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    Based on suggestions from the community, I made some changes to the setting and scope of the fantastic game I had proposed several months ago.

    This will be a high fantasy game, set in the middling 18th century. It will center around peripheral events to the major upheavals of that time frame. ....

    Magi, druids, werewolves, vampires, and maybe some other European beings will be playable character types. For obvious reasons the geographic setting will be Europe and the Americas. ....if you wish to play an eastern archetype, you'll need a plausible back story.

    Of course you can always play as a normal human.

    I have hammered out the magic systems and some details of various types.

    Checking to see if there's interest since there's a more agreeable time period.
    Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene

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    Lord Herbert put down the letter. "I think you're right. Someone is working powerful blood magic. "

    "What's more to me is that they are trying to frame the druids for it. There are few enough of them, and hunting them down would be a huge distraction. " lord drake replied.

    "What if they are druids though, they've enough history of this sort of thing. Your grandfather and I met breaking up a rather nasty grove in Hesse ".

    "What's certain is that I miss the Templar. The church went too far with the purge. A bunch of oath bound knights with all the support trappings was too valuable at keeping things in check."

    "Don't even think about it, the blood council only handles it's own, and not at the bidding of anyone else. "

    "I know, it looks like we should have to build a new order to confront threats like this head on."

    "None of the most important or powerful would join, and you couldn't trust them anyway. And what are you going to do when it blows up in your face? "

    "What are we going to do you mean? "

    "Nein.....this is on you. "
    Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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      Time: November, 1700.

      Place: London (Well.....the initial starting location at least).

      For several hundred years, the Templar order had kept a "Pax Arcana" of sorts, functioning as a judicial and law enforcement body for the various factions and races all sharing Europe....and keeping machinations of these long-lived or powerful beings from overtly controlling the various states. While the Templars were publicly discredited in 1307, and officially disbanded in 1312, they didn't fall apart until the mid-1400s or so, the lack of infrastructure turning them into little more than separate bands of 'vigilantes' dealing with various arcane crises while trying to stay in the shadows.

      The counterparts were the various councils. Werewolves, well they don't have anything more formal than pack leadership, mostly because they don't care to gather in such numbers like that, but pack leadership, and occasional conferences of pack leaders is more than enough to control the were-volk, mostly. Vampires have the Blood Council, kind of a formal way of settling differences between the largest of the broods, and handling rogues amongst themselves. Cunning folk, aka mages, witches, druids, etc. simply have the Council.....but that pretty much went to hell the same time the Templars got wrecked. Now, the Council is nothing more than a loose association.....and without the Templars its only teeth are those of those actual associates.....and a lot of the battle Maga were lost with the knights.


      Lord Drake: Titular 'head' of the Council, well in name at least. Known to the community as a powerful necromancer....his family has been leading the council for three generations.

      Lord Herbert: Formerly King Herbert the Golden, a couple of centuries as a Vampire will give you perspective, along with some formidable skills and knowledge of your own. Within the community, he's also relatively well recognized, attaining a sort of legendary status when the Catholic Church started Inquisiting in earnest for his efforts to destroy records and root out collaborators.
      Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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        Originally posted by TacCovert4 View Post

        Of course you can always play as a normal human.
        Sounds like a challenge to me.

        Vamps can be the ultimate Glass Cannon depending on strengths and weaknesses in the game. Were-whatevers can be subject to weird behaviors...

        Sounds like a Sherlock Holmes might be a good idea here, or maybe not.


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          Maybe, maybe not is right.

          Vampires have that annoying sunlight allergy. You need to decapitate or stake the heart, or burn them otherwise, but losing 10 to 14 hours a day can be annoying.

          We're volk, we'll it's only once a month that they have undeniable urges. The rest of the month they're able to shift though with more difficulty. ...and in human form they heal rapidly and are about double human norms for strength and speed. Silver and wolfsbane of course cause their own set of problems.

          Magic users have all the variety of mankind or woman kind. And of course there are some more rare but very powerful other beings out there. Those three just cover the most numerous.
          Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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            Originally posted by The Exorcist View Post
            Sounds like a challenge to met.
            Well with the advent of firearms that have a reasonable level of reliability, a mundane has the chance of getting one up on the races that have superior speed or strength. Still got to watch out for magic though. Of course being normal does mean that you can blend into human population. ....without having any of the telltale scents or auras that others carry around.
            Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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              Basic Classes


              Werewolves (werevolk): On average double the speed and strength of humans without 'shifting' into wolf form. Excellent hearing and smell, eyesight is roughly human norm during the day, though night vision is slightly less than what humans would consider day vision. Have a desire to be within a pack structure, generally with a mate, true 'lone wolves' are a rarity. When shifted they're impulsive and 'the wolf' takes over to a large degree.....of course they're very big and very fast wolves, faster than vampires even in a sprint. Of course their ability to shift (or rather their being forced to shift) is tied into the phases of the moon.......known weaknesses are wolfsbane, silver, having head or heart removed or destroyed.

              Vampires: They get stronger as they age, new vamps might only be as strong as a powerlifter, or as fast as an Olympic sprinter, ones the age of Lord Herbert are capable of some really substantial feats (triple human norm or so). Day vision is amazing, night vision is on par with the werevolk, but they lack the keen sense of smell and hearing, it's not hugely beyond human norms. Weaknesses are obviously sunlight, sensitivity goes down as they age, so a new vamp would need to be concealed by morning twilight, while an old one could manage with some difficulty to function on a cloudy day. Verbena is also a weakness, though normally not an outright killer, as well as having heart or head removed or destroyed.

              Cunning Folk: While to one degree or another all of the magically inclined can do things like direct spells, workings, hexes, wards, etc, some are a bit more capable or specialized than others in certain areas.

              Magi: Tend to be more powerful in affecting the world directly, and with little preparation. Things like casting fire, lightning, telekinesis and other supernatural things are more their schtick. Spirit Mages (necromancers) can do some exceedingly potent workings 'on the fly', especially if they go dark.

              Druids: Solidly focused on the natural, they work with nature rather than force it to bend to their will. For example a Mage might just knock over the wall with a blast of wind......a druid would have a tree grow against the wall at breakneck speed and knock it over. To really do their most powerful abilities, they need to spend time in rituals and meditation to contact Elementals.....

              Witches: They are the past masters of hexes, curses, and wards. Their mastery of herbs and lore also makes them far more effective healers. Their weakness is that they can't really work a whole lot without preparation.....but they also tend to be overprepared at all times with chits, wards, and such.

              Those pretty much cover the basics of your more common types. There are other types, but let's have some mystery eh?
              Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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                Harry Dresden-esque for me.
                "We have no white flag."


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                  My guy-

                  Strength- 8
                  Dexterity - 7
                  Charm - 4
                  Intelligence -6
                  Wisdom - 3
                  Constitution -7


                  Cartography - 1
                  Observation - 1
                  etiquette - 3
                  Codes and cyphers - 3

                  Combat, Rapier - 7
                  Combat, pistols - 5
                  Combat, artillery - 3
                  Tactics, artillery - 3

                  Horsemanship- 3

                  German - native
                  English - 5
                  French - 3

                  Whos Who - 3 {so hes not a walking encyclopedia, but he does know something useful about a good many people}

                  Remaining points spent on Social ranking and the connections it gives him.

                  Count Erik von Stulpnagel.

                  General Info -
                  Age 38, red-blond hair and beard.
                  Well-traveled and hard-bitten, veteran of 3 wars and some skirmishes. Open to Mercenary work when the King of Prussia has no use for him.
                  A career soldier, like all of his male kin, Erik has been cynical since his wife passed away in childbirth ten years ago, and is looking for something interesting to do or perhaps just an interesting way to die.

                  He does have one one special prejudice, if you can call it that; he hates spies. Not Weres or Witches, just spies.
                  His most recently acquired skills are related to hunting them down.

                  History -

                  Erik started out as a bright-eyed and eager young Junker that had all the right qualifications to serve his King & Country. He even got a slot in the Artillery Branch, long a preserve of the best and brightest of new officers.
                  Hoever, there have been no wars to fight, Prussia is apparently in the middle of one if its rare periods of peace.

                  In order to remain on active duty (gainfully employed, in other words) he has fallen back on the time-honored practice of becoming a Mercenary. Being one of those German-speaking folks, he had two choices; go east to Russia, or west to England. He went west.

                  There has been little use for massed batteries of artillery among his employers, so he has had to branch out into the Cavalry as well as become a formidable duelist.
                  Erik has become something of an Anglophile in his service in Scotland, the Low Countries and the new world. His enemies have usually been French, or French-financed.

                  His attitude towards the Super-Natural;
                  The 30-years War left its scars on all Germanic peoples; they have become prickly, suspicious and obsessed with getting everything just so in order to make themselves more formidable. Erik is no exception.

                  However, he does not take the supernatural very seriously.
                  "Mien Gott, have you seen what a 12-pounder can do to your precious Haunted Mansion?"

                  And so he dismisses such things, dubious about what the "exotics" could really accomplish.

                  Weapons; pair of wheel-lock pistols, twin Rapiers (fights Florentine style) .
                  (yes, he does have a couple of silver bullets, just in cast. A pair made of ironwood, too)
                  Armor; Breastplate and open-faced helm, Vambraces, light Mail gloves.
                  He has several horses back at his estate and the usual number of servants and aides in the field... when he is working. One must be paid in order to be able to pay your staff, after all. So, unless Erik is on campaign, he will be pretty much alone, with just one horse and too much time on his hands.
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                    My character is still in the works, sorry, been busy.
                    "We have no white flag."


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                      I am still working on my guy. He is a Druid. His stats are:

                      I am still working on skills and such.

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