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Rainbow Regiment, Ep 1: 1861

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  • My inclination with regards to the artillery we captured is a follows:

    Four of the 10 pdr (I assume Parrott rifles) be given to my battery to fill it out to full strength with 6 guns. The other two turned over to the state of N. Carolina for compensation and to allow for a new battery to be formed from them. Additional men and sundries supplied to bring the battery up to its new strength.

    The British battery takes 4 of the 6 pdr smooth bores in hand to replace two of their 4 12 pdr mountain howitzers. This gives them 2 howitzers and 4 smoothbores. The remaining 2 howitzers and two 6 pdr are handed over to a foundry for recasting as two 12 pdr Napoleon's to be assigned to the battery when complete. At that time the battery pulls two of its 6 pdrs out of service along with the remaining howitzers to have these recast as Napoleon's as before. This will result in a battery of 4 12 pdr Napoleon smoothbores and 2 6 pdr smoothbores.
    Depending on the time we'll be out of action, the battery might just have all four Napoleon guns cast at once.

    A note: A Napoleon 12 pdr barrel takes about 1200 lbs of brass. A 6 pdr + a 12 pdr mountain howitzer = about 1000 lbs. of brass. So, casting one from the combination of the two takes little new material to accomplish.


    • Dee spends most of the meal chatting with his fellows, enjoying the food, mentioning his (men’s) bravery, and paying particular attention to those with any connections with the Confederacy’s armament and maritime industries.

      Business never sleeps, after all.


      • Since we're going there

        All told, the prisoners (obviously) don't result in any compensation for you guys.

        Captured are the following:

        20 Revolvers, Colt Army

        800 M1842 Springfield Musket

        400 M1855 Springfield Rifle

        700 M1853 Enfield Rifle

        (Accoutrements are considered included)

        4 x 6lb Field Guns

        6 x 10lb Parrott Rifle

        Distribution of the captured goods is at the discretion of the Commanding Officer for the good of the Brigade.

        Weapons will be able to be sold and weapons purchased, but of course only from Overseas or Confederate sources, and there are precious few of the latter right now. Things that I won't allow during this 'growth' period:

        1) Equipping of mixed units, with the exception of artillery (10lb and 12lb rifles being basically equal). In the future, Artillery will not be sited on multiple different targets, so commanders keep in mind what you want to focus on. As for the rest, your troops will be equipped to a standard, simply to keep it from being a bloody mess to resolve combat....the standard is whatever you set, but units need to be uniform (IE no 1855 Springfields mixed with Sharps Carbines in the same unit).

        2) Storing up 'cash' in anticipation of future purchases. I'm not dealing with 'banking', so don't ask.

        Note: Finishing up conversion scale and whatnot, so don't be PMing me yet about sell/trade and all of that.

        For the moment, it'll be up to the Colonel to split off 'loot', and decide which company gets what to play with, whether it'll be uniform across all companies, or if certain units get bigger chunks (IE artillery getting multiple guns vice selling the guns for the infantry to buy rifles with).
        Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


        • It would likely be best that 4 Parrott's go to my battery and I keep the Blakely's for now as the men are familiar with the later and the Parrott's are of similar design meaning the battery is relatively consistent.

          The British battery needs to take the 6 pdrs at a minimum and rid itself of the little mountain howitzers as they are less effective.

          That gives our brigade a battery for long range work and one well suited to close in fire.


          • AAR: Units

            Here is everyone's unit at the end of the battle (and accounting for ALL troops that will return to action prior to the next battle).

            Brigade stores Unattached to units
            2 Wagons (4 men)

            Gardner’s Battery (Capt. Gardner)(TAG)
            2 x 3.5in Brooke Rifles
            1 Wagon
            19 Men (grey-blue uniforms w/ red facings)(Shotguns)

            Brittanic Battery (Capt. Lord Tremayne)(P O S)
            3 x 12lb Mountain Howitzer & Prairie Carriage/Limber (4 x Mule per gun)
            19 Men (Mounted on carriage Mules and Horses)(Black Uniforms w/Red Cuffs/Collars, Pith Helmet, Gold Braid)
            Land Pattern Carbine (Brown Bess, Percussion)

            Tar Heel Troop (Capt. Pruitt)(Pruitt)
            67 Cavalry (Grey Jackets, Jeancloth trousers, assorted covers)
            4 x various revolvers (dubious quality)
            Enfield Short Rifle

            Sennef’s Saddle Blazers (Colonel Sennef)(Sennef)
            54 Cavalry (blue/grey uniforms, Crimson Cavalry Hats some with ostrich plumes)
            Sharps Carbine

            Dee’s “Dutch” Hussars (Capt. DODee)(Businessman Bonus)
            54 Cavalry (Green Jackets, Black Trousers, Black boots and Shako)
            Kammerlader Rifle
            1850 Swedish Cavalry Pistol (Smoothbore shot-pistol)
            1842 Swedish Saber (Straight Falchion-like Heavy Cavalry Saber)

            NC Grenadier Guards (Lt. Col. Fawcett)(Khryses)
            111 Infantry (Green Frocks w/black front panels, Green/Black Helmets, Butternut Trousers)
            Sharps Carbine
            Bowie Knife
            Grenades (10 per man)

            Bird’s Green Jackets (Capt. Bird)(Capt AFB)(Businessman Bonus)
            103 Infantry (Green Sack Coats and Trousers)
            1853 Enfields/Bayonets
            Wagon of Supplies and Ammunition in personal stores

            Finch’s Company (Capt. Finch)(Snowy)
            130 Infantry (Variety of Homespuns, good boots)
            1853 Enfields/Bayonets
            Shovel or Axe per man

            Bates’ Company (Capt. Bates)(Sen)(Businessman Bonus)
            96 Infantry (Green Sack Coats, Butternut Trousers)
            Calisher & Terry Carbines

            Tiger Rifles (Capt. Leroy)(Fritgern)(Soldier Bonus)
            101 Infantry (Blue/White Striped Pantaloons, Red Shirts/Blue-Red Jackets), Straw Hats & Fezzes)
            1841 Mississippi Rifles
            Cutlasses or Bowie Knives

            Georgia Badgers Militia (Capt. Holden) (Businessman Bonus)
            120 Infantry (Solid Green Sack Coat and Trousers, Brown leathers, brogans and Slouch Hat)
            Whitworth Rifles w/Globe sights (1200yd range)
            1796 Heavy Cavalry Sword (carried on baldric)
            Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


            • AAR

              After a wonderful meal is had by all, despite the lack of interesting conversation and endless droning about technicalities, General Beauregard issues the following orders:

              The North Carolina Brigade currently known as Rainbow will entrain and travel back to Weldon. From there they will march to Washington and rest and refit. The casualties sustained mean that this Brigade is temporarily out of combat fitness. Once fit for duty, the Colonel will report same by telegraph to the commander of NC troops and will return to whatever operations are determined to be in need of the Brigade.
              Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


              • Originally posted by TacCovert4 View Post
                Here is everyone's unit at the end of the battle (and accounting for ALL troops that will return to action prior to the next battle).

                Brigade stores Unattached to units
                2 Wagons (4 men)

                Tar Heel Troop (Capt. Pruitt)(Pruitt)
                67 Cavalry (Grey Jackets, Jeancloth trousers, assorted covers)
                4 x various revolvers (dubious quality)
                Enfield Short Rifle
                I have a few extra weapons that I bought. I was under the impression that I had bought 100 Two Band Enfields and 300 1860 Army Colts. The Army Colts are pretty much top of the line in this period. The only others I would want are Remington Army Pistols or LeMats. If we can raise more troops it will be interesting how they are armed. If we get some of the Smoothbores we captured, we can cut them down a bit into Shotguns. We would still need to get more pistols.

                Captain Pruitt will now carry a Two Band Enfield in a saddle holster in addition to his pistols.

                How are the Captured Yankee Cannon disposed?

                Captain Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
                Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

                Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

                by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


                • During the dinner Abraham Bates describes the action Rainbows infantry took in digging down and how effective Calisher & Terry Carbines were to the Confederate officers and tells how company of green not battle tested infantry laid down heavy carpet of fire. These guns are the future of warfare and should be bought in large numbers. He also invites all officers to test his guns and see the effectiveness themselves.

                  After the dinner is over and brigade is having a rest, Bates engages in doing local business and tries to acquire more supplies in both food and ammunition for men and orders them to do drills in the woods.
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                  Rear Admiral Sander Van der Zee, Commander of Dutch Far East Theatre
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                  • Fawcett spends the evening exchanging stories with Stuart; a man of similar romantic character even if he is a horse-fancier.

                    Delighted with the conduct of his men, he sees to it that they have their own dining-in while Fawcett attends the General’s to-do.

                    He speaks with Bates as well at the event, asking him to use his business contacts abroad to assist Fawcett in the sale of his carbines, share in the small arms and share of the sale of the guns. As well as the acquisition of some replacements from the Prussian armory to fit out his magnificent boys.

                    Fawcett is very happy to sell his share (whatever it may be) of the guns to Rainbow elements, assuming a fair price is reached with his agent.
                    Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


                    • OOC: I would like access to replacement side arms if possible. My rifles are grand, but my men have only single-shot percussion pistols to serve alongside their sabers if the need arises.

                      Since there are a limited number of revolvers, I’d be happy to see them set aside for later when we’ve accumulated enough of them to enable a single unit to tech up, as it were (no mixed units).

                      A good revolver is all my men really need, equipment wise.


                      • Business

                        OOC: Order of business for Pruitt. I don't have the final PM for your OOB, had to clean out my outbox. So while I'm pretty certain that I didn't let any player have 'extra' weapons in storage, I'll allow your 100 Enfield Carbines and 300 Colt 1860 Army Revolvers (having shot both I actually prefer the 1858 Remington for a .44 pistol.....Colt is fine in .36 but I think in .44 it's a bit weak in the frame for long term use). Keep in mind that any reinforcement you do of your troops have to have the precise 4 x 1860 Colt Army and Enfield Carbine. By the math you have the most expensive troops, so I won't be granting exceptions if you want to maintain them in this setup.

                        Prices on the open market for weapons are as follows....and no, it's not in dollars.

                        Smoothbores (muskets, pistols): 1

                        Rifles/Rifle Muskets: 2

                        Revolvers: 4

                        Breechloaders: 5

                        Specials A (odd and hard to find breechloaders): 6

                        Specials B (Whitworths, really special stuff, etc): 8

                        Artillery is a bit more complex, so I'll be working that separately. However, of the guns that were captured:

                        6lb Smoothbore: 200

                        10lb Rifle: 500

                        Is this setup entirely accurate for the dollar values of various items? No. Doing that amount of research for what is after all a game meant for fun would be positively insanity inducing.

                        Now....Ground Rules. These are Immutable.

                        1) As a whole, Rainbow MUST spend ALL available cash or weapons before we move on to the next episode. I'm not managing warehouses of supplies, and quite frankly the Confederacy wouldn't allow it anyway when they could use those guns to equip more regiments.

                        2) ALL Units must maintain UNIFORMITY in equipment. I'm not going to deal with mixed units of mixed weapons/equipment, it would require me to rework stuff for 'averages' per unit with respect to ammo consumption and firepower.

                        3) Rainbow can spend extra funds on 'supply wagons'. Just like Bird's Green Jackets have a supply wagon all their own, each supply wagon basically functions as extra ammunition available during combat. So for instance Bates almost shot himself dry.....and Bird barely scratched the surface of his ammo. This purchase option is a Colonel level decision, so I'll work it out with him.

                        4) This is 1861, local industry is pretty bare on production. So weapons that were purchased from the United States (IE Yankee industry) are not available to purchase. Sharps, Colts, etc. So if you need these weapons, you might want to speak to players that have them about some horse trading as it were or whatnot....(IE Fawcett and Sennef both use Sharps Carbines, so expansion might include some changes there one way or the other. Sennef and Pruitt both have Colt Army Revolvers, and there were 20 captured, so things might want to be considered there, etc).

                        5) There is one player class that gets a discount. Businessmen get discounts as follows. -1 on Revolvers, -1 on Breechloaders, -1 on Special A, and -2 on Special B. This is to account for their business acumen in getting things from overseas....and is in line with their smaller starting budgets initially.

                        6) I'll shortly be posting up the veterancy levels of your troops. If you increase your troop size by 25% over your original base size you lose one level. By 50%, 2 levels. You cannot go below Recruit. Veterancy is gained in battle, and includes a touch of randomness. Things that increase the odds of gaining a level are involvement in close combat, not being in situations where morale breaks, and accomplishing feats of derring-do without being utterly mauled in the process. "Career Soldier" players automatically get "Regular" veterancy for their troops and won't drop below that level....their bonus for having the smallest starting budgets.
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                        • Capt. Holden is delighted with his unit's performance, though he is annoyed by a colonel yelling for Holden and his boys to follow him charging into the enemy. If Holden could, he would rather engage the enemy at long distance and avoid silly charges.

                          To that end, Holden prefers his unit to be light and won't be taking on more equipment. Although Holden would love to have his men equipped with revolvers instead of 1796 heavy cavalry sabers, he knows it might be next to impossible in acquiring these delightful small firearms.
                          Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

                          "Aim small, miss small."


                          • Veterancy

                            Veterancy Levels are as follows:






                            I'm not posting my figures and such, as it would ruin the immersion, but since you're adding troops and whatnot I'll give you a glimpse into how experience does actually matter. It matters as far as your combat effectiveness and your morale.

                            Current Veterancy Levels are as follows:

                            Gardner: Regular

                            Tremayne: Veteran

                            Pruitt: Recruit

                            Sennef: Regular

                            Dee: Regular

                            Fawcett: Veteran (Brittle)

                            Bird: Regular

                            Finch: Regular

                            Bates: Regular

                            Leroy: Veteran

                            Holden: Recruit
                            Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                            • Recruits

                              Between recruitment efforts and word of Rainbow's amazing stand, second in the papers only to Stonewall and Union Mills being renamed by the locals as Rainbow Ford, a number of men muster for a chance to be a part of what appears to be a unit with a bright and glorious future. By September many of the casualties have returned to duty if their injuries could heal to the point where they could.

                              1000 additional men muster in Washington to join as well. The State has advised that any men not mustered into Rainbow will be mustered into other state units for the Confederacy, but since they've mustered as volunteers for Rainbow, then Rainbow has first pick.
                              Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                              • Fawcett, his senior lieutenant and sergeants are quick to Washington, picking out the 29 biggest, strongest, fastest recruits with preference given to fighting spirit and magnificent beards.

                                These are intended to raise our number to 140, or 20 over starting establishment. Armament will be handled separately, although we order more grenades so that we have 10 per man; 2 each issued).
                                Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


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