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WWII KG Regenbogen: Episode 2, Stanica Khrystinovka

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  • WWII KG Regenbogen: Episode 2, Stanica Khrystinovka

    After outstanding interest and support throughout Episode 1 of Regenbogen, I have decided to launch Episode 2 (or at least the interest check) a few months early.

    Kampfgruppe Regenbogen was formed at short notice in June 1941 in the opening days of Barbarossa, from elements of 14. Panzer Division. After its success in opening the schwerpunkt at Kergevii, Regenbogen was retained as a semi-permanent formation – one of three companies in the larger KG Khryses.

    As before, this is a Command Decision Kriegsspiel rather than an RPG or a strict strategy game.

    As GM I will control the enemy and provide you with intel on his actions in the thread or by PM if required. As you are (currently) of company size and with good local comms, you can communicate freely but ‘in character’ in the main thread.*

    For simplicity's sake, your name or nickname should be your username (or name, if you prefer).

    Ideally every unit will have a commander plus a deputy, either of whom can post orders for that unit, so there should be no pauses. In the absence of this, your formation will tend to follow “common sense” orders or simply hold their ground. When posting orders for your units, please be clear on what exactly is your intent. Vague musings on the future or similar will be understood as directives given to your men.*

    If posting of orders takes too long (normally over 48 hours) the enemy will take over the initiative and you'll have to react to him.
    Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing

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    Fortunes of War

    Hauptmann Heinz:- Awarded an Iron Cross 2nd Class for courage under fire on the battlefield and excellence in command. An Sd.Kfz. 250/3 has also been assigned to Regenbogen HQ.

    Stabsfeldwebel Gardner:- Mentioned in Dispatches, Gardner has been offered a slot at accelerated officer's training. Accept or refuse, he has earned a small measure of credit with the powers that be.

    Oberfahnrich von Pruitt:- From a family of the old Prussian officer class, von Pruitt finds himself in a difficult situation in this new National Socialist Germany. He has yet to earn promotion, but the arrival of a generous number of replacements for his last command suggests someone is pleased with him.

    Leutnant Kolzenf
    :- Recommended for promotion as well as the Iron Cross for firm and steady leadership in the fight for Hill 170, it is not immediately clear whether these messages have gone astray but no response has come. Additionally, only a handful of replacements have come to replace his losses.

    Leutnant Senft:- After receiving his head wound, Senft underwent treatment and swiftly recovered (although he may not yet have returned to Regenbogen). One Pz II has been repaired, and a replacement seconded from a column headed for 14. Panzer.

    Leutnant Ertl:- Recovering from his wound (though it still aches him occasionally), Ertl returned to Regenbogen in early July. He has been awarded the Iron Cross Second Class for personal valor and leadership, and the remnants of another Aufklarung Platoon were seconded to his erstwhile command.
    Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


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      Overview: July 1941

      In mid July the Soviet 22nd and 15th Mechanized Corps engaged the German 3rd Motorized Corps near Kiev and were decimated. The 1st Panzerarmee – including KG Khryses - bypassed most of the remaining forces and swept east and north, beating off a second heavy counter attack including almost 1600 tanks. While the 16. Panzer Division moved to reinforce 17th Field Army, the Slovakian Expeditionary Army Group drove north to close the pocket behind 6th and 12th Soviet armies.

      The Slovaks fought bravely, winning praise from the Heer for their success. Nevertheless their advance was impeded by their lack of motorized and mechanized support, and a number of small German formations were detached to assist. As the Slovakian front ground to a crawl, KG Khryses was committed to sever the Soviet rail line at Khrystinovka; often widely dispersed, Sonnenblume, Donner and Regenbogen would camp together for almost the first time since their formation.
      Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


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        Bidding and OOB

        My friends,

        Here we go again!

        As before, anyone can bid for any position. Ties generally will be broken in favour of existing claims (marked “ex <name>”), and absent that by the first claim for the formation. Naturally as GM I reserve the right to assign positions or create extras. We haven't seen the last of Brandt (AFB permitting!).

        KG Regenbogen

        HQ Platoon (German)

        CO: Hauptmann Heinz (TacCovert4)
        XO: (ex-Gardner)

        1 Staff Section w 14 men, 1 Sd.Kfz. 250/3, 2 Kugelwagen, 1 truck, 1 Kettenkrad
        1 HQ Selection
        1 HQ Selection

        1 Pak36 w 3 men, 1 Kettenkrad
        1 Field Ambulance w 3 men
        1 Logistics Section w 6 men, 3 Opel Blitz

        1st Panzergrenadier Platoon

        CO: Oberfahnrich von Pruitt (Pruitt)

        HQ: 4-man HQ Section, 1 Kugelwagen, 2 BMW MCs
        Mortar: 3-man section (5 cm Granatwerfer)
        HMG: 0-man section (Dashka)
        1 Sq: 8 men w MG 34
        2 Sq: 9 men w MG 34
        3 Sq: 9 men w MG 34

        2nd Pznergrenadier Platoon

        CO: Leutnant Kolzenf (Colonel Sennef)

        HQ: 4-man HQ Section, 1 Kugelwagen, 2 BMW MCs
        Mortar: 3-man section (5 cm Granatwerfer)
        MMG: 0-man section (Maxim?)
        1 Sq: 6 men w MG 34
        2 Sq: 6 men w MG 34
        3 Sq: 6 men w MG 34

        3rd Panzer Platoon

        CO: Oberfahnrich Gardner (TAG)

        5 Pz IIe

        4th Platoon

        CO: Leutnant Ertl (The Exorcist)

        5th Platoon

        CO: Porocik Snezny (Snowygerry)


        Force Pool

        HQ Options:
        0-1 Pak 38 (6 men, German)
        0-1 Panzerjager I (3 men, German)
        0-2 75mm Mountain Guns (6 men, Slovak)
        0-1 HMG Squad (8 men, Slovak)
        0-1 Pioneer Squad (11 men, Slovak)

        Platoon Options:
        0-1 Motorcycle Platoon (23 men, German, ex-Ertl)
        0-2 Infantry Platoons (51 men, Slovak)
        0-1 MG Platoon (33 men, Slovak)
        0-1 Armor Platoon (4 Pz 38(t), Slovak)
        0-1 Bicycle Platoon (48 men, Slovak)


        What to do?

        If you're interested in a command, please name the Platoon you're after and the option you would prefer to pick. Please note that HQ Platoon can select two options from the first 6 "HQ options" as well as the fixed elements, while 1-5 Platoons can choose from the last 9 "Platoon options".*

        The numbers at the start indicate the minimum and maximum of each element that must/can be present in the Kampfgruppe.

        I do have an OOB worked out for each option, which will be posted when the bid is accepted.

        If you would prefer an XO role, please post your preference for a Platoon (HQ or otherwise) that is already established.

        Any questions? Post, PM or VM away!
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        Captain Khryses, Silver Star Omnilift Wing


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          I accept the promotion... Like I'd have a lot of choice given the war...

          When I return to the command if I have a choice I'd take the platoon of Pz IIE

          Although the F or G model with a bit more armor would have been preferable...


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            You'd rather have the panzer 2s instead of the pz38t?
            Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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              Originally posted by TacCovert4 View Post
              You'd rather have the panzer 2s instead of the pz38t?
              Damn straight! The Pz 38t has paper thin armor and is riveted. With Slovak crews their skill level will be below that of the German crews. Then there's the language problem.
              The 3.7cm isn't a sufficiently better gun in AP or HE to make it worthwhile.

              The Pz II as primarily an infantry support vehicle with that 2cm auto cannon with 10 round magazines, and a machinegun, is a very useful machine. If we run into enemy armor it's the PAK guns that are supposed to do the fighting, not the panzers.

              Against infantry, that 2cm and machinegun combo will be vicious. Against low grade Soviet armor like a BT 7 or T26, the 2cm is more than sufficient. If we run into stuff like the T60 or 70 (again common in this period) the 2cm can take care of business. Those two light tanks are almost blind in combat.

              The low silhouette of the Pz II is another benefit, as is a better radio and better commander's copula. The Pz 38 does have some advantage in reliability, but I don't think that will matter here so much.

              That we're getting the rare (less than 50 produced) E model that's faster than the C, F, or G variants is to our benefit too. Overall, that makes for a great recon tank and a good infantry support vehicle so long as you don't expect it to lead the assault.

              I would also prefer 5 vehicles to 4. More = doing more things at the same time.

              Either way, our primary combat force won't be the panzers...

              What we really need more than anything else is that 75mm mountain gun battery. That unit will dominate the battlefield. It can smash any tank the Russians show up with short of a KV 1. While it might not take out a T34, it will make the crew think six times about continuing what they're doing.
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                Von Pruitt bids for a return to 1st Panzergrenadier Platoon! (although it is probably still called a Motorized Infantry Platoon in this time period). You might want to consider a signal section so someone can lay wire and connect to HQ by radio.

                Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

                Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

                by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


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                  Ok. I'll keep the 75mm guns in mind. Would you say both 75mm guns in lieu of the 5cm PaK and another asset?

                  Also, it's possible to have 2 tank platoons if we have enough commanders. I would say we absolutely have to have 2 infantry platoons with a 3rd preferable. If we're short on infantry, I'll probably get fact we probably need them anyway for the mission.
                  Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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                    Well... if I will be allowed to do recon BEFORE the general assault begins, I'd like to combine the M/C platoon with the Bicycle Platoon... and take a crash-course in Slovak. Basic commands should not be too hard to master.

                    no armored cars or 4-wheeled anything at all? Just a lowly Sdkfz 223 would make all the difference in the world. Something like that from higher HQ would also not be unreasonable for a detached command operating far from the rest of the Division... let alone a couple of gun-armed cars to escort it! )

                    But if we are going to do it like last time, I'll take the 38t's and return to the war sitting down. :P
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                      Exo: I definitely don't want to force you to take a different platoon. If you'd like the tanks, go for it. But if you want to keep the Motorcycle platoon, I'll see what I can do so far as scrounging up something for you. I would like my recon unit to have radio communications....can't promise an armored car, but I'll do what I can.

                      As for the Bicycle platoon, it would certainly be an interesting asset....slightly better mobility than legs, but light infantry. i'm a bit ambivalent on it though while we have truck-borne infantry available.
                      Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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                        Originally posted by TacCovert4 View Post
                        Ok. I'll keep the 75mm guns in mind. Would you say both 75mm guns in lieu of the 5cm PaK and another asset?

                        Also, it's possible to have 2 tank platoons if we have enough commanders. I would say we absolutely have to have 2 infantry platoons with a 3rd preferable. If we're short on infantry, I'll probably get fact we probably need them anyway for the mission.
                        No, we absolutely need the 5cm Pak and the 75mm. Beyond that, a mix that is infantry heavy is best. Numbers matter more than equipment there. Swapping out the 5cm for that Pzjr I would be most excellent. That gives us a mobile AT gun. It also would end the ammo and crew size problems.

                        Two or three infantry platoons and a HMG platoon would be great for the main force. Some HMG (MG 34 on the stands would be great. These would give us a massive increase in firepower in infantry fights.

                        These can fire to 1000 meters with good accuracy. They have telescopic sights and are very steady firing platforms. They can be set up with pre-determined lines of fire for defense too.


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                          Ok, so as it stands, PanzerJaeger and one 75mm gun for the 2 HQ assets, tenatively, though I'll hear other arguments....the Pioneer squad seems like it would be useful since we're doing pioneering stuff like cutting a rail line.

                          For HQ stuff that I'll have to scrounge and crack deal for, this is a tenative order of priority:

                          1) Sdfkz 221 (If Exo goes for the MCs instead of tanks).
                          2) Replacing 1 Truck with a Sdfkz10 or 11 (prime mover for the 75mm)
                          3) 2 x MG34 (or other HMG like Slovak issue) on Tripod as HQ assets with at least 6 men (Will put them on the Kugelwagens for deployment in the field)
                          4) K98k for ALL HQ troops not currently equipped with rifles or SMGs (figure about 16 unless we hold onto those captured soviet SMGs to give to vehicle drivers (who shouldn't be in a firefight anyway))
                          Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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                            A 4 x 4 truck is fine for the 75mm but try to get the full section of 2 guns. The Pzjr I for the 5cm is a good trade. Whether you get MG 34 on the stand or something like the ZB vz/53

                            That's a good deal. Those will give us a big increase in infantry firepower

                            With every warm body having a rifle or some captured weapon, that will help massively too. Drivers should have a weapon, since they should be expected to defend their vehicle if nothing else.

                            Pioneers aren't really necessary unless we need to assault a fortified position. We can likely get construction troops or make due with the shovels and such we have for light construction.

                            If it were me it'd be 2 pzgr platoons, the Pz II, the HMG platoon, and then whatever Exo wants for a "reece" platoon. The Pz 38t seem best there.
                            That's two infantry platoons, one support platoon, two tank platoons, and the HQ has a SP TD with the Jgpz I and a section of 75mm howitzers. The only thing I'd try for that's not already on the list is bringing the two pzgr platoons up to full strength.
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                              The Slovaks used former Czechoslavakian Machine Guns. The LMG was the ZB 26 from which the BREN was developed. The Medium was the ZB 53 (built in the UK as the Besa). Both used the 7.92 Mauser cartridge. The ZB 26 had a bipod and the ZB 53 was on a tripod. The ZB 53 used 225 round metal link belts.

                              A problem might be that the Czechoslavakian Army used 7mm Mauser designs until the Germans started production of the vz 24 in 7.92 Mauser in 1938.

                              Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

                              Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

                              by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


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