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Rainbow Regiment, Ep 1: 1861

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  • So, as you might see, a pure 11 way split of everything would result in some units getting way more cash than they could use, and other units having little in the way of options (artillery for instance). Note that purchasing artillery will be more expensive than using captured that's something to keep in mind.

    Basically it's up to the Colonel, with input from all of you I'm sure, to determine what is in the best interests of Rainbow as far as distribution of captured gear and the funds from selling what you don't want. Some units cost a lot more than others to increase in size. Some units provide special services that buff Rainbow and are worth the extra cost. And some commanders might not want to buff their unit size too much lest they lose experience, versus other commanders who might want as much mass as possible at the cost of having a lot of raw recruits again.
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    • From my personal funds I will purchase all the enlisted in my battery an artilleryman's sword for self defense if that's permissible.


      • Keeping the six 10 Pounders should be seriously considered. Gun crews can be rounded out easily with several trained gunners and a number of recruits (Sponger, Loader come to mind). We also have to consider if we use a four gun battery or a six gun battery. I recommend we go with six.

        We have more than enough Infantry Rifles to raise new Companies. We can sell the 1842 Springfield Muskets, you guys need to decide on trading in some of those Repeating Carbines or whatever. The Three Band Enfield 1853 Rifles are top of the line for this period, plus we now have 700 of them! If every one of our Infantry Companies raise a duplicate Company, that will mean six new units with about 100 Enfields each!

        The Artillery is probably the hardest decision right now.

        Or we can do something else!

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        • I want 19 new men, (and not some old geezers but some who are physically capable of running or can be trained to run), or as many as I can get who are rugged, strong working men, especially those who are skilled with a knife, a shovel, traps, an axe, a saw, a hammer, a forge and a boat (preference for those that are of French, Irish, German or Spanish decent), and I want them all equipped with 1853 Enfield's and selling our 1841 Mississippis. I request a supply wagon if possible. Is there any entrenching tools available that were either found, captured or for purchase? For every 4 men I would like 2 shovels, 1 pick and 1 hoe and sharpening stones. Also, I don't if lye is already stocked as a provision, but I want enough to wash the red dye out of our jackets. We want to be seen, but not too much.
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          • Gentlemen,

            1. Smallarms and Artillery will be distributed at the discretion of Colonel Sennef. We all want spending money for our respective plans, so Fawcett (for one) would prefer to sell whatever share the Colonel grants him to his colleagues at favorable terms rather than have them simply given away. He has expensive plans too. Realistically we can't make any decisions on equipping our men until we know what assets we have to work with.

            2. Reinforcements can be taken into our existing formations at up to 25% above replacement without penalty to experience (this time). For example, the Grenadier Guard are at 111 men after recovery of injured. This time we can take:

            9 men (up to starting strength of 120) + 30 men (120/4 = 30) for a total manned strength of 150 without penalty to experience, assuming we can afford weapons for them.

            Since we're aiming to rearm our entire company (and for roleplay reasons) we're choosing to increase only to 140.

            3. The GM advises we can only have one weapon mix in our respective commands, so Bird, Finch and maybe Leroy are the only people who should probably consider throwing their experience out the window and arming 200-300 men in their personal battalions at their base exp.

            On the other hand Leroy's base experience is Regular, so 300 regulars in their tatterdemalion glory would make a wonderful line formation.
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            • Bates Irregulars only need 24 replacement men to push the company back to full strength of 120 men. I have the necessary gear from the fallen to arm them. The men chosen should be foresters, hunters and other similar men that know how to move in the woods. Really only thing I need with the replacements are bunch of new uniforms and then supplies for the company.

              Bates Irregulars are skirmishers foremost and I plan on keeping the size small and veterancy high.
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              • And to note specifically. You can increase the size of your command. You cannot add additional independent units or subunits. No matter how many troops you have, they will operate as a single unit for a single objective and under single split off portions or detachments.

                That will probably affect the size you want.
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                • Good day gentlemen,
                  By all accounts my 3 small fast-moving horse-drawn howitzers put up a decent show during our recent frolics, so I'd like to continue operations in the same vein if that meets with your approval.
                  Because of their shortish effective range I envisage swiftly moving them as close to the front line as possible wherever needed (at my own discretion or in response to a request from any of our commanders) to entertain those cheeky chappies from the north with a holy trinity of solid shot, explosive shells and canister.

                  PS- Permit me to introduce you to one of my "preachers", Mr. Herbert Wilkins (below), he came across with me on the boat from England and many's the time we used to stroll the streets of London seeking female company. He's a superb military tactician and one of his doctrines is-
                  "Make war the same way as you make love-- quickly, brutally, decisively!"
                  Yours, Tremayne (Britannic Bty)

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                  • Observant eyes could have noticed how CS was handed a telegram during dinner.
                    After dinner he discreetly took Lt. Col Fawcett apart and seemed to be going through a couple of decisions together.

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                    • The sliding doors slide open and out come Lt.Col Fawcett and CS, looking grim. "Gentlemen, Attention".
                      "Stand at Ease"

                      CS holds the suspense a bit longer than starts:
                      Gents, I received a cable of a nature I cannot share with you yet.
                      As a consequence my presence is requested elsewhere.
                      Till I come back, Rainbow's deputy Lt.Col Fawcett will be in charge of this regiment. I expect that upon my return I'll find you have obeyed his decisions and orders like you would have obeyed mine.

                      Gents {OOC}: I'm preparing for my next tour to Iraq in RL.
                      The planning involved requires so much that I cannot devote the amount of time that this wonderful game warrants.
                      In about a week I should be ready to participate once again.
                      Best regards,

                      You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


                      • Gentlemen, the way I read Tac's posts is we have a certain number of captures and own value in our weapons. We captured the following:
                        20 Revolvers (value 4)
                        800 1842 Springfield Muskets (value 1)
                        400 1853 Springfield Rifles (value 2)
                        700 1853 Enfield Three Band Rifles (value 2)

                        4 Six Pounder Field Guns (value 200)
                        6 Ten Pounder Parrot Rifles (value 500)

                        The value of Special weapons is:
                        Special A (odd and hard to find, breechloaders) value 6
                        Special B (Whitworths, really special!) value 8
                        Breechloaders (value 5)

                        My troops are all Recruits so adding would not change their rating. Buying Revolvers is the limiting factor. I could probably get by using Three Band Enfields instead of my preferred Two Band Enfields. It is also possible to cut down a Three Band into a Two Band.

                        Think of your troops as a Battalion in the making. Tac says we won't get new Companies.

                        I suggest we keep the six 10 Pound Parrots. We can give four to Gardner and two to Tremayne. Adding a number of recruits will mean a decrease in efficiency, Regular to Recruit, but I suspect the Regulars will get the Recruits up to speed quickly. Especially if you split the crews to make new crews.

                        Tremayne uses 12 Pound Pack Howitzers with a Prairie Carriage. He can add a couple of Ten Pounders to his unit and maybe trade in his Pack Howitzers for the 6 Pound Howitzers. An increase in his numbers would mean a step decrease in his efficiency, but they will still be Regulars instead of Veterans.

                        Derek, Tac says we can't put weapons in storage, so we have to parcel out the captured Revolvers. If I get ten I can raise 30 new Troopers by taking one of the four Revolvers from my troopers and giving them to the new Recruits. Maybe we can buy you some? I prefer Colt Army patterns because I want my troopers to be able to put a horse down. That leaves the Remington 1860 Army and the Colt Navy in 36 caliber.

                        Our Infantry can make up their minds in what they will do with all their "Special Breechloaders).

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                        • As to pistols, access to Colt and Remington models is closed.....but there are numerous pistols available in Europe, so not to fret.
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                          • Originally posted by TacCovert4 View Post
                            General Jackson turns to Colonel Sennef over dinner. "I think you gave the invaders something to consider, their own personal Trebia. Took a lot of guts to let that many Yankees get in so close before you closed the trap on them."
                            Cpt Bird looks at his drink and then looks at Jackson

                            "To be honest, I would like to think that the hard training I did with my troops help us hold the line, but with nearly 50% casualties, I'm afraid to think how much longer we could have actually stand facing the Yank firestorm pouring into my ranks...I'm still surprise that I wasn't hit myself with all the lead flying in the air...The cavalry charged just in time...Luck and God's Will probably also helped us," says Bird, adding the last point as he understood Jackson's piety.

                            "Taking out the enemy artillery before it could effectively shoot at our front lines probably was one of the reasons of our success. With Tremayne's howitzers and the Sharpshooters showing up when they did was also quite helpful...Mind you, at one point, I would have like seeing Tremayne shooting into the Yankee formations coming across the ford instead of being directed to shoot at maximum range after the enemy guns, but, at the end, it worked out to our advantage..."

                            And the conversation carried on through supper...
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                            • Before leaving for the dinner with his officers, Cpt Bird and his First Sergeant discuss the sentry and rest arrangements.

                              As for reinforcement and supply needs, his direction are as follows -

                              I heard reinforcements are on their way.

                              Let's get 20 good healthy men to bring our line up to 120 (plus 3 already with our supply wagon for a total of 123.)

                              Make sure they are equipped with 1853 Enfield. We have a large number of captured ones, so getting 20 good ones for our new troops should not be too much of a problem.

                              And before somebody asks, I don't want our company to be equipped with repeaters...They are going to brake and fall apart the first time we clash with the enemy in hand-to-hand combat!
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                              • Quick Notes:

                                1) Officers are considered to have purchased their own sidearm(s), as was common. They won't be noted in the OOB that I use, as an officer's contribution to firepower or manpower is negligible. If sidearms and such are being purchased for a unit, they're being purchased unit-wide as sidearms for all the enlisted men. I'm not differentiating between Captains, Lieutenants, 1st Sergeants, Sergeants, and Corporals and Privates for OOB purposes.....would make a manageable system unmanageable.

                                2) This is a one-time opportunity for you all to seriously play around with numbers and structure. Do not consider that a thousand recruits will follow each episode, or that you'll get to play with all captured weapons each episode. This is atypical, and done because multiple players convinced me that unit size needed to be increased. After this, expect recruitment pools to be far smaller, and in most cases likely just enough or not enough to replace losses. And expect that most captured guns and such will be taken by the government, not given over to you all to do what you will. Having said that, this is the one and only time that you could buff your unit size to a battalion over a company, or a Squadron over a Troop. This will NEVER happen again in the game, so if you choose to only increase your unit size by a few men, then you'll have to deal with that smaller unit for the rest of the game. I might seriously consider, especially the Line type units, this opportunity as a chance to build a potent infantry line.
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