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Rainbow Brigade Ep. 2, March 1862

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  • Originally posted by The Exorcist View Post
    11th Conn. seems to be headed my way, are they going to make a rush at the boat?
    Better get some Grape into that cannon...

    "Alright men, same as we were planning to do at the trench; Hunker down, and fire when they get to 50 yards. If you can't find room behind the gunwales then go to the upper deck and get prone."

    There won't be a counter-charge, we don't have enough men left to go back out into the open.

    Quick note, because it might have gotten lost in the update:

    What's noted as the '11th CT' on the map is only portions of two companies. The rest of the 11th is in that big mob moving to the rear.
    Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


    • Maj Leroy sends a messenger to the commander. It reads:

      "The Carnage on the 8th CT has been witnessed. We have three options:
      1) We continue firing on the 8th CT
      2) Pull most of our men to deploy on northern side of fort and fire onto 11th CT, possibly charge them!
      3) We wait until Gardener is done firing or the 8th CT charges his position and we charge into their flank or rear

      We ask, because the battle seems to be reaching a tipping point and my men haven't done much and want to make sure they can make an impact. What are your orders?

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      • OOC: Khryses is having some computer issues at the moment. He has sent me in his orders by alternate means, which don't involve anything that will affect orders.

        Major Leroy, you can for the moment consider yourself out of communication with the Colonel if you like, last seeing him ride south to stabilize that with that it falls to you I guess as the senior infantry commander in the North.....
        Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


        • Turning the tables through a cavalry Cannae

          General Sennef sees it is time to stabilise the situation at the southern end of the battlefield.
          To achieve this Rainbow's separate units should now synergise their efforts to reverse the battle’s outcome.

          Observing that there are two idle cavalry units while the battle hangs in balance he decides upon a tactic he knows and loves best: a cavalry charge ‘Cannae style’ enveloping 24 and 99 from north and south.

          To that end he dispatches several riders.
          For the Northern prong of the cavalry charge:
          • Rider to D.O.Dee's Hussars (unless colonel Fawcett has alternative orders), On my signal ride parallel with major Pruitt and slam into the northern flank of 24th
          • Rider to major Pruitt’s Tarheel’s: Excellent initiative, you are part of a bigger operation. Form you wedge formation: On my signal: slam into the rear of 24th.
          • Rider to major Bird: Stand strong! Continue to act like a wave breaker in your trenches. Help is on the way. 24 MA will be attacked by our cavalry from north and south.

          For the southern prong of the charge:
          • His own Saddle Blazers he order to remount, draw sabres and pistols, on my signal we are going to slam into the southern flank of 99th and chase the remains of what is left of them out of Bates position. There are few of them left, we continue into the souther flank of 24th
          • Rider to Bates: fall back, regroup and prepare for next round in this battle, returning to you previous position
          • to BB crews: prepare to return to your position and repossess your guns.
          • to Colonel Fawcett to infom him of his intent above

          C&C: General Sennef stays with his own Saddle Blazers at the southern end, trusting that colonel Fawcett can take charge of the North.

          When all is done he orders his bugler to charge!

          You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


          • Player's Orders:

            1.) Continue tearing into 8th CT (according to the map, there seems to be another intact regiment to north of the disorganized mass), target all officers. If there's nobody left, target anyone looked like encouraging others to continue the fight. If anyone picks up the fallen banners, shot him down. I want an all-out effort to demoralize 8th CT.

            Just in the case 8th CT finally is routed, switch to targeting 5th RI (if there is time).

            2.) If they somehow manages to march within 50m of the line, switch to revolvers and fire into the mass, don't get too cute with selecting targets.

            3.) If they actually get to the line, switch to sabers with revolvers in one hand, engage them in close combat. No quarter is to be given. Make it clear no retreat orders shall be given.
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            • Originally posted by TacCovert4 View Post
              ..At the Brittanic Battery things are a scene of total chaos. Major Tremayne talks about tea parties and returning to take charge even as General Sennef orders the Battery to open fire...
              Regrettably the demands on my time around the internet wargaming circuit are very heavy, for example I'm currently deeply involved in the Panzer Corps forum writing sensational tutorials-



              • Bates was really exhausted just like his men. They had fought the New Yorkers heavily and barely managed to run away from them. Now he had another hard task to do, he has to get the men back in order and in line to be prepared to fight again.

                "Lieutenant, get the more fresh men overlooking the New Yorkers from the windows and get them to fire at them if they or anyone else threatens Birds right flank. Sergeant, get rest of the men back in line, distribute the ammunition to who are lacking and check the wounded. I will help you with that." Bates orders his XO and NCOs around

                Giving a quick look through the window he could see the New Yorkers in their old position. Hopefully they are bloodied enough to not advance forward anymore.
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                • Further South, Finch's Battalion goes volley for volley from their trench with the whole 27th. Abusing the advantage of their trenches, the rippling volleys up and down the line barely take notice of the half-score of men who fall among themselves....the 27th Massachusetts breaks for the rear in disarray, giving only a single volley before the men stream away, and only giving Finch a chance for a second battalion volley into their backs to see them off.
                  Finch's men cheer as the enemy once again show their backs, their confidence reaching a new high.

                  Finch does his best to dim down their, in his opinion premature enthusiasm, and maintain order in the ranks.

                  He orders the wounded carried to the rear and reaffirms his order for the skirmishers to deploy covering the right flank of the battalion position and support the units engaged there with aimed fire.
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                  • Originally posted by Colonel Sennef View Post
                    • Rider to major Bird: Stand strong! Continue to act like a wave breaker in your trenches. Help is on the way. 24 MA will be attacked by our cavalry from north and south.

                    2Lt Dyers returns with a Blazzer rider. The rider hands over the General's missive to Maj Bird.

                    "My compliments to the General," says Maj Bird "Tell him that I acknowledge his orders. The Green Jackets will hold their current position as long as they can."

                    As the Blazzer rider returns back to his unit, Maj Bird direct 2Lt Dyers back to an overwatch position of the Rainbow right flank. The Battalion CO then walks to each three company commander to pass on the General's orders. check each company's state and position, and encourage the troops.

                    The GJ are fighting hard to keep their position.


                    • March 18th, High Noon

                      North to South:

                      Captain Richter's remaining Militia and the remaining troops from the 11th Connecticut exchange a parting volley with no effects seen on either side. Seeing themselves all alone, the companies withdraw quickly to the East. Captain Richter's men take care to not leave the gunwales of the Philly, and watch the Yankees depart in a semblance of good order.

                      Gardner's battery splits its effort of fire. The Blakely guns firing on the 10th Connecticut with Canister at long canister range don't see an immediate effect on the 10th. The New York Marine Artillery begins firing its own howitzers against Gardner, scoring some hits on the fort walls but nothing telling as of yet, since the East Wall of the fort hadn't been reduced to rubble by bombardment. Gardner's fire against the 8th CT is far more effective, taking them from enfilade once more and devastating that rightmost company.

                      The Grenadier Guards continue to fire, taking the 10th under fire at around 200 yards. Combined with the metal whipping over their heads from the canister, the rapid and devastating fire from the newfangled needle guns rips through their ranks and the 10th breaks for the rear with officers shouting to stop, leaving the whole right of the Union line unhinged.

                      Major Leroy, not receiving orders from Colonel Fawcett, doesn't make a move yet, but his men firing on the 8th at ever closer ranges is effective, and the rightmost companies of that regiment are staggered between the Tigers and Gardner's rifles. Major Holden's Georgians equally cannot miss at this range, and lead shears through the ranks of the 8th. They fire an effective return volley, reminding the Badgers by casualties to stay hunkered down in their strongpoint, and against all odds kneel and reload their own rifles. More fire from Gardner's Parrots, Leroy's Enfields, and a much subdued fire from Holden's Whitworths continue to pour into the Yankees in the open. They get off another ragged volley with far less effect on the Georgians, before they too break for the rear, their retreat beginning to stream into a rout as they near their own guns.

                      Finch's skirmishers don't have much to fire upon, and hold, waiting to see if the 23rd will advance. The routing Yankees manage to get through the 5th Rhode Island without disordering their formation, if that's an indicator of the quality of the officers and NCOs there.

                      Major Pruitt mounts his horse, his men hurrying to unstake and mount as well. "Shall we Dance" he says to his Tar Heels as they form up for a charge. Behind them, even with Major Dee temporarily absent, the Hussars are not about to remain behind walls when there's a charge to be made, and they race to their own horses, Kammerlader slung over their backs as this will be a time for pistol and saber. Colonel Fawcett, riding up to take charge of the Hussars temporarily, sees them mounting and smiles.

                      Meanwhile, in their trench, the Green Jackets are suffering from serious blows to their morale, the heroic efforts of Major Bird and his officers and NCOs keeping the men from fleeing and even getting some shots off as the 24th MA unleashes a devastating close range volley into the ranks. Major Bird escapes being hit, but a number of his officers and two and a half score of men go down. The 24th slams into them in melee, with odds better than two to one in the favor of the Yankees, and yet the Green Jackets some how manage to keep clawing their way back up to the top of the parapet, the veritable thumb in the dike....

                      A Cacophony of Bugles erupts to the right, and the combined weight of the Tar Heels and Hussars rounds the narrow gap between the strongpoint and Bird's entrenchments before their horses drive in and amongst the 24th ascending the parapet. The narrow frontage hurts the weight of the charge, but the horsemen still have an element of surprise, and the 24th is suddenly concerned about their exposed right. The melee rises to a fortissimo as pistols ring out, most of the Tar Heels quickly slinging their carbines to take up a revolver in each hand and unload them into the face of their foes.

                      The Yankee Officers continue to shout for one more push, yelling that the Rebel infantry have had it. And to a degree they're right, as Bird's men finally break for the rear, having been decimated. Major Bird loses his hat to a close encounter with a Yankee before he empties his own revolver into him and pulls back with his men, shouting at them to rally.

                      But they held just long enough and as Pruitt's troopers run dry and start using the butts of their carbines, Colonel Fawcett pushes the Hussars forward, very distinctive in his Grenadier uniform, and they put sword and saber to good use, along with those shot-pistols of theirs, the cavalry man for man in close combat with the 24th and holding them in place.

                      Seeing Bird streaming back to the brick yard, Bates pushes some of his men up to skirmish, and they take what shots they can at the 99th and the 24th. But his major contribution is to give the Green Jackets some assurance that the Brick Yard is defended, and their flight slows as they pass the skirmishers, giving Major Bird and his few remaining officers time to start reorganizing their badly depleted forces.

                      The Brittanic Battery fires a token barrage into the 99th, pinning them inside the southern strongpoint. The excellent gun crews are just baffled by the confusion and the sudden return and immediate departure of Major Tremayne.

                      General Sennef, riding at the head of his Saddle Blazers, swings right around the 99th, not seeing an opportunity to strike them, and sounding the charge rides North up the outside of the Confederate lines for the left flank of the embattled 24th. His carbine fire on approach isn't effective, but the pistol and saber work as his plumed troopers hit the 24th, riding knee to knee with plenty of space to get their alignment....well it has the desired effect. With the combined weight of all the cavalry pressing them on two sides, the 24th shatters, men surrendering as the regiment becomes a mob. General Sennef is thrown by his horse and picks himself up in the mud to find a trooper retrieving his mount.

                      Looking out across the field, he spies the 5th Rhode Island and the 23rd MA, both regiments holding fast in front of the woods, and neither regiment appearing to be willing to advance or withdraw. The cavalry's blood is up, but the horses are also lathered from exertion, and he considers the options as Colonel Fawcett meets his commander on the field as well.

                      Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                      • Casualty Report

                        General Condition of Units:

                        For those who aren't in direct immediate combat and can take a stock of unit injuries/damage.

                        Gardner: 10 Casualties to Core Unit. Heavy Gun addition is non-functional and all additional crew were casualties.

                        Grenadier Guards: 12 Casualties

                        Green Jackets: Approx....50% casualties of one kind or another

                        Finch: 35 Casualties

                        Bates: 45 Casualties

                        Tiger Rifles: 32 Casualties

                        Badgers: 18 Casualties

                        Militia: 115 Casualties
                        Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                        • Originally posted by TacCovert4 View Post
                          ..The Brittanic Battery fires a token barrage into the 99th, pinning them inside the southern strongpoint. The excellent gun crews are just baffled by the confusion and the sudden return and immediate departure of Major Tremayne...
                          The bafflement can easily be explained, namely because no less than 5 times over the past couple of months I've tried to log into AG to issue orders to my battery only to be faced with the message "You have been banned" because of something I must have said in the main forum that upset AG's resident snowflake contingent, so blame them for my intermittent absences..


                          • Quelle Affaire

                            Originally posted by TacCovert4 View Post
                            Looking out across the field, he spies the 5th Rhode Island and the 23rd MA, both regiments holding fast in front of the woods, and neither regiment appearing to be willing to advance or withdraw. The cavalry's blood is up, but the horses are also lathered from exertion, and he considers the options as Colonel Fawcett meets his commander on the field as well.

                            Meeting his trusted deputee after such a long absence in these circumstances, Sennef is lost for words for a moment. Then Waterloo comes to mind...
                            he extends his hand and says: 'Oh Fawcett, Quelle Affaire'

                            For sure the battle isn't over yet, but it seems the critical moment has passed and it has been in Rainbow's favour.
                            He can see the enemy is wavering and possibly just needs another push to make them leave the field of battle, but with what means?
                            Rainbow's cavalry's blood is up but the horses are spent after this charge; it's infantry is worn thin...
                            What's left?

                            You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


                            • What is the estimated strength of the 23 MA and 5 RI opposite us ?

                              After observing them all morning we should have a pretty good idea.
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                              • Major Pruitt orders his men back to reload their pistols. They won't go far. The Major anticipates an order to pursue any routing Yankees. The important thing is to not let them stop and rally.

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