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Rainbow Regiment, Ep 1: 1861

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  • OOC: If you got to that point, I'd allow for 'scouting parties' to exit the map....they would not stand and fight, only make a recce and return. That's in line with my previous ruling vis a vis scouting.

    9-10 hours gentlemen if you can, I think I have all but one order set in, and I would like to be able to give you all an update to digest before I go on holiday.....Lady Tac will probably kill me if I do 'work' on our anniversary.
    Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


    • Originally posted by Capt AFB View Post
      Cpt Bird sees to his company after their first shock of battle. They've seen the elephant and did not break...And brought the fight to the enemy at the first opportunity they got, with an impromptu bayonet charge...

      He was not going to charge the enemy, but the momentum got them all... They were eager for the opportunity to give it back to the enemy... As his troops were not going to stop, he says to himself an old French expression from his past, "ouate de phoque" (French for "seal's cotton ball") and then yells "Charge!" against the Yanks lines...

      Now the fight is over. Almost one in two of his troops is a casualty.

      The Green Jackets' training kicks in. 2Lt Frumm and a work party goes back to their defensive position to repair and strengthen the line. The First Sergeant and his party are dealing with casualties. Lt Walsh and the rest of the troops are dealing with Yank prisoners.

      There is haste in their movements. Cpt Bird wants to get everything done quickly...The exhaustion following the high adrenaline rush of battle will soon make the troops tired and sluggish...
      Casualties taking cared of, prisoners brought to a holding pen (guarded by Blazers?) and its defensive position is now manned.

      Cpt Bird's Green Jackets are resting, eating and recuperating from their first battle action. Moral seems good, despite having lost friends to enemy fire.

      With only a bit more than 50% of his original company still effective, Cpt Bird is not sure he will be able to hold the line if faced again with the same enemy action...

      Perhaps next time, the artillery can hit the Yanks before they fully deploy on this side of the river!


      • Union Mills, 1320hrs

        Captains Finch and Bird take charge of their men and reform a line covering the Ford, while a number of their men maintain a watchful eye on the prisoners that the Saddle Blazers and Bates' Company are controlling. The prisoners are remaining in good order and behaving themselves. Gardner's Battery fires a shot at the ford that explodes far short and overhead.

        Captain Holden has his men move up towards the river where they have a better vantage point. Colonel Sennef and Captain Bates busy themselves with their prisoners and helping the wounded in their respective commands. Captain Pruitt has his men reload all of their weapons, a not inconsiderable task considering the number of pistols to reload. Captain Tremayne's Brittanics finish limbering up their pieces, and then push for the river themselves.

        Meanwhile, the ford is where the action is.....

        The Grenadiers, now in a thin green line, unload ragged volleys into the fleeing 18th New York while the 16th continues to slog its way back out of the river and begins to get into something resembling a battle array. The men of the 18th are tearing at their lines, trying to get around or through but out of the line of fire. Horses arrive and Dee's Hussars dismount, adding their rifle fire to the carbines.

        Captain Leroy sees that his Tigers are getting themselves situated, and with a single order they move forward as a body towards the Ford. Gardner fires another shot while the other gun crew go back and start working to bring their piece back into action, or at least get it onto wheels again. This shot is far more effective, case bursting on time to disorganize part of the 16th as it turns into line. Arriving before Leroy, Tremayne's men again leap to getting their howitzers into action at close range, loading canister.

        Fawcett and Dee both continue their mauling of the shattered 18th, and after such brutal exchanges, the 18th has had enough. Those who can't claw their way up the North side of the river raise their hands and come back to their tormentors, broken and beaten. Fawcett quickly puts corralling the new prisoners into the hands of Pruitt, who has just arrived with his Tar Heels.

        With Leroy's arrival, Fawcett, Leroy, and Dee push through the river to keep up the pressure and try to capture the abandoned guns. The 16th is in line as they get to the North Bank, and those men duck as Tremayne's battery unloads canister into them at near maximum effective range. Holden's company now up by the river, his men again kneel or sit on the bank and open up on the right of the 16th NY, having a noticeable but not quite devastating effect. A ragged volley from the 16th at 100yds causes a few casualties among the men down on the bank, and the return fire from the Grenadiers and Hussars is noticed, but not as effective as that of the Tigers, which punches holes right into the center of the 16th.

        Gardner's gun fires again, punching a hole into the left flank of the 16th. Using the cover of the riverbank, Fawcett and the others continue to pour fire into the Yankees. Holden's fire hammers the far right, men falling all in the line. The return volley from the 16th isn't particularly effective, though a few men fail to rise. The Brits fire again, and after one shot in particular, it's as if the dam has finally broken, and the 16th just withdraws North company by company....and in nothing that could be construed as planned order. As they fall back, Fawcett and Leroy make a rush to the guns, seizing them and spinning them around to face North in case someone else tries to force the ford. Dee holds the ford itself, men reloading pistols and rifles as they wait using the slope of the riverbank.

        Map, Union Mills

        Some more casualties have been suffered, but the devastation of the last hour is over. Over 1600 Federals have stacked arms and surrendered to an exhausted but elated bunch of militias, of course the Federals are little more than militias themselves. Amongst the arms left on the field or stacked are not more than a few old smoothbore muskets. Numerous Federal officers and NCOs comment that the rate of fire made them think they were fighting a much larger force, and that the digging into holes in the ground is such an unsporting way to fight a war.


        The 16th is Withdrawing off the map to the North, though a sharp eye can see things getting orderly, with a rear guard company watching for pursuit.
        Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


        • Seeing the guns being captured by the Tigers and Grenadiers, many of the Green Jackets walk a few feet in front their position, waving their hats above their heads and cry out a tremendous cheer of victory...

          Cpt Bird smiles and allows the impromptu cheer to salute the job well done.

          After a few minutes, he turns to his First Sergeant: "Get the troops back into their position to continue to improve their line. Our brothers in arms did a great job, but if we cannot hold here, their feat will be for noughts!"

          "I hope they brought horses to pull the canons this way" thinks Bird, "or, if not, something to spike the guns."

          Looking at 2Lt Frumm, he asks a question "If the Yanks come back to try to to cross the river again using the ford, what would you throw in their way as an obstacle to make their attempt more difficult?"
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          • Seeing the guns captured, I send my Lieutenant with the battery back to tell the train to come forward with all haste, horses, and harness, to recover the guns. "Lieutenant, the ten pounders first."


            • Captain Pruitt sends a message to Colonel Sennef: "We should send the Artillery Horses we have to recover the Yankee guns. We also need to see if we can recover any caissons and horse tack in the area. I have dismounted my men and have at least 45 horses available to help move the guns. We do expect to get them back after the guns are safe. We can also assign some Infantry to the guns to help flesh out some crews. We can parcel out the trained gunners to form the base of the new gun crews. I assume it is now safe to send up the Commissary Mules?"

              Captain Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry.
              Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

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              • You do know that horses trained for cavalry usually aren't trained to work as a team pulling a load... That's why I'm sending teams forward to recover the guns and limbers. If we have the limbers intact, it will be easier.


                • Using Cavalry mounts in an emergency is better than using men to hand push the guns. We are not going to use them to pull far.

                  Captain Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
                  Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

                  Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

                  by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


                  • Well, my stalwart fellows and I have foddered our horses, had a cup of tea and have now sloshed across the ford looking for more blue-clad gentlemen to entertain with our 3 howitzers..
                    Yours, Tremayne, Britannic Bty


                    • Cpt Leroy orders the 6-pounders to be turned around and loaded. Although not artillerymen, some men have some experience with cannons and they instruct the inexperienced how to load, aim and fire them. The Tigers let off as many effective shots as possible towards the retreating Yanks. Others not engaged in firing the guns fortify their position, load up rifles and distribute ammunition.
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                      • With the countless foe broken and driven from the field, Fawcett has his brave lads light a campfire and brew up another batch of tea as they see to their gear and recover from the heavy fighting. The sergeant selects four men to remain on watch facing the north west for the next 10 minutes and then they will be relieved by four more for the 30 minutes that follow. In forty minutes (or sooner if the Yankees come back) the North Carolina Grenadier Guard will march back across the river in a tight parade ground formation and return to Bird's Wood. "You've shown them you can fight like demons, now show them you can march like the bloody Coldstream Guard!"

                        Their rest break by the guns they fought so hard to seize is intended to maintain a defense against any Federal stragglers who might try to interfere with the main effort to drag the guns back to the south side of the river. Twelve volunteers police the field (after a ten minute break) to recover any Rebel wounded (and at least ease any Yankee wounded out of the water if they've fallen at the ford).

                        Fawcett asks Dee to send a patrol up the road following but not engaging the 16th NY. They should report back when the enemy either stops retreating or a fresh formation is sighted on approach.

                        Lt Colonel Fawcett will personally commandeer one of the Tar Heel cavalry mounts seconded to moving the guns and use it to mount up his only Lieutenant on the field as a messenger (the other still being away on Fawcett's own mount) bearing an action report to Jones' Bde and a message to the General. The mount will of course be returned to Pruitt's command when the Lt returns to the Brigade.


                        1:20 pm, July 21 1861
                        N of Union Mills, Bull Run

                        General Beauregard,

                        Compliments of the day.

                        I am pleased to report that the North Carolina Rainbow Brigade has met the 2nd Bde of Miles' Division and defeated it decisively. Elements of the 16th and 18th NY are in full retreat, while the 31st and 32nd NY have been eliminated. We have taken approx. 1600 prisoners and 3 batteries, while Colonel Sennef took the Federal Brigade commander prisoner personally at the head of a cavalry charge. Col. Davies is held at our headquarters south of the river. There is no formed enemy to our north.

                        How goes the day?

                        Yr humble servant,

                        Lt. Col H. Fawcett,
                        Rainbow Brigade
                        Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


                        • Gentlemen, as I'm a relative newcomer to this battle, I've yet to fully understand how the game system works, so from now on rather than using my own initiative and possibly making a chump of myself, I'll only respond to a direct order from a superior in this thread, life will be much simpler that way..
                          Yours, Tremayne (Britannic Bty)
                          PS- As a great soldier once said- "I'm only here to do what you tell me, drill sergeant"..
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                          • Finch gives Tremayne a sideways glance,

                            "Nevertheless, your little battery there arrived at a time of the utmost convenience, without them I doubt we would have held the line."

                            "Much appreciated ol' chap, see you around, it may be a long war yet."
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                            • Originally posted by Poor Old Spike View Post
                              Gentlemen, as I'm a relative newcomer to this battle, I've yet to fully understand how the game system works, so from now on rather than using my own initiative and possibly making a chump of myself, I'll only respond to a direct order from a superior in this thread, life will be much simpler that way..
                              Yours, Tremayne (Britannic Bty)
                              PS- As a great soldier once said- "I'm only here to do what you tell me, drill sergeant"..
                              Cpt Bird looks at the Britannic Battery travel to the other side of the river.

                              "Well, they have definitely been at the right place at the right time during the fight. Great working with them," thinks Bird.

                              Hopefully, once the captured canons are dealt with, all the troops North of the river will come back on this side.

                              Far to his left, 2Lt Frumm and 15 soldiers are falling a few trees from the rear of the forest (behind the defensive position) to build a half-dozen abatis.

                              Bird wants to throw a few abatis on this side of the ford, once Rainbow returns from across the river. A few abatis will also be placed in front of his position. A good obstacle to build against a enemy, but still easy enough to pull away, if a forward movement by Rainbow is required .


                              • OOC:

                                As a relatively new player, I have to ask this question, with the battle already decided in our favor decisively, does this mean the scenario is now over? Moving on to Episode 2?
                                Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

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