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Rainbow Brigade Ep. 2, March 1862

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  • Bates sees the sea of blue in front of him and to his right. He sure was in a big trouble. Giving a single swift order of "Shoot everything at right!", Bates made his way middle of his men and drew his saber and revolver. He was ready to die with his men if the victory depended upon it. The right flank was his and he was going to hold it!
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    • Ok, I think that we have orders from all the active players.

      I'll let this drift for a bit (about 8 hours or so) as I noted for Colonel Fawcett and General Sennef his ability to personally take command of one of the at the moment idle units (Brittanic Battery or Hussars).
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      • March 18th, 1120hrs

        South to North

        Bates draws his sword, determined to hold the bluecoats on the flank. Firing pistols and carbines, his men reap a number of the Yankees, yet still they climb for the summit, multiple companies deep and smelling victory. To the rear, General Sennef leads his Saddle Blazers in a dash to reach Bates' position before he is overrun. Bird spies an opportunity and begins to wheel his battalion, even as the 24th continues to march for him, the Tar Heels and Hussars manning their posts but not making a move forward. Far to the North, Colonel Fawcett's glass watches the developing situation, and leaving his men with standing orders to hold, he mounts up and rides from the Fort, headed South.

        Back on the right, the fighting reaches a fever pitch, as New Yorkers break through the abatis and crest the strongpoint into the very face of Bates carbines belching smoke and flame. The first company over the top nearly evaporates in the furious fighting, though they take some green coats with them. Another company takes their place, and the fighting devolves into hand to hand combat, both sides giving and taking losses as neither willingly backs down. And yet the 25th grows nearer, nearer to ascending the strongpoint themselves....

        Riding hard, the Saddle Blazers cover the distance and cross the railroad embankment. Swinging East, they draw sabers as the General lets his borrowed coat fall, and knee to knee start accelerating into the charge. A ragged volley dismounts only one of the Saddle Blazers before they slam into the flanking company of the 99th, catching them off guard and shattering them.

        The fighting gets more desperate as Bates men hold the strongpoint against an ever growing number. Even with the Saddle Blazers close aboard, the casualties continue to mount and it looks like they'll be forced out by the time the 25th Mass reaches them.

        The first company of the 25th begins to ascend the strongpoint simultaneous with Bird ascending the embankment. Cresting it, Major Bird bellows out the commands, and his men unload a rippling volley, surprising the 25th. Caught partway up the strongpoint and clearing abatis, the first company is in total disarray and the companies following it scramble to form line facing the Green Jackets, giving them ample opportunity to reload their Swiss rifles and unload a second volley down into them before they can respond. With the second volley hammering them and the sight of the Green Jackets in full array atop the embankment, the 25th Massachusetts, having fought as much as any regiment today, finally breaks, some running to the 99th, some running to the rear.

        Of course the Green Jackets are out in front of the lines....and the 24th Massachusetts closing in takes the opportunity to unload a volley into their flank as well. Only saving grace are some shots from the Hussars, still perched atop their strongpoint......but even with several officers falling, it's apparent that the Green Jackets are going to have to move. About facing, and moving to wheel themselves again, they turn to face the 24th in the open.

        Riding up near the clash on the right, Colonel Fawcett has the Brittanics unlimber and get ready to fire.


        Pruitt watches the Hussars use their longer-ranged Kammerladers to fire on the 25th. He also joins Finch in watching the approach of the 27th Mass. with concern, as they slowly advance in echelon with the 24th, joining what appears to be an inexorable push to dislodge Rainbow from its positions.

        Major Holden's men keep busy firing as the 8th Connecticut closes on them. But the regiment isn't their concern yet, and finally their singleminded concentration on the command groups reaps a reward as it appears they've killed a Brigadier. The other mounted officers withdraw into the woods......


        To the North, the Federals don't advance yet, seemingly waiting their turn rather than rushing all along the line. Gardner's Battery fires with good effect on the massed regiments, but for the moment they continue to stand under the bombardment and bide their time.

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        • I can see that the 8th CT has come into range of our rifles. We are pouring flanking fire into them. Maj. Leroy
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          • By Demand

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            • If my battery can wheel into firing positions within the fort such that I can target the 8th CT and other union units to the South. I'm doing that. Fire with bolts and case into the flank of those lines will go through the length of those regiments. Even if it's just part of the battery, I'll do it.

              Any guns unable to move such, will engage targets to the front of the fort with shell and case as they have been doing.
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              • I say chaps, Tremayne here..
                You may be interested to learn that I recently invited a Union delegation to a tea party in our rear (below) under a flag of truce to politely ask them to stop blockading Charleston harbour because it's seriously disrupting my incoming tea supplies, but I'm afraid my plea fell on deaf ears as you can tell by their sombre expressions-

                PS-How are the Britannic Battery doing? I see on the splendid new map that they're perilously close to the marshy ground, so shall I bring them a consignment of galoshes to keep their feet dry?


                • General Sennef realizes that the shock effect of his Saddle Blazers has been spent against such a mass and decides to change tac.
                  He let his trumpeteer sound the 'fall back' and leads his unit back west, taking up position just south of the howitzers of the BB.
                  Here he has his troopers dismount, lead the horses back to the rear and have the men pour carbine fire into the mass of the 99th in an effort to relieve pressure on Bates.

                  Sennef, who remains on his horse directs BB to lob their shells into the 25th. This requires great skill to prvent hitting own troops but BB is a crack unit and should be able to perform just such a task. No time to be prudish now.

                  Sennef, still on his horse, then realizes he may need some extra cavalry power. He scribbles a quick note to major Dee of the “Dutch” Hussars, requesting his presence south.

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                  • Now that he is back on the battlefield, general Sennef think the right thing to do is to inform colonel Fawcett of his presence
                    plus make it clear that Fawcett is still in overall command of the battle. He is doing fine.

                    You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


                    • In absence of orders to the contrary and with the 27th Ma. now bearing down upon him, Finch leaves the skirmishers on his right to their own initiative and returns his attention to delivering effective three rank fire to the front.

                      "If we break their center, their left is isolated and unlikely to hold, we may yet trigger a more decisive retreat..."

                      "Right men, as before, one rank fires, one loads, one stands with loaded muskets and fixed bayonets to repel a charge with a pont blank volley."

                      Finch will personally direct the fire, as close to the front as reason permits.
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                      • The Green Jackets are in a precarious position.

                        Its Left Company already hurting from receiving fire into its flanks from 24 MA while the GJ were dealing with the 25 MA. The company officers are all dead. Cpt Walsh, the Battalion XO took over command of the company and is helped by the Battalion Sergeant-Major.

                        Maj Bird's attack plan has indeed not survived contact with the enemy...Or Rainbow 's leadership, for that matter.

                        The runner send to Pruitt has not come back. Possibly delayed or dead? Which may explain, why the cavalrymen never took position that would have help protect the GJ flank against the 24 MA. This would have led to the opportunity for Pruitt's force to now fall onto the right flank of the 99 NY. "Oh, well, too late for that now", thinks Bird.

                        Bird was also miffed at the Britannic Battery. If it had fired at the 24 MA while the GJ was dealing with the 25 MA, the GJ may be in a better position to deal with the new threat at its front now. But instead the BB limbered its guns and left!!!! Only the runner that came back from Bates clarified where the guns redeploy.

                        "Well, to have the GJ now advancing against the Yanks would be suicidal. Having the GJ stay in place without supporting fire against the enemy's flank is only going to help raise the battalion own casualty figures," thinks Bird, looking at what appears to be Dee's cavalry and their long range rifles mounting their horses to go who knows where!

                        "So much for suggesting a plan to outmaneuver the enemy," thinks a very annoyed Maj Bird. To save his troops and keep Rainbow's defensive line as intact as possible, Maj Bird orders a withdrawal to their defensive line behind them. It is done in an ordered fashion, with one of the three companies always firing at the enemy, while the rest of the battalion slowly moves rearward, in line and keeping its face to the 24 MA.
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                        • Player's Orders:

                          Holden is to reorient his men to taking out the officers of 8th CT marching toward the front line. If they reach 50 meters, order men to use the revolvers instead, and get ready to use the sabers for close combat quarters.

                          Holden also exhorts his men to stay the course, as there is no reserve force behind to replace them or to plug in the gaps. This is it, if the center is broken, they might as well go home.

                          Send a message to Colonel Facwett with a request to put up a small reserve force behind us.

                          Send a message to Sennef, praying that he actually knows how to use artillery properly and know where to point them.

                          End Player's Orders
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                          • Originally posted by Capt AFB View Post
                            ..Bird was also miffed at the Britannic Battery. If it had fired at the 24 MA while the GJ was dealing with the 25 MA, the GJ may be in a better position to deal with the new threat at its front now. But instead the BB limbered its guns and left!!!! Only the runner that came back from Bates clarified where the guns redeploy.
                            Yes it's something of a scandal in Charleston high society!

                            Scarlett- "Well ah do declayah! Whatever is going on out thay-ah?"
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                            • Originally posted by Cheetah772 View Post
                              Send a message to Sennef, praying that he actually knows how to use artillery properly and know where to point them.
                              Sennef is a planter with knowledge and love of horses, hence did he chose cavalry not artillery.
                              Luckily its commander is around to get the most out of those howitzers;
                              that is when he is not daydreaming about high society tea parties

                              You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


                              • Through the mayhem and chaos of the battle, the Green Jackets' Quartermaster and one of his civilian cooks were still able to make a birthday cake.

                                Putting the cake in a wooden box to protect it, the GJ Quartermaster left with a mission ordered by Maj Bird.

                                Using elan and uncommon sense of flair, the Quartermaster finds Col Fawcett on horseback traveling to the South position with a look of concern on his face.

                                Stopping the horse, and unconcerned by the superior officer's demeanour, the GJ's master of logistics looks at Col Fawcett with a smile. Before the Colonel could say something, the GJ NCO attaches the box to the saddle pommel and walks away - Saying loudly:

                                "HAPPY BIRTHDAY K."


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