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WWII KG Regenbogen: Episode 2, Stanica Khrystinovka

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  • 1400 - Tipping Point

    Snezny orders his 2nd Squad up into the building with his German pioneer squad, and both these and 1st Squad move up to the windows and open up on the Soviets across the way. The enemy return fire, but by the time the MG team sets up, the enemy position has collapsed and the Slovaks have stormed the position across 0801 and taken six prisoners (and a PTRD). From there 1st Squad sweeps across into the lone structure in 07-0800-01 while 2nd Squad exchanges fire with another Soviet position in 06-0701. The German pioneers secure the prisoners and hand them back to Platoon HQ in their new position, then take up positions in each of the buildings immediately around the crossroads and prepare themselves for enemy armor. They wire a couple of explosive charges close to the ground that can be wire-detonated, and also conceal a couple of anti-tank mines just off the road.

    North of Snezny's position, the firefight over the courtyard is broken up by mortar rounds cascading on and around the house in 1003-4 and the fire intensifies from the east while a dozen men charge from the north out toward Kolzenf's position. 2nd Platoon is seasoned enough that the suppressing fire is largely ineffective, and when flanking fire from 3rd Squad of 5th Platoon stalls the charge the panzergrenadiers direct a withering fire into their ranks. Despite his wounds, the Soviet officer leading the charge manages to get the survivors back into the building on the north side of the square but is forced to leave two dead and and one of the injured behind. Suddenly a new source of fire opens up inside the Town Hall; from the outside not much can be seen, but the fighting sounds close and vicious and all fire west into 1003 abruptly cuts off.

    Heinz prepares for the worst and readies his pioneers to repel the coming assault. Behind the armored thrust in row 06 infantry can be seen moving up between the buildings west of the road, while another unit moves down row 07. Most immediate attention is on the tank rolling down the middle of the road, and although it seems to have lost track of the German positions it still sprays fire at the structures at the far end of the small garden. It reaches 1006 before the first pioneers hurl their charges down at it, but none of them seem to catch and the tank accelerates into the garden to get away from the tight constraints of the structures. There the Panzerjaeger fires, but the T-34 is moving fast enoug that they miss cleanly and hit the building near the Pak 36 instead. The towed gun crew have lost another man injured to sniper fire and are sheltering in nearby structures - their gun unattended in the alley mouth. The tank returns fire and the Panzerjaeger judders as one flank is torn open. Both of Gardner's Panzers retreat from their concealed positions and retire toward the vehicle park in 1606 rather than face the Soviet armor again. The Soviet tank shifts south, continuing to engage the SP gun but with poor accuracy on both sides.

    Remarkably it is the 2nd Squad of von Pruitt's battered platoon that immobilizes the beast with two grenades bound together and hurled from the west side of the garden - although they are then punished by a blast from the main gun that kills three and injures another man. An immobile target presents the Panzerjaeger with little trouble, and it successively cripples and then destroys the Soviet vehicle. 1st Squad is presented with their own concerns as another Soviet tank rolls unconcerned through the fire of Ertl's 3rd Squad and flays their structure with HE blasts and coaxial fire, and the two wounded survivors fall back south with the Dashka team to 1207. The infantry behind them are less fortunate, and are repelled with two injured by 3rd Squad of the Scout Platoon; they slide around 4th Platoon's right flank, disappearing into 0907. The scouts are too busy to pursue them, as they spot a second Soviet body readying in the building 20 metres to the north and shift to face them just in time to face a shower of grenades. Somehow they make it out of the building with only one man wounded, and fall back across the road to the west, joining the rest of 4th Platoon in the building 10-1105. They are now separated from their motorcycles, but took no fire from the Town Hall in crossing the road. 1st and 2nd Squads of 4th Platoon are ejected by Soviet infantry led by what looks like a senior Soviet officer (a Colonel if Ertl reads his insigna correctly) with one injured man each and fall back over the road to 10-1105. Hauptmann Heinz holds the upper floor for now - partly because the Soviets haven't ventured there - and gathers half the pioneers at one end of the building while Stang leads the other four to the second stairwell.

    In the safety of the orchard, Gardner pops his hatch to observe his surroundings. Northwards he can hear combat intensifying and a couple of tank blasts that suggest the Soviet Armor is still a threat. To the south he observes Soviet infantry spilling into the old HQ block from KG DON's sector, through 2007 and 2107. He estimates 10-12 men in all were observed.
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    • 5th Slovak squad - orders.

      Snezny will move up to the point squads, using binoculars he will look for signs of any counterattack along the road at line 02, or the open grassland in lines 00/01 towards the North map edge, as well as across the map edge to the West.

      Somewhat worried about exposing the flank of our movement, he will send a runner with a written note back to find Heinz, to inform him of the position now occupied by 5th and request additional orders.

      "Front elements of the 5th have reached the road column 08, blocking position at crossroad 10/01 established, further advance appears possible but may expose our flank by leaving both the crossroad at and the road at line 01 into our rear unguarded."

      "Situation to the West flank uncertain, no contact made."

      "Please advise."
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      • Originally posted by Khryses View Post
        With the last wounded hurried in from the Kampfgruppe, Leutnant Brandt's shortened convoy rolls off east toward the sound of guns. Opel 1 and 2 are headed due south for the Slovak divisional HQ close by Kampfgruppe Khryses' headquarters, but Brandt heads up the road in 23 and turns right at the next intersection as tracers come into view to their north. It appears Donner is struggling, and losing ground towards the center and right of their sector beneath a heavy Soviet counter-attack. DON Actual appears to be losing control of several elements in his area - or maybe communications are out? Two men in feldgrau with submachine guns appear from an alleyway and direct the column into a side street eastward, while the location the Feldgendarmie indicated is out of sight somewhere about a km to the south.

        The convoy stops.

        The Feldgendarmes in the R75 that was waiting for the convoy at that location to escort it to DON's supply point moves fast to investigate the two men in felgrau.

        About a tactical bound ahead is the second R75 with its feldgendarmes. One the gendarme stepped out of the sidecar and is alternatively looking through his fieldglass up ahead and looking back at the stopped convoy. A small cloud of dust can be seen ahead...

        Brandt gets out of his staff car and jumps on top the Panzer 1. From this position, with his binoculars, he hopes to have a better view of what is causing the dust...Friendly or enemy? Something else?
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        • Snezny addresses his front guard squad commanders.

          "Right lads, .."

          "We stay here for the time being, two things are expected; a Stuka attack and a counterattack by Soviet tanks."

          "In case of the first, keep your heads down in overhead cover, since they will be doing their thing right in front of us this time, .."

          "In case of the second - let the tanks pass, and stay out of sight, engineers are establishing roadblocks and tank traps in the second line, our job will be to stop the infantry that follows the tanks, so have your men take position inside the buildings or to the rear of whatever cover you're in.."

          "They will have to follow the road to move forward so you know where they will be coming from."

          "They are nearly blind when buttoned up and lack radio, they are quite useless at extreme short range, just do not make yourself a target for their main gun at distance, ..."

          "Move out !"
          High Admiral Snowy, Commander In Chief of the Naval Forces of The Phoenix Confederation.


          • Heinz doesn't initially say a word, the pioneers know what to do. SMGs at the ready, the riflemen pull grenades. Looking over at Stang, Heinz raises his hand and counts down 3, 2, 1, then a sweep of his hand sends four grenades down into the first floor followed by every man with a sub-gun and bayoneted rifle. Firing as fast as he can bring it onto a Soviet, Heinz looks to sweep them back from the doors and cleanly wipe out this knot of enemies.

            [presuming that the above isn't a disastrous affair]

            "Stang, get a rifleman with you and start spotting. Send another rifleman to get 4th Platoon up here. We're going to crack these bastards for good. Get those anti-tank troops moving up into better positions and get that damned PaK into action!"

            As he turns to talk to the feldwebel, he hopes that his other officers are getting a move on, and that Gardner will cover their rear back at HQs laagered position in the orchard and maintain contact with command.

            "Alright, we're going to break through these bastards and be done with this. Have two men with satchel charges and one with a grenade bundle ready. We're going to hit the building right in front of us (looks like 0906). Throw a charge through, then follow the explosion in. I want to shock them hard, and seeing heavy charges should slow their advance along a wider front than mere grenades. The other two men are to tank hunt if one gets close. Get into the building, kill everyone not us."

            As soon as 1st or 4th show their faces Heinz will direct them to send a squad (or team or reduced squad) to his side, and then to take up the advance with their forces along the 07 line. The intent is clear....crack the Soviets, force the retreat, and then consolidate all gains. IF we can rout them, then we'll consolidate close to the objective where we can laager up a defense and ensure the rail line remains closed while regiment starts cleaning up all sectors. If we can't, we'll hold defensible ground as close to the objective as we can until relieved.
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            • With my last two running panzers we begin to lay down fire on buildings and any observed enemy movement with bursts of 20mm and machinegun fire. Both vehicles are positioned to be able to turn and withdraw through the orchard back towards where the last known position of the HQ was.

              We try to give our infantry some fire support and cover their withdrawal if that begins happening.


              • Brandt looks through his binocular in the direction of the small dust cloud.

                What is it? Is this the end of KG Reg?


                • Too many of the regulars absent atm I suspect, K. and Sennef at least, Tac is busy real life if I'm not mistaken..

                  There's a naval version of Rainbow somewhere but I haven't kept track of it.
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                  • Originally posted by Snowygerry View Post
                    Too many of the regulars absent atm I suspect, K. and Sennef at least, Tac is busy real life if I'm not mistaken..
                    I suspect that you are correct. Just nudging to see if there is any more life here. K is around and Jeroen seems to have more time for ACG.


                    • Well I'm here and with holidays over I certainly could join this again, or a new one.

                      I do think we need either CS or K. to run a Rainbow game, even after several episodes I never figured out how exactly they resolve the orders we give.

                      It's not any engine I know of ?
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                      • I don't see TacCovert4 having the free time to get involved right now. He is in North Carolina and has to work extra in Hurricane season. I am around, but have nothing to do with the game mechanics.

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                        • Yep, I have a few weeks left with more time for ACG, not sure if it is enough to run a game.
                          Let me work this out and in the mean time: what is the interest for a new game?

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                          • With limited time, and since we can't all rejoin at once, continuing this one in some fashion maybe an option, we wouldn't have to do the OOB thing again which is usually time consuming and can jump right in the action.

                            A current sit map to provide a restart point would be all that's needed.

                            Maybe do some local Soviet counterattacks in areas where a player is present and hope others notice and return to join ?
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