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Rainbow Brigade Ep. 2, March 1862

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  • Finch returns to his battalion in anticipation of further orders.
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    • I hand the gun crew that got the dismount their gold coins and then shout "We have 'em boys! Keep up a steady fire of shot and shell on the Yankees. Take your time and make each shot count."

      The battery will continue to fire on the mass of Union troops in front of the fort. (It is likely neither I or anyone else can tell what from what as they appear disorganized for the most part)

      I also try to switch out some of the men on the guns seeing as how we would have about 10 + extras from the now non-operational Columbiad as well as others in the battery that can take a turn helping with the guns.


      • March 18th, 1320hrs

        North to South

        As Richter's Militia, the Grenadier Guards, and Leroy's Tigers hold position and take their respite, Gardner's Battery continues to fire on the Yankees at range. Their steady fire has an effect on the Yankees to their front, and a sharp eyed gunner says that he saw some horsemen fall after one particularly good burst of shell. The morale effect, even at the long range, is somewhat apparent, as the Yankees only hold for a half hour before beginning to withdraw once more.

        During that same period of time, Finch, Bates, Bird, and the cavalry commanders all reorganize their troops. With regiments still standing by the wood, there's much talk about an offensive move, but in the end no one makes to assault the Federal Infantry. After a hard fought morning and early afternoon, much of it in the mud and rain against overwhelming numbers once more, most of Rainbow's unwounded men are ready to find a tent or barn, not charge across the field of battle.

        Holden's men take an early rest, listening to Gardner's gunners take on distant foes. After a few minutes, the Major stands them to the ramparts once more, and they begin taking aim and putting out a fire into the Yankees south of them. Their first shots again take the foe by surprise, this time men in the 23rd Massachusetts feel the brunt of their Whitworths. As the hour begins to drag on, the casualties dwindle out, primarily because the regiments are retreating. The final shots by the Badgers are to a mounted party on the edge of the trees, and they're unable to tell if they had any telling effect before that party melts away into the growth.

        With the range opening by the minute, there is little time left if one wants to continue the current engagement, or press the Yankees to stand and fight nearby........

        Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


        • Now reloaded, the Tarheel Legion leaves its horses with Horse Holders and returns to the position it was holding before its ride.

          Major Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
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          • General Sennef is of two thoughts:

            The cavalryman in him wants to encourage the Yankee retreat with everything he has: artillery salvos followed by a hot cavalry pursuit.

            The planter in him is sick of the carnage in front of him and the fully spent beautiful old young men around him, too many of whom will be maimed for life. This side whispers in his ear that his orders are just to hold the line.

            He settles for a compromise: artillery to continue firing into the blue lines.
            He then turns to the commander of the sharpshooters to asess if they have left enough grit to 'escort' the enemy off the field and act as battlefield overwatch. Or perhaps there are other gung-ho units among Rainbow who volunteer for this job.

            The rest of the infantry units and all cavalry units are stood down at their positions.

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            • Happy to obligate you, Sennef. But I'm going to need cavalry support. I'll march to north of the woody area. Is that acceptable?
              Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

              "Aim small, miss small."


              • With the withdrawal of the Union out of range of our guns (over a mile / about 1750 yards), I call a halt to the firing and lead the battery in a cheer. After which I tell the men to clean and cool their guns. "We need to be ready if those damn Yankees return boys!"


                • "We are ready to follow the Yankees if needed, after all we are skirmishers. We can guard the sharpshooters if the Yanks decide to be more annoying", Bates informs General Sennef.
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                  • Finch orders his skirmishers to deploy forward and follow the enemy retreat with their fire.

                    If at all possible they need to retake the position at the edge of the woods, if and when the enemy leaves it unoccupied, to prevent the enemy from forming up there unnoticed during the night.

                    Detachments are send back to prepare a bivouac to the rear, and obtain supplies.

                    Commanders need to indicate their status in men, horses, weapons and ammo.
                    Consider it done, but in practice only Tac has the exact figures, I think.
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                    Lambert of Montaigu - Crusader.

                    Bolgios - Mercenary Game.


                    • Holden & Bates: move out.

                      Your Mission is twofold:
                      1. Keep pressure on the enemy so that they leave the battlefield
                      2. Keep an eye on development as battlefield overwatch

                      Holden: put lead into the enemy from a distance, do not engage. Do not advance beyond the wooded area. If pressed fall back.
                      Bates: protect Holden, keep battlefield overwatch, send me updates. You are the last to fall back.
                      Sennef's Saddleblazers will act as reserve and come to your rescue when you need it.
                      Rest of units: rest, refit, see below.

                      Take care of the wounded, assemble them in the building to our back, eventually they need to go to New Bern.
                      Commanders need to indicate their status in men, horses, weapons and ammo.
                      New supplies should be brought to you.
                      As our supplies may not be the best, each subunit to send out a patrol to the battlefield and take any enemy supplies you need.

                      C&C: I am in the middle behind Finch' line.
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                      You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


                      • Major Pruitt sends for his Orderly: "Take a detail of twenty men and start looking for Pistols, Rifled Muskets and Swords. Take any ammo fits our guns. Do not get caught taking money from the Dead. If they have good shoes that fit, leave your old pair with them. When you get a full load, bring it back here and we will rotate another twenty men in to forage the field. If you find any breechloaders or Spencers or Henrys we can trade them for what we need. Make sure you look for cheese and coffee in the haversacks!"

                        Major Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
                        Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

                        Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

                        by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


                        • March 18th, Epilogue

                          Holden's Badgers advance out of their works, skirmishing forward and doing what their training and experience prefers, with wide spaces between men as they lope forward towards the wood. Moving North of the wood, men begin taking potshots at the regimental columns at range, with little effect, probably due to the trees, or exhaustion.

                          After a while, Bate's Irregulars catch up to them, covering the forest as they both skirmish forward. After the day's fighting, the Irregulars blood is up, but their Major has little desire to close to use their carbines, content to escort them off the field and let the long riflemen work.

                          In the lines, the other companies and battalions reform, and Finch sends out some skirmishers to picket the main line if the Yankees press again. Gardner stands atop the lines and cheers with his men as he watches the main body march away into the distance.

                          After a while, moving across the open field, Majors Holden and Bates spy the Yankees marching out of the woods, two infantry columns with some skirmishers behind and a mounted party. The Yankee skirmishers fire a few shots but the range is too far for anything approaching accuracy for their muskets. At a range of 400yds, Holden opens up, all the Badgers and Irregulars going to ground.

                          The effect is apparent, the first volley cleaning up the rear guard and a number of men in the column of the 5th Rhode Island. Other men try to take out the elusive mounted party but to no effect. The Yankee columns pick up their pace and the Badgers do not pursue farther, their shots at increasingly longer ranges until the Yankees turn down the road.




                          The Citizens and Mayor of New Bern are ecstatic, and turn out in force to help get the wounded to hospitals and private homes. Some of the wounded may yet return to action given time to recover. General Branch is not well regarded by the locals, and is snubbed by the mayor for standing to the rear and watching while Rainbow fought. A local newspaperman is seen at the telegraph office, sending a lengthy account of the battle to Raleigh.

                          Rainbow captured 440 men total, between sailors swimming ashore and captured on the Philadelphia, and soldiers captured in the works. Around 2000 small arms are captured in various states of repair, almost all of them Pattern 1853 Enfields or Harpers Ferry 1855s, with some shotguns and other arms captured off the ship. Left on the field is a single 12lb Dahlgren boat howitzer, and two 12lb boat howitzers are captured on the Philadelphia. The sunken Hetzel had two big guns, but it will take some effort to salvage them, and undoubtedly the coastal fortifications have need of 9in guns.

                          Estimated Yankee Losses are in excess of two thousand, with the 24th Massachusetts annihilated and captured, and a number of other regiments mauled. Also there's word that General Burnside may be wounded, and they do confirm the death of 1st Brigade General Foster. Other confirmations are that they only faced the 1st and 3rd Brigades of Burnside's Coast Division, the 2nd Brigade under Reno was raiding in the area of Elizabeth City by ship.

                          Rainbow lost 580 men from the ranks, with some units at half their effective strength or less. And there's more urgent telegraph orders Major Tremayne and his battery to Raleigh for boarding a train for points West (OOC: Since PoS isn't participating his unit is removed from the OOB, DoD and K have both been in contact about RL issues affecting them at the moment so they'll be available under the Aegis of Sennef). Replacements and even new recruiting drives are likely, especially after victory, but training men, equipping men, or even recruiting replacements will take time. General Branch has become reclusive and absolutely grasping, refusing to give up a single company to's likely that he expected Rainbow's defense to be breached, and had been waiting behind the lines with the fresh 28th NC Regiment but never brought them forward. Captain Richter simply stays with Rainbow, refusing to obey the orders of General Branch over those of the very slightly senior General Sennef.

                          And so, Rainbow finds itself on the horns of a Dilemma as the officers conference at a table set atop the ruins of Fort Thompson:

                          1) General Sennef can pursue the Federals he saw leaving the field and try to bring them to battle in the next couple of days. He will only have time for the men to provision and clean their weapons before he has to move, and won't have time to replace losses. The Yankees are hurting badly, both in men and morale, but he saw several regiments still in sizeable numbers and good order. Estimates of Federal Strength at the outset of the battle were around 6000 men.

                          2) General Sennef captures a packet, possibly dropped when General Foster fell, detailing plans to seige Fort Macon with a Brigade and capture Beaufort within the next month. He can make rapid replacement of losses with new recruits (full penalties will apply even to replacing losses, not just to adding new troops) and march to Beaufort, with a plan to engage Burnside again at Fort Macon.

                          3) General Sennef can trust that with the damage inflicted to their army and fleet, Burnside will not be able to force Fort Macon, and that he will have time to reorganize Rainbow and train new recruits (Penalties will only apply to recruiting more than 10% above pre-battle strength). Roanoke Island is the Linchpin for most of the North Carolina Coast, and was captured back in February. If Rainbow waits to refit and train back to full strength, an operation to recapture Roanoke is almost certain unless Burnside is able to make further progress.
                          Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                          • Notes: Veterancy Status is done with the following scale: Recruit-Regular-Veteran-Crack-Legendary.....each level is progressively harder to reach.

                            USS Philadelphia (Captured)(Damaged)

                            Brigade stores Unattached to units
                            12 Wagons (24 men)

                            Gardner’s Battery (Maj. Gardner)(TAG)(Veteran)
                            2 x 3.5in Blakely Rifles
                            4 x 10lb Parrott Rifles
                            1 Wagon
                            40 Men (grey-blue uniforms w/ red facings)
                            10 Casualties
                            Smoothbore Musket/Bayonet

                            Tar Heel Troop (Maj. Pruitt)(Pruitt)(Regular)
                            130 Cavalry (Grey Jackets, Jeancloth trousers, assorted covers)
                            30 Casualties
                            3 x 1860 Colt Army
                            Enfield Short Rifle

                            Sennef’s Saddle Blazers (Brig. Gen. Sennef)(Sennef)(Regular)
                            120 Cavalry (blue/grey uniforms, Crimson Cavalry Hats some with ostrich plumes)
                            10 Casualties
                            Tranter Revolver
                            Sharps Carbine

                            Dee’s “Dutch” Hussars (Maj. DODee)(Businessman Bonus)(Veteran)
                            75 Cavalry (Green Jackets, Black Trousers, Black boots and Shako)
                            19 Casualties
                            Kammerlader Rifle
                            1850 Swedish Cavalry Pistol (Smoothbore shot-pistol)
                            Kerr Revolver
                            1842 Swedish Saber (Straight Falchion-like Heavy Cavalry Saber)

                            NC Grenadier Guards (Col. Fawcett)(Khryses)(Crack)
                            140 Infantry (Green Frocks w/black front panels, Green/Black Helmets, Butternut Trousers)
                            12 Casualties
                            Dryse 1841/Bayonet
                            Bowie Knife
                            Grenades (10 per man)(2 per man carried in battle)

                            Bird’s Green Jackets (Maj. Bird)(Capt AFB)(Businessman Bonus)(Veteran)
                            480 Infantry (Green Sack Coats and Trousers)
                            250 Casualties
                            Jaegergewehr 1856/59 / Bayonet
                            Wagon of Supplies and Ammunition in personal stores

                            Finch’s Company (Maj. Finch)(Snowy)(Veteran)
                            485 Infantry (Variety of Homespuns, good boots)
                            35 Casualties
                            1853 Enfields/Bayonets
                            Shovel or Axe per man

                            Bates’ Company (Maj. Bates)(Sen)(Businessman Bonus)(Veteran)
                            130 Infantry (Green Sack Coats, Butternut Trousers)
                            45 Casualties
                            Calisher & Terry Carbines
                            Single-shot Pistol

                            Tiger Rifles (Maj. Leroy Wounded)(Fritgern)(Soldier Bonus)(Crack)
                            130 Infantry (Blue/White Striped Pantaloons, Red Shirts/Blue-Red Jackets), Straw Hats & Fezzes)
                            32 Casualties
                            1853 Enfield/Bayonet
                            Single-shot Pistol

                            Georgia Badgers Militia (Maj. Holden)(Cheetah)(Businessman Bonus)(Veteran)
                            132 Infantry (Solid Green Sack Coat and Trousers, Brown leathers, brogans and Slouch Hat)
                            18 Casualties
                            Whitworth Rifles w/Globe sights (1200yd range)
                            Kerr Revolvers
                            1796 Heavy Cavalry Sword (carried on baldric)

                            NC Militia (Capt. Richter)(Exorcist)(Regular)
                            200 men (Homespuns)
                            115 Casualties
                            1842 Springfield Musket/Bayonet
                            Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                            • I would note to the command that my battery is low on rounds and fuzes having been heavily engaged continuously throughout the action., but does have sufficient powder available, from a mix of the Columbiad and captured stores aboard the gunboat. The Blakely's in particular are low on rounds for action as they use uncommon ammunition. We really need to restore stocks before going into action again. I can make up the losses by keeping the surviving crew (should have been 17 men) on the Columbiad along with accepting a few volunteers to fill out any shortage.


                              • Major Holden's opinion on what to do next:

                                Before I declare my position, it has been my observation that the best offense is a good defense. To that end, we should aggressively gather all intelligence on Yankees' next movement and keep up the pressure on them as to prevent them from getting much rest and reorganized to their best ability.

                                Furthermore, it is not in our nature to trust Yankees to grant our wish in getting our forces rested and reorganized. We should always assume General Burnside has something up his sleeves despite his forces being bloodied and demoralized. We need to keep our enemy on its toes.

                                Therefore, I propose we get our forces up to full strength again and set out for Fort Macon. If we can scout ahead and lay down fortifications to make sure our defense is secure, General Burnside may feel he has no choice but to attack us, thus once again giving us an opportunity to reduce his numbers in troops and materiel.

                                In my view, it's a compromise between immediately setting out to engage Federals so soon after the engagement at New Bern and trusting the enemy to leave us alone for a month or so and compelling ourselves to launch an offensive to capture Roanoke Island. Going on offense, in my opinion, is not something we should eagerly seek out as I believe Rainbow Regiment is best suited to playing defense.

                                Let Yankees come to us and we'll show them to their new graveyard!
                                Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

                                "Aim small, miss small."


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