me is best for big pics)

                        New Bern riverine craft



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                          Big sea going ships can carry up to 20 or so big guns. The small Riverine vessels carry only a few. Some ships were called Tinclad and Timberclads and they had light armor. Some side wheelers and stern wheelers had a bit of boiler armor over the wheels and boiler room. Small steam gunships are quite vulnerable and can be taken out by holing the boiler. Keep in mind also that ships move up and down and sideways as they travel. A shore battery can really cause damage once they get the range.

                          The Second Invasion of Sabine Pass sailed up the Sabine and wondered what those colored posts were in the water? They were range stakes and the first three steamers that went in didn't come out! Lieutenant Richard Dowling and 48 ex-longshoremen from Galveston manned four 12 Pound Smoothbores and defeated this attempt.

                          Keep in mind that the river we are at is much deeper and wider than the Sabine! New Bern was a seaport.

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                            This is the sort of river craft I'd be expecting:

                            Wood clad at best, unprotected in many cases. Mounting a few cannon of the larger field sizes like say a Parrott 20 pdr, or maybe a 32 pdr or 42 pdr seacoast smoothbore as these were prewar available in large numbers and obsolete for seacoast defense by 1860 but perfectly viable as fixed pieces for field use in fortifications and river craft.

                            The largest craft in the historical expedition carried like 2 to 4 larger cannon like 6.4" (100 pdr) Parrott's or 8" smoothbores or Columbiad's. None of the vessels had much protection beyond maybe some timber cladding.
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                              Originally posted by TacCovert4 View Post
                              Finch: Hold Position

                              With a frontage of roughly 200 yrds, we'll keep our deployment as is, 3 companies on line, in three ranks each, meaning each man has roughly 1.2m of breastwork to guard and he has another two men to back him up, reload, replace or support him if need be.

                              First rank deploys in front of our defensive works until we come under enemy fire, in an attempt to deceive the enemy as to the actual strength and purpose of our position.

                              Skirmishers out to the railroad bank and the edge of the woods, pickets on both flanks to maintain contact with nearby units.
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                                I think everyone is 'ready'......As soon as I can I'll be working on the update.....Thank you everyone for slogging through the 'boring' part.
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