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Rainbow Regiment, Ep 1: 1861

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    I assume that is the ford crossing the river on the map.


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      Mon Colonel,

      Depending on how confident you are in the training and capabilities of your infantry companies, I would suggest :

      2 companies North of the river (Bird and Leroy) to engage and delay the enemy forces heading to the ford. Once the enemy is fully engaged and took some hits, the two companies would ford the river back South and reform to become the brigade's new reserve.

      2 companies South of the river (Finch and Bates) , establishing the main defense using the river as the main obstacle to stop the enemy.

      The last company (Fawcett) can act as the immediate ready reserve and move forward into position on the river next to the ford, once the two forward companies withdraw from the North side of the river.

      One cavalry company to screen North and support the forward companies

      One cavalry company to screen East to keep an eye on any surprises coming from that direction.

      I would also send some cavalry towards the West to find any alternate crossing the enemy may use and, also, to establish contact with friendly forces in that direction.

      The battery aims right down the ford - the likely enemy approach, but ready to provide long fire to the withdrawing forward companies.
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        Looking at the map, I should set the battery on Signal Hill with a good line of sight to the ford and beyond. That puts us at about 600 to 800 yards. That will allow good use of shell and case as well as shot. Any closer and we'd be reduced to just shot until the enemy got to within about 200 yards of the battery where canister could be used.

        600 yards is a very quick fuze (about 1 and 3/4 second) while at 900 we have a comfortable 3 second one).

        Having elevation will allow us to fire over our own men to a degree as well, providing they are not too closely engaged.


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          Fawcett concurs with Bird's recommendations; the two most skirmish-capable companies to deploy north of the river and keep the enemy scouts off our position, forcing the enemy to deploy in line of battle if they want to make a serious effort here. Leroy and Bird to fall back if pressed, while Finch and Bates establish the MLR.

          Fawcett's Grenadiers to initially block the ford while the other four reach their position, then fall back to a position in near reserve but out of the enemy's effective range from the crossing. To replace another company in line if they need to fall back and regroup, or alternately throw back the enemy if they gain a foothold on the south side of the bridge.

          Fawcett sees no good reason to second guess our Gunnery Officer, but asks him to consider whether a position on Signal Hill would enable him to keep enemy artillery off our blocking force at the ford?
          Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


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            It should. Having the elevation means we can see much further out than their batteries can. With our rifles we can easily fire to over 1000 yards with some good accuracy and counterbattery them. The English made bolts we have fit closely and are said to be accurate to 50 yards in windage at 2000 yards range. At least that's what the manufacturer has promised.

            Our elevated position will make Yankee counter fire difficult too. Much of their shot will likely burrow into the hill if short or pass harmlessly over our heads... So the manuals I have claim.

            If the Yankees try to run up their batteries to use canister, they will be easily within range of my cannon and should be easily dealt with.


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              The Tarheel Legion is at the Ford. I am sending a three man patrol to the left and three men to the right to find any more crossing points. As for the Artillery, don't go up that hill too far. We have limited ammo and we may have to displace if we get a flank turned. Once the other Cavalry get here I will move to the left or right behind the Infantry. If we have to I will detail horse holders to each take four horses to the rear and the rest of the men will take firing positions.

              Colonel Sennef, which side do you prefer?

              Captain Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
              Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

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                Good points gentlemen.

                I'll issue my order in a while once all have had the opportunity to contribute.
                {OOC: in approx. 12 hours in RL}

                Contributions of the experts will be leading: i.e. most likely I'll follow Gardner's contribution on artillery, Pruitt's on cavalry, the (light) infantry captains on light and line infantry infantry respectively.

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                  OOC: RL will be calling me away next week and I will likely be out of touch. It's actually putting a smile on my face to be in a place with no Wifi and limited Internet connection. That said, Capt Bird will do his best with his Green Jackets until then.


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                    Union Mills, 1100hrs

                    Union Mills Map (All Map Links will Link to Updated Map)

                    Captain Pruitt sends scouting parties along Bull Run to locate any other fords or bridges nearby. The rest of his men take some time to look around while the Captain sends a rider to inform the Colonel of his actions.

                    Around 1045, some of the Tarheel Troop are near the ford, when a few scattered shots ring out. They ride quickly back out of range, and Pruitt can observe a skirmish line moving up in the little copse of trees on the Federal side of the ford.

                    The scouts return. To the West there is a ford, but it's screened by D.R. Jones Brigade. To the East there does not appear to be any ford, it appears the map and information was correct, Union Mills is the Easternmost crossing in the area.


                    As the hour draws to a close, the balance of Rainbow arrives via the road from the South, Colonel Sennef and his Saddle Blazers in the van.

                    {All commanders are now free to give orders and are aware of the situation on the map}
                    Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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                      Bates finally arrived properly with the rest of the regiment after managing to get his business wrapped up and allowing himself to detach from it. He jumps off the saddle carefully and gave the reins to the closest soldier before going inside the command tent to hear the latest suggestions and reports.

                      "My men are can skirmish with the enemy. They are light and their fast firing carbines can cause a lot of casualties quickly" He suggested. "They are woodsmen, they can move faster than others. Use them as well as possible."
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                        "I want Horse Holders to take the Horses to the rear. I want my best marksmen to take out any officers in that line! Its time you earn that extra money Boys! Aim low! Orderly! Take my horse back a bit while I do some shooting with a borrowed rifle. I wonder when the rest of us can get to the dance?"

                        Captain Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
                        Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

                        Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

                        by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


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                          After marching in skirmish fashion in the rear of the brigade column and picking up stragglers along the way, the Green Jackets can hear the shots fired...The enemy is near.

                          Cpt Bird, after reforming his company and leaving it in the good hands of his deputy, starts moving up the road on his horse. 2Lt Frumm and two Green Jackets acting as runners, are following behind him - all three walking and escorting stragglers back to their companies.

                          As they move up the road, he notices that Bates has already left galloping to the Brigade Commander's position. Cpt Bird "picks up" Finch, and Leroy and they make their way to the Colonel for orders. Garner is already there, discussing the best way to position and use his battery.

                          LtCol Fawcett seems to want to take to fight to the enemy right away,or at least to set his company in position to stop an enemy from taking the ford.
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                            (Need for Info. The little brown squares on the map...I assume they are some kind of buildings. What are we looking at? Dimensions? House, barn, tavern? windows?)


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                              Having a clear view of the his commander's original intent as well as the control of the ford hanging in the balance, Fawcett springs into action without awaiting confirmation from Colonel Sennef.

                              He directs Bates into the copse of trees on the west of the Tarheels' line pending further orders from Brigade.

                              He then leads his own grenadiers at the quickstep along the curve of the hill and then north once masked by the selfsame trees. The immediate reserve, they will rest in subformations out of sight from the ford while Fawcett observes the action from the copse.

                              The Grenadiers are to be ready to move at short notice as the situation requires, and the sergeants are to pick out select men who can be trusted to light and hurl grenades while on the move without harming our own. The others are not to engage with grenades unless directed, or until standing orders change.
                              Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


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                                I deploy my battery about 100 yards west of the house alongside the road to the ford on Signal hill high enough up that it we have a good view of the far side of the run and the ford, about 750 yards distant.

                                The battery train and caissons are placed on the reverse slope with only the guns and limbers on the front face.

                                I scan the distance with my French made binoculars, watching the infantry and cavalry go into position.

                                Once deployed to my satisfaction, I order. "Battery, load shot!" walking between the two guns making sure the crew properly executes the task, while admonishing them not to rush things. "Take care and proper time men. There is no need for haste, at least not yet."

                                One Lieutenant is up with the battery, and each gun captain is a Sergeant. The second lieutenant is with the train on the reverse of the hill.
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