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Rainbow Brigade Ep. 2, March 1862

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    Originally posted by Cheetah772 View Post
    Captain Holden nods his head at Fawcett's remarks. He asks Fawcett for permission to begin erecting the breastworks along the edge of the wood. Before heading out, Holden makes one final suggestion:

    I won't stay long at the junction, so I wonder if it is a good idea to stay long enough to entice Union troops into heading for our position when they see us breaking for the rear area, thinking there's a gap barely wide enough for them to enter. Once they get into woods, that will negate the gunboat support and we can have men stationed out along the edges of the wood to shut the trap on a portion of our enemy. I doubt this will break the enemy's back completely but hopefully we can take out a portion without suffering serious casualties on our part. I like to think fighting defensively in the wood will help us more than Union troops as they struggle to get out and back to the safety of their gunboat support and front lines.

    Maybe all this thinking is too much for a lowly captain, so I shall make my exit with all haste and get right down to setting up Badgers' position all ready.
    Good thinking Captain!

    Excellent idea, so long as you don't let them close on you.
    Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


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      Player's Orders:

      Holden is to march his men to the junction of proposed red line at the edge of the woody area and erect some light breastworks. No digging is needed. Just enough to protect the men from gunfire and use breastworks as steady support for aiming the Whitworth rifles.

      The men should be in a loose formation. They should commerce the firing as soon the enemy comes into sight, have men divide sectors of fire among them as to avoid hitting redundant targets. Take out the officers first. But if you see artillery crew rolling into position, take the out, let's do the part of depriving them of artillery support if possible at all. Continue firing until the enemy get close at 500m or if enough artillery is wheeled into position to threaten our position or if gunboats are able to pound our area, then the order is to get the men out quickly to the rear of the red line and wait for further orders to be issued. Try to draw Union troops in closer as to give not so a subtle hint that there's a gap to go through.

      Now, it's all up to other units do their part in corralling the enemy into kill zones and trap a portion of them to be destroyed.

      Holden writes the other commanders of his intents and urge them for cooperation in this matter.
      Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

      "Aim small, miss small."


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        In addition to strengthening the fort, we should try to build redoubts at several points along our intended line, especially one for the 12 pdr. howitzer battery. We should also set the men to placing abatis (sharpened stakes, etc.) out in front of our intended position to make it more difficult for the Yankees to set upon us directly.

        I suggest we make good use of as much lumber as we can come upon to strengthen the works we construct. The guns will certainly need such bases under them to prevent their bogging into soft ground from repeated firing and give the crews firmament upon which to stand and do their work.

        If we were to trench even a shallow but several foot wide ditch ahead of the position it might be possible to breech the end and flood it from the river.


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          Even my 10 and 12 pdr. guns can theoretically fire to as much as 4,000 + yards with fairish accuracy, but the problem is seeing that far to aim the guns. At about 4,000 yards our elevation is around 15 degrees, and about all the field mounts can handle for elevation.


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            Captain Pruitt speaks up, "We need to cover two main avenues of approach, the Road and the River Bank. I would actually like to see the Yankees try to go through the woods as it would break up their advance. One Battery with Rifled Artillery should shoot up the gunboats and one battery with Field Guns down by the Railroad will shoot up any Infantry columns. When the Yankees come through the woods we should get a nice cross fire from both positions. We should also be sure we can evacuate the guns if we have to."

            Captain Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
            Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

            Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

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              Leaving his three companies of Green Jackets to his Second-in-Command, Cpt Bird arrives at the meeting and looks at the map.

              "If I was the Yank enemy, I would focus my efforts on the forest, as the only road passes through it and it offers cover and concealment to assault the fort or to further assault Westward to try to isolate the fort.

              "The fort is the vital ground. Loosing the fort is loosing the battle. The forest is key terrain. Loosing the forest will make any of our efforts to keep the fort that much more difficult - Keeping the forest will ensure we keep the fort. The major fight will be for holding the forest.

              "If I was the Yank commander I would send gunboats to fire against the fort to disrupt or destroy any Confederate artillery in the place. This way they would cause minimum interference against my assault to capture the forest. Besides, if the Confederate artillery in the fort is busy firing at my gunboats, it is not conducting counter-battery fire against me...

              "If I was the Yank commander, I would also contemplate landing some troop on shore behind Rainbow's back. This wuld cause a major surprise, especially if Rainbow is busy holding the fort and fighting to keep the forest - So Rainbow will need some kind of rear area security that should not be our reserve troops that may be called elsewhere.

              Looking at the blue line on the map, Cpt Bird continues "Planning a secondary line is fine, but if we need to retire from the forest, the Yanks must be a spent force or we will end up at the loosing end of this battle."

              Lastly, he looks at LCol Fawcett "What is that I hear that we have a choice between a canon or 300 militiamen? What is this either/or thing? If both are available, we want both!!! This is not a trading post or school test, this is war!! As they are available, we want both the extra artillery and the 300 militiamen!"
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                Can we block the river in some manner ? Some obstruction ? A fire ship

                Also I'm incredibly suspicious of "impassable" swamps (or anything else really) - military history is full of them and most always they turn out to be passable.

                At any rate I'd want scouts in there, and find the one local that does know how to transverse it, then shoot him
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                  Rumours abound in the ranks of Rainbow:
                  CS has been seen returning early morning after an untypical long absence.
                  Rumour has it that he has been fighting some tough political battles in Raleigh.

                  The glint in his yes betrays that this battle has been successful.
                  He confidently strides into the mess and announces to his deputy, Lt. Col Fawcett, that a parade should be churched forthwith.

                  He then privately announces to the officers present that for recognition of Rainbow's feats at Union Mills and because of Rainbow's increase to brigade size, CS has been promoted to brigadier general.

                  He continues that during the parade Lt. Col Fawcett will be promoted to full colonel by CS,
                  while all the officers who participated in the battle will be advanced to the rank of major, effective immediately.

                  After the parade there will be celebrations for the men in the canteen, and for the officers in the mess.

                  You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


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                    Finch assembles his officers.

                    "Right - a parade."

                    "You've learned how to march during winter, and you do it well, now we will have to add something new."

                    "It's called..." Finch rummages through some notes he apparently made..

                    "..a 'compliment on the march'..."

                    "So, at my command of 'eyes to the left.' you turn your heads to the left, all except the front left sergeant obviously or you will march into the creek there..."

                    Lambert of Montaigu - Crusader.

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                      Newly minted brigadier-general CS has reviewed the situation
                      and exercises his prerogative of commander's guidance.

                      “You have been doing well Harry!
                      As I do not know how long I'll stay here
                      so I propose you continue exercising your command.”

                      My commander's guidance:
                      1. Issue a mission for Rainbow: 'What should Rainbow achieve'? What should be the situation after this battle is over?. That way Rainbow's sub-unit commanders can take decisions during the Fog of War in the absence of orders.
                      2. Good call on the choice of cannon over militiamen. See if you can get both or if you just had first choice.
                      3. Use the bright thinking of your subordinates. Major Bird for instance has made some very valid points.

                      You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


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                        I can't see the Yankees trying to fight through that wood as their main advance. They can't keep formation. It's more likely they'll send a wave of skirmishers in to keep us busy there to no good effect for our boys while they try to work around the wood in open line supported by their gunboats and artillery.
                        If they can neutralize the fire from the fort it is possible they could advance over that ground in good order and break our line between the fort and the wood. That happens and we are finished for the day gentlemen.


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                          Bates suggest that his skirmishers should be deployed south of the railway and man the red line of defense there. Half of them could dig down and prepare to meet the enemy and half should form a line of pickets watching the "Impassable swamps". Bates also suggest to train the men the retreat routes out of the red line to blue line before the battle. He also offers to send group of his best men as scouts to see where Burnside is coming from.
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                            Gentlemen, I have the honour to report that my 4x 12lb Field Howitzers stand ready (below) behind an earthen rampart and dry ditch studded with dragons teeth stakes. The stakes are mainly to deter charging cavalry, and the dry ditch is lined with thorn bushes to impede infantry should they be socially incorrect enough as to come calling without a formal invitation.
                            As this is a defensive battle, I envisage remaining in one spot for most of the time that gives a good field of fire over the entire area, preferably on slightly higher ground so that I can lob shells over the heads of our own troops in the lines to my front.
                            My prime target will be enemy troops, but if I think I might have the range for counter-battery fire I shall have a crack at their cannons too.
                            But should any part of our line become hard pressed by Union troops getting too close to our lines, I intend limbering my guns and rushing them to the threatened sector to stand in the line and pour canister into the foe.
                            I trust this plan of action meets with your approval, though of course I'm open to suggestions as always,
                            Yours, Tremayne (Britannic Bty)

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                              Bates realizes a thing after looking at the map.

                              "Shouldn't the railway be on an embankment?. My men facing the swamp could dig into it and watch the swamp from cover. If we are in danger of losing the forest, it could be used as a cover when retreating."
                              From Devastation - Knights Twilight Warhammer 40,000 Quest
                              Rear Admiral Sander Van der Zee, Commander of Dutch Far East Theatre
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                                Yes there is a railroad embankment, it's not very high. And as that particular railroad is a vital link, then it would be recommended not to destroy it in the process of saving it.

                                Also....remember what the cluster of buildings is.......just saying

                                As Burnside has not been spotted moving yet, you can expect at least 2 days absolute minimum, and likely more, to construct your defenses.
                                Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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