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Rainbow Regiment, Ep 1: 1861

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  • OOC; Hello gents (again!). I'll be posting a fuller introduction / orders in a bit, but I've worked with Tac on an additional unit coming in to the works.

    Dee's (Dutch) Hussars [Capt. D.O. Dee]
    60 Cavalry [Shako; Green Coat with Gold Piping and Trim; Black Trousers with Green Stripes]
    Kammerlader Rifle [Breach-loading Full-length Rifle]
    1850 Swedish Cavalry Pistol [Smooth-bore Shot-pistol]
    1842 Swedish Saber [Straight-edged Heavy Cavalry Saber]

    A unit of cavalry raised by the industrialist D.O. Dee, a Hanoverian-Danish immigrant with business ties to Scandinavia and northern Europe. With his industrial interests threatened by the specter of abolition - and his northern shipping interests slashed as a result of his fairly pro-Confederate views - the easily-offended Dee has looked to raise a unit of Northern Europeans to serve in the war, sourcing weapons (and style) from the the Old World.

    Although named Hussars - mostly due to the prestige of the title - the unit is armed with the Norwegian Kammerlader, a breach loading, full-length rifle. These are reportedly to be very accurate, have a good rate of fire, and allow them to serve well as scouts, skirmishers or mounted infantry. The green of their jackets alludes to this concept of being riflemen as well as cavalry. A bit of a jumble of allusions, to be sure, but Dee is a businessman after all. All together, he was happy to use his own finances to ensure that when he went to war, his men cut a suitably dashing figure. Their pistols are percussion single-shot pistols and not revolvers, but they can be loaded with buckshot for close ranges. Their sabers are, in the style of their homelands, a fairly brutal, straight-edged blade, more falchion than saber.

    The unit's roster is mostly composed of Northern Europeans - mostly German immigrants from the multitude of German states, but also a good number of Norwegians and Swedes. German is the lingua-franca of the unit, who are almost wholly first- and second-generation immigrants. The men possess a variety of reasons for fighting and are, for the most part, not devoted to the ideas of secession, driven more by the concept of finding glory, good-pay, and avoiding economic competition from freed-slaves in the post-war, though Dee wasn't too picky in ideology.

    Dee has called his unit the Charleston Hussars, but most just call them the Dutch Hussars or the Dutch Cavalry - a corruption of Deutsch similar to the term Pennsylvania Dutch - due to their mostly Germanic heritage. Dee is only mildly irritated at this.


    • CS: Glad to have you on board Captain Dee!

      Please join Rainbow's cavalry on Signal Hill and await my signal (three bugle calls) to charge towards the ford.
      See previous posts for details.

      You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


      • OOC:

        Hi, gents! I'm a new player about to enter the sandbox soon.

        Be on lookout for Captain James Holden of Georgia Badgers unit of 120 expert marksmen, equipped with Whitworth rifles with scope attached on them, giving them superior long range firepower. Oh by the way, did I mention they also carry swords for close quarters combat?

        Holden is a businessman who hails from Rocinante, GA (yeah, I know). Holden is of a proud German descent with a perpetual scowl on his face. he is fueled by anger driven by an unfortunate incident caused by a Northerner in his past. He doesn't like to talk about it and is determined to kill these filthy Northerners as many as possible.
        Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

        "Aim small, miss small."


        • Welcome aboard, Badgers!

          Once Gardner's guns are in a better position to resume their artillery duel, I know a few large batteries with your name on them.

          Fawcett's recommendation is for Holden to come up and form behind Fawcett's current reserve position with a view to advancing in loose formation once the Federal guns are too hotly engaged to react properly to your approach.

          Fawcett currently intends to dislocate to the other end of the line and take up reserve positions behind Bird to exploit any successes generated by Phase Three.
          Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


          • Orders Deadline

            Tomorrow (Tuesday), 2100EST.

            I'm on Holiday for the next two weeks (had to burn comp time, not touching my actual holiday leave).

            As they stand, this is what I have:

            Gardner: Fire final bolts, displace behind hill and come around on other side just below the crown to resume engagement (with somewhat better cover)

            Pruitt: Lead Cavalry around behind hill and stage in position to advance on and charge enemy flanks if they attack across the ford.

            Sennef: Cavalry is following Pruitt in maneuver

            Bird: Continue to dig in and hold

            Bates: (Continuing to dig in in the absence of orders)

            Finch: (Continuing to dig in in the absence of orders)

            Fawcett: Finish lunch, then move up behind Finch.

            Dee: On the Field, (Can Give Orders)

            Holden: On the Field, (Can Give Orders)

            Leroy: Hold and eat lunch (Taunting the enemy some more? )

            Federals: Orders in...........
            Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


            • Finch: (Continuing to dig in in the absence of orders)
              Indeed, although Finch resumes his command to oversee the digging as well as maintain his position.

              See to it the digging rank, is relieved by a fresh rank at regular intervals and gets some rest.

              The other two ranks remain as they were, one lying down, one kneeling behind.
              Lambert of Montaigu - Crusader.

              Bolgios - Mercenary Game.


              • ‘Right gentlemen,
                I am referring to the updated map and my initial orders

                1. The Situation has changed a bit:
                On the friendly side, general Beauregard has send us some badly needed reinforcements. We have received:
                -an additional cavalry squadron (Captain Dee),
                -an infantry company (Badgers, marksmen to be precise, commanded by captain Holden)
                and an artillery battery commanded by captain Lord Tremayne (Poor Old Spike).
                The enemy has been identified as 16th NY Regiment, supported by artilleryI expect more to follow.’
                CS hesitates, remarks to Lt. Col Fawcett: ‘Incidentally, Harry I think Rainbow could use an Intelligence officer by now.’

                '2. The Mission has remained unchanged: hold the ford.’

                ‘3. Execution: We are now in Phase 2 doing well for the moment. I have identified the enemy artillery as the biggest threat to the mission and would like to request our artillery commanders, Gardner and Tremayne, to bring out counter battery fire form the top of Signal Hill.
                Additionally I request captain Holden to sneak his sharpshooters to a range of 700 meters from the enemy artillery and start takeing its personnel out.
                The rest of you gentlemen follow your good sense with regard to the mission and the plan.
                Be prepared to execute Phase 3.’

                '4. Logistics: Food, fodder and ammunition behind Signal Hill with our train, also our band aid station is there. Provide the deputy with an update on your status and your needs.'

                '5. Command & Control: I’ll be on top of Signal Hill with the artillery, Lt. Col Fawcett is free in his movements. Messages by runner or bugle.'
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                You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


                • Once you cannot hold anymore fall back into trees S/W of your position.
                  Lambert of Montaigu - Crusader.

                  Bolgios - Mercenary Game.


                  • Originally posted by Colonel Sennef View Post
                    CS: Glad to have you on board Captain Dee!

                    Please join Rainbow's cavalry on Signal Hill and await my signal (three bugle calls) to charge towards the ford.
                    See previous posts for details.
                    "Yes, sir!"

                    Orders are dispatched and the Hussars ride out to their allotted location - looking mighty fine indeed, if I do say so myself.

                    The men will be prepared to ride when signaled, using their breachloaders from the saddle before closing with sabers and shot.


                    • Captain Pruitt addresses the three units with him: "Gentlemen, check your loads. We are about to ride down and chastise a surly bunch who have come down uninvited and wish to do us harm. I want good formation riding throughout this engagement. I have the honor and privilege to lead you. Make your peace with your maker, because if you fail me, you will not have a bunch of heathens to deal with, you will deal with me! Now let us thank God for giving us this chance to prove our worth!"

                      Captain Pruitt, Tarheel Legion Cavalry
                      Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

                      Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

                      by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


                      • Originally posted by Colonel Sennef View Post
                        CS hesitates, remarks to Lt. Col Fawcett: ‘Incidentally, Harry I think Rainbow could use an Intelligence officer by now.’
                        "On that Colonel," Harry begins, glancing across the river again. "We've repelled the 16th New York and that's the 18th up in massed skirmish lines north of the ford now. It appears we're facing the 2nd Brigade of Miles' 5th Division, with some regiments still coming up. The presence of divisional artillery however means I suspect we will see the 1st Brigade before long.

                        "The ford is all the more key to controlling the battlefield - we cannot face Miles' numbers in the open field if we give him time to throw his weight across the crossing."
                        Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


                        • Originally posted by Colonel Sennef View Post
                          ..I have identified the enemy artillery as the biggest threat to the mission and would like to request our artillery commanders, Gardner and Tremayne, to bring out counter battery fire form the top of Signal Hill.
                          Very good Colonel, I'm ordering my battery to open fire on the blighters from Signal Hill, the range is rather longish for my small howitzers but we'll see what effect it has.
                          Lord Tremayne

                          PS- I shall treat them to a potent mix of solid cannonballs, explosive groundburst shells and airburst shrapnel shells..
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                          • Bates: (Continuing to dig in in the absence of orders)
                            Bates supervises the work his men are doing while pacing nervously back and forth the strip of land his company is located. He is really hoping that they could push the New Yorkers away and taking the field.
                            From Devastation - Knights Twilight Warhammer 40,000 Quest
                            Rear Admiral Sander Van der Zee, Commander of Dutch Far East Theatre
                            "There is never enough firepower!"


                            • Union Mills, 1220hrs

                              Union Mills Map

                              Gardner's Battery fires off its last salvo of this engagement, men rushing to limber the guns even before the Captain spots his shot. One flies over the battery of 6 pounders, the other striking another carriage and sending one more gun to lay in the dust. The return volley is telling this time, and two bolts strike Gun 1 as it's being limbered, rending the whole assembly asunder and dropping three of her crew into the mess. The other men are shocked, but stick to their duty, and head out to their new position, leaving the gunner behind to see what he can do for the fallen.

                              The three cavalry troops, Hussars, Saddle Blazers, and Tar Heels, ride from the grove around behind Signal Hill, their movement easily observed by the enemy. Meanwhile, moving through the grove, the solid green uniformed Badgers jog past the Grenadiers, who are tidying up from their meal and preparing to move themselves. In a skirmish formation so ill-disciplined as to be a cloud, the Badgers sit down over a third of a mile from the Parrot rifles that had just hammered Gardner's withdrawing guns.

                              Even as Gardner's Battery is departing, the dashing newcomers of the Brittanic Battery arrive with their highly polished little howitzers, swinging them around before even dismounting from their horses and mules with their natty uniforms and new fashion pith helmets. But the guns have already picked a new target, and as the Brits are setting up to fire at their maximum range, the guns bark below, and shells detonate among Finch's position, men diving into the shallow trench already dug as they seek cover, but a number not rising.....the other men appear to be jittery, not quite panicked.

                              Lord Tremayne's little howitzers bark, and with their first volley one shell bursts close to the two remaining 6lb guns, appearing to wound a man, while the other two shells explode harmlessly short. The first crackling volley from the Badgers, on the other hand, is noticeable, with several gunners in the Parrot battery clutching themselves or simply dropping to the ground. The other gunners stay to their guns for now, but their progress in loading has decidedly slowed.


                              At the Ford, a big doubled column of troops plows through the thigh-deep water as the colors of the 31st and 32nd New York are seen side by side, leading the rush. Once across the ford, the regiments wheel into line and advance towards the Rainbow defenders only 300 yards away. Bird, Bates, Leroy, and Finch all order their men to fire at the regiments as they form at long range, and it appears that Bates and Finch have the best of it, Bates breechloading carbines making up with volume what they lack in long-range power....and Finch's three volley arrangement having a fantastic effect on the 32nd NY.

                              As Gardner arrives at his new position, Tremayne's gunners continue to fire on the enemy artillery. All three shells merely give the enemy a whiff, unfortunately, and do no discernible damage. Again, the telling shots appear to come from the marksmen of Holden's Badgers, who continue to reap from the Parrot crews, leaving fewer and fewer men in condition to man the guns until the rest break and run from their posts. The 6 pounders fire, but their shots uselessly plow into the field a stones throw from Tremayne.

                              Meanwhile, laying or crouching behind the cover they had moved or dug, the infantry of Rainbow continue to pour out fire as the Union regiments march closer. Colonel Sennef and Lt. Col. Fawcett can see the 18th New York forming at the ford, skirmishers bunching up as they start to reorganize while on the march. Captain Bates men continue to wreak havoc, their Terry carbines giving them two volleys to the one of their comrades, and they see the companies facing them shy left and right, trying to avoid contact.....sergeants and officers shoving men back into straight lines as they continue to advance.

                              Gardner's remaining gun fires from its new position, bolt landing far right of the enemy battery. Tremayne's guns also fire, one shell so short as to land in the field near the 32nd NY before detonating. As the Captains see the gunners insert friction primers on their 6lb guns, they watch one or two men clutch their legs or arms, and then the puffs of smoke. One ball lands near enough to Tremayne's battery as to pass between him and the Colonel, the other screams over the hill.

                              On the field, Rainbow puts another volley into the oncoming bluebellies, and the Tigers and Finch's men tear windrows into the 32nd, while the fire on the 31st does not appear to be so effective. Fire from the 31st reaps a score of men from Bates and Bird, while the 32nd's volley barely leaves any wounded.

                              A second exchange of musketry finds the Union regiments mauled from the damage of multiple volleys over the last few minutes, while just two from the large Union formations has been brutally effective on even the dug-in defenders. Captain Bird desperately shoves terrified men back into line, as does Captain Finch on the other side of the line. Captain Bates' and Leroy's men huddle in their little scrapes and behind their pieces of timber, but keep loading their rifles.

                              The Badgers keep up their fire on the enemy gunners, to no effect, it seems that they've lost the windage for the moment. Tremayne and Gardner fire seemingly together, one shell burst causing another gunner to walk back from his post, but otherwise no one else falls. However, almost like the camel's back covered in straw, the rest of the gun crews start for the rear, no longer willing to fight uneven odds.

                              With the 31st and 32nd New York drawn up 100 yards from their own lines and not appearing to be in a hurry to leave, and the 18th New York forming up as it crosses the ford, Colonel Sennef and Lt. Col. Fawcett take stock of their situation........
                              Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


                              • Casualty Report, 1220hrs

                                Britannic Battery: All Present

                                Gardner's Battery: 1 Gun Dismounted, 5 Casualties

                                Saddle Blazers: All Present

                                Dutch Hussars: All Present

                                Tar Heel Troop: All Present

                                Badger Company: All Present

                                Grenadier Guards: 8 Casualties

                                Bird's Green Jackets: 20 Casualties, Panicked, Frozen

                                Finch's Company: 30 Casualties, Panicked, Frozen

                                Bates' Company: 20 Casualties, Hunkering Down

                                Tiger Rifles: 20 Casualties, Hunkering Down
                                Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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