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Rainbow Brigade Ep. 2, March 1862

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  • Alerted by their general, the Saddle Blazers pick up what is happening to the north of their postion.

    While continuing to pour carabine fire in the mass in front of them
    One of the troopers produces a violin from somewhere
    and they burst out in a melodious, rythmic and loud:

    Happy Birthday to You bang bang
    Happy Birthday to YOu Bang Bang
    Happy Birthday dear Colonel bangbangbangbang
    Happy Birthday To YOU

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    • I guess my 12-pounder isn't having much effect.
      Only 85 men left, I guess I am out of the battle, but I have lots of ideas for next time.


      • Well gentlemen, I'm off the end the year in an orgy of sex, drugs and violence.

        Finch will stand his ground - pretty much anyone is free to assume command of my battalion, but if we lose they'll answer to me

        All the best for you and yours, and see ya' all in the new year...
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        • Update Warning......

          Ok, with it being the holidays, we'll plan on weekly updates for the next couple, hoping to get to semi-weekly ones in the new year.

          I apologize for not already updating, my planned update on Friday went afoul of bad Chinese food (yes I know all chinese food is bad)....15 hours of nonstop nausea later....not in a position to do that. Plus having to get a family member out of a domestic violence situation. And put my dog down when she turned vicious and started attacking other dogs without warning....totally unexpected, that big pitt slept between my feet every night.

          Planning to update Tomorrow, if anyone wants to make any changes, or if any of the leadership (Sennef, K) want to give orders to the idle units. I know that we might have some idle units for a couple of turns and it happens, and it's probably good for the FoW as well as that would be VERY historical.

          Anywho, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good update tomorrow!
          Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


          • Brothers in arms, let's give our Yankee brothers a special Christmas present.....full of leads in their bellies!
            Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

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            • The bloodied, but still standing Bates fires his revolver at charging New Yorker before dragging his adjutant carrying the bugler to safety.

              He quickly organizes the men standing around him into a firing line and orders a retreat to the houses behind them. It would be mad to stand there and fight the yanks. As the bugler sounds the retreat his ragged line of men fire everything they got at the attacking yanks to cover the retreat before legging it themselves.

              At least that is what Bates hopes to achieve.
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              • Alright, fun time over (yeah right.....the end of this year has been anything but fun). Time to get to the update so everyone can check in when they get off their respective holidays.
                Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                • March 18th, 1140hrs

                  North to South

                  Gardner's Battery shifts its fire and opens on the 8th CT, the New Englanders getting a whiff of bolts heralding what's to come before case explodes and shears through the ranks, mauling the rightmost companies. The lifting of fire on the companies directly in front of the fort does give the 4th and 11th a break, and they both push forward, finally drawing into range of the defenders in the trenches, though Captain Richter's militia manning the gunwales of the Philadelphia are still not quite in range.

                  Leroy's Tigers choose to pour their rifle fire into the 8th, though any sign of their effectiveness is lost in the carnage wreaked by Gardner's Battery. The 4th Rhode Island, however, has now drawn within range of Fawcett's own Grenadier Guards. Without the Colonel's inspiring presence, the guards see no reason to do more than hold their trench, but under the leadership of a pickelhaube'd Prussian Captain, they unleash a steady sleet of lead, their Dryse rifles finally able to be used to their full effect. Between the rifles, the security of the trenches, and the steady morale of a company predominately manned by veterans, the 4th Rhode Island begins to practically melt, steadfastly refusing to withdraw, but no longer able to advance. The 11th can't pass their disordered lines, and some companies filter around on the right while others fill gaps and in turn are hammered with a steady stream of volley fire. Men begin to stream to the rear from the mixed units, and officers have a time trying to hold them back. The two companies of the 11th that filtered right exchange volleys with the Militia with no apparent effect to either side. But as the smoke starts to clear, they're the only companies of the 11th still organized on the field, and the 4th is a scattered mob falling back. (OOC, some excellent rolls for the NCGG which managed to match up with some equally crappy rolls for the Federals, especially morale)

                  Holden's riflemen, having rotated men about and cleaned their rifles somewhat, just stop trying to take out elusive officers and gun crews far to the rear and instead focus on the 8th CT. Still well over a hundred yards out of range of their own Rifle Muskets, the Whitworths bark slowly and steadily as the Badgers take careful shots at their frontage. Numerous officers and men fall in the ranks, with what appears to be a disproportionate number of men with swords in their hands. Seeing their support on the right flee in disorder, the 8th pulls up short as it appears to have a crisis of command.

                  Further South, Finch's Battalion goes volley for volley from their trench with the whole 27th. Abusing the advantage of their trenches, the rippling volleys up and down the line barely take notice of the half-score of men who fall among themselves....the 27th Massachusetts breaks for the rear in disarray, giving only a single volley before the men stream away, and only giving Finch a chance for a second battalion volley into their backs to see them off.

                  In the absence of orders, both Pruitt and Dee take some potshots at the regiments around them but generally catch their breath and get to reloading pistols and other arms expended during the early chaos of the battle. Their horses are held right behind their strongpoint, ready for a quick escape or an offensive move, but for the moment they remain where they are.

                  Major Bird is bordering on furious at his fellow commanders as bullets crack around him. His withdrawal to the trenches is in danger of collapsing as many of his battalion are in their first fight, and nearly three score of young men are falling all-round in the exchange as they do the hardest thing a battalion can do, a retrograde under fire. Barely holding together by the sheer will of their veteran NCOs and the Major's personal leadership, the Green Jackets tumble into the trenches and hug the ground, the 24th hot on their heels, their blood up as they see a chance to fold the entire right flank of Rainbow.

                  Far to the South, Bates decides that he's had it. His company battered and bruised from a fight against at times almost ten times their number, he bellows for a volley, then has his bugler sound retreat. The 99th equally tired, though more numerous, they manage to break contact and stream out the rear of the strongpoint, running towards the safety of the houses behind Bird. Sennef's Saddle Blazers continue to fire into the flank of the 99th, reaping a harvest of blue bellies, but the 99th has their opening and pours over the strongpoint walls and out the back in pursuit of Bates.

                  At the Brittanic Battery things are a scene of total chaos. Major Tremayne talks about tea parties and returning to take charge even as General Sennef orders the Battery to open fire. The gun captains are confused, despite their experience, and it's only as the 99th starts to come at them in a bayonet charge that they handspike the guns around and just fire the canister they've been loaded with for so long. Metal shears through their ranks, but the bayonet charge continues to come on, and the carbines crack as well as the Brittanics manage to get off a couple of its fastest guns in the face of a tide of dark blue, just as melee combat with the fastest of the running Yankees begins, the General himself shooting a yankee who topples him over, unhurt. When the smoke clears, the 99th occupies the strongpoint....though if the carpet of dead and dying is any indication, the regiment might only be a shadow of what it was.

                  Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                  • Maybe I can direct my Troopers to fire South into the 24th Massachusetts? If they run, the 99th may pull back.

                    Major Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
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                    • Major Pruitt studies the situation to the South. "Orderly! send a message to the Colonel. The Tarheels are mounting their horses and are about to ride amongst the heathen and will smite them! Does he want me to hit the 24th Massachusetts first or do we ride around them?"

                      "Bugler! Sound Mount Horses! We are about to ride through some Yankees! Tell the men to use their Enfields first and then switch to pistols! I want a wedge formation!"

                      Major Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
                      Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

                      Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

                      by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


                      • Major Pruitt tells the Bugler to sound 'Wedge Formation' and the troops form up. "Men, try to keep up with me! Sergeant Major, take your place at the rear and prevent anyone from slowing down!

                        SHALL WE DANCE?!"

                        The Tarheels move from a walk to a trot before they hit the end of the 24h Massachusetts' line.

                        Major Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
                        Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

                        Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

                        by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


                        • Maj Bird's current feelings were a mixture of anger, pride and hopelessness. And yet tried to show neither to the troops under his command as they continued firing against the 24 MA in front of their defensive position.

                          Anger at the Rainbow command for leaving his battalion unsupported as it maneuvered against the enemy earlier...No Britannic Battery, no Pruitt cavalry, no Saddle Blazzers...And a loss opportunity to badly hurt and possibly roll up the Yanks left flank!...

                          Pride in his Green Jackets, which despite being unexperienced troops in a difficult position and unsupported, where able to withdraw under fire back into their defensive position...But at a great cost of lives.

                          Hopelessness in this position, as despite the leadership of his officers and NCOs, he was unsure how long his Green Jackets will hold the current ground against an enemy strong enough to pulvarise his command, at this point...But the Green Jackets seem to be holding and are not willing to give up.

                          Looking to his left, Cpt Walsh, his XO, nods at him as he controls the remnants of left-hand company. Both Cpt Walsh and him dismounted their horses earlier, sending them rearward, and pacing the GJ withdrawal while walking with them.

                          To his right, the now serious looking but still smilling Cpt Frumm is controlling the right-hand company, and also nods to the Battalion Commander. He lost his hat and somehow picked a rifle during the earlier fight.

                          The center company is now commanded by a tall blond 1st Lieutenant called Harry Devers, who found himself in command of the center troops when his company commander fell. He is standing three feet away from Bird, and is encouraging his troops to continue firing against the Yanks in front of them.

                          Behind Bird, comes a horseman who immediately dismounts when arriving at the CO's location. The horse is Percy, Cpt Walsh's mount. The horseman is 2Lt Emil Dyer.

                          2Lt Dyer is part of the party formed by all three companies's 2Lts, GJ quartermaster staff, civilian cooks and walking wounded that were sent earlier to set up the four buildings of the brick factory as a last ditched defensive position for the battalion.

                          2Lt Dyers, still looking relatively clean in his uniform, is a bit shocked as he sees the battle-weary and dirty looking senior officer.

                          ''Sir'', the young officer slightly hesitates '' I am here to make you aware that Bates troops have entered the brick factory area. They look exhausted from the fight. 2Lt Templeton is dealing with them and trying to get them to face Southward, so that if the Green Jackets needs to withdraw, they can take the East and North positions.''

                          The news hits Bird like a ton of bricks. If Bates withdrew to the factory, who is holding Rainbow's righ flank? Mounted cavalry?

                          To make things worse, Bird looks at his left flank and in the distance he sees Pruitt troops mounting their horses...Are they withdrawing? ''Oh! Freaking Great!!'' thinks Bird, ''Things are going to hell in a handbasket ...And pretty fast at that too.''

                          ''OK, Mr Dyers, '' directs Maj Bird '' Take Percy and go find out what is going on to our right. Stay out of harms way. And come back immediately to report what you saw. If you come back waving your hat, it is because you see the Yanks moving into this direction. Now, go. AND stay out of harms way.''

                          Bird's returns his attention to Pruitt's position. ''If I see Pruitt withdrawing, I am going to have to withdraw to the brick factory and make the GJ final stand there...The move is not going to be pretty and certainly not orderly but that will be our last chance to survive this fight...Let's see what Pruitt cavalrymen have in mind.''


                          • Update Timing


                            I will plan the next update for Sunday or Monday, to give everyone time to get caught up and get orders in.

                            After this, I will try to get back to our regularly scheduled updates. I think that the battle is reaching its crisis point, and we will soon see the end of this fight one way or the other.
                            Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                            • 11th Conn. seems to be headed my way, are they going to make a rush at the boat?
                              Better get some Grape into that cannon...

                              "Alright men, same as we were planning to do at the trench; Hunker down, and fire when they get to 50 yards. If you can't find room behind the gunwales then go to the upper deck and get prone."

                              There won't be a counter-charge, we don't have enough men left to go back out into the open.


                              • I continue to pour fire with case and shell into the 8th Connecticut with the four Parrott rifles. "Set the fuzes long boys! Let the shells go into their ranks first."

                                My two Blakely's turn to fire on the 10th and 11th and load canister as it appears they're now under 300 yards out.
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